Fuzzy     Last updated on 2017/2560 1 12, a full moon day;

Oriental thought Time . Space . Action, therefore,

            WHEN engineering artificial intelligence, (e.g. AI),

            WHEN predicting approximation results, (e.g. 104 = 2 √26, for calculating yellowish variations on human beings livable moons in our universes ... ),

            WHEN calculating mathematical calculations, (e.g. floating points = (SQRT2) doko WHERE mantissa points are a.k.a. truncating points),

IFF programming ( 0 ~ 1) , i.e. fuzzy ( percentage) e.g. HOW many percentage is TRUE? e.g. HOW many percentage is FALSE?; e.g. toward uncertain is fuzzy;

Fuzzy [2,2] [3,3,3], is for developing 2,3 dimensional D Number ... ;

fuzzy math such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, image, max function, min function, ... can be done, a.k.a. approximation method;

Fuzzy mathematical calculation, also see: http://documents.wolfram.com/applications/fuzzylogic/Manual/10.html;

IFF 24mm natural time slices prompt √2 after 22 times to be 1. And notice the approximation engineering technique for slicing 1 second in 1980s ... ; At that time, pattern recognition, knowledge based result pattern, ... were in research ... ;

IFF numbers in computing does Action in numbers, and then Space can be in fuzzy, for example: Nippon Pronunciation as voice patterns, prior to numbers in action ... ;

IFF hyper dimensional craft engineering, also see: FuzzySVM;

*.gif are Fuzzy_brunching_factor_for_C_sequence_number.GIF, Engine_Fuzzy_Parameter_C.GIF, Engine_Fuzzy_Parameter_B.GIF, Engine_Fuzzy_Parameter_A.GIF, Engine_Fuzzy_Parameter_3.GIF, Engine_Fuzzy_Parameter_2.GIF, Engine_Fuzzy_Parameter_1.GIF, ... ;

Zadeh's paper, fuzzy sets, in 1965, pioneer in fuzzy approximation method, fuzzy logical thinking, ... ; At that time, Boolean logic was Western Civilization's standard; Therefore, at that time, fuzzy logic was a mathematical challenge, and also a mathematical milestone in world's computing history; In 21st century, so many mathematical analysis, calculation, method, solution, ... have done in fuzzy math;