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partition; wall; Radical381;

wall; wall tile; Radical54;

( 9801_AquaZCS, 9801_Default), also see: Basic Understanding For Idea Processing;

( Directional Gravity Pull Bottom, Directional Gravity Pull Left, Directional Gravity Pull Right, Directional Gravity Pull Top), also see: 6 surfaced DEE box in Z-index; Directions; Walls;

screen     screen     screen;

ZCS _resolution, for every ZCS ... ; 45 degree "white line" represents resolution of the device, Display, TV, Walls, ... ;

Brief Introduction: in order to change civilizations, walls' knowledge is military secret; knowledge is power e.g. civilizations' power proved that language (e.g. font) and usages, nations' border lines, and standardizations; this webpage contains very basic knowledge of HOW wall is:

IFF x, also see: x Character;
IFF y, also see: y Character;
IFF z, also see: z Character;

- energy goes through walls e.g. directional gravity (e.g. natural water elevator method), heat (e.g. remote heat sensing), ... ;

- walls can define both hole (s) and STRING (s);

Also see: this DOMAIN 's Artificial Intelligence (CDGWT, Gene Therapy System, MD);

1st to understand wormhole (dynamic way, kinetic way, static way); somewhere within this DOMAIN, WORMHOLE has been defined as kuru kuru of lights (i.e. very basic understanding of WHAT is wormhole);

long long time ago, inductance run, by wrapping wire, potential diff (1.5V) causes analog clock tic, i.e. EMF wormhole in static way;

long long time ago, worm looks alike silver's metal state was military top secret as nuclear thermal rod, and silver's metal state in water transforms into nuclear power (from-green-to-yellow) by slow-down-time period (i.e. NOT to be exploded quickly because NOT bomb);

after understanding very basic definition of wormhole (kuru kuru of lights), don't forget WHEN lights EXIST, DEE also coexist; so,

2nd to understand Dark Energy Engineering ( DEE) WHICH leads to walls;

in addition to kuru kuru of lights (wormhole), Light As Sheet regarding zero curvature surface; defined DEE Patterns regarding walls, Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2 's idea (s) ... ;

long long time ago, WHEN creating a sheet by lighting (e.g. backlighting, e.g. flat panel display, e.g. light sheet), notice that whenever there is a 1/2 fish pattern structural light, there is an eye (i.e. DEE spot), so it should be called 1 dynamic wormhole within kinetic environmental structural (Remark: I've my own laws, also see: PHYSICS; well trained kids ! you can have your own laws also); since 2 is very very unique in many ways, environmental requirement e.g. 2 gravity spots (1 mm ones) are in ACTION IFF GPS is defined; now, you should understand another wall usage: so called 1/2 fish structural wall for defining 1 wormhole;

long long time ago, WHEN this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts were sent into the space on no moon days, by using (elevating, landing) directional gravity method, and founded many human beings moons EXIST in our universes;

well trained kids ! think that our 2 eyes' INFO are because of (1/2 fish structural wall) + (1/2 fish structural wall), And Then, think that connecting those 2 eyes as info would be called Teleportation; (Remark: 2563 in Buddha Calendar, 2020 in Gregorian Calendar, IFF the sun, 4 eyes creators exist, And Then, we've already realized and understood HOW to adjust BLI for each human beings livable moon in our universe) i.e. using yellowish variations (variable DEE patterns) As ACT3 imaginary hyper space Method, Procedure, Technique, ... , waiting for Shakya King's permit to explain to well trained kids! HOW to be adjusting "yellowish variation" ... ;

3rd to develop your own walls kids ! e.g. it is the time you develop your own yellowish variations' walls; reminder, you might need your own laptop computer with projectors e.g.

- projector toward your ceiling wall,
- projector toward your back (rear) as wall,
- projector toward your front wall,
- projector toward your left wall,
- projector toward your floor as wall,
- projector toward your right wall,

And Then, you kids might need 6 projectors (the same brand, the same ones) WHICH leads to 6 surfaces (a.k.a. DEE box in Z-Index), also see: 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index (Remark: still in R&D, for 21st century & beyond);

WHAT are the diff between ACT1 space's wall, and ACT2 space's wall, and ACT3 space's wall sir ? well trained kids ! I ain't know; it might be military top secret WHICH is beyond my knowledge, but I can inform you very basic knowledge without specification: think that our earth's south bound is like DEE wall; think that our earth's Day Sky configuration is doko WHERE many human beings livable moons EXIST; think that our Solar System (8) is a secant (a segment) of our universe; think that many variable DEE patterns EXIST depending upon your own imaginary hyper space crafts' directional ... ;

IFF ACT3 imaginary hyper space, this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts prompted variable DEE patterns depending upon their directional ... ; WHICH leads to mapping our universes project, e.g. defining human beings livable moons by river count, e.g. defining defined DEE Pattern As this DOMAIN 's universal location ( mark);

IFF ACT2 imaginary hyper space, interactive walls e.g. WHILE projecting light to the front, hole and string's characteristics on left wall or right wall; one good example is Z C S _ hole;

after understanding yellowish variations, clock can be developed e.g. yellowish variation clock; on human beings livable moons, some advance elite villagers have already created yellowish variation clock;

WHAT is yellowish variation clock sir ? well trained kids ! unlike EMF wormhole in static way (clock), unlike solar powered clock (1 way DEE), yellowish variation clock has been developed by advance elite villagers on human beings livable moons; this kind of device (yellowish variation clock) is NOT yet available on our earth; basic understanding would be: using yellowish variation to be proactive, And Then, perceived energy as clock tic; this knowledge is excluded to you kids to develop because ACT3 imaginary space knowledge is NOT for kids;

IFF ACT1 imaginary hyper space, well trained kids' question would be:

WHY Walls . GIF 's bottom-and-right has been NOT wall sir ? well trained kids ! 1st to understand bottom-and-left can represent font, 2nd to understand right-and-top can represent stack, and 3rd to understand left-and-top can represent form; WHILE lapping (looping), bottom can call top's definitions (e.g. 5,6,7), therefore, keyword would be " lap top " , therefore, coined usage would be "laptop" (a.k.a. computer) and i.e. HOW systems (SQRT2) have been designed for several decades already (as of 2017/2561), therefore, it is good to be NOT (also see: Numerological0) defining bottom-and-right, regarding walls;

e.g. drop-down list option never start from bottom-and-right;
e.g. local system's time should NOT be global atomic time;
e.g. menu never start from bottom-and-right;
e.g. way of languages' writing style never start from bottom-and-right;

( sankakusokuryo Triangulation, sankakusokuryo Triangulation, sankakusokuryo Triangulation), also see: (( 3), ( Radical181), ( Radical451), ( Radical831)); Triangulation; Triangulation; Triangulation;

screen (s) e.g.

Blue Screen;

Green Screen;

Red Screen;

Yellow Screen;

I wrote: Two ( 2) is very very unique in many ways e.g. Using (, ) to be recovery from ꌁCoronavirus (COVID-19)ꌁ; regarding this DOMAIN 's Walls Method, to solve the pandemic biological problem of our earth in 2020, WHICH one would you like to choose to be Using As Wall Method ?

well trained kids! replied: very easy & simple, ware ware We'll be using As Wall Method sir, because characteristics of "inhibitor" are (blocking specific ones) e.g. since we've already defined xyAbnormalities \ as "Red" ones, ware ware We can be (blocking specific ones) e.g. ꌁCOVID-19ꌁ;

I wrote: ware ware We've to be immuned ones to (known, unknown) ꌁvirusꌁ, also see: Physics Law 169, immunological ... ; because, 21st century & beyond, we're dealing with Dark Energy Engineering ( DEE), invisibility engineering, NOT to happen 2+ hour of overwriting & resetting GPS, remote nama reading, ... ; Remark: COVID-19 looks alike PM10 with mouth, and it might be naturally transformed from PM10;

 Remark: for calculating & measuring this DOMAIN 's Gravity Dimension Computer based 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index ( ZCS) computing ... ; using the highest imaginary hyper space technology (yellowish variation, and its reversed yellowish variation), for each human beings livable moon, in our universes;

 Remark: for curing viral related ones, for curing virus related diseases, ... ; Also see: Physics Law 145 Incubation Period;

Shakya (DEE) : e.g. CCW _Shakya; e.g. CW _Shakya;

this DOMAIN 's DEE Box in Z-index (6 surfaced computing) would be:

1st to understand very basic idea of light, also see: light; Radical400;

2nd to understand light's characteristics on Negative Curvature Surface (NCS), light's characteristics on Positive Curvature Surface (PCS), and light's characteristics on Zero Curvature Surface (ZCS); And Then,

3rd to develop e.g.

Walls _ ZCS _ Dark Red Defined _ Green Top Blue Forefront _ 6 Surfaced Computing;

WORMHOLE Parameter (45, 60, 72), and 90 degree to other side ... ;

Walls _ ZCS _ Dark Red Defined _ Aqua Blue Top Green Forefront _ 6 Surfaced Computing;

WORMHOLE Parameter (45, 60, 72), and 90 degree to other side ... ;

create your own 23x23 graphics yourself, define your directional yourself, prove and don't forget to write your own new PHYSICS laws for yourself and then don't forget this DOMAIN reserved (2*6) dimensions and (2*7) dimensions for you ... ; Remember: all human beings livable moons in our universes are owned by Shakya King; without Shakya King's permit, space programs and space crafts are space pirates' ones ... ;

HOW to be space pirates sir ? well trained kids! also see: military commander, military general; Radical344, and notice that this DOMAIN 's powerful guns are ... ;

this DOMAIN is using to fight against COVID-19; because, inhibitors are behaving like walls, similar to (blocking, filtering, screening) specific defined ones, and in this case, sogaizai Inhibitor-COVID19 is modelled for (blocking, filtering, screening) specific defined ones (e.g. Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19) ; WHEN COVID-19 viruses are approaching its 4 corner edges (Red ones), it is modelled to fight against COVID-19;

( VR, VR, VR) Walls (6 surfaces), also see: Time; 4vComputer;

( WBC, WBC, WBC) e.g. shape shifting protein (its constituent amino acids, specific sequence), the protein prompts stable 3D structural, and the stable 3D structural (defined ones, a.k.a. folded protein) responses to (gas, pH, temperature) environmental conditions, so (either close or open) channel of the cell (Protein) As Walls Method may begin e.g. shape shifting protein ... ;

Remark: ((one-fold, protein-folded, protein-refolded, protein-unfolded, two-folds), a.k.a. protein-fold-conformations) complexity regions (molecular sequence) obey WHAT kind of (bonded-network a.k.a. metamorphic characteristics) gas ... ; (dimensional, directional) protein directs White Blood Cell ( WBC) WHICH kills (bacteria, fungal cells, marked viruses, targeted infections) ... ; in common, proteins start with 2 shapes; blinking momentum (e.g. 1 second) is recommended regarding (dimensional, directional, structural), it means kuru kuru WHILE 4 must be constant ones, 1 must be variable like blinking momentum (Protein Data Bank) ... ; yokatta desu!!, wow!!, bravo!!, ware ware We've got COVID-19 Vaccine ... ; Also see: Protein; wGTSU;

( ZCS Chiral Off, ZCS Chiral On) : Coupling As Domain Walls (magnetic (Co, Cobalt) 1nm-thick, magnetic (Pt, Platinum) 5nm-thick) strip, kuru kuru WHILE fetching current (e.g. (milliampere ( mA)), (nanoampere ( nA))) into the "coupled domain wall," (unlike magnetic exchange interaction ((aligned parallel (a.k.a. ferromagnetic), (anti-parallel (a.k.a. anti-ferromagnetic)))), ZCS chiral (Chiral, organic molecules have 1+ chiral centers, doko WHERE 4 diff groups are attached with 1 carbon atom) somehow indicates magnetic force microscopy image (cascading in nm, full adder gate) whether "Blue Color" is in the same direction as the current, or "Blue Color" is 180 degree opposite direction of the current (e.g. (milliampere ( mA)), (nanoampere ( nA))); Remark: 2565; 2021; Model ZCS (Zero Curvature Surface) based COVID-19 indicator (using only optical glass ZCS and its ZCS _holes) doesn't use neither magnet nor metal; Also see: Magnet; optical indicator (nano medical product) to COVID-19; Walls;

Zero Curvature Surface : for each ZCS, using : e.g. (( c/s (coefficient √FM cycle per second)), ( Hz (coefficient √FM Hertz))) : e.g. input noise, noise floor, noise on a surface, ... ;

 power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil;

IFF x, also see: x Character;
IFF y, also see: y Character;
IFF z, also see: z Character;