; ; ; ; Updated in 2564 : on 2021 : 2 : 24 : A Toggle for humanoids;

Toggling mode is invented for humanoids [i.e. Asimo Jivaka, and later versions ...] while residing in New York, USA, in 2005~2008; Base2 binary number system is in vector.

Base2         Base10  Toggle Vector
L S B     M S B   5    <--
0 1 0  1     swap (L S B, M S B);  
M S B     L S B   10    -->
Base2         Base10  Toggle Vector

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      direction 66 sign ;  
      direction of sign ;    

direction of sign, written on 2011/2/28, because gravity dimension computer must be defined explicitly, e.g. kuru kuru   WHILE ( 5W1H) of 5 ... e.g. 1 is text, 1+1 is graphics, 1+1+1 is networking, 1+1+1+1 is Audio, 1+1+1+1+1 is Video, and so 65 ... ; for each 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... in numerological dimension must be with its own vector, so called direction of sign ... ;

also see: cell path;

e.g. in ANSI Standard 101/102 Keyboard I/O,

65 117 100 105 111 prompts Audio;
65 85 68 73 79 prompts AUDIO;
97 117 100 105 111 prompts audio;

Accordance with Syntax vs. Semantics logic, all system will not prompt the same value;

in numerological dimension, (AI, Artificial Intelligence System) ... ,

1 3 4 9 6 prompts audio, Audio, AUDIO, and 13496 IFF L to R, and 69431 IFF R to L accordance with direction of sign, and base ( DICTIONARY) based on dictionary ... ; Notice the diff ... ; Therefore, Direction of sign is proposed for kuru kuru of 5 ... gravity dimension computers ;

For humanoid programmers only: develop 3D mask for a toggle of instruction vector; Add several bits to both directions, and notice that toggle mode can be used not only for Asimo Jivaka, but also for data compression [dual base10 values in one base2 time vector] in duo-binary;

In software aspect of LSB, MSB: notice the above table and swap call for swapping Least Significant Bit and Most Significant Bit; In assembly, within GOTO and JUMP routine-call can do toggle control; In C, passing parameterized-referenced-addresses OR values can be called, but toggle control should be only referenced-addresses;

In hardware aspect of LSB, MSB: notice that a toggle of instruction vector exists on XY plane in 2D; Clock for synchronization, clock skew for optimization should be on Z axis; Therefore masking a toggle of instruction vector should be in 3D space;

In mechanical aspect, 2π toggle can be seen and studied inside of Canon's printer mechanism by using polytechnic pinions and springs; 2π rotation makes 1 toggle, so that this DOMAIN defines as a 2π mechanical toggle, because still cannot find an official term / usage of the device;

In physics aspect, since dB · m varies along with E M F 's tangent to  - polarity + polarity, WHEN a time of WHERE a hole has been allocated is to be a toggle; i.e. after year 2000, push-button (s) of nano products are mostly designed by non-mechanical, therefore this DOMAIN defines those push-buttons as physical hole toggle, because still cannot find an official term / usage of the device;

IFF testing 3D GUI, also see: Lucky88...88;

Notice that toggle control can totally change any instruction level values. And, do not confuse between toggle and swap [Also see: Syntax vs. Semantics]. Because swapping is more likely to be in variables, and toggle is more likely to be in instruction vectors ... ;

Swapping integer technique was invented in 1995. However, swapping has never been used for toggling.

The different between a toggle and a switch is: conditional interrupts cause switch value changes, on the other hands, a toggle is unconditional.

this DOMAIN allows this toggle technique for further scientific study in humanoid in hardware / software aspect; Also see: Mutual Exclusion; Stripped string;