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Also see: Time . Space . Action before programming;


applet, Canon's usage; Device console dependent GUI, or regular interface; Applets can also be defined as <!-- web-browser-independent-small-application, and THIS {set} must be TRUE --> ;     Also see: J2ME;


class (APPLET) applet class, Sun's usage; i.e. xyz.java file might contain codes as:

import java.awt.Graphics;
public class xyz extends java .applet.Applet { public void paint (Graphics object_name_here_so_called_123)
{object_name_here_so_called_123.drawString("This text will be shown from display", 140, 180); }}

Note: applet xyz imports built in class, and then the applet extends and initiates an object, and then the object later calls a function to prompt texts onto display, ... ;


cmdlet, ... as a name of a cmdlet, function, script file, ... ; e.g. Control Panel >> All Control Panel Items >> Administrative Tools >> Windows Power Shell Modules ;

esplet, Canon's usage; No GUI, however interface exists, might be designed for robotic crawler ... ; Also see: J2ME;

JSDK, Sun's usage; Java Servlet Development Kit;

servlet, Canon's usage; Device console independent GUI, but web browser dependent, therefore whenever a new connection at server, service() methods of servlet require "response" from the server; According to JAVA2 documentation, Servlet interface does not need methods e.g. paint(), start(), stop(), ..., on the other hand, Applet interface methods does require to define ... ;   Also see: J2ME; Sun's servlets;

tablet PC, portable mobile computer, and without keyboard I/O; i.e. TABLET;