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Remark: I've done many mistakes in my life, (because of beings a (bastard ones, child swapped ones, war survival ones)), so my apologies to you, and our earth is not simple like WHAT I think ... ; Also see: Anti Virus ;

error; fault; mistake; Radical207;

Review date online vs. offline Error: also see: Error; Fix error at online Internet;


Offline stand alone also had the error Fix error at offline stand alone
Sept.8, 22 404 design changed from Time .Space \ unmanned . aerial . vehicle \ to Time . Space \ U A V \ Yes No Yes
06/20/2021 cannot browse in the Internet

Internal Server Error; www . America Myanmar .net was unable to browse in the Internet for a few minutes;

Remark: after a phone called to its ISP, And Then, uploaded 6 index files into the ISP Server, error was solved; Keyword: resource ... ;

yes no yes
2021 Dec. 20 The current directory is invalid. time period limitation should be longer than 10 minutes; no no no
2021 Nov. 16 Photo Album

corrected from absolute path to related path as < i m g border="0"src= "../../Domain/Manmade Global Weather/humanoid%20Argha.gif" width="32" height="32"> ;

was <i m g border="0" s r c="file:///C:/Domain/Manmade Global Weather/humanoid%20Argha.gif" width="32" height="32"> ;

yes yes yes

;remark: NOT linked by AI OS 's Global Characters;

; IFF logic error, NOT {TRUE}
                                                            and then
                                                                                            fix logic error=123456789Ⓞ〩〩;
                                                                                            ɟ♯ᅍ            O=123456789Ⓞ〩〩;
syntax error, AND Type
                                                            and then
                                                                                            fix syntax error=123456789Ⓞ〩〩;
                                                                                            ɟ♯ᅍ               O=123456789Ⓞ〩〩;
semantics error, OR Font
                                                            and then
                                                                                            fix semantics error=123456789Ⓞ〩〩;
                                                                                            ɟ♯ᅍ                      O=123456789Ⓞ〩〩;

ELSE IF mistake a.k.a. Error, GO TO: X HTML; Automatic FIX;


ELSE ...

Also see: Error;