; ; ; ; Updated in 2565 : on 2022 : 3 : 9 : Optics ;

avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan ( Extrovert Color, Introvert Color), because, in 3,4 dimensional: ( Zoom-In (defined biological virus), Zoom-Out to human beings livable moons (Also see: zoom)) are similar e.g. haya Now (already, by this time), you well trained kids! should realize & understand HOW (Water vs. Moisture) are e.g. was especially with Water, if compare to was consequently with Moisture; Also see: e G T S U; e Manmade Global Weather; i G T S U; i Manmade Global Weather;

WHAT kind of environmental?
WHO designed & modeled the lab?
e.g. Directional Gravity Pressure; Laser; Walls; (Comet Method, DEE (Dark Energy Engineering), Rainbow Method, WORMHOLE Method, ZCS Method) ... ;

abundant; enrich; wealth; e.g.

abundant; enrich; wealth;
abundant; enrich; wealth;
abundant; enrich; wealth;
abundant; enrich; wealth;

( TFT, TFT, TFT, TFT), also see: Computers;

   ; ; ; ; ; ;    , also see: Physics Law 128, Optics;


directional flow may begin in Physics; beyond this method, E M Pull, And Then, surface R&D may begin e.g. gravity spots, e.g. invisibility engineering methods & technologies, ...      ( (, ))   , also see: Physics Law 151, Gravity Harvest Power Antenna, step-by-step HOW, ... ;

64 Aqua Cells; Remark: for Gene Therapy System;

Color     Color     Color;

( crayon, crayon, crayon, crayon, kureyon Crayon) ... ;

doko WHERE therapeutic Immune Cells, using (((({11,11,11} a.k.a. Black) with (Maroon a.k.a. Dark Red)) for hydrogen), ((({E3,E3,E3} a.k.a. Silver) with ({11,11,11} a.k.a. Black)) for nitrogen), (((Green, including Aqua) with White) for oxygen)) to (Def, define, defined, defining) antibodies (defined unwanted virus); antibody (defined unwanted virus); Antigen _to _be _Anti Virus ;

moonlight; Also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 106 ... ; Physics Law 131 ... ;

( M X Y Z O, M X Y Z O, M X Y Z O) M X Y Z O, Measuring XYZ Optics; 99x99 dimensional; Remark: this DOMAIN reserves 103x103 dimensional for you ... ;

( NM, NM, NM) ... ; e.g. ??? NM;

sunlight; Also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 106 ... ; Physics Law 131 ... ;

power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil;


absolute encoder;

accessory encoder;


anisotropic : a different physical property value WHILE measuring in different directions;

kotai Antibody ((blood protein counteracts to specific antigen), (blood protein responses to specific antigen)) ... ;

hoigaku Azimuthally;

shibori Aperture ( aperture, aperture, aperture), an opening, gap, hole, orifice, vent, ... ;

shusa Aberration, (departure from norm, variation from WHAT is normal), ... ;


( beam, beam, beam, beam, beam), a ray, good natured look, of a light (light source) shine, shaft of light, smile radiantly, transmitting a radio signal in a (defined, specified, targeted) direction, ... ; Also see: b Character; Laser; Optics;


((ichijiku Uniaxial), (nijiku Biaxial), (sanjiku Triaxial));

fukukussetsu Birefringence, (circular, linear) with refraction index ... ;

(Silver, Red, Blue), also see: Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ;

bright light therapy (antidepressant) effects I F F (antepartum, intrapartum) depression patient (Pt) ... ; Also see: lGTSU;



code wheel encoder;

(negative color, neutral color, positive color), also see: n Character; p Character; Physics Law 567;

Concentration of Protein (our earth), good gene patterns, regenerating community of cells, re-growing tissue, stem cell %, ... ; Also see: Protein; Schematic Dimensional; structural ... ;

fukumu Comprising, (be made up of, consist of), e.g. <include ... > , ... ;

keisu Coefficient, (factor, multiplier) for measuring property, (numerical, numerological) constant WHICH multiplies variable ... ; e.g. (2 - √2) Coefficient, doko WHERE √2 with its mantissa point (s);

for each mantissa point, I F F numerological (5), coefficient factors of two minus would be e.g.
1.4142135623 for 1st Parameter,
1.414213562373095 for 2nd Parameter,
1.41421356237309504880 for 3rd Parameter,
1.4142135623730950488016887 for 4th Parameter,
1.414213562373095048801688724209 for 5th Parameter,
1.41421356237309504880168872420969807 for 6th Parameter,
1.4142135623730950488016887242096980785696 for 7th Parameter,
1.414213562373095048801688724209698078569671875 for 8th Parameter,
1.41421356237309504880168872420969807856967187537694 for 9th Parameter,
and so on ... ;

Remark: if you're on your own ((2*6), (2*7)) dimensions, then functional program should be with numerological ((6), (7)), ... ; this DOMAIN (SQRT2) reserves 12 dimensional, and 14 dimensional for you;

kyushinsei Centripetal; toward a center (moving, tending to move);


( variable, DEE, pattern) ... ;

DEE Earth Light; DEE Moon Light; Also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 184, GDC Gas Exchange (DEE _Mouth) ... ;



kaisetsu Diffraction, record (s) of diffracted light (across 1 edge, narrow aperture, pinhole image) WHICH beam ... ;

Time . Space . Action;
period . multilayer . diffraction;

daiporu Dipole, ((separately located (magnetized poles) as pair), ((oppositely charged) as pair), ((equally charged) as pair)), ... ;

risan Discrete, (distinct, separately) individual domains ... ;

bunsan Dispersion, (action, process) Distribution ... ;


three ( dot, dot, dot) e.g. (dot, pinpoint, pixel, point, spot) ... ;
two ( dot, dot, dot) e.g. (dot, pinpoint, pixel, point, spot) .. ;

D Y R, Digital Yellow Resistance;
D Y R, Digital Yellow Recurrence relation;
D Y R, Default Yellowish Return;
D Y R, Default Yellowish Recursion (lower index, upper index);
using (± ( 46 NM)) ... ;




denshishitsuryo Electron mass;


EM, Electro Magnetic;
EM, Electro Magnetic;

encode; encoded; encoder; encoders; encoding; e.g.

encoder     encoder     encoder;


haishutsuryo Emission, (gas, radiation) 's (discharge, production) ... ;

koyujotai Eigenstate (state, stated, stating) quantum-mechanical corresponding (eigenstate value of the defined wave) ... ;

eyes, OPTOMETRY; wear correct glasses (Axis Number, Cylinder Number, Sphere Number); normal means no eyes diseases; Also see: Gene Therapy System . index;




( film, film, film, film) ... ; thin and flexible ZCS plastic, coated with light sensitive emulsion (exposure) in a camera, And Then, producing (anime, photograph, motion picture) ... ; Also see: Physics Law 32, ... ;

55; five five; e.g.

( 55, 55, 55, 55) i.e. 2-sided ones ... ; Also see: Display . Robotic LCD; DNA _Origami; Number; Optics; Parameter; Physics Law 113; 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index; z G T S U;

frequency content of (applied transformation, * transformed) polynomial (s) ... ;

function; functions;

hikarifaiba Fiberoptics     Fiberoptics     Fiberoptics     Fiberoptics;


Also see: g Computer;



harmonic : characterized by musical harmony (harmonic sequence, overtone) ... ;


hikariaisoreta Optoisolator     optoisolator     optoisolator     optoisolator ; Also see: DEE;

honno Instinct; honno Instinct; e.g. because of "Light Instinct" , our body's bio (cells, genes, items, objects, organs, things, ... ) are gathered to be together; in ACT2 imaginary hyper space (e.g. 2,3 dimensional, inner ring of our universe, inside-of-nested-area), regarding Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization (Gene Therapy System index), since (heat and light) are at the same location (only in our earth), and our earth is without yellowish variation and yellow core planet, and iroColourWaveForm (lights' intensities) e.g. color codes, color coding, colorful, ... can be defined; (approx. since 2010)  our body's bio (cells, genes, items, objects, organs, things, ... ) obeys NOT ONLY iroColourWaveForm (lights' intensities), BUT ALSO (approx. since 2000) C Sequence Number (BF1) growth rate, this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System has become able to cure (Also see: ..\..\..\..\MD\MD) all kinds of bio disorders in ACT1 imaginary hyper space (e.g. our earth's human beings) by its Method (e.g. Directional Gravity Pressure, e.g. Gravity Dimension Computer, e.g. gravity spots, ... ) i.e. via PHYSICS (e.g. (law twenty eight)) way ... ; therefore, in order to survive in 21st century and beyond, hurry up and have Buddha (also see: ..\..\..\..\Buddha\index) statue at your home, ... ;

housed encoder;

kochoha Harmonic, (fixed interval) ... ; kochoha Overtone, (fixed interval) ... ;

HTML executable Analog Clock; Also see: Exe;

( . ( , )), also see: Directions; kadosei Mobility; structural Battery;


henkyoku Inflection, modulation of change (s) in the defined form ... ;

((ichijiku Uniaxial), (nijiku Biaxial), (sanjiku Triaxial)); Also see: Radical794;



impedance : effective resistance (R) of (circuit, component to AC), a.k.a. combination of (ohmic resistance, reactance); in common, impedance (temperature, voltage) IO pin ... ;

incremental encoder;

Integral; Remark: think THAT upper pi-by-two and lower pi-by-two are approx. forty five degree parallel at the edge (s) of vertical DEE line (upper pi is one hundred and eighty degree different to lower pi), doko WHERE sekibun Integral, necessary to make a whole complete (i.e. from zero to infinity), e.g. DEE in our universe with peaceful & tranquil human beings livable moons' orbital (s) ... ; Also see: Physics Law 133;

isotropic : the same physical property value WHILE measuring in different directions;

menekisoshikikagaku Immunohistochemical, ... ;

shisu Indices, (alphabetical, periodical) list with references ... ;


Also see: j Computer;



Also see: k Computer;



LED s AND Displays; Also see: iro LED;

l G T S U;

Moon-Light-Wave; Moon-Light-Wave; Moon-Light-Wave; Moon-Light-Wave;

No Excessive Lighting; Also see: l Manmade Global Weather;

3 lights of 90° ;

lights' shinto Penetration in Distance As Factor; Also see: Distance;

hakkosei Luminiferous, (producing, transmitting) light ... ;


magnetic encoder;



m G T S U;

        nm µm mm cm    

Also see: Number;

Moon-Light-Wave; Moon-Light-Wave; Moon-Light-Wave; Moon-Light-Wave;

motion control optical encoder;

(multilayer, sublayer);

keisoku Metrology, (R&D of, study of) measurement, ... ;

minerals; e.g.

( Minerals, Minerals, Minerals, Minerals) : minerals inside of the soil provide Protein (in our earth), And Then, other bio molecules (photosynthesis: CO2, New Tissue, O2, sunlight, Water), also see: m Character; Optics;

saishoka Minimization, e.g. numerical optimization, numerological optimization, ... ;

tankoshiki Monomial, (algebraic expression: consisting of 1 term), if (division Method, multiplication Method), And Then, composite quantities, sums of monomials, ... ;


negative Curvature ... ;


((ichijiku Uniaxial), (nijiku Biaxial), (sanjiku Triaxial));

meimeiho Nomenclature ... ;

No Excessive Lighting, for peaceful & tranquil living environments ... ;


Enzyme; e.g.

Two is very very unique in many ways e.g. ( DEE vs. Optics) doko WHERE ( hikari Light re-Action ( CO2, ( Enzyme, Enzyme), H (Hydrogen), O2, Water) Energy, delivered by the Light, to tsukuru Make (Carbohydrate, Sugar)) a.k.a. photosynthesis, i.e. way of HOW tissues happen ... ; 1 lipid acting like (gate, pore ("opening pore" means allow the gas in)) WHICH ... , also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan; Reminder: because of (Carbohydrate, Sugar), fat, oil, ... may begin, e.g. 1 bio Physical lipid (Fat + Oil) can pass through Biological Cell ... ;

o d s i 1308/t c p Optical Domain Service Interconnect (O D S I), also see: Keyword To Port Number;

o G T S U;

one-fourth Break; Also see: Energy & Geometry;

on the moving electron (electron's mass, exerted force, external magnetic field, polarization of the medium, ... ); Also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 113, any moving location of point, ... ;

Optical Components;

optical frequencies, doko WHERE (instances, magnetic properties, mediums) ... ;

optical modules;

optical sensor (3D, ambient, proximity, silicon photo multiplier, spectrometer, Time-of-Flight) ... ;

(electron optics, electron and ion optics, ion optics, ion and electron optics);

Optics' optical resolution, also see: Physics Law 140, ... ;

optocoupler     optocoupler     optocoupler (light emitting, light sensitive) component to couple isolated circuits (circuit; circumference; lap; Radical510) e.g. Automotive optocoupler, plastic optocoupler, hermetic optocoupler;

optoisolator     optoisolator     optoisolator ;

chokko Orthogonal, at right angles, of right angles, ... ;

IFF Gene Therapy System : NOT statistically independent (orthogonal populations) bio (cell, genetic) e.g. tairitsuidenshi Alleles (at the same place on 1 chromosome, a.k.a. each kiseki Locus (kiseki Locus : defined (particular, particularly) place, point, position, space, ... )) alternative (e.g. ±98) forms of (cell, genetic) a.k.a. mutation;

IFF Mathematics : for each circle, orthogonal polynomials limit theorems (a.k.a. Szego), ... ;

chokkosei Orthogonality (sequence of orthogonalities, specific keisu Coefficient (s), variance polynomials, variance wave front) ... ;

optic; optical; optics;

shindo Oscillatory;



(from spherical to flattened ones, from spherical to rectangular ones), polarisation, polarised light, ... ;
(from spherical to flattened ones, from spherical to rectangular ones), polarization, polarized light, ... ;

henko Polarization;

koshi Photon (Assembly of photons), photon's quantum behaviour, (photo-electric effect a.k.a. photon with matter) ... ;

period; periodic;

yudenritsu Permittivity, dielectric constant, e.g. a substance is able to store electrical energy;

pervading fluid of (aether, ether) ... ;

photo conductive switch (either Gallium Arsenide or Indium Gallium Arsenide) ... ;

Pinpointing, for this DOMAIN 's military application; e.g.

. Pinpointing Missile's Location; Dimension: 108x108; GIF (Military Application);

. Pinpointing Submarine's Location; Dimension: 108x108; GIF (Military Application);

verify Shakya King's (Approval Code, flag, permit, signed bit, verification code, verify) ... ; Also see: GPS; Laser; Optics; Physics Law 678; Radical344; Satellite;


positive Curvature ... ;


setsudo Perturbation, deviation of the defined system, e.g. external magnetic induction vector; e.g. ((process, processed, processing) from its normal (state, stated, stating), (process, processed, processing) from its regular (state, stated, stating)) of moving (item, object, thing) 's path;

takoshiki Polynomial, (2+ algebraic terms, 3+ algebraic terms, consisting of several terms), ... ;

( variable, DEE, pattern) ... ;

denpan Propagation, e.g. (circulation, communication, dissemination, propagation, spread, transmission);

Z-precession, (change, changed, changing) in orientation of the rotational axis X ... ;
Y-precession, (change, changed, changing) in orientation of the rotational axis X ... ;
X-precession, (change, changed, changing) in orientation of the rotational axis X ... ;


Also see: q Computer;



hoshajono Radial, diverging lines from center (dot, point, spot) ... ;
hoshajono Radial, radii of 1 circle ... ;

ray; rays;

chokusenteki Rectilinear, consisting of 1 straight line, contained by 1 straight line, moving in straight line (s) ... ;

saiki Recursion, repeated (app, application, apps) of again-and-again (definition, function call, procedure) ... ;

(Silver, Red, Blue), also see: Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ;

hansha Reflection, surface (heat, light, sound), throwing back ... ;

kussetsu Refraction, (density, pressure), interface-medium ... ;

kankei Relation, (corresponding reference, relevance Ref.), the way in WHICH (2, 3, or more) concept, idea, interconnection, objects' linking, thing's effect, ... ;

((reversed yellowish variation, yellowish variation) known stratified medium, unknown stratified medium) ... ;
((reversed yellowish variation, yellowish variation) random population of strata) ... ;



((ichijiku Uniaxial), (nijiku Biaxial), (sanjiku Triaxial));

scattering : throwing in various random directions;

s G T S U;

shinto Penetration (of lights) can be using for WHAT kind of specific (item, object, organ, part, things), doko WHERE Directions (directional) together with the Gravity Dimension Computer's gravity spots truly does chiryoyaku Therapeutic ways ... , so called this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbols ... ; Also see: Physics Law 230, (aroma, fragrance, odor, perfume, redolence, savor, smell) ... ;

(Silver, Red, Blue), also see: Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ;

Soil; 5_elements.SOIL; Also see: 5_elements_in_your_life; minerals inside of the soil provides Protein, and other bio-molecules (Optics: photosynthesis: CO2, New Tissue, O2, Sunlight, Water, ... ) ... ;

(propagation, spread, transmission);

Structural Equilibrium Of Light;

Structural Equilibrium of Light in ACT3;

structural thermal optical performance (calculating temperature, modeling structural deformation, tracing ray) ... ;

(multilayer, sublayer);



( 643nm + + ) e.g. 643nm to be connected with Teleportation;

( 571nm + + ) e.g. 571nm to be connected with Teleportation;

( 498nm + + ) e.g. 498nm to be connected with Teleportation;

( 402nm + + ) e.g. 402nm to be connected with Teleportation;

108x15 dimensional; Also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan; Teleportation;

tensor     tensor     tensor ; tensor, analog object (array of component, function of coordinate) Mathematics, e.g. gravitational field is symmetric tensor (spin-one (photon), spin-two (graviton)) ... ;

t G T S U;

henkan Transformation, (change, changed, changing, changes) appearance (at a mapped location, in a form, of a marker's reference) ... ;

(propagation, spread, transmission);

((ichijiku Uniaxial), (nijiku Biaxial), (sanjiku Triaxial));


yoko Transverse, (across something, crossways, crosswise, extending across something, situated across something) ... ;



((ichijiku Uniaxial), (nijiku Biaxial), (sanjiku Triaxial));

UV light; e.g.

( UV light, UV light, UV light, UV light) ... ;


( variable, DEE, pattern) ... ;

vector; vectors;


(column of air, exact fraction of (fixed interval's) length, string's vibration) ... ;

three-dimensional volumetric (e.g. titration); two-dimensional frequencies (e.g. screen) ... ;

( drawing, image, painting, photograph, picture, Virtual Reality ( VR, VR, VR)) ... ;


hamen Wave front, time (in the same way), 1 ZCS, points, surface, wave, ... ; e.g. (polarization, wave front);

hacho Wavelength, (EM wave, heat wave, iroColourWaveForm wave, light wave, sound wave) successive (dots, points, spots) in Distance ... ;

Moon-Light-Wave; Moon-Light-Wave; Moon-Light-Wave; Moon-Light-Wave;

W C G     W C G     W C G;     W C G, Wide Color Gamut; Also see: iro LED; 6wComputer;

w G T S U;

doko WHERE the extra variable (s) 1,2,3, ... ;


Also see: x Computer;


x-ray fluorescence image (nickel hyper accumulator) : Calcium As Red; Nickel As Green; Potassium As Blue; Remark: material extracts; R&D Energy;

Z-precession, (change, changed, changing) in orientation of the rotational axis X ... ;
Y-precession, (change, changed, changing) in orientation of the rotational axis X ... ;
X-precession, (change, changed, changing) in orientation of the rotational axis X ... ;

(bunshi Numerator, bunbo Denominator), e.g. Number above the line in a common fraction / Number below the line in a common fraction, another example would be: bunsu Fraction of (2/3) can be using for 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index, ... ;


Also see: y Computer;

((reversed yellowish variation, yellowish variation) known stratified medium, unknown stratified medium) ... ;
((reversed yellowish variation, yellowish variation) random population of strata) ... ;


Z-precession, (change, changed, changing) in orientation of the rotational axis X ... ;
Y-precession, (change, changed, changing) in orientation of the rotational axis X ... ;
X-precession, (change, changed, changing) in orientation of the rotational axis X ... ;



Also see: z Computer;

Protein Wrapper ( ZCS Chiral Off, ZCS Chiral On) : Coupling As Domain Walls (magnetic (Co, Cobalt) 1nm-thick, magnetic (Pt, Platinum) 5nm-thick) strip, kuru kuru WHILE fetching current (e.g. (milliampere ( mA)), (nanoampere ( nA))) into the "coupled domain wall," (unlike magnetic exchange interaction ((aligned parallel (a.k.a. ferromagnetic), (anti-parallel (a.k.a. anti-ferromagnetic)))), ZCS chiral (Chiral , organic molecules have 1+ chiral centers, doko WHERE 4 diff groups are attached with 1 carbon atom) somehow indicates magnetic force microscopy image (cascading in nm, full adder gate) whether "Blue Color" is in the same direction as the current, or "Blue Color" is 180 degree opposite direction of the current (e.g. (milliampere ( mA)), (nanoampere ( nA))); Remark: 2565; 2021; Model ZCS (Zero Curvature Surface) based COVID-19 indicator (using only optical glass ZCS and its ZCS _holes) doesn't use neither magnet nor metal; Also see: Magnet; optical indicator (nano medical product) to COVID-19; Walls;

I wrote: I've a quiz well trained kids! i.e. regarding (ZCS Chiral Off, ZCS Chiral On), if I apply 1 second momentum to the environment (e.g. bio-medical nano product (COVID-19 indicator), e.g. protein wrapper for preventing & protecting COVID-19 virus), HOW would the 4 green ones should perform? Remark: 2021/2565 Model, a new Japanese bio-medical nano product invention in 2021, e.g. an optical glass takes 5 minutes to indicate (defined RNA) whether COVID-19 negative or positive, without using pathological PCR test (PCR takes 1+ hour to indicate (defined RNA) whether COVID-19 negative or positive);

well trained kids! replied: ware ware We've already learnt 1 second momentum, so Top's 2 green ones should be stretching outward to the left and right sir;

I wrote: correct. Remark: don't forget THAT since we've On | Off, Boolean logic should be applied, And Then, of course, because of defeating COVID-19, we must be winners of the bio-medical war against COVID-19 pandemic worldwide; you can be a billionaire (10^9 US Dollar rich) if you patent your Protein Wrapper!! ... ; in 21st century and beyond, we've noticed, realized, and understood THAT very very big ones are on e.g. Gene Therapy System (for prolonging life expectancy to 300+ years to live), GPS Destinations (radio channels), Gravity Dimension Computers (e.g. NFC IoT), Manmade Global Weather (defined nation, defined region), Protein Wrappers (immunological), Solar Power Hybrid Automotives (fetching ZCS to energetic batteries, structural automotive body to be elevated), Time Gained Clones (e.g. 98+ years old Shakya King is 22+ years old looks alike), ... ; Also see: Protein;

(zenno Omnipotent, henzai Omnipresent, omuni Of all things) ... ;

zero Curvature ... ;


Z-precession, (change, changed, changing) in orientation of the rotational axis X ... ;
Y-precession, (change, changed, changing) in orientation of the rotational axis X ... ;
X-precession, (change, changed, changing) in orientation of the rotational axis X ... ;

in 2020, while living in Modesto, California, USA, this logical algorithm is invented; Also see: Optical computing recovery algorithm;