Non-western Transcription Words     Last updated on 2017/2561 6 9, a full moon day;

the following common words are not in Western language dictionaries; it is recommended to use transcript words in development; transcript words are originally derived from pronunciation of non-Western spoken languages, for example: nama for humanoid, written in Pali transcription style, since 2003; also see: Nippon Usage;  Maroon colored font, letter, word, ... are non-western transcription in this DOMAIN ... ;



Bagua, a chart, a eight fold, a trigram, yin and yang is a core of the chart;  

Bahasa;   Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesian language;   Bahasa Melayu, Malaysian language;  

Buddha Puza, a religious service;

Chi, also see: Ki;  

Hiragana, nippon language, nihon language, Japanese language;



Kanji, Chinese language;  

Katakana, nippon language, nihon language, Japanese language;   Ki aka Ke, internal strength, spirit, soul, also see: Chinese usage Chi;  


Monbusho, a historical Japanese empire's name;  

Monkhood, initiation to Temporary Monkhood [approx. 3 days, 5 days, several weeks]; Meritorious deeds such as Dana & Dhamma services, Meditation, Temporary Monk Initiation; Dana and dhamma services, Temporary monk initiation are commonly held at temple;

Offering meal to Sangha, appointment is needed;

Puza, also see: Buddha Puza;

(ree, rei) zero; also see: Numerological0;

Shen Zhou, also see: Satellite;

Sushi, seasoned cooked rice; Sushi;

Suttas chanting, commonly dedicated by monks; Benefactor to people;  

Swastika, a religious character, symbol;

Tieng Viet; Vietnam;

Wa, year in monkhood; wa year < life expectancy year, for example: 3 wa years means 3 years as a monk; Consecutive 3 full moon days [starting day is a full moon day of Waso, approx. 3 months] must be included;   Waso Pwe, once in 52 week approximately [approx. 1 in 52]; In common, Robe Offering Ceremony to the Venerable Monks; Full moon day of Waso starts 3 months retreat time period every year; Myanmar's religious tradition; Waso, one of the Myanmar lunar calendar's months [approx. 1 in 12];