My Imaginary Space, for thousands of years ... ;

2 moons are on the same orbit, that is WHY we human beings' eyes are ... ; On our earth, 2 times tidal waves are because of  ... ;

The one the only the sun, momentum of our earth, and 1 way DEE and BF2 (C Sequence Number's Brunching Factor 2), a.k.a. 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space, doko WHERE there is no yellow color (yellowish) variation, and heat and light are at the same space; Sun is gravity spot, and please do not create gravity spot bigger than the sun;

Constellation is very very very huge planet, and some moons (e.g. more than 108+) dwell to it; On the other side of constellation, moons are NOT tranquil (peaceful) orbital, so many collisions ... ; Because of constellation, we human beings cannot see our back; we human beings' spines are ... ; IFF night view of our earth, groups of stars are a.k.a. constellations; Day view of our earth is still classified info; another example would be: manmade global weather is also classified info HOW ... ; another example would be: gravity spots as surface in the Internet for (elevating, landing) automotives is also classified info HOW ... ), therefore, imaginary (dream, NOT real) ... ; Because, there is no joint venture for sure in space ... ;

There is a light, there might be water exists, but yellowish variation, and heat and light are NOT at the same space (i.e. doko WHERE defined space is not our earth); Distance is measured by yellowish variation in mm; heat and light are at the same space only in our earth and our earth is one of the moons;

Asteroid puller, Asteroid pusher, Ion Engine, Solar sail, P M E (Pressure Machine Engine), ... are designed by gravity spots, and combustion technology is NOT solution in space ... ;

Because of DEE (Dark Energy Engineering), gravity spot can be designed and engineered, and then multi gravity spots can do elevating, and then control for each gravity spot prompts directional ... ; Depending upon natural dimensional, natural directional, and natural structural, DEE patterns may vary e.g. our earth's DEE pattern (BF2 alike) is diff if compare to many other moons, therefore, the one the only the sun is unique to our human beings ... ; DEE kinetic energy (e.g. 1 way DEE) rate is in slow motion, IFF compare to moons' peaceful and tranquil orbital motions, therefore, DEE is reversely related to planets' motions; For basic understanding of HOW 1 way DEE characteristics, use video camera in slow motion, and then analysis of environment (e.g. iroLED, ... ) and naturally bloom some ... ;

DEE is faster than light (e.g. DEE modulation) ... ; DEE modulation with Gray Scale Simulation (e.g. in ACT2 stage space, e.g. in ACT3 stage space) is the highest technology WHICH can change Civilization Type ... ;

DEE rate is in slow motion (e.g. sunrise, e.g. naturally bloom, e.g. sunset) ... ;

Therefore, 2 kinds of DEE are: artificial DEE, and natural DEE; Regarding artificial DEE, e.g. DEE modulation (radio alike) is structural based, ... ; Regarding natural DEE, e.g. Even Time Horizontal DEE, 2 events of 90°, 180° lemniscates, ... are dimensional based (because of natural momentum of human beings livable moons) ... ; directional based and numerological based are designed by very very very high level knowledge people (very limited & restricted, e.g. 10 kids are not in school but they will lead the world, e.g. a few hours of teaching from a genuine math teacher to understand all about mathematics) and info are not in text books e.g. 123 to start a system, e.g. 5 is handshake alike in networking, e.g. (state through vs. stateless) Global Signal, ... ; 2 kinds of DEE are artificial DEE and natural DEE;

Many moons are with mountains, trees, water, ... (our earth alike, but except genuine human beings), and we human beings can live, but BLI (Body Length Index) problem exists, diff growth rate, ... ; Space medicine should be designed by HOW yellowish variations (IFF location is our earth, start with blue filter, green filter, ... ) cause growth rate ... ;

this DOMAIN developer's imaginary space e.g. in our Shakya universes, Yin and Yang alike coexistence, constellation as huge planet and many moons are in peaceful orbital (and dwell to it with diff DEE patterns), on the other hand, there is no moon and very dangerous non-orbital planets; because of the constellation planet, we human beings cannot see our back naturally; 2 moons are on the same orbit, therefore we human beings have 2 eyes and when 1 eye moves another eye moves into the same direction; because of 2 moons are on the same orbit, our earth has 2 times daily tidal wave; sun is gravity spot (dot), and approx. 7 gravity spots (dots) exist in our earth (Day), and 1 way DEE and BF2 is the one and only the sun; light (rainbow method) is not bended but stretched in its length in space; when water exists, there must be light also exist; volcano (s) on the constellation planet is known as stars (group of stars); there are many human livable moons exist, and 6 of them with mountains, plants, trees, water, ... are already owned by Rakhine (ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar); our earth has the least amount of air thickness if compare to human beings livable moons in our universes ... ; after BLI automatic adjustment is done, it is a time to immigrate to another planet ... ; multi universes mean a group of planets with moons are in peaceful orbital because of Buddha & Buddhism 's argha Holy Water ... ;

If you like to do true space system, start with how to make Home Made Gravity (a.k.a. green gravity), and then create gravity spot (dot) e.g. 1mm gravity spot (dot) can elevate 1g, e.g. 1cm gravity spot (dot) can elevate 1kg, e.g. 1 meter gravity spot (dot) can elevate ? and then apply multi gravity spots (dots) on a surface to prompt (to be functional) stability of space craft i.e. HOW you can build your own space crafts (e.g. Asteroid Puller, Asteroid Pusher, Ion Engine, Solar Sail, ... and none of them use neither combustion nor rocket, and all of them were launched/sent into our Shakya universes only on no MOON days because no moon day's the least gravity force (naturally) means space crafts (this DOMAIN developer's hee hee hee imaginary ... ) can be with the most powerful gravity spots (dots) to be elevating ... ), approx. 23+ years old info in 2016/2560;

Gravity Dimension Computer;

keywords: gravity spots on screen surface in the Internet; some people in our earth know HOW to spell exactly and then numerological, and then dimensional, and then directional, and then structural again as testing logical (e.g. my AI program is smarter than me, e.g. self finding Middle Path way of Triangulation System in the Internet, ... ) for future generations ... ; "flying automotives" may begin, and then all this DOMAIN developer will do is insert its contents as Idea Processor to be user (e.g. I plug my memory stick (USB drive) into my car's USB port to be ... );

  Even Time Horizontal DEE, doko WHERE one of the moons in our universes, and 1 object prompts 2 shadows naturally (e.g. 90°, 180°);

WHEN lights are kuru kuru, wormhole begins, and common methods are lens method (adjustable e.g. zoom in, zoom out), motor way (not variable), structural method (fixed nodes with defined strings), ... ; 2 kinds of wormholes are Artificial Wormhole, and Natural Wormhole; because of wormhole length can be defined, 2-side surface based computing can be ... (as of 2016, curvature 0, curvature Minus, curvature Plus, depth of surface, ... );

IC28 (number 28 is one of the holy numbers in Buddha & Buddhism, also see: Numbers in Dhamma), Moon Wave (for Synchronization among human beings livable moons), SPL (Sound Pressure Level), ... are Schematic Symbols for each imaginary hyper space craft (e.g. Automotive) of this DOMAIN in our Shakya universes (also see: Swastika) ... ;

17 is a factor to be (2*5), (2*6), (2*7), and please do not change the SQRT2 design model 's numbers of floating points ... ; Because, number 2 is coexistence and very very important, and very very unique in many ways, ... ;

Many moons mean (expression, vision) ways beyond 108+ ... , if compare to solar system, defined by <10; Because of moons' peaceful and tranquil orbits (e.g. 2 events of 90°, (2*6) dimensional eclipses, 180° a.k.a. tangent lines), lives (in Buddhism, 31 is the number for realms of beings for thousands of years, and WHEN transmitting metta in 10 dimension, Shakya a.k.a. all directions is referred to the number 31) began long long time ago;

If you like to start your own space program, start with LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights, and then try to understand DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) ... ;

3,4 dimensional space ... ; doko WHERE 4PP (4 Planet Prediction), BF3 (C Sequence Number's Brunching Factor 3), Origin of Sound, Parallel Energy, .... "lighting our universe" project may begin; IFF Shakya Universes (also see: Swastika), many planets collisions exist on the other side of constellation, and our universe is doko WHERE many moons dwell to constellation with tranquil (peaceful) orbital, therefore, if moons exist with tranquil (peaceful) orbital, there might be lives (life form) ... ; Those life forms (lives) are somehow related to Number in Dhamma;


any direction number 15 i.e. Lo Shu Number;

(14 (a.k.a. 2 * 7) dimension, and 12 (a.k.a. 2 * 6) dimension are reserved for you (next generation Monbusho elites, reader, user, ... ), if you like to develop true space systems),

number 10 is very important religious number WHILE transmitting metta in Buddhism, a.k.a. up Jun, basic dimension system may begin in 10 dimension (copyrighted by this DOMAIN, intellectual property of this DOMAIN), ... ;

number 9 is very important IFF numerological, Sudoku algorithm, ... ;

number 8 is important WHILE calculating eccentric circles, wheel based directions, ... ; Homological_Homotopic events may vary among moons ... ;

number 7 is a part of (5,6,7), (10,7,10) is a part of 108 configuration, ... ;

number 6 is a part of (5,6,7);

number 5 is a part of (5,6,7), networking handshake, ... ;

number 4 is basic square; 4PP (4 Planet Prediction) i.e. very very very far away in distance 's retrospectively view to our earth ... ;

number 3 and 2 are very important for computing, e.g. (SQRT2, SQRT3), as Natural Brunching Factor of C Sequence Number, logical (e.g. AI a.k.a. Artificial Intelligence), ... ; number 1 is very important e.g. i = i + 1 (increase method), e.g. i = i - 1 (decrease method), a part of (0,1) binary; IFF duo-binary development, HOW binary system (0,1) and numerological system (1~9, not 1~9 means default zero) can be together ... ;

(23 lunar weeks, or 32 JUN time period) i.e. to be 1, and to be fully grown approx. 20 years a.k.a. mid Jun, and this DOMAIN developer still cannot solve many unknown concept, idea, knowledge e.g. regarding we human beings WHY 2 ears (e.g. (3,2,3), 180°, also see: lemniscates in Schematic Symbols), WHY nails (natural curvature), WHY teeth with jaw bone, WHY skull (e.g. 3 holes), WHY eye lashes, ... ; DEE, gravity, heat, light, momentum, sound, ... must be thoroughly understood, space must be thoroughly understood (e.g. naturally water flow from upper to lower on our earth, but not on some moons; because of Natural Water Elevator trees can be on top of mountains (2 aqua frames with yellowish variation must be understood thoroughly to design Natural Water Elevator)), and then future Monbusho elites might be solving current (2016/2560) unknown concept, idea, knowledge, ... ;

number 0 is a part of (0,1) binary, none of 1 ~ 9 IFF numerological, default, .... ; also see: Numerological0;