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artificial intelligence, with operator, relational algebra, command, ... ; location (database) with cell path ... ;

Data Base Administrator ,    
          D B A ;  
      56353 . 123 index ;    
      133511 . 123 data base ;  
          ADF   ;
  DIAG ; DIA0 ; EMNC ; GEN0 ; IPC0
;   LCK ; LMD ; LMHB ; LMON ;
; MMON ;   OCFn ; OFSD ; Onnn ;
PING ; PMON ;   Pnnn ; PRnn ; PSP0
; QMnn ; Qnnn ;   RBAL ; RCBG ;
RECO ; RM ; RMSn ;   RP nn ; RSMN
; SAnn ; SCMN ; SMCO ;   SMON ;
Snnn ; TT ; VKRM ; VKTM ;    
  ADR ; PGA ; SGA ;      
CRM ; DW ; ERP ; HCM ;    

AI Keyword e.g. ACCESS; AGGREGATE; all; alter; amt; and; APPEND; array; Array; ARRAY; as; ASE; at; auto; a v g; begin; BEGIN; Bin; build; bulk; Bulk; Business; by; By; BY; byte; call; Category; cell; char; child; CHILD; City; close; Cloud; Code; c o l; collect; column; commit; Commit; COMMIT; complete; Complete; connect; constraint; Constraint; count; COUNT; Country; c p u; create; current; cursor; c u s t; d; data; DATE; DB♯; d b m s; DBMS; declare; DECLARE; decode; deferrable; deferred; department; dept; Dim; disk; drop; dropped; Eclipse; ed; EDI; elapse; employee; end; END; enterprise; ERROR; E x a; e x e c; Execute; exit; explain; External; Fact; fetch; Fetch; flat files; for; FOR; format; found; from; FROM; FULL; gather; Graph; Had o o p; host; HTML; IBM; id; Id; ID; Image; immediate; in; IN; index; Index; INDEX; ing; initial; insert; i n t; integrity; inter; into; IO; is; Java; key; Latitude; level; limit; LIMIT; line; logging; Longitude; loop; LOOP; l y; many; Map; meta; Microsoft; modify; my; My; name; Name; NAME; net; no; No; not; null; number; object; OBJECT; of; old; OOXML; on; only; open; Operation; or; Oracle; order; ORDER; Organization; output; pad; parent; PARENT; Parse; PDF; Percentile; physical; P L; port; Power; primary; procedure; process; Product; put; Put; query; record; reference; rename; replace; report; return; Revenue; row; Row; ROW; RTF; s; salary; sale; save; saving; scan; Scan; SCAN; select; SELECT; Server; Service; set; SET; Size; Slice; smart; Smart; so; Solaris; SORT; space; S P A R C; s q l; SQL; SQL DBs; s t a t; STAT; State; statistic; STATEMENT; storage; Store; Studio; SUB; SUB S T R; success; Sun; Sybase; table; Table; TABLE; the; tip; to; Tool; total; trace; transaction; type; TYPE; UP; update; UPDATE; user; value; VALUE; v a r; Vary; violate; Visual; when; where; WHERE; Word; work; XBRL; XML; ...