; ; ; ; Updated in 2565 : on 2022 : 3 : 30 : Network Topology; Approx. 47+topologies available to read;

Schematic Symbol Remark
3,4 dimensional bio Physics Cell; Also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan;

Naturally Exist Cracks In Blue;

Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 273, HOW to avoid earthquakes;

Naturally Green Ones Because Of Salt;

DEE ten dimensions i.e. this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space ... ; Our Shakya universe ... ; e.g.DEE1; DEE2; DEE3; DEE4; DEE5; DEE6; DEE7; DEE8; DEE9; DEE10; DEE11; DEE12; 10 dimensional DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) topology; Solar Sail Method ;
Heavenly Wheel Topology, for imaginary hyper space crafts; 20 water drops for middle path ; IFF specific, also see IC28 in 3,4 dimensional to TP5 to 1㈰ Sun, Using 2 clocks ... ; 
 * * * * * Monbusho level  knowledge enhancement: topology must be developed;

For example: AB distance to N point distance in barcode scanner was designed/engineered/invented, so that bus topology to mesh topology can be understood; Nowadays, after year 2544, RFID scanners must be further developed ... for example, mesh topology with central outward / eccentric WAP can also be further developed ... ; 

AI OS: IFF 1, < 50; G I I;

AI OS: IFF 2, < (2 * 50); N I I;

AI OS: IFF 3, > (2 * 50);


jushin Receive; Radical417;

24mm Natural Time bridge light rate a.k.a. < spectrum >;

doko WHERE Network Topology can be Using AND Research;

Using this DOMAIN device reduce design: SQRT2 and then with SQRT3;


soshin Send; Radical767;

Lo Shu Magic Square topology, doko WHERE any direction 's results 15 IFF addition method ( Directions) ... ;

In numerological dimension, LOSHU is 36183 and ( is its internal address ... ; Lo Shu 's magic square numbers e.g. ((492, 294), (357, 753), (816, 618), (438, 834), (951, 159), (276, 672), (456, 654), (258, 852)) can define levels e.g. (816, 618) as level 1, (357, 753) as level 2, (492, 294) as level 3; and then, any direction (e.g. fill) can be defined by Lo Shu 's magic square numbers ... ;

Magic Square topology; IFF addition method ( 15) i.e. any direction ... ; Originally invented by Lo Shu in 2005 B.C. (4000+ years ago) in China;

Also see: Nippon's 21st century invention (e.g. Sudoku), if any direction in ( X as row, Y as column) with variable numbers e.g. 9x9;

Grid topology, NOT GPS; After year 2000, grid architecture becomes popular; Synchronization must be understood thoroughly; approx. 1Mm/second, electricity lines are in common ... , IFF testing numerological dimension in Grid topology:          ;NOT GPS; 

_ WHEN device driver search, browse this DOMAIN 's product or its installed drive; 
_ computer's power supply to be links i.e. ..\\ACCESS\ via either ..\\(PC) link\ or ㈰link... ; 
_ so 1 step closer to light rate gravity dimension computer servers ... , also see: _TIP_; 

All nodes are static; IFF Smart grid (electricity lines OR contact-less a.k.a. non-contact) solar tree; 

IFF object (automotive) prevent automotive accident, by using AI ... ;

grid ... ; IFF current ... , also see: Electricity Power Plug; 

Parallel time topology for ACT1, ACT2, ACT3, ... in progress; But, parallel world existence is still too early in time; 

1 time machine in loop; IFF 2,3 dimensional, adjust 24mm, 12mm, 6mm, 3mm, ... with ; IFF 3,4 dimensional, adjust 24mm, 12mm, 6mm, 3mm, ... 5928 ; 

green network topology; 
blue network topology; 
Sudoku; e.g. ; Directions can be defined;
red network topology; 
yellow network topology; 
ACT3 topology for this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper dimensional spacecrafts in 3,4 dimensional ... ; 

H bridge alike topology, diff are H bridge is not Using 2 clocks, H topology is not IC28 specific TP5 to 1㈰Sun, ... ; 

artificial intelligence (Universal Position System) start ... ; specific spectrum as wireless antenna ... ; 

3,4 dimensional_ carbon nano wall, ... ; spore (C Sequence Number, BF) 5W1H ... ; hyper space craft's environment; 
2,3 dimensional_ carbon nano wall, ... ; spore (C Sequence Number, BF) 5W1H ... ; hyper space craft's environment; 
802 e.g. 802.3, 802.5, 802.11, ... ; ( is its internal address, regarding 802* ... ;
Distributed topology; Mostly use in global WLAN, WAN, Satellites, ... ; Also see: Distribution;
? ima nan desu ka? also see: Bluetooth; Wi-Fi; to know each other among people (e.g. Nama For Humanoid), to recognize among smart machines, WHAT time is it now? a.k.a. short distance networking ... ; surface in the Internet;
Bus topology; Terminators are commonly used at both ends; ohm/m configuration; 40+ years old technology; In common, Ethernet NIC cards are deployed to build LAN; 
2 possible WAP, Wireless Access Point topologies are Central outward wireless topology, and Eccentric WAP wireless  topology; a eccentric b g; b g eccentric n; n eccentric ... ; Distance based WAP topology; 
Fully distributed topology; Numbers of connection can be formulated (e.g. connection = (( N( N - 1)) / 2) ); Also see: D Number; 

volcanic eruption; to reduce volcanic eruption, IFF fully distributed topology (Also see: Network Topology), Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 256, String Connector (minus-the-node-number algorithm), e.g. 25 volcano (s)' minus-the-node-number algorithm would be: 300, 276, 253, 231, 210, ... ; since 2 is very very unique in many ways, sequence should be 2 sequences; then, Moon Wave ( string connector) can be realized (i.e. a part of UNIVERSAL LINEAR COLLIDER); And Then, believe it or not, this DOMAIN 's (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Manmade Global Weather) systems can reduce volcanic eruption (e.g., reduce volcanic eruption in Japan) ... ; Also see: v Character (volcanic eruption);

H topology; Commonly use in computer hardware engineering; Therefore, multiplexing began by deploying H topology 30+ years ago;

chizu Map; Radical714;

Manmade Global Weather hub node phone switch ;      
hub node phone switch

since 2018/2562, this DOMAIN has started ( Amber Alert, Amber Alert) Network Topology for each city ... ;

e.g. WHEN earthquake (exist, prompt) ... ;
e.g. WHEN tsunami (exist, prompt) ... ;

Mesh topology; 

Similar to Grid topology, but diff is core node is NOT static (i.e. dynamic); 
Similar to Star topology, but diff is variable core; 
Similar to Fully distributed topology, but diff is no brunching factor; 

i.e. before mesh, AB distance based barcode scanner was engineered/invented, and then mesh topology was engineered therefore N point distance based barcode scanner becomes available; 

In addition to mesh topological based barcode scanner, military global pin pointing technique can be further studied; 

_ IFF (automotive) prevent automotive accident, 27 using artificial intelligence; 

Ring topology; Directional and/or bidirectional; Similar to bus, but no terminator; 
Star topology; Commonly use in switching network with routing table; 
Tree topology; Also see: C Sequence Number; dB/m must be understood thoroughly because splitter configuration is necessary; Brunching factor should be the same between root and leave; For example: this DOMAIN 's cable diagram has been designed in dB/m;

2-branch tree; Radical144, also see: Radicals;

V P N, Virtual Private Network ( VPN) ... ;

estimate; quantity; weight; Radical831;

Bluetooth Tethering;
USB Tethering;
NFC4 , also see: Physics Law 137,  remote (chip, chipset, key) NFC, ... ;
2 ways in AB; Commonly known as full duplex; Commonly use in memory architecture; a.k.a. to and from ... ; 

_ IFF Ethernet, also see: RJ45; 
+ IFF Memory, also see: Multiplier; 

_ IFF Bluetooth , AB < 15m; 

_ IFF Radio, 15cm < triangulate GPS Spectrum < 15m; SPL; 
_ IFF Gravity, also see: Gravity Dimension Computers; ; 

+ IFF numerological dimension, 5 to-and-fro 5; artificial intelligence confirms WHO ... , prior 26 handshake with C R C; 

1 way only in AB; Commonly use in memory architecture; PUSH ONLY; READ ONLY; 

_ IFF cell a.k.a. a system number, also see: _TIP_; 

_ IFF APPLICATION, also see: Tab; 


e.g. both Fully distributed topology and Grid;

e.g. both Lo Shu and Sudoku, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 197, mapping our universes;

eight groups of 16 bit each (i.e. IPv6) ... ; Also see: Naturally Weather Log;

local standard time...; Also see: home group;

          cabinet  . container  . data base  . sheet  . column  . X  . cell ;
          cabinet  . container  . data base  . table  . column  . row  . field ;
          cabinet  . container  . data base  . sheet  . Y  . row  . cell ;
          cabinet  . container  . data base  . table  . column  . X  . field ;
          cabinet  . container  . data base  . sheet  . column  . row  . cell ;
          cabinet  . container  . data base  . table  . Y  . row  . field ;
          cabinet  . container  . data base  . sheet  . column  . X  . cell ;
          cabinet  . container  . data base  . table  . column  . row  . field ;
          cabinet  . container  . data base  . sheet  . Y  . row  . cell ;
          cabinet  . container  . data base  . table  . column  . X  . field ;


1st to understand Schematic Symbols; 2nd to understand dB/m OR ohm/m; 3rd to do self installation e.g. cable, net setup, ROUTER, ... ;

because of DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) in PHYSICS (DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) patterns are more likely to be similar to natural, on the other hand, DEE  (Dark Energy Engineering) can be structural (manmade) e.g. square, right triangle, ... ), Manmade Global Weather can be ... ;

( C D M A, G S M, H S P A, L T E) ... , also see: Network Topology; Wireless; Wireless Antenna;

contactless; contactless; contactless; contactless; Contactless;

For system analysts, network engineers, to test absolute path vs. relative path, Java scripts to embed inside of HTML code is available, also see: IP-;   ping   T T L;

_ IFF infrastructure ( mode) infrastructure mode; ; ...

_ IFF abnormal WORMHOLE ( plate OR surface) analyze 285 location;

_ IFF daisy chain, using artificial intelligence 26 analyze data on (log) form, fix business performance ... ;

For space biologists, also see: 2,3 dimensional_ carbon nano wall with spore for each environment; 3,4 dimensional_ carbon nano wall with spore for each environment; 5W1H (Spore, C Sequence Number) BF diff, for each UPS (i.e. Universal Positioning System) location;

centralized systems e.g. imaginary hyper space system in our universes (refer to both 2,3 dimensional, and 3,4 dimensional) ... ; there is only 1 Shakya King (similar to Country Code: 1 is USA, and with knowing many enemies exist ... ), also see: Swastika;

hikarifaiba Fiber optics     Fiber optics     Fiber optics     Fiber optics;

ima nan desu ka?
doko desu ka?

autonomous decentralized systems, e.g. IoT, Internet of Things; OEM;

NFC3; NFC2; NFC1; NFC, Near Field Communication;

2891 464195 . 2991573312965 . 171254 :
4 . 8 . 2 :
this DOMAIN . triangulation . system ;

IFF system designers, "half way through" beyond hops (TTL, Time To Live) would be question, And Then, "just beat it" would be answer; because, every network has question and answer (like Keywords), believe it not; this DOMAIN 's networking keywords would be: ima nan desu ka? (in English: What time is it now?) doko desu ka? (in English: Where is it?);

Lo Shu Magic Square topology, Sudoku, C Sequence Number (directional) Gene Therapy System, also see: Network Topology; Distribution (Iron), also see: Chemical Elements;

C Sequence Number (BF2), also see: Physics Law 1 ... ;


numerological Number ( 421895763, 319746582, 237654198, 165472839), for each ( Moon-Light-Wave, Moon-Light-Wave, Moon-Light-Wave, Moon-Light-Wave) in 3,4 dimensional (Anti-Earthquake), based on the Default_7_ones ... ; Also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan;


Primary Domain Controller (P D C) e.g. ( P D C, P D C, P D C, P D C, P D C) transaction, IFF SQRT2 : (local (10), remote (100), global (1000), ... ) ... ; Remark: for each transaction, 5 rounds of PDC Verification is truly durable, reliable, trust worthy, unbreakable RDBMS, ... ; Remark: universal (10000), yellowish variation (100000), and reversed yellowish (1000000) are this DOMAIN developer Ace Jaw's civil rights, copyright©, human rights, (Method, Procedure, Technique), Registration® Entries, trademark™, ... because banking systems, military systems, space systems,  ... are limited, restricted, top secrets, ... ;

( SNA, SNA, SNA, SNA, SNA, SNA, SNA), Systems Network Architecture ... ;

Time Zone, 1326462945 a.k.a. AUTOMOTIVE, address (e.g. ... ; for each Location, do Anti Virus ... ;

(Wireless, Network Topology) : Data usage e.g. ♯ MB; ♯ GB; ♯ TB; ... ;
(Wireless, Network Topology) : Data usage; Hotspot & tethering; Mobile network; Wi-Fi; ... ;
(Wireless, Network Topology) : Connected; Saved; ... ;
(Wireless, Network Topology) : Data Saver; Saved networks; Tethering; ... ;