; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : August : 6 (Saturday) : Updated : w Character;

; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : 8 : 6 : Updated : w :  W : w Character;     Also see: w Usage;

W3C, World Wide Web (www) Consortium, https://www.w3.org;

2563; 2019; regarding browser based computing, (Web Authentication a.k.a. W e b A u t h n), a de facto standard (fingerprint, Security key) i.e. password free login, supporting Android, Chrome, Edge, Safari, ... ; W3C; Remark: micro SD (1000) IFF SQRT2 design model;

wages a.k.a. fare;

wago a.k.a. Yamato Kotoba, one of the 3 types of word in Nippon;

back; hips; lower back; lumbar; waist; Radical897;

hip; waist;

wait; waited; waiting; e.g.

expect; wait for; Radical269;

matte Wait ;

wait      wait for ;

Wait! for a while ;

wake; waking; e.g.

wake      woke      woken ;

wake ;

((for each ( w a k u s e i Planet, w a k u s e i Planet)), gravity spot, SPL, yellowish variation), ... ; Ring, also see: PHYSICS, law eighty four, ... ;

walk      walked      walked ;

advance; A y u (female name); progress; walking ;

wall; walls; e.g.

Also see: PHYSICS, law thirty nine, e.g. Origin of Carbon Nano World; carbon nano wall, also see: 8cComputer;

idea ♯ 249; Walls; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2;

partition; wall; Radical381;

wall ;

wallpaper ; ;

Walls, also see: Schematic Dimensional; Walls;

wall; wall tile; Radical54;

WAN, Wide Area Network ;

( WAN) > ( LAN);

also see: network;

want ;

Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol ( wanted ones, as opposed to unwanted ones; wanted ones (e.g. (good gene pattern; correct (Dx, Rx, Tx); joyful result; (negative (abnormalities, diseases, disorders) tumor marker))));

war; warring; e.g.

21st century & beyond, no need to declare military wars, because 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting GPS can be destructing (demolishing) 200+ years of constructing works; Also see: Manmade Global Weather (e.g. generating category 4+ storms directional toward the defined regions); WORMHOLE (e.g. gravity equipped drones (gravity machines) with wormhole way laser can be very destructive); Remark: this DOMAIN 's contents, using Artificial Intelligence to avoid bad actions, to avoid bad results, to avoid bad words, e.g. NOT to happen 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting GPS, e.g. reducing category 4+ storms to be category 1+ storms, verifying drones' radio, and so on ... ;

campaign; duty; office; role; service; unpaid work; war;

declaration of war e.g. declaration of Browser War;

war ; ;     war ; ;

ward ;

to avert; to ward off; Radical981;


warm boot ;

warn; warned; warning; warnings; e.g.

HTTP-EQUIV system variables (e.g. ( Name Info = Value warning _tsunami)), also see: WORMHOLE;

warning      warning      warning      warning ;

w a s a b i;

W a t, also see: V a t t a k a;

watch      watch ;

watchfulness ;

water; watered; watering; waters; e.g.

5 elements in your life;

holy water;

ocean; sea; waters; Radical635;

water     water     water;

water level;

water; Radical106;

water ; river; stream; Radical55;

water tap ; ;

water      water     water ;     water ;

with water (3 colors, Origin of Live Form) universally, also see: PHYSICS, law one hundred, ... ;

turning point; watershed; Radical957;

wave; waves; wavy; e.g.

(Anti Heat Wave, Heat Wave); moon waves;
from 1 mm to 100 km, e.g. radio waves;
from 700 nm to 1 mm, e.g. Infrared wave, a.k.a. IR waves;
from 380 nm to 740 nm, e.g. visible wave, a.k.a. simply lights, a.k.a. visible light waves;
from 10 nm to 400 nm, e.g. Ultraviolet wave, a.k.a. UV waves;
from 0.01 nm to 10 nm, e.g. X-ray waves;

audio wave ; ;

bands, a.k.a. waves;

big wave e.g. Moon Wave, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 214; Natural vs. Structural;

(cycle, frequency, wave), also see: Radical514;

electrode wave; EM wave; light wave; micro wave; radio wave; sound wave; ... ;

electromagnetic wave (a.k.a. EM wave); Radical535;

hacho Wavelength; hacho Wavelength; hacho Wavelength;

Moon-Light-Wave; Moon-Light-Wave; Moon-Light-Wave; Moon-Light-Wave;

moon wave Wireless Antenna, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 274, moon wave wireless antenna;

nami Wave      wave      wave      wave ;

Parallel Moon Waves' Green Spot, also see: PHYSICS law seventy four ... ;

ultrasonic waves a.k.a. ultrasound;

Wavelength; Wavelength; Wavelength; Wavelength;

waves, a.k.a. bands;

waver ; ;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( Gene Therapy System (c e r u m i n a.k.a. waxy)), also see: C ph T Root Words, ... ;

way; ways; e.g.

appearance; form; shape; state; style; way; Radical537;

Bearing; course of action; Direction; geometry directional; Orientation; Way;

direction; way; Radical92;

functional k i c h i Base on m i c h i Way, also see: Command;

general principle; sense; way of things naturally; Radical598;

h o h o (way), also see: w Usage;

means; technique; way; Radical298;

road; route; way; Radical963;

way      way ; ;     way ; ;     way ; ;     way ;

(wormhole way, static way, motor way, kinetic way, dynamic way, directional way, ... );

we; e.g.

Since 02/02/2021 military coup in Union of Myanmar, ( I, I, I, I) have changed my mind NOT to be Global Commander sir, I like to be the Indian Ocean's Super Pirate WHO can chop and collect military generals' beheaded heads; Also see: Ace Jaw; Reforming Myanmar; ware ware We need to implement to chop & collect military generals' beheaded heads, to do so, military tactical plans should be starting, regarding 02/02/2021 military coup in Union of Myanmar; the next step, Global Military Coup ... ;

2564; 2020; our earth; ware ware We're at war against COVID-19 virus pandemic;

our; we; Radical639;

ware ware We ;

we (my spouse, our); Radical512;

we ;     our ;     us ;

we      we      we      we      ware ware We ;

Remark: be immune d to COVID-19, be immune d to flu, be immune d to oncogene, ... 。 

weak; weaken; weakening; weakness; e.g.     

weak ; ;

weak, as opposed to strong;


weak point;

wealth; e.g.

abundant; enrich; wealth;
abundant; enrich; wealth;
abundant; enrich; wealth;
abundant; enrich; wealth;

amount of PROPERTY TAX payment annually indicates HOW (rich, wealthy) you're, also see: Biz;

blessing; fortune; luck; wealth; Radical332;

wealth ;

weapon; e.g.

arm; weapon; Radical84;

21st century & beyond : the most powerful weapons are :

embedded device (GPS) : e.g. 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting of GPS destinations;
invisibility engineering : e.g. invisible drone, invisible missile; invisible from radar;
remote nama reading : e.g. invisible insectoid reports to animaloids report to humanoids;
unwanted bio-virus : e.g. unwanted COVID-19; (epidemic, pandemic) bio hazard virus;
weather condition : e.g. very bad weather conditions;

the most powerful weapons in 21st century century & beyond, modelled by directional gravity spots, variable DEE patterns, yellowish variations and its reversed yellowish variations, ... , are the most advance (Method, Procedure, Technique) in 21st century & beyond ... ; hurry up! and complete the "nuclear disarmament" in our earth, because this DOMAIN (endorses, recommends) "nuclear disarmament" in our earth, because you don't want your nuclear related ones exploded by unknown reasons (e.g. at the focal point of multi long length neutrino laser, no material can exist, wormhole way LASER (focal point) from Satellite) ... ; Also see: Nuclear1; Nuclear2;

wear      wore      worn ;

s u r u : ( to be; to be sensed (noise, smell, etc.); to color; to cost; to decide; to do; to feel; to file; to frost glass; to judge; to lose a match; to pass elapsing time; to pick; to place; to print; to rub; to serve; to think; to transform; to use; to wear ) ... ;

wear out ;

weather; weathered; e.g.

climate; season; weather; Radical269;

Manmade Global Weather, as opposed to natural disaster happens;

((( Manmade Global Weather , Naturally Weather Log ))), also see: Weather;

services do good weather conditions globally ... ;

weather      weather Weather      weather       weather

weather measurement station;

y o k e r u Avoid; Radical981 i.e. avoiding bad ones (e.g. Avoid bad gene patterns, e.g. Avoid bad weather conditions, e.g. Avoid storm's strength category >1+ storm, e.g. Avoid magnitude 4+ earthquake, e.g. Avoid meter height tsunami, e.g. Avoid unwanted ones, e.g. Avoid volcanic eruption) ;

fabric; weave; Radical551;

o r i k o Weaver; Weaver;

weave      wove      woven ;

web; Web; webbed; webbing; webpage; e.g.

  posting web pages ... ;      
  web address


    web form ;          


        web ; Radical320 ;
  Web server Web server ;        
      website website website ;
  Web Site ; ( directory , file , folder
  , system )  ... ; OUR WEBSITE ;  
  power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil
  web web web ;    
  webpage Webpage webpage webpage ;

wed; wedded; wedding; e.g.

wed      wed      wed ;

week; weekly; weeks; e.g.

2 weeks time period to be recovery; Also see: Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;


week      week      week ;

weep      wept      wept ;

j u r y o Weight; kan Weight; weigh; weight; weighted; weighting; e.g.

0_Default Light And Its Weight; Also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol; this symbol seems very easy & simple, on the other hand, very advance like ACT3 imaginary hyperspace crafts' DEE density and simulation WHICH obeys BLI (Body Length Index) for each human beings livable moons in our universes; to calculate and solve BLI problems on human beings livable moons, this symbol symbolizes e.g. we need to realize & understand THAT every light has its own distance and its weight; circle is 100x100 (because 1%, 100, ... are somehow related to local system, 1 processor based); intentionally green is at the top because of we human beings are naturally on our earth as default; intentionally blue is at the bottom because we've learnt "blue away" events regarding LED design & radio specification (e.g. neutrino); yellow is at the top for calculating yellowish variations WHICH exist on many human beings livable moons in our universes; red is a limitation to 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space; Remark: one of the origins of water (purple) is intentionally excluded; because of Yellowish Variation As Distance, we're able to design and engineer reversed yellowish variation also WHICH leads to gain e.g. naturally perceiving energy to prosper ... ; Reminder: all human beings livable moons are owned by Shakya King;

1000 kg; metric ton; ton; Radical123;

estimate; quantity; weight; Radical831;

(Gram, Imperial ton, j u r y o Weight, kan Weight, Kilogram, Metric ton, Microgram, Milligram, Ounce, Pound, Stone, US ton) ... ; using Gravity Dimension Computer, also see: ( elevating (as opposed to landing)), ( landing (as opposed to elevating)); regarding gravity spots, also see: PHYSICS, e.g. (2, 4, 8, 16, ... , using SQRT2 design model), (3, 9, 27, 81, ... , using SQRT3 design model), duo-binary Gravity Spots, e.g. directional gravity spots (gravity spots), e.g. Gravity Spot, e.g. Gravity Spot (s) must start with 1mm ones, And Then, Gravity Spot (s) must be limited to NOT bigger than 1 meter ones, e.g. Integral's vertical DEE "Y" line must obey its biggest Gravity Spot, e.g. remote gravity spot allocating method, ... ;

j u r y o Weight; j u r y o Weight; weight; j u r y o Weight; weight;

mass (e.g. gram, kilogram, pound) ... ;

(metabolism, weight) ... ; Also see: Gravity Dimensional Computer; m Character; m G T S U; w Character;

metric system unit of mass (g, gram); Radical127;

SQRT2 design Model (±98) WHICH prompts Engineering Notation (10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, ... ), therefore, using Artificial Intelligence (Gravity Dimension Computer) 's Engineering Notation latches As Level e.g. (10 Kg, 100 Kg, 1000 Kg, 10000 Kg, 100000 Kg, ... ), e.g. (10 g, 100 g, 1000 g, 10000 g, 100000 g, ... ) kuru kuru WHILE ( elevating, landing) ... ; Remark: since 1990s WHEN N M D (No Moon Day) only, kuru kuru WHILE ( elevating, landing), this DOMAIN has launched its imaginary hyper space crafts ... , therefore, as of 2020s, this DOMAIN ... national security, regional security, global security, also see: Security; national security starts with directional plasma cluster wind's directions of the flags in front of government office buildings because of Gravity Spots, And Then, regional security starts with rivers' water flow and water level marks, And Then, global security starts with this DOMAIN 's contents e.g. power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil ... ;

unit of mass (453.6 g, pound); unit of weight (600 g); Radical91;

weigh ;      weigh ;

weight ;     weight ;     kan Weight kan Weight ;     weight ;

a n z e n s e i Welfare, also see: ( keeping well being, preservation, safety, security, welfare) ... ;

well; e.g.

discipline; master oneself; self-study (ascetic practice in Buddhism e.g. s a d h a n a); well conducted self; Radical380;

nicely; properly; well; Radical735;

to be cured; to be healed; to get well; Radical959;

well; well crib; Radical119;

well ;

go     went     gone;

west; e.g.

Also see: Directions;

(east pacific, west pacific), also see: Weather, e.g. in summer, (creating clouds in east pacific, creating clouds in west pacific) i.e. to be avoiding earthquakes in Pacific (our earth) in summer ... ; Remark: many ways to avoid earthquakes, e.g. configuration (ACT2 imaginary hyper space) 's 2,3 dimensional leading 3 naturally (also see: Physics Law 170, ... ), e.g. , e.g. "L" (Method, Procedure, Technique), e.g. parallel moon waves' gravity spots location awareness, ... ;

IFF our earth, civilizations exist e.g. African civilization, Eastern civilization, Indian civilization, Middle East civilization, south American civilization, Western civilization, ... ; start with how to eat, how to dress up, how household items are, how to define word, and so on ... ;

Spain; west; Radical178;

west      west ;

wet; e.g.

wet, as opposed to dry;

wet;     wet (humid);

( wet, wet, wet), also see: Physics Law 789; w G T S U;

wet     wet     wet ;

what; What; WHAT; e.g.

ima nan desu ka ?     What time is it now ?

what ;

whatever e.g. WHILE meditation, nama (mind) wanders whithersoever (Remark: at beginner or commoner level); n ā m a without direction (heuristic) to whatever place can be controlled by s a m ā d h i (concentration) mindfulness;

WHAT ;     n a n i What ; also see: w Usage;

What's your name ?

what time ;

What      what      what ; ;

wheel; wheeling; wheels; e.g.

circle; link; ring; wheel; Radical915;

wheel; Radical855;

wheel      wheel ; ;

wheeze; Also see: a G T S U;

when; When; WHEN; e.g.

Artificial Intelligence to decide WHEN using timestamps ... ;

when      when ;     WHEN ;

where; Where; WHERE; e.g.

accordingly; from; whereupon; Radical36;

doko desu ka ?     Where is it ?

doko WHERE;

whereabouts, also see: destination;

Where d o k o d e Where ;     doko WHERE;     WHERE ;

wherever, whithersoever;

Whey protein concentrate; Also see: Protein; w Character; w G T S U;

which; Which; WHICH; e.g.

after (collection, option, select), which (number, one, way) ... ;

Which ;      which  ;     Which ;     WHICH ;

while; While; WHERE; e.g.

among; amongst; between; while; Radical512;

kuru kuru WHILE ... ;

in Hiragana: while (i.e. preposition in English);

n a k a While;

Radical255; Also see: Radicals;


while (i.e. conjunction in English);

While ;     While ;     WHILE ;

white; e.g.

BF2 White, also see: PHYSICS, law eighty two; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;


diode White, also see: iro LED;

Text format (Digits, Letters, Other, White space) Radical124;

usage "a pale white glow" (blood bumping) through veins, also see: Physics Law 146, NMR, ... ;

(white pin, red pin) audio, And Then, yellow must be for video (e.g. HDMI);

white; Radical135;

white       white ;

whithersoever (i.e. wherever);

e.g. WHILE meditation, nama (mind) wanders whithersoever (Remark: at beginner or commoner level); n ā m a without direction (heuristic) to whatever place can be controlled by s a m ā d h i (concentration) mindfulness;

who; WHO; whose; e.g.

IFF Chinese, i.e. 's in English;
IFF Nippon,
i.e. 's in English;

somebody; someone; who; Radical586;

who      who ;

whose (associated with, belonging to) WHICH person;

whose      whose ;

all; complete; entire; fulfill; whole; Radical399;

(all; complete; entire; overall; whole); IFF prefix, (omni*, pan*, t o t i *) i.e. all;

whole; ;

whole number  a.k.a. integer;


wholesomeness a.k.a. wholesome mental states;

whom; WHOM; e.g.

create (bio, biological, biogenetic, biomedical, biomedical, biophysical, immunological, oncological, pathological, pharmaceutical, pharmacological, radiological, therapeutic) antiviral as antibodies (TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN); Radical259;

for whom; e.g. FOR WHOM IT MAY CONCERN; Remark: inquiry writing; resume writing;

immune _cell; immunological; WHOM;

this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System has been designed and programmed with WHOM .txt FILE, and the WHOM .txt file is editable, and you ( user) need to define (providing information of the Pt As User) all possible info inside the file: ..\..\..\Domain\Gene Therapy System\WHOM .txt; in English language (EN), "whom" is passive voice usage, and "who" is active voice usage; Also see: Gene Therapy System (WHOM) ... ;

why; Why; WHY; e.g.

( Why, Why, Why, Why) ... ;
( doshite Why, doshite Why, doshite Why, doshite Why) ... ;

inverted; opposite; reverse; wicked;

wide ;

wide a.k.a. broad;

width; e.g.

h a b a Breadth; h a b a Width; Radical717;

hanging scroll; width; Radical59;

width ;     width ;

( for location) accuracy, Wi-Fi, Wide Fidelity;

legitimate wife; Radical281;

wildcard character      wildcard character      e.g. *.*;

will      would ;

will (intention), And Then, perseverance (self control), And Then, determination (resolution): you'll be successful ... ;


excel; prevail; victory; win ;

win     won      won ;

win ; ;

wind; e.g.

air; manner; style; wind; Radical217;

wind ;

winding ; ;

wind-instrument; Radical555;

wind       wound      wound ;

window; windowing; windows; e.g.

99% transparency plastic, GUI, Window, ... , also see: Radical882; Radical881; Radical883; Radical880;

24 pisayo must be variable e.g. ((left, x), (left, y)), ((right, x), (right, y)) a.k.a. right click of 1 window; Also see: Parameter; PHYSICS;

m a d o Window;

OS, Operating System (e.g. AI OS, Web OS, window) ... ;

pane; window; Radical1080;

Window Aqua Silver; Window Gray White; Window Yellow Brown;

Window, i.e. IFF offline ((e.g. with OEM I M E I only), (e.g. without service phone number)) ... ;

window     window     window;

wine, also see: alcohol;

wing; Radical160;

delayed; late; winter; Radical42;


wipe ;

Electricity Power Plug;

wire ;     wire ;

basically e.g. current is flowing in a wire, And Then, if a coil is moving near to the wire, the current also flow in the coil;

basically lines (black, blue, green, red, white, yellow)' connection whether good or bad can be determined by the wire's resistance, e.g. if wall outlet, WHILE breaker is off (i.e. must be no current flow in the wire), And Then, WHEN connecting 2 wires (e.g. black, red) at the breaker, And Then, on the other hand (e.g. other side, e.g. wall outlet) using multi-meter's 2 pins (1 pin on Black, 1 pin on Red) to measure (Ohm) resistance, And Then, do reading multi-meter (Ohm) resistance; if no resistance, line's connection is bad (i.e. between the breaker and wall outlet); if measuring resistance, line's connection is good; don't forget to disconnect 2 wires (e.g. black, red) at the breaker side;

basically to avoid voltage drop (a.k.a. to avoid wire becomes very hot inside), thickness of wire e.g. A W G must be matched to its wire specification; e.g. you should not connect AWG16 wire to run 30A application in 500 ft away; wire's thickness should be accordance with American Wire Gauge (A W G) specification; wiring (e.g. BE, hard wiring, internal wiring, wiring diagram);

printed wiring board, a.k.a. Printed Circuit Board (PCB); Radical510;

telegraph wire; telephone line; Radical535;

wire (e.g. Optical, a.k.a. Fiber Optics wire) ... ; iro LED; in addition to wire (e.g. Cable (Category 6 Coax, Category 5 Coax)) ... ; dB . m; in addition to wire (e.g. Ethernet (a.k.a. RJ45)) ... ; (multiplex, twisted pairs); in addition to wire (e.g. telephone line (a.k.a. RJ11)) ... ; (Pulse, Tone); basically;

wireless radio ;

wisdom ;

wise; e.g.

bright; clever; Intelligence; smart; wise;

wise ;     wise ;      wise  ;     wise ;

attention; desire; feeling; idea; sense; thought; wish;

alchemy; enchantment; magic; sorcery; witchcraft ; wizardry;

with; e.g.

((alike, all, and), (neither, with)); Radical628;

(because of, by means of, with); Radical594;

matching     matching, complementary equivalent (amount, color, design, number, pattern) corresponding with ... ;

with ; ;     with ; ;

within; e.g.

inside; within; Radical512;

(out of reach, within a reach) ... ;

without      without ;


chic; romantic; spicy; tasty; the second mentioned; witty; Radical5;

alchemy; enchantment; magic; sorcery; witchcraft; wizardry ;

woman ;

coexistence, also see: man;

female; woman; Radical45;

wonderful      wonderful      wonderful ;

bizarre; dazzling; excellent; extraordinary; fantastic; incredible; magical; magnificent; marvelous; outstanding; plausible; sensational; splendid; superb; unbelievable; wonderful; wondrous; Also see: Radical263;

wood      wood      wood      wood      wood ;

5 elements in your life;

tongue-piece of wood, connecting 2 boards; Radical791;


word; wording; words; e.g.

( character, letter, section of village, word) ... ;

character; letter; section of village; word; Radical569;

embedded; Radical693 (word processor) ... ;

kotoba Word ; kotoba Word ; kotoba Word ; kotoba Word ;                    
Word ;   Word ;   Word ;   Word ;                      

Also see: Action; Keyword; k Usage; Language Translator; w Character;

(language, word), (language, word), (language, word);

remark; statement; word; Radical182;

through meditation, finding true, truth, ... ; true words; Also see: meditation; Radical333;

word-processor; word-processor;

word      word      word ;

work; worked; worker; workers; working; workload; works; e.g.

factory worker; Radical57;

worker ;

working;     working together;

( workload, workload, workload, workload);

work (physics term) ;

work     work      work      work      work ;

world; worldly; worlds; e.g.

age; generation; society; world; Radical148;

our (earth, globe, l o k a, planet, world) ... ;

worldly connection worldly connection;

world      world      world      world ;

worm e.g.

after understanding ( with water, without water), And Then, With Water, "worm" alike Instance without Intelligence; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 281, we're human beings;

Anti Virus, if IT (Information Technology) 's usage (worm);

bug; insect; cricket; moth; worm; Radical174;

wormhole; wormhole way; e.g.

wormhole      wormhole ;

node e.g. wormhole way As Node, also see: this DOMAIN 's Color Codes;

our earth's the most advance system (for 21st century & beyond) e.g. jinko chino Artificial Intelligence (Gene Therapy System, Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol), a part of Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization ("Red Book" implementation), ... ;


Wormhole Way Multi Long Length Neutrino Laser, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 268;

worshipping Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha        world ;

would you like ;

wrap; wrapped; wrapper; wrapping; e.g.

( Our Earth's Good Protein Wrapper, Our Moon's Good Protein Wrapper), also see: Physics Law 789; Plus One;

paper wrapper esp. on book, BD, CD, DVD, ... ; Radical629;

( protein coat, protein coat, protein coat), a.k.a. ( Protein Wrapper, Protein Wrapper, Protein Wrapper) ... ; Also see: cGTSU; pGTSU; wGTSU;

sheath; shell; wrapping; Radical136, also see: Radicals;

wrapped; Also see: Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol; capture method begins at the end of the defined wormhole (Wrapped);

Wrapped; i.e. one of the very very important symbols of this DOMAIN, because this symbol can protect NOT ONLY individual BUT ALSO whole defined region ... ; Here, so far, we've learnt wormhole way parameters (e.g. (45, 60, 72)), And Then, (180, 180) as 360 degree;  symbolizes (2 * 180) i.e. regarding "Wrapped" ... ; in 2 plus 2 method (ACT3 imaginary hyper space), doko WHERE Ref can be either addition or multiplication (e.g. to be 360, Ref 180 can be ... ) ... ;

Wrapped; wrap ; ; Wrapped; Wrapped;

wring      wrung      wrung ;

e.g. squeeze fruit to extract juice; e.g. to wring (rag, towel) ... ;

determined; pinch; twist; wring;

(crumpled, disheveled, d i s h e v e l l e d, wrinkled), also see: c G T S U; d G T S U; w G T S U;

wrist; Also see: w G T S U;

write; writing; writer; writer; writers; e.g.

investigate; meter; musical key; prepare; tone; tune; writing style; Radical611;


write     write     write ;

write     wrote      written ;

written application ; ;

written document;

wrong; Radical100;

wrong belief;

www      www ;

this DOMAIN 's www _ links;

B x, a.k.a. medical biopsy; Dx, a.k.a. medical diagnosis; Fx, a.k.a. fracture (e.g. bone); G x, one of the medical radiological standard M R I symbols; H x, a.k.a. medical history of the patient (Pt); Ix, a.k.a. medical investigation; M x, a.k.a. medical pathological metastasis; N x, a.k.a. medical pathological (no evidence of lymph node metastases); Ox, a.k.a. medical toxicological oxidizing agent; Pt, a.k.a. medical patient; Pt P x, a.k.a. medical patient physical examination; Rx, a.k.a. medical prescription; S x, a.k.a. medical sign and symptom; Tx, a.k.a. medical treatment; V x, a.k.a. medical pathological vertex presentation; Wx, a.k.a. medical Dx wound; Also see: Gene Therapy System; MD;