Since 02/02/2021 military coup in Union of Myanmar, ( I, I, I, I) have changed my mind NOT to be Global Commander sir, I like to be the Indian Ocean's Super Pirate WHO can chop and collect military generals' beheaded heads; Also see: Ace Jaw; Reforming Myanmar; ware ware We need to implement to chop & collect military generals' beheaded heads, to do so, military tactical plans should be starting, regarding 02/02/2021 military coup in Union of Myanmar; the next step, Global Military Coup ... ;


    4 planets prediction    
    2*7, 2*5, ... full moon, no moon, JUN    
    Monbusho level knowledge enhancement    
  ... Human beings' particles 2*6, only 2 times per year at 1 ACT2 location  
ACT3 time 3 dots in our universe the Sun, 1st crack of our universe   Non planet existence
  Dimensional hyperspace Computing measurement Dimensional hyperspace: FuzzySVM  
  theory and its strings;M theory and strings; Nama for humanoid Orbit  
Artificial light Heat vs. Light ... Heat vs. Light  
mb independent temperature Space BMI; Space BMD Temperature / mb mb pressure dependent temperature;  
Artificial Water Water Water Plantation on the Moon  
t / C / ... Sequence Number t / C Sequence Number t = 24 mm natural time t / C Sequence Number t / C / ... Sequence Number
108 configuration   C108.GIF    
ACT3 parallel time toggle switch Twisted time Dark energy simulation DEE Dark energy engineering
Set in ACT2 space        
Imaginary hyperdimensional   a Myanmar still cannot prove 5W1H of number 31 yet ...