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Faroe Islands, , , , 298;

language code (1171) Faroese language; Also see: Keyword to Port Number;

fast ( as oppose d to slow ) ;

WHY fast as dark color? because DEE in our universe is everywhere, and DEE is the fastest, and DEE is faster than light however it has slow motion (1/♯) characteristics; this DOMAIN 's teleportation will be using DEE only universally, modulation of DEE is not done yet, still in R&D stage for 21st century & beyond i.e. in addition to INFO is faster than light; the fastest visible light is Comet, and IFF military application, using (Comet, Rainbow, Wall) method, procedure, technique, ... ;

fast motion (♯ x), slow motion (1/♯) x, kuru kuru WHILE, BF2 space lengths may vary in 2,3 dimensional ... ; AI () e.g. 200, 300, 400, ... , 1000, 2000, 3000, ... ; WHY BF2 space lengths vary? because 4PP and their spin speeds vary;

multiple feedback ... ; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 181, detail calculation of Yellowish Variation in our universes ... ;

AMPS (e.g. Amp Rating, FLA Number Amp, RES Number Amp); Number Hz (e.g. 50/60); LRA Number; Temperature (e.g. max operating temperature Number °C, min operating temperature Number °C); Voltage (e.g. Number V); VAC; Also see: Electricity Power Plug;

USB _ SD _ micro SD ;    
USB flash drive ;
  U S B USB memory stick ;
R O M , flash
          R O M ;
form flash ;    
memory ;        
Compact Flash ;
stop WHEN red light s flash ;      
warn i n g when yellow light s flash ;
go WHEN green light s flash ;      
Flash Player App ; local storage set t i
n g s 27 site ;      

layer oracle ( Flash Cache);

oracle (Flash back Buffer) RVWR;

( with 1 CD/DVD player, like 1 USB flash drive, with 1 DVD player, with 1 BD player), also see: 6bComputer (e.g. BD); 7cComputer (e.g. CD); 3dComputer (e.g. DVD); 6uComputer (e.g. USB);

flying, e.g. flying smart phone ( drone) ... ;

FM, Frequency Modulation, radio ...

Also see: Weather;

  f o n t    
F O N T  
        font ;  

font face; e.g. font face = System;

Font (Font; Selected Font; Size; Terminal; Window Preview); Colors; Layout; Options; Keyword;

content type e.g. all, document, Font, image, Media, other, Script, style sheet, XHR, ... ;

fragrance; Also see: fGTSU;

frame; Radical224;

        frame ;      


green frog; Radical246;












































in , zoom - out ) ;      
front front ;    
        e.g. front office ;    
        e.g. Microsoft Front Page extension is
        support e d by ISP (
        Internet Service Provider ) ;  


          Fujitsu ;    
        computer s      
        system s ;    
        Also see : www.fujitsu.com ;  

wire instructions: ABA routing number; account name (e.g. title company name); account number; client (name); escrow officer (name); funds to be sent to (e.g. bank name and its address); OBI (e.g. escrow number); reference address (property address); swift code;

ahead; before; future; precedence; previous; Radical498;

fuzzy idea, IFF dictionary (knowing whether noun or verb) word (e.g. plot) ... ;

1st to understand diff between lexicon and dictionary WHERE lexicon is similar to knowing (e.g. YES) or not knowing (e.g. NO), and IFF 5W1H, dictionary is similar to 4W without 1H; 2nd to understand word's characteristic e.g. adjective, noun, verb, adverb, conjunction; 3rd to enhance knowledge (i.e. nama for humanoids) with behavior, expression, tone, WHICH is similar to 1W with 1H; fuzzy idea is now similar to emotion, feeling, realistic, ... ; Also see: artificial intelligence, using ... ;