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sonar echolocation; ultrasonic; also see: climate; weather;

ultrasound; ultrasounds; e.g.

3D ultrasound;

  ultrasound ;  
carotid duplex ;     scan echo graphics ;  
        medical ultra sono graphy ;  
    ultrasound a.k.a. ultra sonic wave s ;  

enshu SPL * ( SPL, Sound Pressure Level) based ( xy _Ultrasound _Capturing, xy _Ultrasound _Default), also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol; Schematic Dimensional;

ultrasound reports e.g.

- remove plaques, IFF plaque screening (carotid artery) report indicates abnormal (e.g. built-up plaques);
- strengthen heart's muscles, IFF atrial fibrillation screening (heart) rhythm report indicates irregular;
- strengthen GI muscles, IFF (abdominal aortic aneurysm (enlargement) screening) report indicates risk of ruptured aorta;
- try to be normal bone and bone joints (density and pressure), IFF bone mass density (osteoporosis) report indicates abnormal;

using Artificial Intelligence to decide ((abnormal, normal) report of (1st trimester obstetrical, carotid sonography, doppler in obstetrics, DVT ultrasound imaging, fetal CNS, fetal GI and GU tract, liver doppler, saline infused sonohysterography, soft markers in aneuploidy, sonography of fetal heart, sonography of thyroid nodules)) ... ;

ultrasound reports, also see: Gene Therapy System;

communication e.g. DC-HSDPA; EDGE; GSM; LTE; HSPA+; UMTS; Also see: wireless;


WHILE developing a database (e.g. Microsoft's North Wind) in Basic language, if a Text Box prompts "unbound" WHICH means table t 's column (a.k.a. attribute) has not been matched to Text Box 's resource definition; another example would be: e.g. table t with column ABC, IJK, XYZ; And Then, form f with Text Box ABC, 912, XYZ; WHILE developing, programmer forgot to change table t column IJK to 912, therefore,  "unbound" ; or, programmer forgot to define Text Box 912 's resource, therefore, "unbound" ; regarding database design, any object of each Form should not have "unbound" ;  also see: Numerological0;

think that forms are semantics alike, tables are syntax alike, therefore, WHILE developing a database, table's attributes (e.g. column) are changed, and then, forms' object name (e.g. Text Box) 's resource and its name should also be changed;

understanding directional gravity, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 221; understanding Directional Gravity ;

e.g. avoiding earthquake in Japan;
e.g. avoiding tsunami in Japan;

United States Virgin Islands, , , , 1;

Also see: USA, United States of America; 5uComputer;















































Directions ; ( zoom - in , zoom -
out ) ;              

IFF directional, up, as opposed to down;


e.g. net set up ... ; also see: info;

particular OS (e.g. Android number only, e.g. Apple OS X only, e.g. Microsoft Window only) block pop-up windows; e.g. Pop-up Blocker on; Also see: Browser; frame;

(uplink) also see: link; IFF kan Weight, AI (GDC)  to do something completely;

            user ;  
G U I , graphic a l user interface ;
perform i n g C M I S E -
service - user ; user dictionary ; indirect user ;
user facility ; user hand book ; user support ;
numeric user identifier ; user ID en t if i
cat ion ( user id ) ; user data ;
call ed N S user ; call i n g
N S user ; call i n g T S
user ; call ed T S user ;    

e.g. this DOMAIN 's gravity dimension computer artificial intelligence system users ... ; using ( variable light) kan Weight for each surface ... ;

 3,3,3,3 is four numbers in quantity doko WHERE each surface's edge to be space for adjusting dimensional gravity, and then directional gravity, and then flying automotives ... ;

( eV, UV-A, UV-B, UV-C) ... ;