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metre; meter gauge; rice; Radical156;

Instrument for measuring; Also see: Device Acronym; mks, Unit; Distance in ♯m; ... ;

optical sensor (3D, ambient, proximity, silicon photo multiplier, spectrometer, Time-of-Flight) ... ; Also see: Optics;

instrument Name



1 MV field emission electron microscope Biometric study of bio-molecules' structure and function Beyond nano, pico biometric development; Also see: CREST by JST;
Ammeter Pico ampere available at 10fA resolution [Physics Today; Vol. 59; No. 4; 2006]
Camera, Digital Image capturing
Camera, Optical Image capturing
Camera, X-ray Digital Digital radiography for medical imaging; Also see: Canon; Fuji Photo Film's CR computed radiography; After taking X-ray for a few seconds, display prompts images; Also see: GOS;
Cell injector Cell injector v.2 is 200 times faster, compare to manual micro injection; Adherent cell by Petri-dish-holder, 35mm; Suspended cell by perforated-silicon-chip; [www.fujitsu.com/us/news/pr/bsg_20060629 .html]
Closed cycle cryostat Open cycle Joule Thompson circuit performs 1.7K closed cycle at low heat; X-ray diffraction; Neutron scattering; Static helium gas exchange component without optical; [Physics Today; Vol. 59; No. 4; 2006]
Delay Generator Output resolution of laser triggers; In 2006, pico second delay resolution is available; www.thinkSRS.com;
Digital Stethoscope Amplification up to 50x; Electronic Diaphragm; iPod recordable rhythm; MP3 and EMR file formats storage; No ambient noise; Signal clear/clarity; Timing indicator of heart cycles; Price < 200 USD / device; [www.thinklabsmedical.com/ppoffer; Physicians Practice, Nov., 2006]


 DNA Sequencer: Capillary Array DNA sequencing Biometrics; Also see: Hitachi;
DNA Sequencer: Fluorescent DNA sequencing Biometrics; Also see: Hitachi's Kambara ;
DNA Sequencer: Slab Gel DNA sequencing Biometrics; Also see: Hitachi;
Gravity wave detector First to understand: Clock; Ratio; [Parallel Worlds; Michio Kaku; 2004]
Holography electron microscope AB effect to be closed; Vector potential existence causes electron goes through with or without electromagnetic field. Also see: Hitachi's Tonomura; Accordance with quantum theory, electron's wave characteristic and particle characteristic can be observed.
Infrared Scanner Scan (e.g. dot, line, block, ro, ... ) on a surface;

Infrared scanner behaves converter alike;

analog <infrared scanner> digital;

digital <infrared scanner> analog;

Interferometer Space telescope, using light; Similar to metamaterial WHICH uses light to filter lights ... ; Space craft's planet Finder device; Also read: Pg. 139, PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, MICHIO KAKU, 2008;
Laser altimeter Mapping measurement of surface cliff, crater, and plain; Meter in SI linear dimension; [THE SUN; Baltimore SUN newspaper; July 18, 2004]; Orbiter machine;
Magnetometer less than 1 · 10-8 emu sensitivity available; Speed, temperature control, versatility; [Physics Today; Vol. 59; No. 4; 2006]
Mercury Sphygmomanometer a.k.a. Cuff; Blood pressure; USA MYANMAR NET recommends to use dual system, both electronics blood pressure meter and manual mercurial blood pressure device; [ADC; www.adctoday.com; 2006]; 99.9999% liquid metal pure elemental Hg < 2 oz. ;
Micro-metallizer Without plating solutions, can define gold, nickle, palladium, rhodium, silver, tin, zinc, ... ; [2007; www.hunterproducts.com]
Multi-channel-meter Multiple parameters analyzer; RS232; RS485; PCI interface; Windows NT compatible; ADC/TAC/TOF multi-scaling; 16bit; [www.fastcomtec.com; physics today; July 2006]
Multi-meter Multipurpose basic DC V, AC V, DC A, and Ω; Also see: Multi-tester;
Multi-tester Multipurpose basic DC V, AC V, DC A, and Ω; Also see: Multi-meter;
Nano-biochip Analyzing protein in holes on glass-coated silicon by electronic microscope photo; [SX World, NEC;]
Nitrogen cryostat 56K ~ 300K operational temperature; Temperature unit; [Physics Today; Vol. 59; No. 4; 2006]
Optical waveform monitor Also known as Optical sampling oscilloscope; Oscillating of variable particles fibers may cause different unwanted patterns as result. Thus before using this *scope, type of particle must be defined precisely first; [http://www.fujitsu.com/global/news/pr/ archives/month/2005/20050121-01.html]
Oscilloscope Oscillating of atom is used to measure digital time period; Oscillating of electron is used to measure electrical/electronic devices electrical flows in pattern;

In 2007, mixed signal enable oscilloscopes can perform 100 MHz  ~ 10 GHz among analog channels, and digital channels;

In 2007, beyond electron,

analog measurement as: 2 ~ 4 analog channels, 100 MHz ~ 1 GHz; 100K+ waveforms; vector signal analysis;

digital measurement as: 16 ~ 32 digital channels; dynamic FPGA probe; mixed signals; pattern signals;

serial measurement as: serial bus decoding; triggering CAN, I2C, LIN, SPI, ... for USB;

Orthiconoscope WHEN electrons in lower velocity scan mosaic  photo emissive; Iconoscope; Tube in TV; Camera in tube; WEBSTER'S ENCYCLOPEDIC UNABRIDGED DICTIONARY; RHR PRESS;
Pedometer Portable; Light weight; Compact size i.e. 5cm X 3cm X 1cm; For counting steps; Est. retailed cost = 20 USD / device; For controlling and preventing diabetes; Recommended Avg. 3000 steps ~ 10,000 steps;
Potentiometer Variable voltage along with serial A/D converter to LCD; A.k.a resistive sensor; [PIC Microcontroller Project Book; McGraw Hill; 2004]
Q-scope Electro-chemistry; Nano-lithography; Materials science imaging; www.ambiostech.com; 2006;
Qubit fluorometer Invitrogen protein assay kit; DNA; RNA; Genetics engineering; www.invitrogen.com; 2007;
Radiometer Transformation of radiant energy to mechanical energy; Expose to light, an axis revolves; Old tech, but ... ;
Siborg Smart Tweezer, LCR Meter As small as 0.3mm, ultra low energy, multi tester alike; Also see: Starter Kit;


Gamma ray spectrometer Measurement in mineral composite of surface [THE SUN; Baltimore SUN newspaper; July 18, 2004]; Orbiter machine;
Infrared spectrometer Measurement in mineral composite of surface [THE SUN; Baltimore SUN newspaper; July 18, 2004]; Orbiter machine;
Mass spectrometer To do proteome analysis; Signal mutation for PMD;

Also see: http://www.nec.co.jp/press/en/0502/2101.html

[Biometric; SX World; NEC; ]
Mass spectrometer: SELDI-TOF-MS Mass spectrometer: Surface Enhanced Laser De-sorption / Ionization - Time Of Flight - Mass Spectrometer; Also see: m/z ratio; [Contemporary OB/GYN; Vol.50; September 15, 2005]
MCA, Multi-channel analyzer Data channel; File management; Information acquisition; 2 TTL coincidence/anti-coincidence gates; [Physics Today; Vol. 59; No. 4; 2006]
Scintillation spectrophotometry Biometric; Counting micro beta liquid scintillation;
Spectroscopic ellipsometer FUV ~ NIR refraction indexes; Depolarization and anisotropy; Very thin layer's thickness; Growth rate; Composition; [Physics Today; Vol. 59; No. 4; 2006]
Spectrophotometer To measure wavelengths in nm; For biometrics measuring, also see: Biometric Measurement; [Physics Demystified; Stan Gibilisco; McGraw-Hill; 2002]
Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry Matrix assisted laser desorption / ionization; TOF SIMS, Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry; [www.canon.com/technology /future/04.html]

X ray spectrometer

Measurement in mineral composite of surface; JAXA's usage: XRS which can measure spectrum of celestial objects;

X-ray detector; X-ray preamplifier; Up to 1.2 Watts low power system by USB or RS232 connectors;

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy can investigate TiO2, Pd Ag TiO2 nanocrystaline, which is better than ferro-electronics technology;

[THE SUN; Baltimore SUN newspaper; July 18, 2004]; Orbiter machine; [Physics Today; Vol. 59; No. 4; 2006]

Speedometer AND Clinometer Also see: Biometric nama prediction; Factors are azimuth, clockwise/counter-clockwise, left/right, up/down slopes, and ... ;
TEM, Transmission Electron Microscope Also see: TEM, Transmission Electron Microscope & SEM, Scanning Electron Microscope; [www.canon.com/technology/ future/04.html]
Thermometer Digital fever thermometer, electronics;

Manual fever thermometer, liquid Hg;


Dual scale °C, Celsius AND °F, Fahrenheit;

Thermal Imaging Camera
, also see: OEM (camera) ... ;
Tilt-meter Biaxial tilt-meter can measure high precision position and movement; Can test for antennae, beam lines, building foundations, machineries, structural frames, telescopes, ... ; [www.geomechanics.com; physics today; July 2006]; RS232, RS485; Analog V; mA; ±80 Operating Temp;
USB Bus Analyzer USB 1.1, USB 2.0 protocol analyzing and optimizing; [2007; www.saelig.com]
USB2 Fiber Interferometer FP laser; DFB laser; InGaAs laser photo diodes; [NanoMagnetics Instruments; www.nanomagnetics-inst.com; physics today; July 2006]
Video capsule endoscope Real-time digital bio-imaging, run-time digital bio-imaging; Device's V; [N ENGL J MED 351;5; Pg. 492]; Biometrics;
Voltmeter Nano voltage available to read;

[Physics Today; Vol. 59; No. 4; 2006]