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m ac; MAC; e.g.

MAC     MAC     MAC, e.g. (m a c 56789/t c p MAC Address, m a c 56789/u d p MAC Address), also see: Keyword To Port Number; MAC address, 6 numbers, 1st 3 is for company's name, last 3 is for serial, therefore, unique i.e. no duplication ... ; 

::::♯:number (i.e. MAC address) router ... ; WHY 5 quantity of ":" ?, because addresses are designed with 5 numbers; keyword (face) alike; Also see: OEM; WHY 5?, because 10 has been numerological dimensional for thousands of years; 5*2 is 1 dimension, and if you like to develop ACT2 stage momentum, you must develop 6*2, and if you like to develop ACT3 stage parallel universes, you must develop 7*2; For basic understanding, this DOMAIN is using Sqrt2 with 5*2 dimension (i.e. 10 has been numerological dimensional); 

gravity ;              
      machine ; e.g. gravity machine ;

mail; IFF Live Mail ... ; IFF detail keyword (documents) Mailing address, Manufacture, Max aperture, Media created, Meeting status, Metering mode, Middle name, Mileage, Model, Mood, ... ;

mal*, also see: Prefix And Suffix;

manual; e.g.

manual manual ;          
        manual ;        
a.k.a. user guide ;            


Marshall Islands, , , , 692;

SONY time zone (GMT+12:00) Marshall Islands  ... ; IFF Even Time Horizontal DEE, iroColourWaveForm ( Internet) e.g. Green Blue Internet, Green Gray Internet, Gray Blue Internet, Gray Green Internet, ... universally; (Time Zone) ... ;

mask     mask     mask;

Mayotte Island, , , , 269;

M D MD , one of the brunch -
able keyword s in Cloud Computing ... ;    

measurement      measurement ; ;

(toward the midline (medial)), as opposed to (away from the midline (lateral));

toward the midline ( uchigawano Medial), also see: Directions; Gene Therapy System;

(core, a.k.a. nuclei; edge, a.k.a. membrane), also see: Physics Law 234;

membrane ((1 thin sheet of layer), (1 thin sheet of tissue)) cells, acting as (boundary, lining, partitioning) of the defined organism; membrane: (lipids and proteins) bounds cells, And Then, forms structural within the defined cells; Also see: 6cComputer; mGTSU;

menu ;      
        ( computer ) menu ;  
        program ; program me ;  
          schedule ;      

languages set menu; menu bar; menu item; menu option; menu screen;

285 arrow key s AND type; in-line Menu; item s;

IFF 〩 (Menu s AND Tool bar s) Context Menu Strip; Menu Strip; Status Strip; Pointer; Tool Strip; Tool Strip Container; ...

(icons, menus, pointers, windows) ... ; 2D (i.e. two dimension) GUI without z-distribution; 3D (i.e. three dimension) GUI with z-distribution;

apple menu;

cascading menu;

window menu (e.g. pull down menu, pull up menu);

Gene Therapy System (defined organ, do gene therapy on WHOM, specific part) IFF oncologic emergencies (e.g. hematologic disorder, metabolic disorder, structural disorder, treatment (Tx) adverse effect) EXIST, Dx (cancer) emerges, also see: Specialties ON; cure the metabolic disorder;

5MIC, AUX IN, AUX OUT, headphone, headset,  line in, microphone, speaker out, S P K (♯ Ω), ... , also see: audio device;

sound system (microphone; speaker) ... ;

Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 242, Capturing Radio;

5W1H of Military Science: WHAT is military science sir ? well trained kids ! in 21st century and beyond, NOT to happen 2+ hours of destructing (e.g. overwriting & resetting "destination" of GPS) can demolish 200+ years of constructing works (because of Capturing Radio As Method, whole nation can be demolished within a few hours); HOW to prevent & protect military science NOT to be destructive sir ? well trained kids ! blessing of Buddha & Buddhism is essential (more than necessary, also see: Buddha\index), hurry-up and have Buddha statue at your home, because 21st century & beyond, you need blessing of Buddha & Buddhism (Military Science) ... ; e.g. remote nama reading, updated by humanoids;

m m , millimeter ( i.e. mm ) ;  
        mm ;      
    = ;    
    10 mm = 1 cm ;    
gene therapy system s do mm precision for each user

1 mm Hole By 24 mm Natural Time, ACT ➊ ACT ➋ ACT ➌, also see: Schematic Symbol;

(Anti Heat Wave, Heat Wave); moon waves;
from 1 mm to 100 km, e.g. radio waves;
from 700 nm to 1 mm, e.g. Infrared wave, a.k.a. IR waves;
from 380 nm to 740 nm, e.g. visible wave, a.k.a. simply lights, a.k.a. visible light waves;
from 10 nm to 400 nm, e.g. Ultraviolet wave, a.k.a. UV waves;
from 0.01 nm to 10 nm, e.g. X-ray waves;

Monaco, , , , 377;

ken Mountain (mountain) also see: Swastika;

( mountain, mountain, mountain, mountain) ... ;
( peak, peak, peak, peak) ... ;
( point, point, point, point) ... ;

M S C , Meteorological Satellite Center ;    

( BEV, FCEV, MSHV, PHEV, ... ) ... motor vehicles, also see: Automotive;