; ; ; ; Updated in 2565 : on 2021 : 10 : 1 :  Rakhine : Arakan (Arracan) : Myauk (Mrauk) ... ;

For thousands of years, Rakhine have been true Buddhist people; The earliest and origin of Buddhism, because, accordance with ancient history, Rakhine kingdom was all the way to "Asam and Minipur" ( WHICH means including the land of Bangladesh), western coastal of Union of Myanmar (a.k.a. Rakhine State), and accordance with Rakhine kingdom's history, many successful Buddhist missionaries existed (e.g. establishment of Buddhism in Sri Lanka ("Selon"), establishment of Buddhism in Indonesia, and ... ); At that time, Bangladesh as Muslin majority as nation was not born yet; Indi (Indian people believe Hinduism, and Indi people call "Mauk" to Rakhine people) and notice that Mauryan ("Mauryan" in Japanese documentation, might be referring to "Mrauk") Dynasty (321-185 B.C.) and Rakhine kingdom's documentation are not available (disappeared) after thousands of years, and a few documentation might be left in Rakhine State's museum as 3 (e.g. mantra, mudra, sutra); WHY Rakhine have been true Buddhist people for thousands of years? because, believe it or not, if a family member is married to Muslin, the whole family outcasts the person (e.g. no more contact to the person); And, Rakhine has never accepted to any other religions (e.g. Christian, Hinduism, Judaism, Muslin); And, Rakhine means 100% Buddhist, very conservatively; Modern Rakhine families allow their family members to marry other ethnic tribes people IFF they are Buddhist people, i.e. liberally;

Don't think THAT other religious (in our earth, we've many religions) peoples do the same like you're, therefore, if you're ( global, (Global (1000) if SQRT2), international), you ("Rakhine") must learn ("Black Book" vs. "Red Book") because ( I, I, I,  I) don't like to kill 200+ millions peoples in our earth, for a reason to change "civilizations" ... ; Remark: starting from 51st Street, Building Number 103, Yangon (Union of Myanmar), doko WHERE grandsons & daughter of Rakhine Kingdom ... (as of 2021, grandsons & daughter of Rakhine Kingdom would be 88+ years old ones, and might be on the human beings livable moons in our universes to practice 103 ethical codes, and look alike 33+ years old ones ... ) ... ; don't worry, we've to guard 100% security by deploying insectoids report to animaloids report to humanoids ... ; this DOMAIN developer was there several times WHEN he was young (age<16 years), and had good foods; no need to mention THAT 103 ethical codes of Rakhine Kingdom (Also see: Numbers_in_Dhamma ) will be for 1000 of years ahead ... ;

Some people use wrong usage e.g. Rakhine Muslin; Actually and correctly, right usage should be Rakhine is Rakhine (i.e. truly Buddha people), and Muslin is Muslin (i.e. truly Islam people); Do not coin the word (e.g. Rakhine Muslin), since centuries of muslin forward to be spreading to the East ... ;

If you still do have a Buddha statue at your home, this DOMAIN recommends you to have one, and as Buddha statue's mutra, you will be blessed by good deities to be having peaceful mind, and so on;

If you're Rakhine, think that Rakhine State is one of the least developing states in Union of Myanmar, and in "Bama" history, there is no Rakhine President and there is no Rakhine Military General in the history of Union of Myanmar (as of 2019/2563) and "Bama" people think that Rakhine people don't exist, therefore, sincerely very very difficult to express and survive if you're Rakhine ... ; don't be leader of Rakhine, because my father was demolished (in 1980) by "Bama" military supported by China, therefore, if you're Rakhine, be wise, and be quality ... ; if you're Rakhine, do not rely on "Bama" military government, because, you Rakhine peoples are considered as "husked" of rice people, NOT "seed" of rice people, so please do understand the meaning of IT ... ; if (method, procedure, technique) breaks through, keep it for yourselves ... ; on the other hand, very very difficult to express and survive if you're Rakhine, because, western civilization's tactical powerful move as Bangladesh (20th century's newly born nation) as muslin nation next to you, therefore, don't be against China ... ; please don't betray your mother land (Union of Myanmar) because many ethnic tribes exist ... ; suggestion for 21st century & beyond, learn Hiragana, Kanji, and Katakana, also see: Mini Dictionary, and be able to keep documentations and specifications for next generations, and be smarter than "Bama" military e.g. Gene Therapy System, e.g. jinko chino Artificial Intelligence, e.g. Manmade Global Weather, ... ; Remark: don't be against "Bama" people, because you Rakhine will not win China; think that without China's permit, there is no "Bama" military officials ... ;

in my dream, ( I, I, I, I) have always (hoped, wanted, wised) to be an independent Rakhine nation in democracy but since 1886 (British colonized Burma, after 3 wars) - 100 year ("Bama" kingdom defeated "Rakhine" kingdom), shame on me, i.e. not able to rebuild "independent Rakhine nation" ;

I wrote: dear Shakya King, every Rakhine people (hopes, wants, wises) to be an independent Rakhine nation in democratic way sir;

Shakya King replied: like China, Chinese kingdom cannot be rebuilt; there're many other ethnic tribes exist in Union of Myanmar (Burma), and cannot be an independent nation by one ethnic tribe; "Bama" military spends approx. 20+ billion (US Dollar) annually on military, therefore the least developed Rakhine cannot be what you want to be, and if you cannot (defeat, win) "Bama" military, join them;

I wrote: dear Shakya King, I should not be on the wrong way of living sir;

Shakya King replied: right or wrong is political (perspective, view), and don't be (antigovernment, malicious, rebel, rebellious) ... ; find your own way to be educated, to be healthy ones, to be proactive, to be rich ones, to be successful, to be surviving, ... ; try to build your own Rakhine only R&D groups, like many other peoples do the same, ... ;

In Rakhine language, Shakya ( all directions, also see: Swastika in English language) Muni (Buddha, the word "Muni" might be derived from mutra of Buddha, i.e. instead of usage "muni means sage" in Mahayana Buddhism);

Reforming Myanmar for thousands of years, Rakhine people practice meditation in very simple way (breath in, breath out) a.k.a. (inhale, exhale), and never changed and never modified, another example would be: Rakhine people never build new Pagoda like many other Buddhist people around the world (refer to our earth only) e.g. Bhutan people never build new Pagoda, e.g. Chinese people never build new Pagoda, e.g. Japanese people never build new Pagoda, ... ;

Because, ancient language's meaning of "Ra Khi Ta" means the people WHO maintains generations of people like Rakhine (derived word, from "Ra Khi Ta") with 103 ethical codes:

1. 3 objects of veneration, i.e. Buddha, Dharma, Sangha;
2. 5 Precepts (5 sila); once awhile, common people practice 5 sila;
3. 8 Precepts (8 sila); yogis practice 8 sila;
4. 10 Precepts (10 sila); (nuns, young monks) practice 10 sila;
5. 10 Principles virtues;
6. 10 Meritorious deeds;
7. 10 Good deeds;
8. 38 Blessing; also see: 38 mingala; mingala sutta;
9. 5 Kinds of charity for upright person;
10. 4 Prays; also see: 4 types of mandala;

Remark: Rakhine kingdom is no longer exist, but 103 (ethical, moral) codes of Rakhine kingdom will exist for thousands of years ... ;

inside; within; Radical512;
contain; form; looks; Radical669;

well trained kids! replied: after reading your contents, we like to be "Rakhine" like you're WHO can explain a lot!

I wrote: yes, mochiron of course, but is (you & I) must be with 103 ethical codes to be "Rakhine" ... ; e.g. it is not easy to avoid sexual misconduct (you'll realize later WHEN you become older); e.g. it is not easy to avoid killings (you'll realize later WHEN you become older); e.g. it is not easy to avoid once-a-week rice liquor "sake" (you'll realize later WHEN you become older); e.g. it is not easy to endure without (distinction, promotion, reward) even though you know yourself that you answered all correct (you'll realize later WHEN you become older, regarding "we" human beings' civilizations are NOT that honest & simple like you think in your young age); and so on ... ;

well trained kids! replied: Oh! we know many sins EXIST in Christian is a.k.a. many avijja ((s) e.g. anger, desire, ... ) in Buddhism; (avijja, also see: aPali); for example: can you do 10 commandments WHICH is similar to -- can you do 10 precepts (sila); if you cannot do, you're considered as puthujjana (also see: pPali);

I wrote: yes, mochiron of course, but I'll try to be good ones;

well trained kids! replied: yes, mochiron of course, we'll do the same; e.g. if "Rakhine" State is the least developing state in Union of Myanmar, no wonder, Union of Myanmar is the same, the same in the whole world; we know no joke, no joke, like e.g. Gene Therapy System, e.g. Manmade Global Weather, ... ;

I wrote: Umm! you know keywords, And Then, learn more Hiragana, Kanji, and Katakana; Oh! don't forget that you should share your knowledge to your brother-hood alike other ethnic tribes in Myanmar also; And Then, try to be knowing paragraph; And Then, try to be knowing graphics with essay; so on ... ; And Then, realize that no joke, no joke, like computer is "control" device ... ; And Then, don't forget that "knowledge is power" ... ; I've learnt my whole life (my mother philosopher WHO taught 30+ years of philosophy (eastern thought, western thought) mentioned & taught me at HOME quite often that "might is right" ) literally (implicitly) meaning "knowledge is power" ... ; should I officially request to "Bama" military to get 100ft x 100ft land for me same like "bama" military generals to get special permit? because, they mentioned that many floods in Union of Myanmar; Remember: I ain't do anything for "free" , I prefer "give-and-take" regarding "Bama" military generals;

well trained kids! replied: Umm! if in Yangon regional area, since you've mentioned that 7 royal families of Asia, Yangon has been under Mon Khmer (Cambodia), you should contact to Mon Khmer (Cambodia) management to get the small piece of land (100 ft x 100 ft) like "bama" military generals do;

I wrote: OK. Thanks;

Remark: as of 2017/2561, in Union of Myanmar, the least developing states are Chin State, and Rakhine State, therefore, if you're ACT1 "Rakhine" and working for government of Myanmar, and become "assistant" , "associate" , "deputy" , ... , think of help and investment in Rakhine State (don't loose your root); if you're ACT2 "Rakhine" and working for global command, think of "yes" to Chinese, because, in order to change civilizations, Chinese are very very important; if you're ACT3 "Rakhine" and working for universal R&D, you're on your own ... ; Remember: in space development (e.g. space programming), there is no joint venture for sure, therefore, you're on your own ... , because, 1 formula is worth more than billions of dollars (e.g. 1mm gravity spot is worth more than billions of dollars, e.g. 2 gravity spots are embedded in GPS device, e.g. Nama For Humanoid (Idea Processor (numbers)) ... );

Realize and understand that "Rakhine" is semantics to Union of Myanmar, and Myanmar (all ethnic tribes) are semantics to regional (e.g. ASEAN), and ASEAN nations are semantics to Civilization Type (civilizations), and so on ... ; therefore, if you're ACT1 "Rakhine" and trying to be syntax, And Then, you should be start learning oriental languages e.g. Mini Dictionary;

rights, ((ethical, legal, social) principles of) e.g. Bills of Rights; civil rights (citizenship); Copy Rights (its COPYRIGHT sign symbol is ©); equal rights (referring to (equally sex, gender equality) of men and women); exclusive sales rights (monopolization); human rights (civil liberties, fundamental human rights); inheritance rights (DNA matched ones should have rights); ownership rights (proprietorship); patent rights; political rights (classes of rights); property rights (right to own the property); workers' rights, a.k.a. labor rights; ( I, I, I, I) should have rights to the New Energy ones, also see: Physics Law 888;

(also see: Numbers in Dhamma), and the people WHO maintains Buddhism as religion (including language and linguistic, BAHASA), and the people WHO maintains, carry on, missionary of sasana (including Buddha calendar, Buddhism as religion, web pages related to Buddha, ... ); Only very simple 3, and similar to (mandra, mutra, sutra) and notice that e.g. mandra (speaking form) e.g. " aun" is in all kinds of Buddhism (i.e. establishment of Buddhism in mandra form), mutra e.g. behaviors of Buddha statues represent missionary of sasana to be starting with (i.e. establishment of Buddhism in mutra form), sutra (speaking or writing form) e.g. sutta are for monks (i.e. documentation form, here writer does not write "establishment" because accordance with mahā-padesa, 4 principles, mentioned in Pāli text, also see: m Pali, monks are allowed to create, document, write, in their own e.g. from Shakyamuni to Amitabha to Birushana);

Concerning language and linguistics, Rakhine is similar to Bama (honestly writer should write Bama is similar to Rakhine);

In 21st century, in 2013/2557, 128+ years without Bama kingdom, 228+ years without Rakhine kingdom (Remark: in 21st century and beyond, if you're truly Rakhine, work for Japanese because they are truly Buddhist people like you're, and they Japanese (a.k.a. NIPPON) are more than you Rakhine can define e.g. rice liquor Sake is better, e.g. noodle is better, e.g. seafood is better, and so on ... ), without Mon kingdom, without Shan kingdom, ... ; In fact, Mon and Khmer are the same people, therefore, if the map was not drawn by Western Civilization's power, Cambodia nation would be southern coastal area of Union of Myanmar, middle coastal area of Thai, and whole Cambodia as Mon Khmer Dynasty as a nation; If you are Rakhine people, you should follow 103 ethical codes of Rakhine (also see: 103 ), with knowing without Rakhine kingdom; And, be a good citizen of Union of Myanmar with good faith; Anyone WHO practices 103 ethical codes, you might be welcomed to "Red Book" ;

If you're ethnic tribes of Union of Myanmar and WHO lives in USA, this DOMAIN 's sincere suggestion would be: open accounts at the Bank of America (e.g. Checking Account, CMA ACCESS Merrill Edge, Saving Account), because you should promote yourself and practice the opportunity of your rights (bond, deed, stock) ownership ... ; Remark: this DOMAIN recommends online opportunity of your rights (bond, deed, stock) ownership via eTrade.com, if you cannot have accounts at the Bank of America; do IT yourselves MONEY MARKET (bond, deed, stock) ... can make you have some properties, and don't forget your ASSET = EQUITY + LIABILITY; if you've your own formula e.g. Gene Therapy System, e.g. Manmade Global Weather, ... then you need to seek Shakya King's help to be in the 0% level APR living (in our earth, we've APR living -10, ... , -5, ... , -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3, ... , +5, ... , +10; Remark: Shakya King is at the level of -10APR% living, if compare to commoners are at +10APR% living; local banks are doing local businesses at the level of between -1APR% and +1APR% living) ... ;

If you're Rakhine, you should not work for "Bama" military because you will never be at top, you will never be inside of the inner side of China's slavery (a.k.a. "bama" military), and knowing that let them ("Bama") be in opera of China; Reminder: don't be against China either, because, you never know the top of Eastern Civilization e.g. at the top of Eastern Civilization, Chinese and Japanese are the same, therefore, learn Kanji ... ; and, be educated;

regarding Rakhine, have you ever counted HOW many families have their own villages, land, monasteries, graveyard, ... , in Rakhine State, Union of Myanmar; And Then, think that this DOMAIN developer (Ace Jaw) 's great grand father was very famous super pirate in Indian Ocean, and WHO established & founded own villages, lands, monasteries, graveyard, ... ; pirate word is somehow related to "Black Book" and notice that "Black Book" starts with

military commander, military general; Radical344,

And Then, NOT to happen 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting destinations of automotives can be destructing 200+ years of constructing works, and notice that every civilization must have ("Black Book" vs. "Red Book") implementation;

In 21st century, China is without dynasty (kingdom), therefore, (Bama kingdom, Mon kingdom, Rakhine kingdom, Shan kingdom, ... ) should not be rebuilt; Like China, life goes on, generations go on, without kingdoms; Do not blame on anyone for not having kingdom, because power of Civilization & its Civilization Type causes kingdoms to be disappeared, nations to be disappeared, nations to be born, ... ;

regarding Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy (except in medical), a doctorate in any discipline), among my family members, all 100% Rakhine ethnic tribe:

1. father, Ph.D. in Buddhism and History; Remark: dismissed by "Bama" military;
2. cousin brother, Ph.D. in Geology; Remark: quit from "Bama" military dictatorship system's Gov. job;
3. cousin sister, Ph.D. in Physics; Remark: quit from "Bama" military dictatorship system's Gov. job;
4. cousin brother, Ph.D. in Mathematics; Remark: working for Myanmar government as a professor;
5. sister, Ph.D. in Nursing; Remark: a good citizen of the United States of America;

6, 7, 8, 9, 10, ... waiting to be ... ; continuing to be ... ; don't betray your mother land "Union of Myanmar" ... ;

this DOMAIN developer (Rakhine American Ace Jaw) recommends NOT to work for "Bama" military dictatorship system, for 21st century & beyond, regarding next generations, if you're Rakhine ... ; regarding Gene Therapy System, Gravity Dimension Computer system, Manmade Global Weather As System, ... ware ware We need more knowledge based ones (as of 2565, 2021) ... ; knowledge is power, believe it or not, e.g. 2020 (75th year, after World War II) COVID-19 pandemic worldwide is more powerful than "nuclear" power ... ; so far, we Rakhine have civilization gap problems e.g. no one is able to (found, establish) global company, e.g. no one becomes billionaire, therefore, I'm not proud of being a Rakhine, and noticed, realized & understood that we've "civilization gap" problems ... ;

ware ware We've to support royal families members (Shakya King, Prince, Princess, Queen, ... ), And Then, to be the (Architect of SNA, Boss, Chief, Global Commander, Headmaster, Leader, Master, Principal, Programmer) of our earth, to develop DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) Radio, Humanoid Nama Programming (Idea Processor), Invisibility Engineering (Drone), Multi Long Length Neutrino Laser, Teleportation Method (drip/drop medicines via Graphics Feedback Call Network (NOT dialed feedback call network)), QA of NFC IoT (NOT to be overwriting & resetting GPS), ... ; do good ( go Karma a.k.a. Khamma, a.k.a. Kharma) Action, good results will ... ; Remark: ware ware We must do Reforming Myanmar, for many ethnic tribes in Union of Myanmar (knowing inside of Myanmar, no one is Myanmar), because NOT to be having civilization gap problems ... ; in common, "Black Book" implementations win, but as a Rakhine, "Red Book" implementations must win, e.g. an eye for all eyes tactic, e.g. Gene Therapy System, e.g. Gravity Dimension Computer system, e.g. Manmade Global Weather As System, e.g. world's 1st airplane flight hi-jack was by Rakhine, ... by "snaky" Rakhine ... ; Shakya King does not allow democratic way of managing a nation (China, North Korea, and Union of Myanmar) in Asia;

to survive in 21st century and beyond, if you're Rakhine ethnic tribe, do not betray to Union of Myanmar, think beyond: e.g. USA 's military bases are located around the globe; e.g. in space, truly there is no joint venture; e.g. 3 layers-computing can be captured by 5 layers designers, as of 2018/2561, 8 generations (8 layers)-computing can be captured by 10 layers designers and so on ... ; Remark: this DOMAIN reserves 12 dimensional (2*6), and 14 dimensional (2*7) for you, if you're truly space related ones ... ; "idea" is NOT that easy to earn or gain, because, to earn or gain 1 (an) idea, this DOMAIN developer had to work months of hardworking (collecting data, drinking sake (rice liquor) to reset mind, R&D, reading, talking, watching, ... ) sincerely (e.g. 3 lights of 90 degree must be manmade, so that parallel moon waves know naturally be avoiding earthquake), (e.g. 3 "L" shapes with 1 active volcano's peak point (altogether 4 points) must be on the same line to be avoiding volcanic eruption), ... "idea" (s) seem easy but this DOMAIN developer had to work years of hardworking e.g. developing, reading, writing, ... ; if you (Rakhine) see very very rich peoples in Union of Myanmar (with knowing Rakhine State is one of the least developing states), think that they (very very rich peoples) belong to 7 royal families of Asia, and they (very very rich peoples) belong to Eastern Civilization (i.e. one of the civilizations in our earth), And Then, have mudita, muditā (also see: m Pali); another example would be: it is not easy to be overwriting & resetting nation was born (e.g. Bangladesh) in 20th century by 11 royal families of Europe (belong to Western Civilization), so, next to 190+ millions muslin people, being 1+ million people as Rakhine (truly Buddhist people) is NOT easy e.g. it is NOT easy to be overwriting & resetting civilization (belong to royal families e.g. documentation, history, permit (e.g. Veto)); to survive in 21st century and beyond, if you're Rakhine ethnic tribe, do not betray to Union of Myanmar, because many ethnic tribes EXIST ... ;

Regarding ancient coin (currency usage), Rakhine ("mouk" people of "ma-ga-da" region) had its own; Regarding flag (identity, state, symbol), Rakhine had its own and notice that the Rakhine Flag 's (2*5) dimension in Jun time period (e.g. 4 phase lunar) might have been SYNC with (2*7) Lunar time period (e.g. 2 phase lunar), since long long time period ago (ancient people might had been adding like 2 + 5, multiplying like 2 * 5, and wondering HOW time, hyper space, ... ) ... ; Therefore, (2*6) would be this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space in our universes ... e.g. Eastern Civilization's yearly zodiac signs ... , Western Civilization's ecliptic monthly zodiac signs ..., also see: Constellations; IFF variation of light in hour (5,6,7) , also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement idea # 143; hour (5, 6, 7) as our earth, HOW tilted degree vs. time period in Gregorian Calendar; Many ethnic tribes in Union of Myanmar have flags e.g. nowadays (2018/2561)' Union of Myanmar flag is color code similar to Shan ethnic tribe's flag (realized that "Bama" military's flags had changed 5 times in 20th century, and many peoples around the world don't change their flags within decades of time period, therefore, be wise and be smarter than "Bama" military by learning oriental languages ... );

Mou (family name, surname); Radical103;

Rakhine dialect is similar to many people WHO speak Myanmar language with accent (e.g. east of Rakhine Yoma (mountains) WHERE west of Irrawaddy river (Irrawaddy River a.k.a. Ayeyawady River) accent, Inlay region accent, Dawei ("Tavoy") region accent, ... ) ... ; therefore, it is OK (okay) to speak Myanmar with accent dialect ... ;

okonau Do good go Karma (action), good results will; And be wise (Union of Myanmar) people, e.g. never judge a person by look, because in 21st century, cloned human beings, genuine human beings, and humanoid human beings are look the same, and notice that they might NOT be knowing each other, and notice that they might be knowing each other, ... ; for better understanding, also see: Gene Therapy System, WHOM; With metta;

(( Radical1002), ( Radical294), ( Radical355), ( Radical432)); accountable, accountable, accountable, (of an institution, of an organization, of a person), doing (appointed, dutiful, entrusted, responsible, terms) to be justify ACTION ... ;

regarding ACT3 imaginary hyper space, since Rakhine (an ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar) Kingdom has prompted (80000, 90000) as number, therefore, this DOMAIN developer's a wild guess would be 80000+ human beings livable moons in our universes ... ; Remark: there is neither 60,000 or 70,000 nor 100,000 or 110,000 in Rakhine Kingdom's documentation; think that Pagoda (s) were designed "triangle" pinpointing upward to the sky direction; like all other Buddhists people around the earth, Rakhine people do not build new pagoda;

admiral; commander; Radical344;

Remark: this DOMAIN developer (Aung Myint Kyaw) 's father Aye Kyaw, M.A. B.L., Ph.D. (leader of Rakhine students organization, well known historian (Union of Myanmar's national education system, history of Theravada Buddhism), passed away in 2012) was dismissed by "Bama" military in 1980, since then, this DOMAIN developer's whole family struggled (Remark: I'm NOT wondering my family members are: some disable, some lost, some missing; all kinds of odd jobs were NOT mentioned in my resume (Ace Jaw)) against "Bama" military (fully supported by China), and since 2010, this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather, using directional gravity (1 meter ones, 3 gravity spots in tangent) for cleansing air pollution above cities sky in China (Remember: 21st century & beyond, for changing civilizations, Chinese peoples are very very important), since then, Union of Myanmar's "Bama" military generals & their tactic changed also; therefore, if you're one of ethnic tribes in Union of Myanmar, learn this DOMAIN 's Mini Dictionary (e.g. 2555 Nippon Character Writing Strokes Count, Nippon Pronunciation, Nippon Syllabary) And Then, work for Japanese and learn more (e.g. all human beings livable moons in our universes are owned by Shakya King, e.g. Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, e.g. Schematic Symbols, e.g. your own new PHYSICS laws, ... ) ... ;

to be richer Myanmar (e.g. to be beyond 100cc micro economy, e.g. to be better GDP and GNP), 

find more natural resources (cruel oil, gold, natural gas),
get technical helps from Japan (world's number 1 nation in space & technologies),
grow more (plantation) farmlands, seafood production plants,
promote specification & contents development (documentations),
wealth distribute to public (e.g. better paying jobs, e.g. more land use rights), ... ;

in Rakhine ethnic tribe's history, Aye Kyaw (M.A., B.L., Ph.D.) has been documented as monument record (one of the historical elites of Rakhine ethnic tribe in Union of Myanmar); "Aung Myae" means "the land has been conquered", "successful & prosperous land" (e.g. design of Pagodas' walkway to be ... , e.g. if you see "THAT kind of symbol" , B.O.D. (Board of Directors)  has been NOT this kind) and regarding 1000+ years of history, "Thar Si" means "better the drum" (e.g. SPL codes are similar to sound patterns and SPL codes are NOT TO BE SHARED); Aye Kyaw 's monument has been located at Aung Myae Thar Si monastery (doko WHERE Rakhine historical elites are honored to be monumental), and the monastery is situated just north of Thandwe ("Than De") town (on the way to "Taung Up"  ("Taung-Goke") town) in Rakhine State, Union of Myanmar; so far, this DOMAIN developer Ace Jaw (Aung Myint Kyaw) has 2 family members as historical Rakhine elites monuments at the monastery (one is my own father, another is mother-side's uncle);

counter for generations; Radical148;

transcript words are derived by time e.g. Myauk (Mrauk), Arakan (Arracan, Arakanese), Rakhine, and, in the future WHO knows the name might be usage as: Rakkha; Rakhaing;

wareware We must be ( hinshitsu Quality, hinshitsu Quality, hinshitsu Quality) individual ones, group ones, people ones, because, 1+ million people, as an ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar; Also see: (Artificial Intelligence; Gene Therapy System; Idea Processor; Manmade Global Weather; PHYSICS) with 103 ethical codes ... ;

Also see: Career Employment Professional;