; ; ; ; Updated in 2565 : on 2021 : 7 : 16 : Fusion ;

, creating more microbiological ( Antiviral Antibody,  Antiviral Antibody, Antiviral Antibody) pathological lives artificially e.g. ( ColdFusionAntiviral1, ColdFusionAntiviral2, ColdFusionAntiviral3) ... ; Also see: DEE; Physics Law 169;

, creating more energy naturally, e.g. fusion reaction, from 1   milli W to 1 kilo W naturally, WHICH means 2,3 dimensional internal dynamics of ... ; like the Sun's solar, getting slowly hotter, getting slowly lighter, by year after year i.e. 2 * 6 in numerological dimension;

1. visible   light i.e. form of radiation, ... ;

2. radio wave, form of radiation, ... ;

3. gravity wave e.g. DEE as sense, lights vary WHEN gravity is applied, doko WHERE light exists DEE also exists, ... ; Remark: do not forget syntax vs. semantic logic here, because WHEN light exists DEE also co-exists, similar to coexistence ( , ), but doko WHERE (e.g. south bound of our universes) DEE exists, light might not exist (think that ACT3 imaginary hyper space wall); Our universe (with peaceful & tranquil human beings livable moons) might be a place doko WHERE DEE are naturally coming from ... ;

partition; wall; Radical381;

Polysilicone     Polysilicone     Polysilicone (e.g. Poly-Silicone-15, Poly-Silicone-11, Poly-silicone, ... ), a.k.a. Sunscreen (solar panel), made of material from human beings livable moons' imported Solar System Material; As of 2565 in 2021, China is the Solar System (Electricity) supplier nation, already designed, already functional, already manufactured, already modeled, ... and, China becomes unique powerful nation in our earth, surpassing G7 nations, G20 nations, ... , and still maintaining our earth's peaceful & tranquil diplomatic solution (not colonizing any nation yet, as of 2565 in 2021), regarding "our earth" ... ; this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper spacecrafts are supplying China's demand (Solar System Material) ... ; As of 2565 in 2021, all nations' nuclear related ones have been mapped already by ( GPS), and China maintains our earth's peaceful & tranquil diplomatic solutions e.g. (not colonizing any nation yet, as of 2565 in 2021), regarding "our earth" ... ; Remark: human beings livable moons' natural resources are valuable ... ; beyond 1980s modeled CdS light sensor and material engineering (absorbing UVB radiation, approx. 310nm); Remember, Gravity Machines (without combustion) are elevated and dispatched on no moon days, since 1990s approx. at the same time as "Zombie" Machine designing time period; because of solar panel (Fusion), solar power automotive (car, bus, drone, flight, ship, train, truck, van, ... ), solar power home, solar power imaginary hyper spacecraft (solar power animaloid, solar power humanoid, solar power insectoid), solar power plant, solar power satellite, solar power space station, ... ; Gravity Dimension Computer ( Polysilicone, Polysilicone, Polysilicone), also see: Electricity Power Plug; Fusion; GPS; 1pComputer; Satellite;

wall; wall tile; Radical54;

4. Numbers _ in _ Dhamma (e.g. 4 Novel Truth; Dhamma a.k.a. Dharma);

Also see: Artificial Intelligence;
Also see: Gene Therapy System;
Also see: Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization;

5. 5 elements in your life, IFF 2 is syntax alike, And Then, 3 should be semantics alike, so numerically more numbers means more energy a.k.a. big numbers;

Think that WHEN concerning gold as metal a.k.a. material, WHEN superconducting, magnetic or nonmagnetic; IFF nonmagnetic material, think paramagnetic or diamagnetic; IFF diamagnetic, think water alike;

Think that WHEN concerning water and fire, WHERE fire as heat vs. light, visible water becomes invisibility ... ;

Think fusion, among soil and wood, WHICH magnet or nonmagnetic, creating a new atom by WHAT fusion ... ;

5W1H (by heating gas emits light, lowering temperature of substance becomes superconductor, material conducts electricity, metal melts at specific temperature) dynamic of atom, fusion ... ;

6. six surfaces are together a.k.a. DEE box, DEE cube, DEE dice, ... ; (2*6) momentum (Time), Z-index (Space), Z-Distribution (Action); Remark: 1st to start with edges; 2nd to research & develop 2 sided, 2 ZCS (s), walls, ... ; 3rd to research & develop DEE box in Z-index As Computing (also see: Cloud) ... ;

rekishi History; Radical995;

DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) has been approx. 28+ years old (as of 2018/2562), and it has been with "slow-down-time" period on screens (e.g. NCS (Negative Curvature Surface) based, e.g. PCS (Positive Curvature Surface) based, e.g. ZCS (Zero Curvature Surface) based), and, because of DEE, this DOMAIN has started its Manmade Global Weather ( service) i.e. to do good weather conditions globally ... ;

Donut alike, "lord of the ring", with EM (electromagnetic), fusion ... ;

Electricity, also see: Electricity Power Plug;

Fusion 27 Laser, also see: National Ignition Facility ... ; Smart ... ; power ... ;

Fuel Cell Vehicle, also see: automotives; hydrogen;

Gamma ray, burst, radiation period from seconds to minutes, then disappear, fusion ... ;

Gene Fusion, also see: Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ; Protein; ( Rh factor, Rh factor, Rh factor) ... ;

Gravity Harvest Power Antenna, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement #144;

half second,

(   blue gravity,    green gravity,    olive gravity,    red gravity,    yellow gravity) particles ... ; Gravity Dimension Computer;

IFF distance ( < 3,4 dimensional space) within 2,3 dimensional space, AND power is needed 26 ion engine, do unfold Solar Sail;

IFF distance ( > 2,3 dimensional space) AND out of (Gray Scale Simulation) space, do fold Solar Sail; Using 26 adjust time lines ... ;

IFF 3,4 dimensional and worm holes are parallel to each other, NOT fusion ... ;

IFF very small amount of EM controls very huge torque inside transmission a.k.a. gear box, one of the high tech automotive technologies, EM fusion ... ;

IFF very small size of power supply delivers very huge amounts of power, one of the Nanotechnologies, fusion ... ;

In THE MODERN DICTIONARY, published by Sa Pay Hin Lay Oh Gyi 1996, fusion is defined as melting together, a fusing, a blending, union, ... ;

Notice that "a blending" means lights in nm are union ... ;

In the Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language Deluxe Edition, published by Random House 2001, fusion is defined as the act of fusing, the process of fusing, the state of being fused, ... ;

Notice that "being fused" means heat exists within the connected lines, but continuous ... ;

this DOMAIN is still cannot define heat vs. light explicitly yet, because still not having detail specification of HOW 2,3 dimensional vs. 3,4 dimensional ... ;

iroColourWaveForm, because lights vary WHEN gravity is applied ... ; iroColour by fusion ... ; IFF naturally, day time blue lights in the sky, northern green lights, purple lights by half moon and sun in evening, sun set orange lights at sea, ... ;

Nuclear power vs. Fusion: nuclear power splits atoms apart, on the other hand, smashing atoms together causes a creation of new atoms, fusion ... ;

One of the most difficult engineering techniques, fusion ... ;

on human beings livable moons, rocks' density, trees' density, ... may vary depending upon human beings livable moons' sizes ... , and as of 2020/2564, BLI (Body Length Index) problems still exist, in addition, suingu Swing-by Gravity Time vs. 2,3 dimensional Solar System (Red), if compare to very very far away outward of (Solar System) our universe (Green), and HOW Fusion of lights accordance with universal equilibrium is still unknown, and the most advance (Algorithm, Method, Procedure, Technique) would be 1 way DEE and its variable DEE patterns i.e. as of 2020/2564, ... , also see: PHYSICS;

Power plant by fusion, IFF 1 mega W is generated, 1000 homes can be powered;

Proton-Proton fusion: very difficult to process because uncertain programming must calculate time lines as time, uncertain programming must calculate the particle's uncertain location as space, uncertain programming must extract energy as action; Also read: Pg. 161, PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, MICHIO KAKU, 2008;

Solar reflectors, focusing onto 1 location, fusion ... ;

Snake in motion alike, heat sensing, one of the remote sensing techniques, fusion ... ;

Swimming pool under the sun, at the bottom floor, DEE in motion, fusion ... ; 2,3 dimensional gray lights; IFF ACT2, or ACT3, also see: gray scale simulator;

Transferring properties of 1 atom to another, also see: teleportation 2535769212965 ... ;

Triangle alike, fusion ... , also see: DEE;

Uranium-235, using power, to release X-rays, burst, standard fission bomb, X-ray strikes onto Lithium Deuteride in container, heat, explosion, burst, refocus onto 2nd Lithium Deuteride, larger explosion, IFF a stack of Lithium Deuteride, a hydrogen bomb; 30,000+ such bombs, existed in the Cold War, around the globe, in 20th century; In 21st century, humanoids are dependable ... , all nuclear bombs and all hydrogen bombs must be destroyed unconditionally ... , also see: Nama for humanoid ... ;

Using lasers, like solar reflectors focus onto 1 location, fusion ... ;

variable lights with control, i.e. lights in fusion ... ; e.g. 2009USA_California_DisneyLandResort3, and some other files under \\Personal\Photo\ can be windows' background opaque wall papers, lights in fusion style ... ; Notice that in motion, WHEN heat is off, variable lights are in fusion style ... ;

WHILE laser fusion, injecting material into ... , also see: Nuclear power vs. Fusion;

Yourself, do directional LED, fusion ... ;

Yourself, do solar power to be kinetic energy, fusion ... ; Solar powered toys are already available nowadays;

also see: 3pComputer; 9wComputer; HOW world plugs ... ;