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1 kan Weight is equal to 3.75 kg; Radical211;

kan Weight (mass and weight (English)) e.g. dr (dram), gr (grain), kilo pound, lb (pound), oz (ounce), slug, UK long ton, US short ton, ... ;

kan Weight (mass and weight (metric)) e.g. AMU (Atomic Mass Unit), ct (carat), g (gram), kg (kilogram), kiloton, kN (kilo Newton on our earth's surface), mcg (microgram), mg (milligram), N (Newton on our earth's surface), ton, ... ;

IFF ACT1 (our earth), e.g. 13.85 ft/sec^2 gravitational field on 1 lb m (pound mass) item's weight (lb f, pound force) is: F = ma / g c = (1 lb m * 13.85 ft/sec^2) / (32.2 lb m ft / lb f sec^2) = 0.4 lb f;

weight of water (e.g. rw, 9.810 N/m3) ... ; Also see: UNIT;

lightweight notebooks, or smart devices; also see: Computers;

Electricity Power Plug; world plugs;

basically, 2 systems exist, (e.g. closed system, opened system) doko WHERE closed system is a.k.a. short method, and opened system is not short method;

in 21st century, human beings are beyond yellowish variations (a.k.a. Solar Sail) Method doko WHERE yellow as background with green as string, and then Gravity Dimension Computer ( collect) gravity as power ( A, V, W 0.5 second) ; nowadays, many products are made of gravity power and notice that battery life expectancy becomes longer and longer (1st to understand structural, 2nd to understand how to energize battery's cells (e.g. directional gravity method, e.g. sound beam method, e.g. strings' interaction method, e.g. multi short length neutrino laser method, your own glowing lights method, ... ), 3rd to understand power can be without electricity (refer to commonly known hot line a.k.a. power line)) ... ; Also see: Fusion, because fusion is a method HOW to implement hot line (a.k.a. power line) reversely;

Also see: www.iec.ch/worldplugs;

W6SDB, (Wrap, Wrapped, Wrapping) 6 Surfaced DEE Box ... ; Also see: Physics Law 888;