; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : May : 18 (Wednesday) : Updated : d : D ;

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z  



() Daewoo; Also see: Han n spree; Hitachi; L G/Gold star; Magnavox; Mitsubishi/M G A; NEC; Panasonic; Philips; Pioneer; RCA; Samsung; Sanyo; Sharp; Sony; Toshiba; OEM TV Code number;


artificial intelligence, using multi time lines headers (e.g. BD, CD, DVD, H D M I, IDE, micro SD, P C I, USB, ... ) for each (i.e. big data, also known as big file, huge file, e.g. in 2012/2556, file size > 10G, 500G, 1T, 500T, ... ); e.g. (WHEN) FILE, I F F its lines of defined screen is full; e.g. 54mm time line with 20 prompts 1080, and  <mall o c .h>  header's FILE length > its defined dim (i.e. dimension doko WHERE dim is any type); using half second ... ;

Regarding big data in the Internet, 1st, to understand HOW value can be added ... e.g. ( < add value = "Default .asp" / > < add value = "index .shtml" / > < add value = "index .html" / > < add value = "Default .htm" / >);

      date ;    

  date , also see: command; using multi time lines universally on 1 surface IFF DEE gravity spots exist ... ; using AI to raise ... ;

    day ;          

Remark: for warning tsunami, using GPS embedded floating poly plastic devices, Kana character is used intentionally; Because, sun character as day might not be suitable if bad weather condition exists;

oracle (DB R M, Database Resource Manager) D B A; management;

D C O M , Distribute d Component Object Model
D COM      
          D COM ;    

decibel     decibel

using artificial intelligence ( decibel) i.e. between plus 340 and minus 340;

default .aspx (i.e. ASPX File); index .htm (i.e. H T M File); INDEX .HTML (i.e. HTML Document); 3 files, same contents are at the root (e.g. C:\ ); because in the Internet, domain addresses are without capital letters, by using capital letters (e.g. INDEX .HTML) WHICH means with filtering the Internet, same contents for local indexing; because in the Internet, domain addresses are with small letters only (e.g. index .htm) WHICH means without filtering the Internet, same contents for remote indexing; because, Active Server Pages (e.g. ASP X) are association with default only (e.g. 0) WHICH means same contents to be active ... ; 3 files (i.e. default .asp x, index .htm, INDEX .HTML) in domain model;

457192 (depart); 457192395 (departure); Radical146;

Desktop, also see: Apple;

destination ;          
synchronization destination ;  
destination ;      
            address ;  
destination ;        

destination to save 26; save location (669 a file) ... ;

D C O M, Distributed Component Object Model; Also see: document;

DEE, Dark Energy Engineering, the 1 and only way to gravity; e.g. elevate object by directional gravity; light must be thoroughly understood 1st; WHEN light exists DEE also co-exist, 2nd to understand; 3rd, do it yourself lifting e.g. 1g, 2g, 3g, ... ;

defined, known, with ID, ... Also see: verify ... ;

 cryptography  e.g. A E S, DES, Hashing, R S A, ... ; security;


: : { - - -
- } . . . : { -
- - - } device manager

device; Also see: (multi media devices player) ... ;

D G P C P, Directional Gravity Pressure Connector Port, also see: PHYSICS, law one hundred and three, ... ;

dictionary (category ID, description, tags, title) privacy;

this DOMAIN digital certificate authority e.g.

authentication ( e . g
. www . usa myanmar . net . cer .
p7b ) PKCS 7 Certificate s      
certificate ;      
        authority ;      

analog <Infrared Scanner> digital; Infrared Scanner behaves like a converter;   WHERE dots can be coded to be sound tracks; WHERE lines can be coded to be bar-code; Also see: embedded; Also see: Computers Systems Security (*crypt*);

IFF ♯♯♯♯♯-♯♯♯♯♯-♯♯♯♯♯-♯♯♯♯♯-♯♯♯♯♯ (i.e. digital copy code) ... ;

digital out (coaxial) ... ;

Analog Resonance; Digital Resonance;

(i.e. Signal Pattern) increases with time ... ; digital resonance;

digital, I F F analog device, pattern analysis ( echo) 5W1H (e.g. abnormal, normal) WORMHOLE (for preventing, for protecting, for reducing) e.g. earthquake, tsunami, bad weather ... ; for each time zone ... ; using satellites with multi time lines (i.e. 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm, 33mm, 36mm, 42mm, 48mm, 54mm, 66mm, 99mm) ... ; 17 is a factor to be in 2,3 dimensional and 3,4 dimensional; in 108 configuration, also known as 10, 7, 10;


diode ;      
            blue Diode ;
            green Diode ;
            red Diode ;
            silver Diode ;
            yellow Diode ;

directional shakya (e.g. , , , ) for ACT1, ACT2, and ACT3, UPS (i.e. Universal Positioning System) location ... ;

            directory ;  


    disc ;          

disc, e.g. BD, CD, DVD, ... ;

display model;

distribute d model
client - server architecture
              ; distribution

Djibouti, , , , 253;

DLL;     DLL;     computer ( DLL) Dynamic Link Library ... ;

D M L, Data Manipulation Language, e.g. delete, insert, select, update, ... ;

DNA; e.g.

1 Arc minute U D N G S (color codes) marker; Also see: u G T S U;
1 Arc minute N G S (color codes) marker; Also see: n G T S U;
1 Arc minute C micro RNA marker; Also see: c G T S U;
1 Arc minute RNA marker; Also see: r G T S U;
1 Arc minute DNA marker; Also see: d G T S U;

DNA     DNA     DNA, also see: bar code; P vector direction; U P C vs. R F ID;

Also see: DNA;

I F F bio, also see: MD e.g. living organism's constituent of chromosomes (self replicating), carrier of genetic info, a.k.a. De oxy r i b o Nucleic Acid (deoxyribonucleic acid);

I F F computer, e.g. c:\ net _ save . dna;

I F F Gene Therapy System, mm scaled GPS (location awareness) please, regarding DNA ... ;
I F F Automotive, cm scaled GPS (location awareness) please, regarding DNA ... ;

DNS     DNS     DNS, e.g. (d n s 56792/t c p DNS (Domain Name System),
d n s 56792/u d p DNS (Domain Name System)), also see: Keyword To Port Number;

      Satellite ;          
      DNS ;        
D N S , domain name server ;    
D N S , Domain Name System ;    
      system ;          

Also see: D H C P; FTP;


AI automatic fix e.g. Unable to resolve the server's DNS address; i.e. Error Code (105);

artificial intelligence path (d n s a p i .dll, kernel32.dll, Kernel Base .dll, n t d l l .dll) ɟ ( component functions) no COOKIE;

(d ns a pi .d l l, kernel32.dll, Kernel Base .d l l, n t d l l .d l l) Microsoft's dynamic link library files and basically the files' locations are at (e.g. ..\\windows\) doko WHERE dynamic links are ... ; WHY DLL are needed? because WHILE multi functions, multi layers, multi lines, ... are running, they are linking each other like web ... ; Similar to nowadays' ACTION, e.g. between line start and line end; If you can slow down the time with control (e.g. <20 c/s), you have your own system for sure; and then, step-by-step, stage-by-stage, layer-by-layer, ... ;

        do ;      
            to do ;

do ;


        document ; model ;
D O M , Document Object Model ;    
D C O M , Distribute d Component Object Model

document ready;

domain     domain model, also see: Domain, International Domains; domain;

Domain Name e.g. ace jaw .net is 1 domain name; Domain Name e.g. AMERICA MYANMAR .net is 1 domain name; Domain Name e.g. Idea Processor .NET is 1 domain name;

( , , , ) : Also see: this DOMAIN ... ;

Dominica, , , , 1;

Dominican Republic, , , , 1;


double-tap ;

(downlink) also see: link; I F F k an Weight, AI (G D C)  to do something completely;


drag L; drag R; pinch; spin C C W; spin C W; tap 1; tap 2; tap 3; zoom; Also see: M T I;

to compose , to draw , to paint ,
to pen , to write ;        
draw e.g. to draw , to paint
  , to sketch ;   path of an action
  to form a certain shape ;      
draw e.g. appearance , look
, signboard ;              
draw i.e. tie game ;    

aqua color background, for Normal Gravity; Bio Clock, for DEE vs. Time; Neuron Of Synapse, Nama for Humanoid; 101, 102, 106, 109, for standard I/O; I F F artistic skill competition among humanoids, also see: Japanese Robotics Usages; 1st to understand AI (a.k.a. Artificial Intelligence); 2nd to understand knowledge (e.g. aesthetics, also see: philosophy); 3rd to develop same same like you and me (e.g. do good karma, good results will);

A g g a M a h ā, a high ranking religious title to monk, also see: a Pali; a g g a is somehow related to aesthetics, maha is somehow related to royal; therefore, keyword (draw) is somehow related to very high level knowledge e.g. aesthetics, including artistic;

drive (e.g. a:, b:, c:, d:, e:, f:, g:, h:, i:, j:, k:, l:, m:, n:, o:, p:, q:, r:, s:, t:, u:, v:, w:, x:, y:, z:)     drive

Inside computers WHERE user can EXECUTE ... , or READ data, or WRITE data; Also see: format; store; in common, (measured) by MB, GB, TB, ... ; 26 can be "to" in numerological dimension; I F F count all letters in English language (i.e. 26) ... ; artificial intelligence ( drive), using upper 1, and then, using lower 1; 5W1H; motor control is old method; multi time lines with light _rate is this DOMAIN 's method (WHERE system can be e.g. +, -, *, /, ... ); USB; ;

        drone s      
        drone s ;    
Drone is remote radio control l e d craft ,
basic all y un man n e d ;  
          Synchronization drone 's view ;

artificial intelligence ( for each zone) IFF drone is undefined, analyze the drone's radio; RADAR; IFF cyber ( drone, drone) without security, e.g. drone with the Internet, and then (pinpoint and locate) the drone on a surface ... ;

( time zone) towards each domain, wireless analysis ( 5W1H) of the drone ... ; and then (pinpoint and locate) the drone on 1 surface ... ; Also see: Japanese Robotics Usages;

drone     drone; Drone is remote radio controlled craft, basically unmanned;

For basic understanding of WHAT is remote sense, also see: Schematic Dimensional; Monbusho level knowledge enhancement e.g. idea # 137; Shield to Drones;

I F F drone, 1st analysis of doko WHERE the source's remote radio control, and then verify the drone (e.g. with permit, without permit), and then be ready to launch i.e. to capture the drone without license, to capture the drone without permit; to do so, governments must have automotive (e.g. police car, police truck) drone to capture illegal drones;

launch police drone , IFF illegal drone exists; police drone to capture the illegal drone (e.g. drone without license, drone without permit, defined drone flies higher than 150 meter height above ground); Also see: police;

additional vocals, background vocals, banjo, bass, congas, drums, electric rhythm guitar, guitar, harmonica, harmonium, keyboards, lead guitar, organ, percussion, piano, piano & organ, rhythm guitar, saxophone, slide guitar, spinet, talking drum, trumpet, twelve string guitar, violin, violin & mandolin, vocal, vocals, ... ;

D T D, Document Type Definition;

during photo synthesis ... ;

( D V T, Deep Vein Thrombosis), also see: d G T S U; Disease Disorder Acronym;

artificial intelligence (d word)♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯ ... ; Also see: D word;

( D x, Diagnosis); (Rx, Prescription); (T x, Treatment); for each patient; also see: MD;

( D x, Pt, Rx, T x) : ( Data, Data, Data) . Using ... : Keywords : (Advice Call Center, lab Testing, secure message volume), (Appointment, geographic hotspots, geographic tiles), dashboards and reports, ((downstream indicator, upstream indicator) Hot spotting), hospitalization, index for each medical center, index for each medical centre, (interactive, intuitive, tableau) reports, (medical device, medical equipment, (P P E, Personal Protective Equipment), ventilator), (N F C (I o T) hotspot, hot spotted, hot spotting), (operational items of current data (Dashboard)), (Pt with confirmed COVID-19 (focusing on COVID-19)), (P U I, Person Under Investigation), (tile, tiled, tiling), Visit (emergency visits, patient office visits, Pt clinic visits, visited), ... ( Data, Data, Data) e.g. ((D x . Data), (Pt . Data), (Rx . Data), (T x . Data)) ... ; Also see: Gene Therapy System;