jinko chino Artificial Intelligence;

do good action ... ;

do good go Karma ( ACTION) ... ;

act; carry out; conduct; Radical176;

action of ... ; Radical661;

I r o C o l o u r Wave Form; Also see: Optics;

kotoba Word ; kotoba Word ; kotoba Word ; kotoba Word ;                    
Word ;   Word ;   Word ;   Word ;                      

Also see: Action; Keyword; k Usage; Language Translator; w Character;

noise cancellation a.k.a. soundproof, also see: Physics Law 139, ... ;


therapeutic Immune Cells;

Zoom ((Analog, Digital), (Zoom-In, Zoom-Out)) picture actions ... ; Also see: adjusting contemplated characters;

acting as (boundary, lining, partitioning) of the defined organism; membrane, also see: 6cComputer; 8mComputer; m G T S U;

action of explaining; e.g.

ACTION of explaining, i.e. Explanation, Interpretation, Translation, ... ; kaishaku Interpretation ... ;

( k h a r m a Action, kharma Action, k h a r m a Action) ... ; Also see: Idea Processor;

activities (day's activities, night's activities) ... ; (summary, summaries) of (activity, activities) e.g. activity tile as view;

I wrote: I'm going write a poem now e.g.

2T and Henry, how that U to be,
marking the DNA _Origami, transforming to be mRNA in laboratories,
p Vector in structural, surfaced inductances interrupt Protein dimensional,
1 way DEE As Comes-and-Goes, its environmental should be closed,
WHILE naturally Nanobots As membranes in ACTION, we're able to be defining the (Closed, Opened) architectures,
using 30 polygons for defining variants, we can do Anti Virus medicines drip/dropping, so called Teleportation ... ;

one thousand six hundred; e.g.

( 1600, 1600, 1600, 1600) i.e. Number , (Internal State Size (bits)) ... , also see: Action; NFC IoT; Number; Parameter; Security (computer security, national security, regional security, satellite security) of this DOMAIN, to be healthy ... ;

P D C ; P D C ; P D C ; P D C ; P D C ; Primary Domain Controller (P D C);


Also see: Action; Protocol and Port; Security;

(Processor, Server) dimensional 11x15, Using (MOBILE e.g. ( , , )), (NORMAL e.g. ( , , )) ... ;

(( Radical1002), ( Radical294), ( Radical355), ( Radical432)); accountable, accountable, accountable, (of an institution, of an organization, of a person), doing (appointed, dutiful, entrusted, responsible, terms) to be justify ACTION ... ;

Remark: 2009 or later (e.g. 2020s), I F F GPS, Global Positioning System ACTION Keyword (e.g. Navigation) is created, designed, and modeled by SONY, ... ; Also see: Directions; Location Awareness Response;







      Idea Processor base d


Gene Therapy System




Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol

      An Orbiter _ The Universe ;        
      global . T S U K I . info   ;        
        A f r IN IC ;        
      A P N IC ;        
      AR IN ;        
      GOOGLE ;        
      ID NS ;        
      L AC N IC ;        
      RIPE N CC ;        
      Yahoo ;        

I F F (inhibit, inhibiting, inhibitor) Action against pathogen, i.e. medicine; Also see: COVID-19;


SIM; SIMM; e.g.

( SIMM, SIMM, SIMM, SIMM) i.e. Single Inline Memory Module; Also see: Action; Radical960; 5sComputer; s Computer;

( SNA, SNA, SNA, SNA, SNA, SNA, SNA), Systems Network Architecture ... ;

TIME OUT; WHEN 2 biggest gravity spots are at the same directional (refreshing) on one of the human beings livable moons, in our universe (Solar System), regarding "our earth," time-out should be; Also see: Action; Server; Time; Walls;

(Global, Local, Remote) Method: Application . Session . TIME OUT ;

using Moon Wave, for each human beings livable moon ... ; moon; Radical96; ( 45, 60, 72) WORMHOLE Parameters ... ;