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communication e.g. DC-HSDPA; EDGE; GSM; LTE; HSPA+; UMTS; Also see: wireless;

(core, a.k.a. nuclei; edge, a.k.a. membrane), also see: Physics Law 234;

EDGE _ Board; Also see: Schematic Symbols;

edge flag; edge type;

e d u              
      edu ;        
IFF , also see : com ;  

SI based ( A, ampere) electric current in quantity; Also see: UNIT;

SI based ( C, Coulomb) electricity in quantity;

block elements, also see: AI FONT;

(disable, enable) also see: device;

International Mobile Equipment Identity ( IMEI) ... ; Also see: ID;

Eritrea, , , , 291;

CRM; DW; ERP; HCM; also see: DBA;

Estonia, , , , 372;

Ethernet type, i.e. system (open flow) ... ; Also see: HYBRID ... ;

DEE _ Mouth vs. Two Events Of 90 Degree, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 260 ... ;

connectivity constraints; detecting clusters; event detection; multiple trees; network inference; pattern detection; shaped hotspots; time clusters;

e x a ;            
      data ;        
    also see : oracle ;    

excessive; e.g.

No Excessive Lighting; Also see: Manmade Global Weather; Weather;

Pancreas (endocrine function, exocrine function) ... , doko WHERE endocrine function regulates blood sugar, AND exocrine function helps digestion; Pancreas, located inside of abdomen, surrounded by (duodenum, gallbladder, liver, portal vein, spleen, superior mesenteric artery, superior mesenteric vein, ... ) ... ; Pancreas, located nearby celiac axis; also see: Gene Therapy System; pGTSU (pancreas should be yellowish) ... ;

expounding the doctrine, a.k.a. a part of kusala, also see: kPali;