dimensional, e.g.

(ree, rei) zero;

0, zero;
0, zero;


directional, e.g.

0_ Default Light And Its Weight;

FALSE, as opposed to TRUE;
no reference a.k.a. no Ref;
no value a.k.a. no Val;
non * ;

logical, e.g.

basic Logic 2 (i.e. "not" logical gate) meaning right cannot go through to left;

basic Logic 5 (i.e. absolutely "NOT" logical gate) meaning incoming from right are grounded, therefore, absolutely right cannot go through to left;

be not; do not; don't; may not; must not; not; Radical120;

can not; cannot; can't;

could not; couldn't;


do not, a.k.a. don't;

does not, a.k.a. doesn't;

doesn't support; e.g. object doesn't support ... ;


IFF ENG English (United States) US US keyboard, character (O, o) is similar to zero;
IFF ENG English (United States) INTL United States - International keyboard, character (O, o) is similar to zero;

invalid; e.g. invalid value ... ;

never, as opposed to always;

nil (NIL), nothing;

no value itself e.g. 0, 00, 000, 0000, 00000, 000000, 0000000, 00000000, 000000000, ... ; however, zero behaves like suffix, and then notice that counters define WHAT category, kind, type, ... ;

should not, a.k.a. shouldn't;

will not, a.k.a. won't;

would not, a.k.a. wouldn't;

("") i.e. neither Ref nor Val; (no Ref, no Val); no Ref. ; no Val. ;

Remark: in Asia, languages use counters (idea is similar to zero behaves like suffix), and regarding usage, counter represents WHAT category, kind, type, ... ;

no yellowish variation (normal yellow, refer to our earth) because on many human beings livable moons, yellowish variations exist ... ;

not TRUE is FALSE;
not TRUE may be FALSE; (i.e. regarding Fuzzy Set);

NULL; null; e.g. without dial tone (of line phone, RJ11 design);

numerological, e.g.

ain't; nil; naught; none; not; nothing; nothingness; nought; zero; also see: Radical244;

empty; emptiness; Also see: ../../../../IT/25640/blank.html;

none of (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) i.e. zero;
none of ([1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9]) i.e. zero;

not define; not defined;
nothing, as opposed to something;
undefined e.g. ("");

structural, e.g.

0, a.k.a. zero (e.g. (any number * 0) is zero);
reset (e.g. memory flash out, resetting values to nil); BIOS button;
delete (DEL) e.g. Backspace, ASCII numerical value of the key is (8); Keyboard;
clear screen (cls) e.g. command line parameter (c:\); DOS prompt;
All Clear (AC); calculator key;

as of 2015/2559, 5.0GHz, also see: Wireless; e.g. (2.4, 5.0) ... ; regarding normal gravity: at the root of this DOMAIN, 0323~1 File is 0KB;

be not; do not; must not; Radical125;

DEE Density Default; Also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 345, DEE, ... ;

IFF negative expression being against previously stated, e.g. but; however; nevertheless; yet; Radical161;

function (), notice that nothing inside the parenthesis WHICH means function behaves like procedure;
IFF drive, C:\ ;

Heart Failure;

non* ; un* ; Radical207;

non*, also see: Prefix And Suffix;

normal gravity is defined by aqua color within this DOMAIN; because, normal gravity is uncountable (e.g. DEE, e.g. Water) however normal gravity can be measured only by iroColourWaveForm (yellowish variation) ... ;

void; avoid;

non* ; un* ; Radical207;

Non Western transcription words;

not exist; nothing; Radical93;

parameter can be null, void, ... ;

regarding Command (format), "you cannot format this volume" e.g. "C" drive (C:\) as default;

... understanding of 0 would be essential default, not in numerological number (i.e. 1 ~ 9) ... , also see: Oh My Lord (e.g. Calculator Key);

unexpected return value IFF function;

, e.g. (IFF z = 10 (numerological) e.g. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)) with none-value zero, also see: Plus One, i.e. algorithm for defining Good Gene;

zero kilobyte file, e.g. Name: 0323~1; Size: 0KB; Type: File; (at the root) logical Default;

AI OS character number 124 (O);

ASCII, American Standard Code for Information Interchange number (48) is zero;

IFF fuzzy set (FALSE) i.e. higher % of FALSE; within this DOMAIN, Font Color (Fuchsia) is used to handle errors; IFF errors exist, using Artificial Intelligent ( AI) to fix errors;

windows' invalid value for registry, i.e. error;
object doesn't support method, i.e. error;
object doesn't support property, i.e. error; Also see: Error;