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Reforming Myanmar in 21st century ... ;

Burma had been formerly known for centuries; Myanmar's neighboring nations are Bangladesh in W, China in NE, India in NW, Lao in E, and Thailand in SE; Myanmar shares thousands of miles border lines to China, India, and Thailand peacefully; Myanmar adapts some culture, tradition, and custom from China and India; Therefore, Myanmar is a mixture of Eastern civilization, and Indian civilization; The least Western influence nation in the world is Myanmar even though British colonized for 100+ years in 19th century ~ 20th century; Till today, all westerns must have visa/permit to visit to Myanmar officially;

Among complexities in Asia, Myanmar struggle in old-tech economy; Myanmar use lunar calendar; Myanmar own/use an unique language; Myanmar currency is Kyat; Myanmar still wear traditional clothes/dresses in Myanmar; Myanmar eat unique tea salad with hot tea drink; Myanmar have well maintained world's 3rd largest centuries old copper bell; Myanmar own/show world largest 20 tons jade stone; Myanmar have built/maintained world's largest Buddha pagoda and shrines; Myanmar has been very well known for Burmese Ruby; Principle food of Myanmar is rice; Myanmar have written/maintained Buddha dharma/dhamma scripts on thousands of well maintained stones; Myanmar have developed/deployed world's one of the most powerful and long distance range G3, G4 semiautomatic rifles; Myanmar have maintained world's very dense and human-untouched natural forests; Myanmar Buddhist monks have maintained Pali language, the only language in voice by heart for generation by generation for more than 2500 years; Nevertheless, good and bad co-exists;

Since year 2000s, Union of Myanmar supplies natural gas to China, to Thailand, ... by 2000+ km long pipes and trans ocean tankers; Like US military bases around the world, this DOMAIN encourages Chinese military base in Myanmar;

Government, Myanmar, general web sites: www.myanmar.com; www.mewashingtondc.com; www.myanmar.gov.mm;

Government, USA, general web sites: www.usa.gov;

Language and Linguistic: Mini Dictionary;

Language and Linguistic: A basic study of English language to Myanmar language; Burmese Romanization;

Language Code ISO639: 1363;

Membership: A member of ADB; www.adb.org;

Membership: A member of ASEAN;

Membership: UN member since April 19, 1948;

Myanmar calendar: People of Union of Myanmar use 2 phase lunar calendar e.g. 1375/2013, with Buddha calendar e.g. 2013/2557, also see: 4PP; 2 phase vs. 4 phase;

Myanmar's international country phone code: 95;

Myanmar's internet domain name: mm;


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