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background; e.g.

background;     background;     background;








































, zoom - out ) ;        

go backwards, also see: revert;

Bahamas, , , , 1;

Bahrain, , , , 973;

Network Topology (global machine, local machine, universal machine) using Artificial Intelligence ( AI) ... ;

computer system Security ;            
bank ;        
bank account ; credit ; debit ; deposit ;  


Bank , Japan Post Bank ;    
payment   made via bank   account ; saving s
  box ; Wire     transfer ;    
R D B M S , Relational Database Management System

; wire instructions: ABA routing number; account name (e.g. title company name); account number; client (name); escrow officer (name); funds to be sent to (e.g. bank name and its address); OBI (e.g. escrow number); reference address (property address); swift code; {FF, CC, 99} ;

Time Zone; OEM; Logo; OS I Transport Protocol; (RDBMS); Container; Database; using this DOMAIN 's computer system Security ... ;

Barbados, , , , 1;

SONY time zone (GMT-4:00) Atlantic Time (Barbados)  ... ; IFF Even Time Horizontal DEE, iroColourWaveForm ( Internet) e.g. Green Blue Internet, Green Gray Internet, Gray Blue Internet, Gray Green Internet, ... universally; (Time Zone) ... ;

Barbuda, , , , 1;

batteries; battery; Battery; e.g.

 ... ( Battery, Battery) ... ; Remark: for Solar Sail (Method, Procedure, Technique), using reversed yellowish variation yellowish variation, for each imaginary hyper space craft, perceiving naturally energy (to be energetic, to keep functioning, to prosper), a.k.a. Solar Sail; Also see: Battery; Physics Law 179, naturally rechargeable battery;

rechargeable (chemical name: e.g. Ni-MH) battery;

AI ( be necessary) also see: sequence; main point; necessity; need;

Bermuda, , , , 1;

best case vs. worst case: e.g. best case of finding and owning new planets with Life Span increases vs. worst case of nuclear explosions, worst earth quakes, worst weather conditions (WORMHOLE has been written to prevent and protect bad) but without guaranty because HOW to do reverse engineering pin pointing technique of 4PP like palm on 1 display with z-index in space is out of a Myanmar's knowledge (2,3 dimensional knowledge must be induction alike similar to planets' orbits, sizes and spin speeds, and with directional gravity with specific space length WHICH is complex ion alike); Therefore, good deities are recommended for blessing, and you don't want bad deities; To have good deities' blessing, you need Buddha statue AND go Karma (ACTION) ... ;

BIOS ,      
BIOS ,      
B I O S , Binary Input Output System ;

Also see: Anti Virus; Nama For Humanoid, do computer security, and then monitor hacker (e.g. (BIOS + logo) number is not the same as before, e.g. starting phone number AND ending PHONE number is not the same as before, e.g. Time Zone and IP Address (e.g. IPv6) is not the same as before), and then verify hacker's machines (including Mobile System Number) and hacker's ACTION (including Active X ( log), Active Y ( log)) report to cyber police station; Wrong IP hacking method must be caught by global cyber polices, using humanoids nama connection via animal o id s and insect o id s, to define connection and contact info e.g. to define the nearest hot spot, to define the nearest Wi-Fi, to define the nearest Bluetooth;

find both authorized user and unauthorized user who is hacking globally, WHEN the hacker is hacking; 1st, do warning the hacker by creating hotspot on the hacker's MOUSE; 2nd, mark the hacker's machines (e.g. computer, phone, tablet, ... ); 3rd, report the hacker's current location to global police station;


( 256 bit ) ;  
( 128 bit ) ;  
  ( 64 bit ) ;  
  ( 32 bit ) ;  
  ( 16 bit ) ;  
    ( 8 bit ) ;  
    ( 4 bit ) ;  
com bi nation e.g. Combo 1 ; length ; secure

Also see: multiplier;

strengthen (bladder's) muscles, responsible for keeping bladder tightly sealed; bladder's muscles cause bladder to be empty and allowing bacteria to be flushed out through urinary tract, also see: Gene Therapy System;

fix bio fluid (e.g. urine) leakage, by strengthen (bladder's) muscles ... ;

support kidney functions ... ;

Remark: if senior adults are required to change diapers quite often, IFF age > 44 years old and tiny muscles around the bladder becomes weak;

? What time is it now? Bluetooth, also see: Wireless;   Bluetooth; Wireless (Bluetooth; Wi-Fi) Also see: pair; Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group), Inc., also see: www.bluetooth.org; 2013/2557 this DOMAIN 's ( ::::♯:number) address (e.g. 00:00:a0:37:4c:ca) phone ... ; Category: Phone; Modem;

Name Active X (Control) ... ;

BMD, also see: bGTSU;

branch out, grow up, e.g. 32 numbers of floating point, 64 numbers of floating point, 128 numbers of floating point, 256 numbers of floating point, ... ; Also see: 17;

Brazil, , , , 55;

(Sanyo World Clock) BRA: Rio-Janeiro ... ; (world time);

SONY time zone (GMT-3:00) Brasilia  ... ; IFF Even Time Horizontal DEE, iroColourWaveForm ( Internet) e.g. Green Blue Internet, Green Gray Internet, Gray Blue Internet, Gray Green Internet, ... universally; (Time Zone) ... ;

SONY time zone (GMT-4:00) Manaus  ... ; IFF Even Time Horizontal DEE, iroColourWaveForm ( Internet) e.g. Green Blue Internet, Green Gray Internet, Gray Blue Internet, Gray Green Internet, ... universally; (Time Zone) ... ;

AI (29512, break) i.e. to slow down; IFF release break, i.e. to idle; IFF keep breaking, i.e. to stop;

British Virgin Islands, , , , 1;

          browser ;    
book mark in web ; crasher
, crusher ; helper object ; war ; cookie ,
browser related file , sent from 1 WWW server ;
object ; reload button , on 1 browser
; ( web ) Browser ; Web browser , web
- browsing software ;            
    browser ;          

Data, Contents, ... can be controlled, managed, networked, ... within a defined frame, so called browser (e.g. noCOOKIE IE); mouse (cursor) with (hyper graphics or hyper texts) so called links ... ; And then, streaming (audio, video, ... ) as data so called multimedia ... ; IFF share (Wi-Fi) in the Internet, browser can be very useful tool to interactive ... ; The engineers WHO design frames are classified therefore NOT available to public;

Burkina Faso, , , , 226;

Burma a.k.a. Myanmar;

Union of Myanmar (country code: 95) ... ; Burma a.k.a. Myanmar;

IFF invisible animaloid (bird), monitor and report WHO trashes illegally (e.g. throwing items on street, throwing items onto backyard), and then report WHO trashes illegally to humanoids, and then mark the illegal trash person in educational program database to be corrected HOW to be hygiene;

businessman; Special Radical 253, also see: Radicals;


        bypass ;      


structural Battery; Also see: structural Battery;