; ; ; ; Updated in 2565 : on 2021 : 7 : 19 : Physics Law 183 ;

 (law 183) : reversed (engineering, method, model, procedure, technique) ;

Physics _ Comet _ Method ;      
Physics _ Hammer _ Method ;      
Physics _ Rainbow _ Method ;      
Physics _ Wall _ Method ;      

e.g. regarding ACT2 imaginary hyper space, yellowish variation's reversed (engineering, method, model, procedure, technique) would be reversed yellowish variation;

e.g. regarding floating points, SQRT2's reversed (engineering, method, model, procedure, technique) would be SQRT3 with SQRT2;

e.g. regarding DEE, (Invisibility Engineering) 's reversed (engineering, method, model, procedure, technique) would be sliding light as sheet to the defined surface; Remark: military application (invisible drone, invisible from radar, invisible missile, ... );

e.g. regarding Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, hole's reversed (engineering, method, model, procedure, technique) would be string, vice versa, string's reversed (engineering, method, model, procedure, technique) would be hole;

e.g. regarding numerological, Lo Shu 's reversed (engineering, method, model, procedure, technique) would be Sudoku; Also see: Network Topology;

e.g. regarding pairs, positive's reversed (engineering, method, model, procedure, technique) would be negative;

Remark: all human beings livable moons in our universes are owned by Shakya King, and regarding Origin of Water, HOW suingu vs. others, HOW variable DEE patterns are, HOW water colors are, ... ;

regarding ACT3 imaginary hyper space (  Gravity Dimension Computer), dimensional 's  would be reversed (engineering, method, model, procedure, technique) would be gravity spots' weights and locations;

ACT1 imaginary hyper space level reversed (engineering, method, model, procedure, technique) starts with HOW 1 second analog quartz tic-tic-tic by 1.5V EMF, stopped remotely by structural interrupt ... ;

I wrote: regarding "with Water" or "without Water" , among ( Physics _Comet _Method, Physics _Hammer _Method, Physics _Rainbow _Method, Physics _Wall _Method), WHICH one would you like to choose to be functional Jellyfish ?

well trained kids! replied: with Water, "Physics _Comet _Method" sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course; Remark: with Water, approx. 60% (human beings are) if compare to 90% (jellyfishes are); Umm! should I teach you gravity spots, Lunar Orbit, moon lights, ... all in detail, Umm! Umm! Attahi attano nahto ... ;

well trained kids! replied: diving Jellyfish, if our earth sir;

I wrote: Wow! you've already informed, known, learnt, ... water elevator naturally, very good; Remark: without naturally water elevator, there would be no tree, other wording would be: mountains are mountain, rivers are river, so desu trees at the mountains' top, water elevator to be sought; so called reversely, jellyfishes must obey comet naturally; Hammer Method can define EM Pull, spectrum alike Rainbow Method do; holes can define incoming strings are, 1st to understand suingu Swing-by time Blah! Blah! Blah!, 2nd level to learn "Auto Grow," 3 parallel moon waves as strings though; create your own lyric here, well trained kids! will be DEE dear... ;

with Water, "Physics _Comet _Method" (e.g. ), also see: Physics Law 183, reversed (engineering, method, model, procedure, technique) ... ; Remark: IFF yellowish variation as Distance in space, NOT Yellow Color (with Water) ... ; Jellyfish Physics _Comet _Method is for 2,3 dimensional space environment only, and designed & modelled for self (charge, charged, charging) Battery ... ; believe it or not there is human beings livable moon with Yellow Color water; so, Water content % is very important factor for developing self (charge, charged, charging) batteries ... ; Also see: Physics Law 179, naturally rechargeable battery ... ; in ACT3 imaginary hyper space environment, WHEN dealing with Yellow Color (with Water), Lunar Orbit's Complexity Region becomes ACT3 level (ACT3 is beyond ACT2 and ACT1 imaginary hyper space knowledge based) R&D, knowledge of modelled ones must be beyond wrapping with ZCS, a part of mapping our universes project e.g. 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index ... ;

"silver" background (moon's gas exchange to our earth) "jellyfish" written area would be (acinus, bursa, cyst, follicle, liposome, saccule, theca, utricle, versica, vesicle, vesicula, ... ) sac alike; variable DEE patterns are classified info (one of the military top secrets) ... ; Remember: in reversed (engineering, method, model, procedure, technique), if result prompts variable then we've to think of (fallacy, pitfall) risk e.g. if bio-virus' pathogen is defined, then we created antigen against the pathogen, but medicine based on antigen to demolish the defined bio-virus' pathogen seems not functional because of mutation (the defined bio-virus mutates when antigen presents); therefore,

reversed (engineering, method, model, procedure, technique) results should NOT be variable;

therefore, DEE patterns should NOT be variable i.e. philosophy e.g. aesthetics design ... ;

I've a quiz, if you're designing & modeling multi stage hybrid Automotive, regarding self (charge, charged, charging), WHICH WORMHOLE way should be R&D ? 

a. the Automotive 's air pressure at suspension system;
b. the Automotive 's body structural;
c. the Automotive 's engine horse power;
d. the Automotive 's metal frame;

well trained kids! replied: b. the Automotive 's body structural; because, we're using directional gravity spots sir, you'll feel (elevating, landing) kuru kuru WHILE (commuting, driving) with multi stage hybrid Automotive sir ;

I wrote: I'll be your customer, user, ... , because I like (elevating, landing) ... ;

well trained kids! replied: regarding Global Storm Tracker, WHICH method should we apply sir ?

I wrote: neither hammer nor wall I guess; either Comet or Rainbow will do; WORMHOLE way is the most advance, and classified info (one of the military top secrets) so I cannot teach in public e.g. (embedded 2 (1 mm ones) gravity spots in GPS, 2+ hour of overwriting & resetting GPS) ... ;

TIME OUT; WHEN 2 biggest gravity spots are at the same directional (refreshing) on one of the human beings livable moons, in our universe (Solar System), regarding "our earth," time-out should be; Also see: Action; Server; Time; Walls;

(Global, Local, Remote) Method: Application . Session . TIME OUT ;