Updated in 2565 : on 2021 : 5 : 7 : Physics Law 146 ;

humanoid Jiwaka;

(law 146) : NMR;

well trained kids! replied: after reading your contents 1000 times, we've a difficulty HOW to define O3 sir?

I wrote: very very easy and simple e.g. O3; Remark: realize & understand beyond "Yellowish Variation" and "Swing-By Time Period" 1st; ima Now, I've a quiz i.e. how Yellow is with (Aqua Color, a.k.a. Cyan Color) ?

well trained kids! replied: "Sir" "Sir" "Sir" we really don't know, "Please" "Please" "Please" HOW would that be?

I wrote: you need to apply momentum for each "human beings livable moon" i.e. ACT3 Imaginary Hyperspace WHAT I cannot teach you in public; if you truly have a difficulty HOW to define O3, that's IT ... ;

well trained kids! replied: is this similar to Citizen (clock, watch) 's Eco-Drive sir?

I wrote: no. because, Citizen's Eco-Drive is only 1 line of light naturally; O3 is beyond that; but Citizen (clock, watch) 's Eco-Drive are based on Walls WHICH means 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index must be realized & understood ... ; Remark: learn DEE, and you should be global security, regional security, ... ;

well trained kids! replied: can we use this (concept, idea, knowledge) in our digital camera sir?

I wrote: yes. you may be solving HOW digital camera has been designed and modeled, for its focal point (to capture image), and don't forget THAT digital camera can be the longest distance router also; You need to (x^=y^=x^=y; My Formula in 1996 while grad studied;) swap ((("L") design model . Black Color area's Red) vs. (("L") design model . Yellow Color area's Silver)); truly, it is not easy and simple (digital camera) design model, but you've learnt very basic regarding Hydrogen, Nitrogen, O2, O3, ... ;

I wrote: I've a quiz well trained kids! if we apply momentum (e.g. ) to the O3's 4 edges, HOW would be ( O3 Quiz 1, O3 Quiz 2, O3 Quiz 3, O3 Quiz 4) at the 4 edges?

well trained kids! replied: since we've learnt Swing-by time and Yellowish Variations, O3 Quiz 3 should be at (Bottom, Left), (Bottom, Right), (Left, Top), and (Right, Top) sir, because our earth as "Blue Planet" with 1mm hole (a.k.a. 1 second), and 2 yellows refresh according with Swing-by time; Remark: we've to adjust time because we've already learnt THAT if holes sizes are NOT the same, we've to do adjustment of time (a.k.a. Parallel Time Adjustment) like Toshiba's dynabook logo sir;

I wrote: correct; Yes. you're in ACT2 imaginary hyperspace environment now! if you thoroughly understand ACT2 imaginary hyperspace (concept, idea, knowledge), And Then, learn ACT3 imaginary hyperspace e.g. 6 surfaced DEE box in Z-index and its sensors, And Then, learn (wrapped, wrapping) ... ; Remark: (wrapped, wrapping) can protect NOT ONLY you, BUT ALSO your whole defined region also; And Then, try yourselves e.g. BLI (Body Length Index) auto adjustment is not easy to figure out HOW to adjust growth rates on human beings livable moons ... ;

well trained kids! replied: we still don't understand WHY Toshiba's dynabook logo's (1 Edge of the Box) sir?

I wrote: ( Directional Gravity Pull Bottom, Directional Gravity Pull Left, Directional Gravity Pull Right, Directional Gravity Pull Top), also see: 6 surfaced DEE box in Z-index; Directions; Walls; Remark: if you're designing & modeling "International Space Station" in ACT2 imaginary hyperspace, you must be thoroughly understanding "Directional" ... ; this (concept, idea, knowledge) is ACT2 level, one of the military top secrets ("Yellowish Variation) vs. variable DEE patterns; regarding "military" I've applied "Global Commander" rank, but never got hired because "Tarzen" alike Rakhine American with reasons: diff race, diff religion, ... either "over qualified" or "under qualified" ... ;

doko WHERE therapeutic Immune Cells, using (((({11,11,11} a.k.a. Black) with (Maroon a.k.a. Dark Red)) for hydrogen), ((({E3,E3,E3} a.k.a. Silver) with ({11,11,11} a.k.a. Black)) for nitrogen), (((Green, including Aqua) with White) for oxygen)) to (Def, define, defined, defining) antibodies (defined unwanted virus); antibody (defined unwanted virus); Antigen _to _be _Anti Virus ; HOW, also see: pGTSU; Remark: usage "a pale white glow" (blood bumping) through veins;

this DOMAIN 's NMR must obey iroColourWaveForm, and iroLED;

(({11,11,11} a.k.a. Black) with (Maroon a.k.a. Dark Red)) for hydrogen; hydrogen NMR;

(({E3,E3,E3} a.k.a. Silver) with ({11,11,11} a.k.a. Black)) for nitrogen; nitrogen NMR;

((Green, including Aqua) with White) for oxygen; oxygen NMR;

RPYFHNO, Reversed Protein Yellow For Hydrogen (Red ones) Nitrogen (Silver ones) Oxygen (Green ones), doko WHERE end point of "bamboo stem" factor ? BLI problems on human beings livable moons might be solved; Remark: ACT3 level imaginary hyper space, therapeutic for each human beings (for each human beings livable moon) ... ; Remember: every (item, part, piece) of we human beings has its own meaning e.g. nose happens because of 2 eyes, ... ; regarding HDMI, if (Red and White is for Audio, Yellow is for video), then HOW would THAT BE on ZCS with (Green, Red, Silver) ? answer would be "bamboo stem" factor;

well trained kids! replied: can we edit RPYFHNO to sir ?

I wrote: Yes. You can. HOW Yellow Color goes through would be your own structural and definitions; since you've 1/4 as Black Color WHICH means higher quantity of "filling" and more variables; but, I prefer , because I like equally distributed from directional East (start with Oxygen) because our bio cells should obey "Auto Grow" and "Auto Glow" ; e.g. China's Yellow Color structural definition would be different if compare to Korea's Yellow Color structural definition, e.g. Japan's Yellow Color structural definition would be different if compare to USA's Yellow Color structural definition, and so on ... ; Remember: this DOMAIN is developed by Toshiba Satellite computers (Hardware), and Microsoft Windows 10 (Software), therefore, yes you can and HOW Yellow Color goes through would be your own structural and definitions ... ; Remark: everyone likes to have their own CT, MRI, X-ray, regarding NMR ... , and remember "hydrogen" is like WHAT kind of color, "nitrogen" is like WHAT kind of color, "oxygen" is like WHAT kind of color, and think that your own formula is your own trillions of dollars worth ... ; I use only Toshiba, because Toshiba has invented "multi systems" since 1980s ... , and Microsoft has invented OLE since 1980s also ... ;

I wrote: therefore within this DOMAIN 's systems, RPYFHNO, Reversed Protein Yellow For Hydrogen (Red ones) Nitrogen (Silver ones) Oxygen (Green ones) ... ; if you like to do R&D regarding 2 layered "flip-flop" then easy and simple like filling Black Color to it e.g. ; Remark: gene therapy system and manmade global weather (Method, Procedure, Technique) are very similar to each other, therefore also see: Naturally Weather Log; notice, realize, and understand THAT creating more layers (e.g. multi layers > 2 layered) will prompt 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-Index (multiple ZCS s), And Then, WORMHOLE way (in addition to Static way) will be, And Then, yellowish variation and its reversed yellowish variation, and variable DEE patterns for each human beings livable moon ... ; Remember: all human beings livable moons are owned by Shakya King;

RDBMS   ( NMR, NMR, NMR)   ,

hoshasenryoho Radiotherapy;

Remark: before understanding NMR, Keyword (s) e.g. hydrogen's color code, inductance, nitrogen's color code, oxygen's color code, precession, ... , And Then, MRI (Graphics, imaging, picture), providing medical healthcare services (Graphics, imaging, picture) to MD ... ; Also see: Basic Understand For Idea Processing;

(4K, 8K, medical device, medical equipment, medical instrument) ... ; Remark: 4K, 8K, ... technologies are available since 2010, and using 4K, 8K, ... technologies can see through NOT ONLY human beings' (item, object, organ, part, thing) BUT ALSO 4K, 8K, ... technologies can (prevent, protect, provide) good gene patterns to us ( wareware We human beings) ... ; Remark: this DOMAIN recommends NIPPON OEM, regarding 4K, 8K, ... ;

(to correct; to cure; to fix; to heal; to repair; Radical959; ( CNS, Encephalopathy)), also see: cGTSU; eGTSU; nGTSU;

2563; 2020; design model : ... , 8K TV, 4K TV, ... without contrast agents;  ... , 8K TV, 4K TV, ... with contrast agents, ... ;

Antigen _to _be _Anti Virus ;

well trained kids! replied : HOW could that be adding good gene patterns locally (10), remotely (100) and globally (1000) sir ?

I wrote :

using dataset (e.g. next, ..., previous) ... ; column a.k.a. tuple; row a.k.a. record;
: cabinet : container : database : view (column, row) : record (cell, field) ... ;
: cabinet : container : database : table (column, row) : record (cell, field) ... ;
: cabinet : container : database : sheet (column, row) : record (cell, field) ... ;
: cabinet : container : database : report (column, row) : record (cell, field) ... ;
: cabinet : container : database : form (link, logical, object) ... ;

Remark: Name is like suffix to the Keyword, e.g. cabinet name, container name, database name, table name, ... ,  therefore, you can name your own DIM ... ; regarding (DDL, DML), be careful with data type; don't forget that "white" and "red" are for audio, and "yellow" is for video;

well trained kids! replied : HOW to measure (dot, point, spot) on ZCS sir ?

I wrote : I taught you long long time ago, and you well trained kids! forgot, very easy and simple, don't forget that (dot, point, spot) resolution of ZCS, starting from its (center, core) to each edge; should I assign you well trained kids! to design and model our earth's the most advanced humanoid MD e.g. Jiwaka (Also see: j Pali) ... ;

well trained kids! replied : we'll design & model our earth's the most advanced humanoid MD, with Composite Key e.g. (color code, Dx Number, gene code, known mutant patterns, NMR, Rx Number, Tumor Marker, Tx Number, WHOM), ... ; Ah! Ah! with jinko chino Artificial Intelligence (SQL query) sir ;

I wrote : WOW! may I be one of your (hitomi Pupils, gakusei Students) ? HOW hydrogen, HOW nitrogen, HOW oxygen ?

RDBMS   ( ♯, ♯, ♯)   , ... ;

MRI     MRI     MRI ; Also see: Physics Law 32, medical physicist;

3 orthogonal magnetic gradients ( MRI) resolution, also see: Magnet; Physics Law 140;

because of (Light As Sheet, Light As Sheet, Light As Sheet), we're able to do Gene Therapy System ... ; Also see: Physics Law 153, EM Pull, ... ;

WHEN RF pulses (matched resonance, frequency of the specific nuclei),
WHERE (e.g. biological tissue) the magnetic field with magnetized moment (the specific nuclei's precession),
WHAT kind of (detected, indicated) signal as phase,
WHILE the specific nuclei's precession induces magnetic field oscillations,
WHICH are (detected, indicated) via induction (inductance) of nearby (coil, wire),
so called this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System (medical (device, equipment, instrument)) MRI ... ;

(coding the gradient, encoding the gradient); gradient axis; gradient coil (making pulse sequence); gradient field; gradient strength (diff phase); gradients' tomographic slices; orthogonal gradient;

contrast agents are : Barium; Gadolinium; gadolinium (3) ion; Gd^3; Gd dye; Gd3+ ions; Iodine; Also see: Chemical _Elements; Remark: this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System, using world's the most advanced technology e.g. ... , 8K TV, 4K TV, ... , without contrast agents; with human beings' life expectancy to be 300+ years;

jikikaiten Gyromagnetic e.g. gyromagnetic ratio among (45, 60, 72) rotating should be called wormhole way scanning, if compare to gyromagnetic ratio 8.512 MHz/T should be called motor way scanning; Remark: in common, 42.56 MHz/T i.e. we human beings (our earth)' tissue (hydrogen nucleus) gyromagnetic ratio, regarding this DOMAIN 's R&D, 5T is defined as gyromagnetic ratio 8.512 MHz/T, for common MRI, kuru kuru WHILE scanning ... ;

metakenkyu Meta Studies;

NMR (timing of the applied ones (RF (Radio Frequency) pulse, RF (Radio Frequency) readout signal)) kuru kuru WHILE measuring MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) medical device, medical equipment, medical instrument, ... ;


..\..\ Domain \ GeneTherapySystem \ chiryoyaku Therapeutic Usage \ Protein Protein;

radiography     radiography     radiography;

regarding Gravity Dimension Computer (biochemical, biological, biomedical, biophysical, immunological, medical, radiological) ... , within bioavailability Time period of WHOM (e.g. defined person, defined patient, defined Pt, defined user), "core" is like defined cell's center, defined gene code's inner-side, nuclei, seed, ... , if compare to "edge" is like husk, membrane, defined gene code's outer-side, ... , also see: Physics Law 234, (core, edge), ... ;

regarding musculoskeletal system, IT is not easy to define (ligament's (cell, gene) to be (neither hard nor soft, with strong binding bone density), muscle's (cell, gene) to be (Pinky, Red), tendon's (cell, gene) to be ("{E3,E3,E3}", Silver)), ... , but, I'll define IT, because after 50+ years of R&D, I've understood HOW Green alike Oxygen, Red alike Hydrogen, Silver alike Nitrogen, ... ; Also see: mGTSU; Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ;

Remark: (ligament, muscle, tendon) method, procedure, and technique for ( wareware We  human beings' age > 55+ years old ones) ... ;

Vector, also see: Physics Law 142, ... ;

humanoid Jiwaka;