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In 1996, digital fax AND copier, AR/F/FR multi-function, introduced by Sharp;

Bcc:, Backup cc, commonly use in e-mail systems;

CC, Carbon Copy; If hardcopy, several sheets of paper must exist; In common: 2 ~ 5 sheets;

CC, Carbon Copy; If softcopy, recipient(s) mail box address(es) must exist; In common: 1 ~ N e-mail addresses;

CC, Chemical Carbonless; Several sheets of paper, chemically made of; Faster processing time period compare to use of carbon sheet; Usage: 2-ply; 3-ply; ... ;

cc a.k.a. cubic centimetre;

copy file by beam document, in 2007, common method among handheld computers, to do so, PDA abc must prompt to send, pocket PC xyz must prompt to receive, those 2 handheld computers must be line up, therefore, the 2 handheld computers' IR ports are facing each other in a short distance. And then, focus on a file to be copied in abc, tap Tools >> File >> Beam Document. At this stage, xyz will prompt the file to be kept YES or NO, and then choose YES to store. Copying file by beam document is done, therefore, xyz computer has the file previously copied.   IFF copying files by beam document does not work, and then use of USB cable.

Hardcopy: document must exist in paper;

OC, Original Copy;

Softcopy: document only exists along with essential file system, software and hardware;