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reversed (engineering, method, model, procedure, technique), also see: Physics Law 183 ... ;

naturally rechargeable battery; , also see: Physics Law 179 ... ;

(Eccentric _circle way, square way), also see: PHYSICS, law eighty six, jinko chino DEE Box ... ;

Inside hardware: whenever triggering ((forward, forwarded, forwarding), (reverse, reversed, reversing)) loops, cycling strings, ... , complexity regions occur;

Inside software: whenever calling recursive functions, whenever testing counters, ... , complexity regions occur;

To understand WHAT is complexity region (either circle way or square way), and HOW to logically analyze ... ; Symbols are used to represent human beings' acceptable logic, conceptual decision, flowcharts, knowledge based idea, ... ; Tactical representation of 3-to-1 reasoning, to ease virtual abstract understanding to readers; Also see: Processor;

And then, WHEN must be logically do ... ;

Notice that at@ time t, 3 complexity regions exist, and then WHICH way ... ;

After understanding 5W1H of complexity regions and then time to do modeling; After understanding modeling, and then to do prototyping, simulation, and testing; After understanding the ACT1, and then time to do Chinese language learning; And then ACT2, 3, ... ; Also see: larger the brunches, ... ;

IFF office, the following numbers prompt complexity regions, in ACT1:











ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN numerological dimension file 56353.123;also see: Numerical values in numerology;   IFF commands by *.bat, also see: 123.bat;

_ IFF ImaginaryGUI, also see: (math) complex number ;

For Monbusho level future scientists: create your own complexity regions analysis, and then apply linear, vector [i.e. FSVM, ... ], numbers [i.e. A, B, C, D, ..., Z, AA, AB, ... ], topologies, ... , and then wonder the beautiful art of scientific mathematics, time, accomplishments, ... ;

7 complexity regions exist inside this DOMAIN 's #4 and #3, i.e. shareaccess;

BASIC.HTML reduces uncountable complexity regions to countable complexity regions ... ;

... ;