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ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN

6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index ( zcs Black) i.e. one of the ( NCS, PCS, ZCS) surfaces based computing HOW this DOMAIN 's compiler should be world's the most (advance, advanced, advancing) method, procedure, technique, ... ; Remark: 108x108;

Also see: 4fComputer;
Also see: 1pComputer;
Also see: 2vComputer;
Also see: 1vComputer;

;XHTML=DataDictionary ;

IFF Idea Processor ( Radical, Radical, Radical), also see: Radicals;

Numerological dimension has been defined by DataDictionary, for testing XHTML;

Keywords inside XHTML will help computers;

Since 1995, HTML code can be compiled (keyed in, key in, keying in) by text editor, *HTML should also be functional via AI OS;

;DataDictionary=XHTML ;

舰㠂आ蘪虈෷܁ꀂʂ〩ʂȥā1ରआ蘪虈෷܁ꀁʂ 」ʂ〉Ƃꁶȃ ȁဂꛑё栻꼍Ꝍ軐퓱ꅹरԆหȃԝㄘ〖ؔ唃ഓ摁業楮瑳慲潴ひᜠ」〹ㄲ㄰㐷〱娲༘ㄲ㤰㄰㜱㜱ㄴ㈰ずㄘ〖ؔ唃̄ഓ摁業楮瑳慲潴ひ龁ര आ蘪虈෷āԁ̀趁要脂沥ꀟ☟贊囇囬乿넵髇쯶㨃麙蛸蔜솙踠㰳㾡⊦潎쯮O밍ギ怆啸푍黟䔂揀䋉織녙ꦂ䨘氶��띍謄ᅍ埭ꅭ擺혛��臨缸᠏��偏熂ഥ䂮♯紏ࡷ袝ᔢⓄ姠攜֣̂ꌁずじؕ唃┝คర ث Ё舁਷Ѓ㐰ᵕБꀫة⬊Ć Ą㞂Ȕꀃఛ䄙浤湩獩牴瑡牯啀䅓奍乁䅍R ̆ᵕГ。 ̎ᴂ 脃ꊉ煌듼ﺎ⟲捦胎ᶧ쀘䵯䪠ꮱ㵸㑠钨㖃須춹ꄆꥉ諓㽑䀰˅ꜭ貕賄㔲㿄旐츧䠔ɟ큻์癸뽣娜릫惧뼤宬桦㷒ʐ㮉섮祑ȝ㬢椖娘ᖅϩ왱㉷Ȣ⹴1