; ; ; ; Updated in 2565 : on 2021 : 12 : 29 : Space Gene ;

((( A (a.k.a. )), ( C (a.k.a. )), ( G (a.k.a. )), ( T (a.k.a. )), ( U (a.k.a. ))), doko WHERE (( DNA ((A, T), (C, G))), AND ( RNA ((A, U), (C, G)))), And Then, index (i.e. to be "normal"));

Before categorizing Gene and Space Gene, time must understood; Since, time . outer space AND | OR inner space, clock must be re-designed for space traveling [Also see: 8D for 8 synchronized clock design].

IFF Bio Clock, 17, 23, 17, 23, ... horizontally, 7, 10, 7, 10, 7, 10, ... vertically;

kotai Antibody ((blood protein counteracts to specific antigen), (blood protein responses to specific antigen)) ... ; Also see: Physics Law 145;

Lunar crack [Water and Moon must be understood] vs. the 1st crack [the Sun in our universe];

Mutation varies along with 5W1H methods "what kind of mutation" must be called 1st, yin-yang has been provided for further scientific biometrics. However, P vector has never been defined by time because natural time has not been defined yet.

since 2018/2562, this DOMAIN has started Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol, for curing (abnormalities, diseases, disorders, ... , (e.g. (to remove positive (abnormalities, diseases, disorders) tumor marker))) ... ;

WHAT are the diff between 2,3 dimensional gene patterns and 3,4 dimensional gene patterns;

1st to understand 4PP e.g. our earth's spin speed is approx. 1 day, if compare to eclipse's spin speed is approx. 6 months;

2nd to understand HOW each structure form of Carbon Nano Wall naturally because of 4PP in 2,3 dimensional;

3rd to compare and develop WHAT are the diff between ... ; 76647555 (Good Gene);

Also see: Gene Time .Space .Action;