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ISP, i.e. Internet Services Provider, (e.g. home .ha); self finding Majjhima way among domains ... ; NOT me; Also see: Cloud Computing, NFS, ... ; HA; VM;

artificial intelligence ( half second, multi time lines) IFF any type ( object) is undefined, unknown, unable to verify, without ID, and then (pinpoint and locate) the object on a surface ... ;

Gene Therapy System (defined organ, do gene therapy on WHOM, specific part) IFF oncologic emergencies (e.g. hematologic disorder, metabolic disorder, structural disorder, treatment (Tx) adverse effect) EXIST, Dx (cancer) emerges, also see: Specialties ON; cure the hematologic disorder;

regarding local vs. remote, "here" is more likely to be local; Also see: local;

(here, there)

here, physically close to (e.g. this place, this position) ... ;
there, physically distant (e.g. over there, that place, there is) ... ;
here and there, everywhere, all around, all over, everywhere;

koko here; kore This, also see: hUsage;

Honduras, , , , 504;

        hospital ;      

Hungary, , , , 36;

hydrate; Hydrate; e.g.

( mizuaemono Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate) ... ; diff classes of hydrates EXIST (((substance THAT contains (constituent element, Water)), i.e. hydrate), (water molecules are chemically bounding i.e. hydrate)) ... ; Also see: DNA _Origami; 9hComputer; Physics Law 113; Protein; Water;


        hyper ( as oppose d
to hypo ) ;            
IFF Gene Therapy System , also see : majjhimā patipadā ;