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In 2005, used engine oil can be reversed chemical engineered to become gasoline [NHK news]; Also see: Ion's spiral path direction; Materials; Plasma cluster technology by Sharp;


A-Si, Amorphous Silicon, TFT fabrication;

AlN, Aluminum Nitride, HEMT;

Al-Cu vs. Cu;

AlGaAs, 850 nm conventional VCSEL at 25Gb/s;

ArF, Argon Fluoride; Immersion lithography, [www.nec.co.jp/press/en/0606/2003.html];

BaTiO3, nanocrystals' functional catalytic,  [w3.chula.ac.th/research/en/congra/Piyasan.pdf; 2006];

C6H12O6, glucose, also see: extracting electron and hydrogen by enzymatic oxidation inside of bio battery to produce 50mW; [http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/News/Press/200708/07-074E/ ; 2007] ;

C60, CNT, cabon nanotube;

CeO2, nanocrystals' functional catalytic, Chemical + Electronics + Materials, [w3.chula.ac.th/research/en/congra/Piyasan.pdf; 2006];

CS, Cadmium Sulfide, photocell for light sensor ;   CdS, Cadmium Sulfide, approx. 100K ohms in dark room environment, approx. 10K ohms in ambient light, approx. 500 ohms in normal room with light;

FeGe; Also see: Magnet;

Fe2O3, nanocrystals' functional catalytic, [w3.chula.ac.th/research/en/congra/Piyasan.pdf; 2006];


GaAs, Gallium Arsenide, MESFET;

GaN, Gallium Nitride, HEMT;   GaN, substrates, FPC;

GeSbTe, Germanium Antimony Tellurium, To control accumulators, microcontrollers have been designed; Microcontroller's SOC MOS mem cell phase changes at 100 micro A and 1.5 V, by Dope O; [www.hitachi.com/New/cnews/051213.html]; V=IR, and HighR 1, LowR 0 via Tungsten BEC;

Hf, Hafnium, [www.nec.co.jp/press/en/0506/1601.html];

HfSiON, 50% Hf, [www.nec.co.jp/press/en/0606/2002.html]; HfSiON, High-k gate;

InGaAlAs, Indium Gallium Aluminum Arsenide, Aluminum based, operating temperature 0 °C ~ 80 °C, 40 km distance, no temperature control needed, 10Gbps, optical modulator related material, [www.hitachi.com/New/cnews/050714a.html];

Li-ion, Lithium Ion, battery; Also see: mAh;

LiCoO2 anodes, lithium-ion cells, commonly used battery cells, 10°C ~ 45°C operating temperature, 4.25V charging voltage; IF >4.25V, crystal lattice transformation occurs by LiCoO2's reversible reaction, >4.25V potential may destroy lattice;



Nb, Niobium, polymer solid electrolytic capacitor, NEC;

Ni3Si, pFET, [www.nec.co.jp/press/en/0606/2002.html]; Ni3Si 53%, PMOS;

Ni-Cd, Ni-Cad, Nickel Cadmium, battery;

NiMH, Nickel Metal Hydride, battery; Also see: mAh;

NiSi, nFET, [www.nec.co.jp/press/en/0606/2002.html]; NiSi 28%, NMOS;

No cadmium Cd   AND   no lead Pb   AND   no mercury Hg; Also see: ORB;


p-Si, poly Silicon, TFT fiabrication;

PZT, Lead zirconate titanate, 82 40 22 , [www.nec.co.jp/press/en/0602/2101.html];

Si, Silicon, fundamental nanophotonics;


SiC, Silicon Carbide, HEMT;

SiGeHBT, silicon germanium transistor, 5GHz wireless, [www.nec.co.jp/press/en/0207/1502.html];

SiN, Silicon Nitride; Stress test to a gate; Electron & hole's stress; Also see: STI;


SiOCH, [www.nec.co.jp/press/en/0606/2001.html];

Te-O-Pd, Tellurium Sub-oxide palladium doped, 4 layered CD, panasonic, 2006;

TiO2, nanocrystals' functional catalytic, [w3.chula.ac.th/research/en/congra/Piyasan.pdf; 2006]; Also see: O2 sensor;   TiO2 to Pd Ag TiO2; Also see: X ray spectrometer, [w3.chula.ac.th/research/en/congra/joongjai.pdf; 2006];

ZrO2, nanocrystals' functional catalytic, [w3.chula.ac.th/research/en/congra/Piyasan.pdf; 2006];