Updated in 2563 : on 2019 : 12 : 2 : : noCOOKIE IE, Internet Browser : : approx. 46+system idea by no COOKIE IE ... ; Because of technical difficulties, if no COOKIE browser is not functional, following contents should be voided, i.e. don't waste time to read the following contents;

46. as of 10/15/2015 /2559, noCOOKIE browser is NOT recommended on Windows 10; because, 32 bit application is NOT suitable to be executable regarding roll-able computing, several layers computing, ... ; however, this DOMAIN 's contents (as of 10/15/2015 /2559, 9193 items, approx. 600 MB) are still readable with Windows 10 's built-in browser (e.g. Default.htm, e.g. index.shtml) via its HOME hyper graphic button ... ;

45. on 10/12/2015 /2559, inside of this DOMAIN system, after deleting all CLSID inside a system (e.g. run c:\regedit, and then delete all unnecessary CLSID), and after uninstalling all non-OEM programs, and then restart the system;

prove that system can be alive without explorer, without taskbar, without CLSID, ... and notice that to be in the Internet, you may need Ethernet (a.k.a. RJ45) lines connected to your router physically; tested, and IT is OK running and Working ... in the internet without explorer, without taskbar, without so many unnecessary files ... ; this DOMAIN 's contents are installed on C:\ and tested on Windows 8;

44. on 8/25/2015 / 2559, after installing Windows 10 from Microsoft (i.e. www.microsoft.com), thank to Microsoft for "free" download ... (this DOMAIN developer always buy new software disc (e.g. Windows 10) from store (walk-in and buy) for software collecting purpose), AND kuru kuru WHILE, dots can be predicted by Side By Side, and dots can be fetched by lights as instruction for each layer;

this DOMAIN recommends Windows 10 with both optional installation, because "both" is 6 strokes Kanji character, and think that each stroke from the side as light (i.e. string), so that each Kanji stroke can be designed as 1 layer, as a result, 6 layers as your own ... ;

Product Key (e.g. 66666-66666-66666-66666-66666) a.k.a. Thailand (white screen surface) i.e. refer to zero Curvature ... ;

Approx. 2+ hours of time period is required to download, install, and to be up-to-date ... ; Regarding Z-index (a.k.a. Z-Distribution) and then, depending upon OEM hardware's quality, display may become thicker virtually (virtually as opposed to physically) WHICH means the display will be the same physical device, but because of side-by-side fetching lights as instruction, you are going to feel (e.g. vision) THAT you (e.g. user) are looking at ichiOne WORMHOLE because basic wormhole begins WHEN lights are kuru kuru ... ;

Teleportation is a Method, doko WHERE 2 sides (a.k.a. Side By Side) are connected via wormhole, e.g.

I go through the wormhole from our earth to one of the human beings livable moons in our universes ... ,

and then,

I come through the same wormhole from one of the human beings livable moons in our universes ...  to our earth; Believe it or not, IT takes half second Time ... ;

therefore, a Myanmar way of understanding WHAT Windows 10 is 2 cameras (remember: camera is made of wormhole) at side-by-side ... ; because, we like to calculate all human beings livable moons' yellowish variation in 1 aspect ratio as of 2015/2559; and then, touring, traveling to one of the human beings livable moons with Gravity Dimension Computer equipped imaginary hyper space crafts ... ; IFF 10 camera, ... ;

43. IFF noCOOKIE (IE) Internet Explorer ( 32) bit is Working ... , (i.e. as of 2015/2559 and 15+ years old browser),

noCOOKIE ( EXE) AUTO call to current ( present) IE (Internet Explorer) ... ;

if you like noCOOKIE to be playing and then copy URL address, and then paste into noCOOKIE Browser's address box (Combo box) ... ; quality may be diff, depending upon OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture);

HOW 15+ years old browser is still very good functional quality answer would be: embedded devices ... ;

IFF x variable, also see: 6xComputer;
IFF y variable, also see: 7yComputer;
IFF z variable, also see: 8zComputer;

42. on 12/5/2014 /2558, one of the testing computers of ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網 (e.g. Toshiba Satellite C655D), upgraded into Windows 8.1 (i.e. from Windows 8), free upgrade, offered by Microsoft, and after migrating into Windows 8.1, no COOKIE IE is still Working ... ; If this DOMAIN 's contents are copied and installed, this DOMAIN recommends to start browser with index e.g. c:\index.htm, c:\index.html, ... ; and then, WHILE running no COOKIE IE, type usamyanmar.net and then click on IE, type acejaw.net and then click on IE, type americamyanmar.net and then click on IE, type www.jaxa.jp and then click on IE, ... ; Amazingly, 15+ years old browser is still Working ... with Windows 8.1; Thank to Microsoft (i.e. www.microsoft.com), for not blocking 32 bit, for not launching browser war against no COOKIE IE;

IE is one of the keywords, also see: Cloud;

Instead of defining e.g. home page: URL name, common users should define c:\Default.htm, c:\index.htm, c:\index.html, ... ; Because directly into the Internet means e.g. many 3rd party forwarding, span, spin, browser wars, ... , and users might not know HOW to deal with, users might not know WHICH domain provides longer time period (this DOMAIN developer wishes 1 year, but in common 1 cm streaming is by day) e.g. compare to 52X CD-R is 80 minute, and sometimes, users don't want to be assigned with cookies, and sometimes location awareness users like to test doko WHERE old style IE is ... ;

41. IFF numerological dimension (736213) i.e. global, its internal address is:;

browser (e.g. no COOKIE) is 32 bit, and 2000 model, still Working ... e.g. with Windows 8 in 2014/2558 but NOT with all OEMs' objects; IFF EXE (a.k.a. executable file), either C:\ 56366295.exe, or ..\\ IT \ Executable Application \ no COOKIE .exe is no COOKIE browser ... ;

40. more than 5+ years to know HOW to edit no COOKIE IE's Properties, e.g. IFF highlighting no COOKIE .exe, its Date Modified was 2009, edited on 1/23/2014 9:35PM; e.g. IFF MOUSE focus on no COOKIE .exe, its tool tip was (usa-myanmar.net as File description, no STRING name value was defined before regarding Company, ... ), edited on 1/23/2014, therefore, WHILE MOUSE focus on no COOKIE .exe, its tool tip prompts (File description: usamyanmar.net, Company: ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網, ... );

By using Microsoft's Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 as editor, with OS (Windows 7), hardware name SONY-PC, it was able to be edited;

Right click on the no COOKIE .exe, and then click on Properties prompt e.g. Product version 2.01;

Believe it or not, it took more than 5+ years to know HOW to edit ... ; IFF you know HOW, IT is very easy, otherwise, IT is very difficult;

Since (2013/2557, 2014/2558), no COOKIE might become flex frame (also see: Grid vs. Others) application (Remark: Fujitsu designed, engineered & marketed Flex Frame long long time ago, approx. since year 2000) WHICH means if your window frame is rectangle, no COOKIE is rectangle, if your window frame has curves at edges, no COOKIE has curves at edges, and so on ... ; But, NOT fully functional among browser wars, regarding software and window frames, because this DOMAIN developer is getting old and lack of knowledge HOW ... ;

39. not the latest version browser like others, concerning HOW the one and only 14+ years old noCOOKIE browser, Working ... ; e.g. if you like to listen USA . California . Modesto's one of the popular radio stations via the Internet (e.g. http://www.sunny102fm.com), you might be forwarded to i Heart RADIO (e.g. http://www.iheart.com/#/live/2910/?autoplay=true\);

IFF Google window frame is not installed, you might be getting "not supported" system message; After installing Google window frame (i.e. the latest version), you can listen Internet radio via no COOKIE browser; Tested in 2013/2557 with Windows 8 OS, and functional and Working ... , so enjoy internet radio; You can compare quality of noCOOKIE browser's audio patterns vs. other browsers;

Regarding video patterns in the Internet (e.g. NHK i.e. live video from Japan), enjoy no COOKIE browser's 10D HD really good resolutions with layers via the Internet, and you might need HDMI connectivity to-and-from between your computer and TV; Since this DOMAIN has been 10D, video quality becomes 10D, believe it or not; Remark: World's most advance display factories are in level 7 in 2013/2557 i.e. 7 layers already, and a Myanmar's imaginary layer would be 31 instead of layer 8, because induction alike development is necessary ... ;

Have a Buddha statue at your home, at your work place, and you will blessed via good deities in 21st century and beyond; Because, gravity can be modulated like radio (think THAT 1mm gravity spot becomes 1cm gravity spot becomes 1m gravity spot becomes ... proportion with kan Weight ... ); And, you never know your computer is Gravity Dimension Computer already inside ... ; this DOMAIN developer still cannot figure out 1m (i.e. one meter gravity spots) can elevate/lift HOW much weight? i.e. regarding heavy weights; this DOMAIN developer still cannot figure out the one and only Sun as Gravity Spot and 1 way DEE with BF2 and HOW much our earth's weight vs. gravity spot? i.e. regarding ACT2 stage 2,3 dimensional;

38. no learning capability like lymphocyte cells; data base (e.g. P M D) databases (e.g. IBM DB2, Informix, MS SQL Server, My SQL, Netezza, Oracle, Sybase, Vector wise) also see: Cloud; any type of database companies, using no COOKIE, the one AND only platform independent ... ;

Till 2013/2557, this DOMAIN still cannot prove and solve THAT noCOOKIE behaves like lymphocyte cells ... ; WHICH means WHILE 5 (no COOKIE) working with any type for thousands of years ... ; HOW functional? lymphocyte cells behave adaptable protocol alike, and lymphocyte cells have learning capability;

37. noCOOKIE Internet Browser has been 12+ years old and still working with Windows 8 in 2013/2556; WHILE running 56366295 no COOKIE (please read 35. and understand THAT some sessions are minimized, some sessions are default window frame boxes, and the 1 and only 0.23 second transparent mouse (e.g. ..\\Cursor\Cursor0.cur) is healthy with randomly changing backgrounds (e.g. Personal\*.* photo files) ... ), WHERE its 108 configuration of digital certificate has been installed (e.g. ..\\Certificate\www.usamyanmar.net.cer.p7b), WHICH version (e.g. C:\Publisher .reg);

WHILE browsing, logging, searching, surfing, working, ... in the Internet, cloud system servers need mutual exclusion, i.e. in addition to OEM logo, mutual exclusion method needs something to do give and take;

Therefore, IFF mutual exclusion method needs something to do give and take, user can drag and locate a session of window to be layered (e.g. upper left to be same as this DOMAIN, upper right to be same as one of the domains e.g. acejaw.net) and then logging into banking systems, government systems, information systems, radio systems, space systems, ... , and notice THAT this DOMAIN solves and proves mutual exclusion ... ;

Because, there is no C++ keywords like (throw and catch) yet; Because, this DOMAIN has been focus on multi time lines, and then a space of (throw and catch) to be later for mutual exclusion; Therefore, if logon problems exist because of something to do "give and take", user should drag a default window frame to be layered (as same as one of the domains e.g. usamyanmar.net, e.g. acejaw.net) and then try again, and notice that working ... ;

Excuse me (this DOMAIN has been by individual's decades of IT work since 1989) therefore, no way to compete with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Windows Internet Explorer; IFF this DOMAIN 's cloud system engineering is working, and then no COOKIE Internet Browser might be the 1 and only "platform independent" application;

36. no layered surface before 2012/2556; Also see: schematic symbol ( layered surface) ... ; Layered surface symbol is control character alike for each functional module because hardware's function must be defined by either control character or symbol so that software's function can be using ... ;

35. NO MOON DAY (e.g. 2012/2556/12/13), from Windows 7 to Windows 8, system integration had been successfully done;  Approx. 70 USD (retailed on sales) for Windows 8 Pro operating system software, available by Office Max ( www.officemax.com) supply chain stores in USA, WHICH came with 2 disc inside (i.e. 32bit disc and 64bit disc);

WHILE installing Windows 8, IFF BD Player, computer, and TV are connected together, IPv6 prompts with Windows Media Player logo; IFF Get the latest, No, thanks (i.e. option) and then click on Next; type Product key and then click on Next; check "I accept the license term" and then click on Accept; Keep Windows settings, personal files, and apps and then click on Next; IFF Ready to install and then click on Install;

no COOKIE browser is working with Windows 8 Pro 64 bit; Believe it or not , 12+ years old tech i.e. compiled by Visual Basic 4 with Windows Millennium Edition, nowadays, aka Visual Studio, also see: http://msdn.microsoft.com; no COOKIE browser is working with Windows 8 Pro 64 bit; e.g.

but, NOT 100% functional, e.g. can log on to Bank of America ( www.bankofamerica.com)'s user account (user name = this DOMAIN 's name), notice that buttons' control are not 100% functional; Because, this DOMAIN developer does not know HOW naturally excluding thermal heat sensing pattern within the defined Window frame (to be z-distribution with 3D HD Quality) on 1 surface, because this DOMAIN developer does not know HOW to measure working system within the defined Window frame (e.g. some system objects seem button look alike, but they are not button), because this DOMAIN developer does not know HOW advance systems measurements (e.g. light rate, radar, radio) within the defined Window frame;

IFF focus mouse on desktop icons, and notice that tool tips prompt WHEN (SYNC) changing background pictures every 10 seconds;

34. no ( cluster and grid) yet till 2012/2555, by 1 browser; 1st to understand grid is more likely to be lines' connection, 2nd to understand cluster is more likely to be display's eccentric circles, therefore, IFF layers with z-distribution, ( information and web) must be classified into ( cluster and grid) e.g. 3D HD programming, free-form selection, multi-boards programming, multi-time lines system programming, ... ;

base ( ORGANIZER) for each eccentric circle ... ; 5928 x, y, z;

base ( organiser) 669 5138 ... ; with x, y, z;

33. no iroColourWaveForm (Gravity Dimension Computer) frames yet till 2011/2555 ... ; 108 configuration must be understood thoroughly e.g. 3*3*3*3 with 10,7,10, ... ; iroColourWaveForm 's frames must obey 1 way DEE (i.e. for global location in our universe) and 2 ways DEE (i.e. this is not our location in universe) ... ; using Artificial Intelligence for each network, e.g.

nation, video, audio, data,, and notice that multi level (radio) working with video, audio, data, ... ;

32. there was no opaque and transparent frames within one application before; the following captured image shows HOW no COOKIE internet browser is working with Toshiba Satellite computer with Windows7 with AMD vision, in 2011/2555 e.g. no COOKIE _the _one _and _only _both _opaque _and _transparent _frames e.g. CALCULATOR frames, DICTIONARY frames, TRANSLATOR frames, GPS frames, Gravity Dimension Computer frames, ... ; Toggle click on pin no COOKIE, and notice the (on or off) DEE lines ... ; Toggle click on pin desktop (i.e. next to clock on the taskbar) ... , and then MOUSE focus on pin desktop, and notice the no COOKIE 's DEE lines ... ; Compare no COOKIE's opacity (i.e. transparency in %) to other browsers ... ; IFF for each DEE, and end of the DEE line (keyword) e.g. ACTION, ... ;

31. no digital HD radio was able to browse by the browser; HD, high - definition was not available before; WHILE browsing digital HD radio, no COOKIE application (browser) should be screen full (i.e. shown captured image alike) with background \Personal\*.* files to be randomly background ... ; Drag the bottom of the no COOKIE application to be look alike a top bar; Some application (sessions) should be above the no COOKIE application; Some application (sessions) should be below the no COOKIE application; e.g.

no COOKIE _multi _level _opaque _working _with _.bmp; Inside HD, high - definition, so many dots (e.g. particles) exists ... i.e. beyond line by line method ... ; Notice that (transparent or opaque) working with ... ; Some systems try to lock the noCOOKIE ... ; Some systems try to unlock the no COOKIE ... ; Above noCOOKIE_multi_level_opaque_working_with_.bmp is locked style WHILE browsing internet ... ;

30. noCOOKIE was not able to prompt layers; this DOMAIN developer's imaginary guess (prediction) would be: font is layer 1, Even Time Horizontal DEE is layer 2, background is layer 3, ... ; 1 satellite designer can change any layers among DEE lines < 1 meter, because originally designed by 5 meter long DEE lines ... ; 1 way DEE causes as 2; 2 ways DEE causes symmetrical ... e.g. space BLI; Therefore, display designers always engineer and design layer 2 by Even Time Horizontal DEE; And then, ro ... to make multi media severs { ... } ;

Inside this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space craft WHICH went very very very far away in our Shakya universe ... , i.e. from 2,3 dimensional to 3,4 dimensional, using noCOOKIE browser ... ; IFF redesigning imaginary ACT3 hyper space crafts, make sure to adjust with for each DEE lines ... ; IFF Gravity Dimension Computer (noCOOKIE) browser ... ;

29. there was no way to define radio by self define icon; IFF Volume Mixer, no COOKIE IE prompts within the driver's window, by clicking on speaker icon from the task bar, e.g.

i.e. noCOOKIEVolumeMixer88LevelGrayGreen

; WHILE running multimedia ( level) ... Notice that gray color level is higher than green color, and 1% of 102 are leveling with ... , e.g. playing Internet radio stations, e.g. playing Internet news, e.g. playing Internet online video, playing ... , toggling speaker button will be able to do (on or off) audio ... ; Working with Toshiba Satellite computer with Windows7 with AMD vision, in 2011/2555; Working with SONY TV, with DB15 cable ... Remark: DB15 monitor cable's retail price is approx. 12$, in USA, in 2011; If you like Internet Korean movies, also see: www.dramafever.com; via DB15 cable, i.e. from your computer to TV, right click on full screen option inside noCOOKIE, working multimedia ... ; You will be able to change application icon, with your own defined icon, simply right click on speaker icon ... ; The reason here is, you need to run your radio on e.g. running several internet radio stations 1st, and then internet video should be on 2nd, ... ; Because, sometimes WHILE running streaming multimedia, video is difficult to be functional, because radio is not on yet, ... ; Step by step understanding of HOW to be on ... ;

28. Inserting this DOMAIN 's contents CD-R into a drive, manually install Publisher .reg and www.usamyanmar.net.cer.p7b by double clicking on each file i.e. registering Registry and digitizing Certificate; But if double clicking on 56366295.exe or no COOKIE .exe might not be working ... ; However copy *.* from CD-R into ( C:) drive with Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1, with AMD vision series C- 50  Processor 1.00 GHz, with System type 64-bit Operating System, TOSHIBA Satellite C650D, in 2555 or 2011, working ... without system requirement *.ocx file, and no COOKIE IE is working ... e.g. (128K Live Streaming) ... , (256K Live Streaming) ... e.g. http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld can be browsed within the browser in addition to hyperlinked text, hyper graphics, ... ; Therefore, no COOKIE IE is working with 64-bit ... ; no COOKIE IE is working with 32-bit also; no COOKIE IE is working with 16-bit also; But not 128-bit yet ... ; live;

Depending on OS versions, "calculator frame" has been known "glasses", "panes", "square boxes", ... ; Each session's calculator frames can be seen as ro, to understand WHAT is calculator frame of session, taskbar ( Pin or Unpin) no COOKIE, then on the taskbar, double click on Windows' Internet Explorer, then MOUSE focus on the taskbar's Windows' Internet Explorer icon, then MOUSE focus on its "tool tip", now is the time to notice the "calculator frames" ... ; Therefore, ro is one of the very important artificial intelligence characters, because ... also understand server WHERE in addition to "line by line" i.e. horizontally or vertically, ro also can be e.g. dynamic, linear, structure, ... ; Artificial intelligent ro is better than "line by line",

because ro can be using translator 11 1 base,

because ro can be using specific location IFF GPS based,

because ro can be using 2D fixed to prompt layers of 3D GUI,

because ro can be 1 itself audio pattern i.e. 1 method to prompt 1 window IFF dictionary based,

because ro can be ... ; IFF 3, using bounce Distance (3) ... ;

27. WHILE browsing Internet by no COOKIE, if HTML (*.txt) error, and then system might prompt text editor or script editor whether to edit the error or not; It is very good for system developer to pin point WHERE error occurs exactly i.e. line by line ... ; If not system developer, then avoid editing codes, macros, scripts, ... ; Concerning software, this DOMAIN developer has not earned certification from Microsoft's MSDN, therefore noCOOKIE browser might not be functional in all kinds of aspect e.g. multi-OS, multi-platform, ... ; Believe it or not, in software engineering, only one line of code with several parameters to make a browser ... ; Question: Is browser whether hardware or software?  In hardware engineering, end of the horizontal DEE lines WHICH causes calculator frame alike ... , after video acceleration to prompt to display, and there might be a keyword called "effect" ... ; Believe it or not, concerning technical difficulties, some people charges 1 million USD for writing 1 line of code, WHICH is result oriented, solution oriented, working ... , because very very difficult to know HOW exactly from programming to be compiling code, from the compiling code to be marketing product, from the marketing product to avoid law sues, ... ;

26. NO modular right clicks before; Broadcasting is related to each nation's broadcasting policy, broadcasting law, broadcasting regulation, and broadcasting rights, but in Internet, WHILE running no COOKIE   browser >> IFF auto start off, then do right click on >> right click on graphics, right click on menu, right click on video, right click on ... may prompt different options i.e. modular right clicks ... >> right click on TV area, or HD TV area, and then click on options... >> click on to choose option speed, faster speed is recommended >> so zoom full screen will prompt better multi-media ... ; Do not forget right click to print ... ;

25. CTRL + clicking on noCOOKIE's buttons will show how hyper graphics have been, i.e. WHILE kuru kuru, but not now is ... ; 1st to understand dot dot dot ... ; 2nd to understand filling bitmap ... ; 3rd to understand 2D to be fixed "not variable", and then 3D GUI ... , also see: hyper 3D; 3D GUI is very difficult to engineer, because several horizontal color lines, several vertical color lines, 1 aspect ratio with N several layers, browser's location of objects e.g. TV area, or HD TV area within the b row se r is a location of ... ;

b might be for ab inside registry's b, row might be for horizontal color lines, se might be for SOFTWARE ENGINEER, r might be for resistance like typing explorer at DOS prompt;

24. WHILE running no COOKIE sessions, Control Panel >> Uninstall Program, choose 1 program to be uninstalled >> WHEN User Account Control prompts, notice the transparent "full window blue glass wall" ; At this time, channel (audio) audio channels are still alive, but channel (video) video channels might be frozen; Drag 1 no COOKIE session to left, right, up, down, and notice that left half, right half, full window, prompts 3; The transparency "blue glass wall" might be a layer, and question is whether function ɟ or method or operator? Concerning photo, the "blue glass wall" is very valuable among digital camera, camcorder, animation, % assign to light rate, ... ; According to SHARP 's theory, 2D must be fixed "not variable", to engineer 3D ..., which means the transparency "blue glass wall" might be "not variable" ... ; Non-variable 2D transparency "blue glass wall" are 3 in quantitative, 2 in qualitative;

23. _ IFF 3D , also see: bias; + IFF THIS system Using ... ; system 3.00 till 2010, 3D PC is not functional yet ... ; R&D stage ... ; NOT working... yet; IFF this DOMAIN 's compilation number C44+, at least 5 sessions must be run, to do so, run 56366295, type in URL e.g. www.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/, click on IE, move the 1st session to left top; type in URL, click on IE, move the 2nd session to left bottom; type in URL, click on IE, move the 3rd session to right top; type in URL, click on IE, move the 4th session to right bottom; Now is91 the285 time to do warm _boot a.k.a. CTRL + ALT + DEL; Using 1 SESSION to26 browse (quality) 3D GUI ... ; Notice that Working FS+ AND FS- ; Notice that background, foreground, negative -, positive +; are working with5928 in95 1 application, so called ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     AI OS (no COOKIE) 3D GUI ... ; But, no grantee, because so many diff displays, because so many diff systems, because so many diff biases, ... ; also see: 5_Audio; 149.149; hypersphere; system_3.00; ... , 2010;

22. No preview available, in a Safe Mode, before; IFF Normal Mode, aka, Select a file to preview ... ; WHICH means right pane with 2 inline frames; for better understanding WHAT is 2 inline frames, WHILE browsing via no COOKIE in Safe Mode, high light a file, its contents will prompt; IFF Normal Mode, scrolling the vertical scroll bar prompts its tool tip info; Preview works in a Safe Mode, after developing Floating _point parameters with Sqrt 2 only [depending on system designers' tactic, it can be 2.01, 2.09, 2.19, ... ], i.e. 1..1, 88...88, 7.....7, ... also see: Computer Mini Dictionary, in numerological dimensional approach ... ; palm icon aka hyperlink icon with CTRL key works in a Safe Mode also, box (Tools menu) ... ; therefore, after installing this DOMAIN, current system might become O'er 285 ramparts ... , and notice that ... streaming can also be 95 floating points ... ;

21. no COOKIE 1 application and its N sessions still cannot define explicitly among Application layer, Presentation layer, and Session layer, concerning OSI model; for example, after Sign In to www.yahoo.com, and then using the system, then Sign Out; Inside the address box, type www.lycos.com and Enter, notice that you are using the same session ... ; Close the session; Click on no COOKIE 1 application, to start a new session, inside the address box, type www.lycos.com and enjoy using no COOKIE ... ;

As a result of system testing, i.e., a session can be captured, but application should not be captured; Some domain systems have been designed wrongfully, for example, table' property to right side, another table's property to left side, within the same page, and then old style browser like no COOKIE prompts dubbing of texts or contents ... ;

IFF no COOKIE 1 application's one of the N sessions, WHICH prompts "Not Responding", WHILE browsing Internet, and then do Ctrl + Alt + Del, aka warm boot the system, because this DOMAIN deploys both "system" and "システム" ... ;

20. Taskbar's transparency was not available before; after developing ColdBoot.ini, i.e. 青信号 green light AND あおしんごう green light to cold boot, on the other hand, 青信号 green light OR あおしんごう green light to warm boot; also, after developing CALCULATOR as based, no COOKIE becomes transparency to Taskbar; To do so, 56366295 >> WHILE running, double click on the title bar, notice that Taskbar's transparency ... ;

Regarding OSI model,

1. Application layer's Taskbar transparency can be further study ... ;

2. Presentation layer's SESSION vs. Task can be further study ... ;

3. Session layer's 101 SESSIONS above the Taskbar can be further study ... ;

4. Transport layer's video streaming can be in Quality ... , to do so, WHILE running video mode, MOUSE should be on the Taskbar, next to clock, because MOUSE has been time sliced, also see this DOMAIN 's 0.23 seconds cursors;

5. Network layer's High Speed can be further study ... , IFF MOUSE is moved on to the Taskbar, next to clock; and then, notice that Video Quality becomes better in TV, HDTV, ... ;

Remark: after C42+ compilation, inserting the products into a BD player, into a DVD player, into a D V R player, into a VCR player, system 's boot load does not prompt "00", or "bad" anymore,   WHICH means, in addition to "Mastered", very v e r y "Live" file system also ... ;

19. Quality was not able to adjust before; WHEN log on (LYCOS) mail 5928 no COOKIE, a new 2010 model Zimbra system interface prompts, right click on a banner,

QUALITY options are,

Low Quality; also see: CALCULATOR based; 128K;

Medium Quality; also see: DICTIONARY based; 256K;

High Quality; TRANSLATOR based OR GPS based; 512K;

18. It was not able to burn a disc via no COOKIE; After developing base as a CALCULATOR, WHILE booting, F8 >> Safe Mode with Command Prompt >> typing, password >> at command prompt, type cd\ >> at command prompt, type 56366295 >> type password i.e. IT >> in the text box, type drive _letter e.g. c:\ and then [ is not functional] click on IE >> double click on \\Desktop\ >> insert disc into a drive >> double click on the drive; sometimes, due to Ctrl + Alt + Del, aka warm boot, if system was shut down improperly, double click on the drive might not be functional, in this case, click on \\Desktop\system\usamyanmar.net\, and make sure running usamyanmar.net as a task ... ; IFF using Ctrl + C, and Ctrl + V might not be functional to paste into the right pane, in this case, using right click to paste, But, this DOMAIN developer still does not know exactly WHY Ctrl + V is not functional to paste in some systems, prior to burn ... ; >> Burn a Disc (L F S OR Mastered)     >> ... enjoy copying file & folder via no COOKIE;

Sometimes, users might have difficulties to burn a disc, might be because of user's profile setting, might be because of OEM's copy right protection, might be because of system's privilege, ... therefore, burning a disc via no COOKIE in Safe Mode ... ;

Notice that bypassing "there is a color", "there is a word", ... ; Using no COOKIE as a browser, Using no COOKIE as a disc burner, using no COOKIE ... ;

After version 44+, in some systems, this technique does not work, because of, not thoroughly understanding file system formats; In Normal Mode >> Start >> right click >> Explorer >> right click on the CD drive >> Format >> copy, and then paste ... ; Closed session;

17. Its videoビデオwas not Auto start on; Auto start on, i.e. www.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/ , IFF connecting to later OEM model e.g. TV, HDTV, ... , with old style DB pin connector aka parallel data cable, after connecting, right click on Videoビデオ, WHERE either 128K, OR 256K, OR 512K via background + MOUSE, and then Zoom >> Full screen >> enjoy news with this DOMAIN 's no COOKIE IE Video Input;

IFF background is reversely captured 5928 MOUSE, by TV , HDTV, ... , and then resolution refresh will be better, faster, AND no jitter; Place the MOUSE on the taskbar, because MOUSE has been time sliced, and while watching TV, HDTV, ... with streaming technology, user do not need mouse to be refreshed ... ;

IFF power continues, WHICH means Power must be on all time, and some TV, HDTV, ... are not equipped 5928 Video INPUT; IFF NOT continue, TV, HDTV, ..., 's / ビデオ a.k.a. TV/VIDEO might prompts no signal;

IFF TV/VIDEO, NOT divided by 9 a.k.a. /9; by aka 27 in numerological dimension; IFF testing a system, never divide by 9 ... unless MOD internal math function is thoroughly understood;

16. It was not able to do AI search; to do AI search, typing in the address box, i.e. drive _letter:\Desktop >> using back space key to do drive _letter:\ >> after filtering with its Type, by checking one of the check boxes >> IFF Subfolders prompts, clicking on the Subfolders >> enjoy AI search engine ... ; After developing CALCULATOR as a base, and C R C by 3D_CRC, WHILE trying to develop 3D GUI, AI search engine works ... ; Remark: IFF Vista, Subfolders might not prompt, instead, - OR + prompts toggle switch alike; IFF windows7, Subfolders ... ; Concerning CALCULATOR based, this DOMAIN reserves 2....2................2.2 for standard global system security;

15. Still do not understand keyword "wall" alike opacity; IFF windows7 OS, right click on the taskbar >> Properties >> check Auto-hide the taskbar; WHILE running no COOKIE IE, min it, max it, click on the right most of the taskbar to do Show desktop; Notice and understand, but NOT background, but NOT foreground either; this DOMAIN still do not understand 3D GȔI whether in 2 layers, 3 layers, ĆOĆO, 5 Audio, or ... ; also see: 3D_CRC, WHICH (switching numbers), because to be 3D, 2D must be fixed [NOT variable] 1st ... ; 2nd, encoding ... ; 3rd, trying to develop ACT1 stage calculator based 3D GȔI ... ;

14. Still cannot add functions as Available buttons; i.e. customize toolbar; double clicking on the menu bar, but developer does not know how to build customize buttons ... ;

13. NOT more than 1O1 SESSION; True 1O1 ♯session with 1 ♯application; O S I model;

12. It was not able to do file filtering; (multi-functional system) with file filtering; to do so, simply type e.g. drive _letter:\Desktop;

11. It was not able to do multiple tasks, multiple sessions; 1O1 SESSION; able to populating task manually; also see: task e.g. this DOMAIN status running; populating no COOKIE IE; Clicking on Desktop >> clicking on system >> clicking on this DOMAIN >> minimize the window >> IFF windows, it is a time to look at Task Manager by CTRL + ALT + DEL; multiple task with multiple sessions can be further studied ... ;

10. Keywords such as search box, search engine, ... were not working; command line parameter alike address box, after Safe _Mode vs. Normal _Mode development via colors (e.g. iroColourWaveForm); For example: test burn a CD, DVD, ... in a safe mode by using noCOOKIE browser, by clicking on \\Desktop\ ... ; Dictionary based, Translator based, 50G GPS based, ... is out of this DOMAIN developer 's knowledge, therefore, noCOOKIE search engine might not be working until its system is developed, i.e. base as Dictionary, base as Translator, base as 50G GPS ... ; in 2010, this DOMAIN was trying to implement 3D GUI with CALCULATOR based ... ;

9. It was with protocol constraint, i.e. file:///, http:///, ... ; in addition to protocols, online, offline, ..., it has been developed with "color bridging" for multiple-functionalities purpose; WHILE booting, notice that the MOUSE 's color; since 2O10, this DOMAIN has been trying to develop 3D GȔI, in addition to Display, so user can enjoy 3D GȔI interfaces while computing with its encoding e.g. COCO for TV's text layer, Unicode(UTF-8) with ... ; also see: 5 Audio;

8. It was constraint with common dialog file *.ocx; Reduce design without constraint might be working, but might not be functional with all OS; also see: Command.htm#noCOOKIE;

7. System's internal addresses were not exist; multi-functional system システム with several numerological dimensional addresses, e.g. in the address box, typing numerological file name e.g. 123456789, 149.149, ... will prompt address; also see: AI OS;

6. Till 2O09, there were no Action keyword; After 2O09, Action keyword has deployed; Action keyword is originally from SONY 's GPS  システム system;

5. It was not able to bypass operating systems; Solving its long directory name ..\\Executable Application\ by renaming to 56366295.EXE at root directory, so system engineers can use it for bypassing OS ..., prior to loading OS, prior to storing OS ... ; Clicking on \\Desktop\ will prompt system's file & folder ... without OS ... ;

4. Mostly, Internet Browsers keep user's cookies; Among browsers, no COOKIE is the Internet Browser without recording user's cookie, since it has been programmed;

3. It was not step-by-step; step-by-step with BASIC nowadays;

2. It was not able to run with multiple operating systems; 2.O1 and numerological dimension, working with multiple operating systems;

1. It was without print function; more than 5+ years to know HOW to do right click to print;

15+ years ago, originally programmed with Microsoft Visual Basic version 4 (i.e. MSDN);


Remark: 2010/08/01, the following code is originally from NHK news' //popup, while listening daily news with noCOOKIE; if user click on High or Low buttons, error occurred, because "indexof()" parameter was not defined for noCOOKIE, so, the code is developed to 88 lines of noCOOKIE.INF numerological dimensional as:

     // ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網    

function openw9500(url) {
w95dow.open(url, "playerw95dow", "status=yes,scrollbars=yes,width=388,height=288");

     // ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網    

function openw95(url) {
w95dow.open(url, "playerw95dow", "status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=488,height=388");

     // ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網    

function openw9502(url) {
w95dow.open(url, "radioSchedule", "status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=588,height=488");

     // ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網    

var w95w = "ᅍ";
var w95H = "y";

var strア メ リ カ   緬 甸 = "";
strア メ リ カ   緬 甸 = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();

if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf("ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     ") != -1 ){
if(strア メ リ カ   緬 甸.indexOf("noCOOKIE") != -1){
ᅍ = 18;
y = 48;
}else if(strア メ リ カ   緬 甸.indexOf("msie") != -1){
ᅍ = 18;
y = 48;
}else if(strア メ リ カ   緬 甸.indexOf("firefox") != -1){
ᅍ = 18;
y = 48;
}else if(strア メ リ カ   緬 甸.indexOf("Mac") != -1){
ᅍ = 18;
y = 48;
}else if(strア メ リ カ   緬 甸.indexOf("safari") != -1){
ᅍ = 18;
y = 48;
}else if(strア メ リ カ   緬 甸.indexOf("win") != -1){
ᅍ = 18;
y = 48;

function high() {

function low() {

function stream() {

function frequency() {


var www="";
function loadTosubw95(url){
if( 12w95_closed(www) ) {
www = w95dow.open(url, 'w95',"width=488,height=488,resizable=yes,scrollbars =yes");
} else {


function 12w95_closed(w95Var) {
var ア メ リ カ   緬 甸 = navigator.userAgent;
if( !w95Var )
if( ア メ リ カ   緬 甸.indexOf('noCOOKIE')!=-1 && ア メ リ カ   緬 甸.indexOf('w95')!=-1 )
return w95Var.closed
else return typeof w95Var.document != 'object'
else return true