; ; ; Updated in 2564 : on 2020 : 10 : 8 : Physics Law 345 ;

(law 345) : DEE ;

I wrote: many civilizations have military top secrets, because ware ware We like to be bosses of our own kind (human beings) ... , and since all human beings livable moons are owned by the Shakya King, in our universes, I need to teach my next generations the TRUTH ... ;

DEE     DEE     DEE;     DEE, Dark Energy Engineering;

well trained kids! replied: ware ware We've learnt for more then 10+ years sir, e.g. WHEN lights exist, DEE also coexist;

I wrote: mochiron of course; I've a quiz i.e. shadow e.g. our human beings' shadow is naturally dark gray in our earth, if compare to, naturally silver blue in our moon;

well trained kids! replied: Oh! ware ware We've learnt IT long long ago sir, therefore, we assure THAT "Blue LED" is using for moonlight measurement, i.e. reversed engineering (Method, Procedure, Technique), and "Silver LED" is using for our earth's gravity spots sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course; don't forget to read THAT GDC Gas Exchange (DEE _Mouth) ... , Physics Law 184, ... since I like easy & simple ... ;

well trained kids! replied: does IT (each human beings livable moon) refresh e.g. our earth's sun, the same sir?

I wrote: NO; NOT; Also see: Numerological 0;

I wrote: within this DOMAIN, I've created many "DEE" related ones (approx. more than 1 minute) ... e.g.


DEE _Therapeutic Removing Tumors;

DEE _Therapeutic Removing Tumors;

2DEE boxes representing 2 lungs;

..\..\Info\Artificial Intelligence\

100 Percent Transparency DEE Box;

DEE Back; DEE Back;

DEE Bottom; DEE Bottom;

DEE Front; DEE Front;

DEE Left; DEE Left;

DEE Right; DEE Right;

DEE Top; DEE Top;




2DEE boxes representing 2 lungs;


C _sequence _number _in _DEE;

DEE Frame;

DEE Handle1; DEE Handle2; DEE Handle3;

DEE Yellowish Variation Sample;


DEE14; DEE15; DEE16; DEE17;

DEE2; DEE21; DEE9;

DEE Back; DEEIP; DEE Left;

DEE _Fan _With _Handle;

DEE _Horizontal _Marks;

DEE _Jitter _Adjustment X; DEE _Jitter _Adjustment Y;

DEE _lines _horizontal; DEE _lines _vertical;

DEE _Mouth; DEE _Radio; DEE _secant to a flower;

DEE _Therapeutic Removing Tumors;

kuru kuru DEE;

IT; Physics;

DEE Earth Light; DEE Moon Light;

DEE_lines_horizontalZoom25%; DEE_lines_verticalZoom25%;

ZCS Connector To DEE Box Bottom;

ZCS Connector To DEE Box Left;

ZCS Connector To DEE Box Right;

ZCS Connector To DEE Box Top;





DEE FM D _Our Earth; DEE _Jitter _Adjustment X;

DEE _lines _horizontal; DEE _lines _horizontal _Downward;

DEE _lines _vertical; DEE _Natural _Pressure;


DEE _Radio; DEE _Radio; DEE _Radio;

DEE _Sun _in _eccentric _distance _A _V ;


DEE _Sun _in _eccentric _time T _in Y;

DEE _Without _Direction;

Even Time Horizontal DEE; Remark: one of the human beings livable moons' time period;

..\Symbol\Schematic Dimensional\



DEE Density Default; Also see: Numerological0;

DEE Handle1; DEE Handle2; DEE Handle3;

DEE_1st_FilteringTheHeatSource; DEE_2nd_FilteringTheHeatSource;

DEE _line;

DEE _lines _Causing To Left; DEE _lines _Causing To Right;

DEE _Natural Heat Reducer;

Two Times Six EM _lights _AND _Solar _DEE _Without _Momentum;

..\..\Myanmar\MiniDictionary\d Oriental\d Kana\



2009 Dee _p Autumn;


ACT2_DEE_Parallels; ACT3_Imaginary_Plant_Pattern_DEE;

commutative _DEE _Capacitance;

DEE Frame; DEE juten Filling; DEE Yellowish Variation Sample;

DEE _ Aqua _ Horizontal _ Stability; DEE _ Aqua _ Vertical _ Stability;



DEE_2,3dimensional; DEE_2,3dimensional_static;



DEE_Dark+4PP; DEE _Dark And Earth And Sun;

DEE _Horizontal _Marks; DEE _Jitter _Adjustment Y;


DEE _Mouth;

DEE _secant to a flower; DEE _Sun _in _eccentric _distance;

DEE_vs_Gravity0; DEE_vs_Gravity1;

Gravity _by _DEE _and _light _may _vary; kuru kuru DEE;

..\..\Time.Space\6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index\



DEE1; DEE10; DEE11; DEE12;


DEE14; DEE15; DEE16; DEE17;

DEE20; DEE21;



DEE _Fan _With _Handle;


        Blue Gravity ;      
        Gray Gravity ;      
        Green Gravity ;      
        Indigo Gravity ;      
        Maroon Gravity ;      
        Orange Gravity ;      
        Purple Gravity ;      
        Red Gravity ;      
        Yellow Gravity ;      


DEE, our earth's the most powerful weapon (e.g. any nation can be demolished by 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting GPS destinations, e.g. any region can be mapped, And Then, focused, And Then, targeted, e.g. very bad weather condition as defined location, e.g. very fast like comet and cannot be traced (UFO), e.g. very powerful elevating for each drone, ... ), in the early 21st century (approx. 2000 - 2020s), for changing civilizations ... ;

well trained kids! replied: you've explained a lot, but you've recommended "200+ millions peoples must be killed" like the worst beast, another literally meaning of Rakhine ?

I wrote: please don't mention my name, I've many enemies to be demolished that much (200+ millions peoples) ... ; ware ware We've to be "quality ones" because only 1+ millions peoples left in our earth, as an ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar, ... ; if you hate me very much, start with "please give me a smile" ... ; don't be captive, many dens exist in our earth; because ware ware We like to be bosses of our own kind (human beings) ... , notice, realize and understand THAT without "killing" there is no respect, on the other hand, with "killing" there are many peoples start with respect;

yellowish variation (DEE) would be our universes' the most powerful weapon, (e.g. the whole planet can be mapped, focused, targeted), ... ;

GDC Gas Exchange (DEE _Mouth) ... , also see: Physics Law 184, ... ;

DEE Box vs. DEE Donut, also see: Physics Law 181, ... ;

VDEEPDGP, also see: Physics Law 172, ... ;

6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index ... , also see: Physics Law 90, ... ;

jinko chino DEE Box, also see: Physics Law 86, ... ;

DEE Handle, also see: Physics Law 75, ... ;

(NCS, PCS) must obey kuru kuru DEE, also see: Physics Law 46, ... ;

weight can be measured by DEE 's pattern, also see: Physics Law 24, ... ;

iroLED lights' speeds obey DEE, also see: Physics Law 10, ... ;