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your direction is:

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CphT, Certified Pharmacy Technician; PTCB, Pharmacy Technician Certification Board; PTCE, Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination;


oriental though Time . Space . Action

Remark: Latin term, in italic;


ac, before food; before meal; ante cibum;

am, morning; ante meridien;

bid, twice daily; twice a day; bis in die;

h, hour; at the hour; hora;

hs, at bedtime; hora somni;

pc, after food; after meal; post cibum;

pm, afternoon; evening;

prn, as needed; pro re nata;

q, each; every; quaque;

q[ N, N, N, ...]h, every [Number] hour;

qAM, each morning;

qd, each day; everyday; quaque die;

qh, each hour; every hour;

qid, 4 times a day; quater in die;

qod, every other day;

stat, immediately; statim;

tid, 3 times a day; ter in die;




Space; Acronym; Form; Measurement; Route;


10,000+ medical abbreviations exist; the following contents are common;

AIDS, Acquire Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome;

AMI, Acute Myocardial Infarction;

ANS, Autonomic Nervous System, if compare to CNS, ANS is peripheral;

BP, Blood Pressure;

BS, Blood Sugar;

CA, Cancer;

CBC, Complete Blood Count;

CF, Cardiac Failure;

CNS, Central Nervous System, if compare to ANS, CNS is central;

CV, Cardiovascular; Relate to heart;

DOB, Date of Birth;

Dx, Diagnosis;

EC, Enteric Coated;

ECG aka EKG, Electro-Cardiogram;

ENT, Ear, Nose, Throat;

ER, Emergency Room;

[ Urgent Care is similar to ER, patients without appointment; Urgent Care is dissimilar to ER, less medical equipments if compare to ER, and also more likely to be clinical only; Urgent Care is a modern medical unit, designed to reduce ER workload; also see: 100+ millions people, by The Permanente ];

FUO, Fever of Unknown Origin;

GI, Gastro-intestinal;

HA, Head-ache;

HBP, High Blood Pressure;

HDL, High Density Lipoprotein;     also see: LDL;

HIV, Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus;

HR, Heart Rate;

ICU, Intensive Care Unit;   [ IFF patient's medical condition worsen; in-patient might be sent to ICU; out-patient via ER might also be sent to ICU; ]

ID, Infectious Disease;

IFF, If and only if; aka specific statement;

IOP, Intra-Ocular Pressure;

IV, Intravenous;

KCl, Potassium Chloride [potassium + chlorine];

killer T cell, aka cytotoxic T lymphocyte, aka immunological toxic effect pharmaceutically on cells;

LDL, Low Density Lipoprotein;     also see: HDL;

MI, Myocardial Infarction;

MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging;

NaCl, Sodium chloride [ionization of sodium + chlorine]; 0.9% NaCl is isotonic solution;

NS, Normal Saline;

NVD, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea;

OR, Operating Room;

pH, physiological pH is about 7.4;

Pt, aka pt, patient;     also see: pt, pint;

RBC, Red Blood Cell; Red Blood Count;    also see: WBC;

Rx, prescription; take; dispense;

STD, Sexually Transmitted Disease;

TB, Tuberculosis;

TPN, Total Parenteral Nutrition;

Tx, Treatment;

UTI, Urinary Tract Infection;

WBC, White Blood Cell; White Blood Count;     also see: RBC;



Form; your direction is:

aerosol; route.parenteral.dermal;

aerosol; route.parenteral.inhalation;

aerosol; route.parenteral.intranasal;

aerosol foam; route.parenteral. viginal;

bulk powder; route.enteral.oral;

cap, capsules; route.enteral.oral;

cream; route.parenteral.dermal;

cream; route.parenteral. viginal;

collodion; route.parenteral.dermal;

elixiri; route.enteral.oral; aromatic solution of (alcohol + sweeten + water);

emulsion; route.enteral.oral; might not need to shake;

emulsion; route.parenteral.intradermal/intramuscular/intravenous;

emulsion; route.parenteral.SC;

gel; route.parenteral.dermal;

implant; route.parenteral.SC;

inhaler; route.parenteral.intranasal;

insert; route.parenteral.intraocular;

IUD; route.parenteral. viginal;

liniment; route.parenteral.dermal;

lotion; route.parenteral.dermal;

lozenge; route.enteral.sublingual; small tablet, ingredient mixed with sugar or syrup;

ointment; route.enteral.rectal;

ointment; route.parenteral.dermal;

ointment; route.parenteral.intraocular;

ointment; route.parenteral. viginal;

paste; route.parenteral.dermal;

plaster; route.parenteral.dermal;

powder; route.parenteral.dermal;

powder; route.parenteral.inhalation;

powder; route.parenteral.intranasal;

powder; route.parenteral. viginal;

solution; route.enteral.buccal; pertaining of cheek;

solution; route.enteral.oral;

solution; route.enteral.rectal;

solution; route.parenteral.dermal;

solution; route.parenteral.intradermal/intramuscular/intravenous;

solution; route.parenteral.inhalation;

solution; route.parenteral.intranasal;

solution; route.parenteral.intraocular;

solution; route.parenteral.SC;

solution; route.parenteral. viginal;

spray; route.parenteral.intranasal;

suppository; route.enteral.rectal;

suppository; route.parenteral. viginal;

suspension; route.enteral.oral; might need to shake;

suspension; route.parenteral.dermal;

suspension; route.parenteral.intradermal/intramuscular/intravenous;

suspension; route.parenteral.intranasal;

suspension; route.parenteral.intraocular;

suspension; route.parenteral.SC;

syrup; route.enteral.oral;

tab, tablet; route.enteral.buccal; pertaining of cheek;

tab, tablet; tabella; route.enteral.oral;

tab, tablet; route.enteral.sublingual; be under the tongue;

tab, tablet; route.parenteral. viginal;

tincture; route.parenteral.dermal;

transdermal patch; route.parenteral.dermal;





Measurement; your direction is:

c, with;

fl.oz., fluid ounce;

gal, USA gallon; ????ml;

lb, pound; ???gm;

pt, pint;     also see: Pt, patient;

s, without;

tbsp, aka Tbl, tablespoonful;

tsp, teaspoonful; ?ml;

U, unit;

wt, weight;


Route; your direction is:

Only 2 routes exist, they are either enteral OR parenteral;

ad, right ear; auris dexter; parenteral;

as, aka al, left ear; auris sinister; parenteral;

au, each ear; auris utro; parenteral;

buccal; enteral;

dermal; through the skin; on the skin; parenteral;

im aka IM, into muscle; intramuscular; parenteral;

inhalation; lung; parenteral;

intraocular; parenteral;

intramuscular; parenteral;

intranasal; parenteral;

intradermal; dermal layers of skin; layer must be specific;

intravenous; via venous circulatory system;

iv aka IV, into vein; intravenous; parenteral;

ivp aka IVP, intravenous push; parenteral;

IVPB, intravenous piggyback; parenteral;

od, right eye; oculus dexter; parenteral;

oral; stomach; intestine; enteral;

os, left eye; oculus sinister; parenteral;

ou, each eye; oculus utro; parenteral;

per neb, by nebulizer;

po, by mouth; per os; enteral;

pr, per rectum; rectally into rectum; enteral;

prn, as needed;

pv, per virginal; vaginally into vagina; parenteral;

rectal; also see: pr;

route.enteral; aka either buccal/oral/rectal/sublingual;

route.parenteral; aka neither of buccal/oral/rectal/sublingual;

sc aka SC aka subc aka subq, subcutaneously; NOT to reach neither muscle nor bone; parenteral;

sl aka SL, be under the tongue, subligually; enteral;

sublingual; enteral;

subcutaneous; also see: SC;

top, topically; locally onto skin;

vaginal; also see: pv;






ad lib, freely;

ad, to; up to;

bib, drink;

gt, drop;

gtt, drop;

non rep, do not repeat;

nr, do not repeat;

NR, no refill;

stat, immediately; statim;


phT calculation no. 20:

sig: ii gtt AU b.i.d. is written in Rx. What to do?
(a) signature a copy (b) sign the Rx (c) write a label (d) copy a page

1st, "sig" is derived from Latin language "signa", which means "to write"; ii is 2; gtt is drop; AU is each ear; bid is twice a day;

2nd, CphT writes "2 drops into each ear 2 times a day";

3rd, Immediately apply the label, after written.


phT calculation no. 59:

Medical abbreviations Pt, Rx, Tx mean:
(a) pint, restriction, transmit
(b) patient, prescription, transfer
(c) pint, dispense, transfer
(d) patient, prescription, treatment

Answer: patient, prescription, treatment;


CphT calculation no. 81:

OBG is one of the specialties, for:

(a) ocular bio-genetic
(b) ophthalmology
(c) female obstetrics and gynecology
(d) orthopedic bio-genetic

Answer: female obstetrics and gynecology;