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  Time Space Action  
principle JIT On Time Period Environment Drug Pt Route Documentation Dose Technique  
      Carbohydrate: Calories; Electrolyte; Glycogen;  
  1 time only Device: assume to be used 1 time only e.g. Needle; Syringe; also see: equipment;    
database On Time Documentation: Abbreviation; Form; Name; Report; Word;  


Dose: Rate; Verb;  
  constraint Drug: Anesthetic; Destructive; Diagnostic; Preventative; Replacement; Therapeutic;    
    Drug Allergy, Hypersensitivity, Side Effect;    
    Drug Antibiotics: Amebicides; Antimalarial; Antiparasitic; Antitubercular; Bactericidal; Bacteriostatic; etc.;    
    Drug Antifungals & Antivirals: Fungal; RNA viruses; Virus;    
    Drug Antineoplastic: Alkylating; Antibiotics; Antimetabolites; Hormonal; Mitotic; Therapeutic modalities; Toxicity;    
    Drug Classification: Pt Factor; Pharmacokinetics; Pharmacodynamics;    
  constraint Drug Form: Liquid; Semisolid; Solid;    
  JIT; Period; Environment: Device; Equipment; Pharmacy; Policy; Workplace;    
  Multiple times Equipment: assume to be used multiple times e.g. bed; monitor; scanner; also see: device;    
      Fat: Calories; Lipid;  
      Form: Attribute; Index; Rx;  
    Gland: Adrenal; Pituitary; Thyroid;    
      Health Insurance: Health insurance types; Health insurance terminology;   
    Law & Regulation: Ethics; Types of law;    
    Lipids: Cholesterol; Fatty acids; Neutral fat; Phospholipids; Triglycerides;    
      Managing Financial: Accounting; Health Insurance; Pricing; Purchasing;  
      Managing Pharmacy: Cost analysis; Inventory control; Invoice; P/O; POS; Receiving; Record; Repackaging; Returning;  
database constraint constraint Name: Brand name aka Trade name; Generic Name;  
    Narcotic: Amphetamines; Cocaine; Ethanol aka Ethyl alcohol; Marijuana; Morphine; Narcotic analgesics; Opium; Very High Nicotine;    
      NonFormulary; Formulary;  
    Nutrition: Carbohydrate; Fat; Protein;    
  Period Patient: Nutrition; Pt Factor; System;    
      Pharmacodynamics: Action; Bioavailability; Interaction; Reaction;  
      Pharmacokinetics: Absorption; Biotransformation aka Metabolism; Distribution; Excretion;  
    Pharmacy Role: Ambulatory Care Pharmacy; Home Health Care Pharmacy; Hospital Pharmacy; Mail-Order Pharmacy; Nuclear Pharmacy; Retail Pharmacy;    
    Policy: Law&Regulation; Health Insurance;    
  JIT Route: Oral; Parenteral; Topical;    
      Protein: Amino acids;  
    Pt_Factor: Age; Diet; Disease; Gender; Hypersensitivity; Pregnancy; Psychology; Route & Time; Weight;    
database   System: Dx; Pt; Rx;    
      System CNS: Alzheimer's; Anesthesia; Antianxiety; Antidepressant; Antipyschotic; Epilepsy; Headaches; Hypnotic & Sedative; Insomnia; Narcotic; Parkinson's;  
      System Digestive: Antacids; Antidiarrheal; Antiemetics; Cathartics & Laxatives; Emetics; Histamine H2 Receptor Antagonists; Proton Pump Inhibitors;  
      System Endocrine: Female Reproductive; Gland; Male Reproductive; Pancreas;  
      Technique: Calculation; Concentration; Dx; Measurement; Op;  
database constraint constraint Word: Glossary; Prefix & Suffix; Root;  
    Workplace: Safety; Standards; Technique;