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Also see: iroLED;

2564; 02/24/2021; (W I O (a.k.a. Wattage Input Output); Tool; Switch; S V M (a.k.a. Support Vector Machine); Sensor; Self IE (a.k.a. Self Internet Explorer); Power bank; Classifier; Cable; Board; Battery (a.k.a. Batteries); Actuator) specification, model, design, ... ; Also see: Automotive;

number ( in a series ) ; Radical534 ;


26 ( ( 2 , 13 ) , ( 0
, 26 ) ) serial cable ;      
- wide area only ;          
8 ( 2 , 4 ) straight through cable ;
            - color pin ;
      - white - brown - brown ;
      - white - green - blue ;
      - white - blue - green ;
      - white - orange - orange ;
switch to PC server ;          
switch to router ;            
multiple repeater mean s hub ;        
8 ( 2 , 4 ) roll over cable ;
            - color pin ;
always blue , always flat ;        
one side is RJ45 , other side is DB9  
( adapter cable ) to USB 2 ;    
console port only ;            
console mean s no routing , no switching ;  


8 ( 2 , 4 ) cross over cable ;
            - color pin ;
      - white - brown - brown ;
      - white - orange - blue ;
      - white - blue - orange ;
      - white - green - green ;

straight through cable:

- pin order is left to right;
- white-orange-orange (1st pair);
- white-green-blue (2nd pair);
- white-blue-green (3rd pair);
- white-brown-brown (4th pair);
- two ends must have same the same order to be straight through cable;
- if NOT having the same order (two ends), then it is called crossover cable;
- good for routing & switching;
- switch to router (straight through cable);

rollover cable:

- rollover cable is blue (RJ45, DB9 RS232);
- DB9 to USB2 if USB connectivity;
- using for configuration, maintenance, and trouble shooting only;
- WHICH means no routing, no switching;
- console port only, regarding rollover cable;

crossover cable:

- white-green-green (1st pair);
- white-orange-blue (2nd pair);
- white-blue-orange (3rd pair);
- white-brown-brown (4th pair);
- good for routing & switching;
- since two ends are in different order, therefore, it cannot be straight through, so called crossover cable;

Remark: 4 kinds of cables are crossover cable, rollover cable, serial cable, and straight through cable, and the cable (networking) information is lectured by Mr. Naing Kyaw, Ithaca High School (New York), Bachelor's of Business Administration (BBA), Master of Information System / Management (MIS/M), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA, 2019); completed CCNP training; Naing (Nigel) Kyaw has been a faculty of Touro College (a non-profit organization, http://nyscas.touro.edu ) in New York, USA, for 8 years already, as of 2018/2562; he has been very busy with fully booked students and his own lab equipments, regarding computer, English, math, ... ; "quiet a little port" would be a phrase (keywords), and "responsible with IT" would be an answer ... ;

if you like to test cable, using # hashing (pound sign) to do :

- debug mode; debug ;
- show mode; show ;
- privilege exec mode; privilege exec ;
- global configuration mode; global config ;
- interface mode; interface ;

Also see: Mode;

smart class home ;      
synchronization frame ;          
( green and silver ) 4 ;
class percentage e.g.          
  silver   green          
          yellow i.e. RJ45 ;
  orange   red         ;
    home % e.g.      
      green   silver      
      red   blue     ;
wall out let smart e.g.      
        red or   green ;
        smart   e.g.    
        silver   gray ;  
box i.e.   yellow   silver ;  
3 green , red or green , half
second s ;   108 configuration ; line in use
e.g. pulse , tone , ... ;      

this DOMAIN smart class home (cable, Internet, phone, TV, ... ); If measurement, also see: JDSU; ATT; without dB.m measurement, instead, iroColour... matched frames, installed on 2/12/2013/2556; working very well e.g. browsers, dial tones, TVs, ... ;

More than 3+ years, this DOMAIN 's contents have been developed by Toshiba Satellite series computers; IFF Ethernet, one of the ways to the Internet, e.g. www;

satellite . this DOMAIN . net has been tested [IFF hyperspace, also see: 10710/tcp;10710/udp;], in 2553 a.k.a. in 2009, a part of parallel time development in ACT3 stage [also see: 1ms round trip time, but still need to develop in ns; ps;... ] such as 3,4 dimensional distance, gray scale simulation, light vs. heat, ... a.k.a. this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper dimensional ... , beyond maximum 4 to *88* [also see: "light rate" bridge], keywords Expand, Service, ... , must be understood; this DOMAIN local system parameter set as:

Description of service:iC4500
External Port number for this service:4500ⓄUDP
Internal Port number for this service:4500ⓄUDP;

Description of service:iC5353
External Port number for this service:5353ⓄUDP
Internal Port number for this service:5353ⓄUDP;

Description of service:LimeTCP3C0F422A4A
External Port number for this service:3770ⓄTCP
Internal Port number for this service:23292ⓄTCP;

Description of service:LimeUDP3C0F422A4A
External Port number for this service:3770ⓄUDP
Internal Port number for this service:23292ⓄUDP;

Description of service:uTorrent(TCP)
External Port number for this service:28891ⓄTCP
Internal Port number for this service:28890ⓄTCP;

Description of service:uTorrent(TCP)
External Port number for this service:28890ⓄTCP
Internal Port number for this service:28890ⓄTCP;

Description of service:uTorrent(UDP)
External Port number for this service:28891ⓄUDP
Internal Port number for this service:28890ⓄUDP;

Description of service:uTorrent(UDP)
External Port number for this service:28890ⓄUDP
Internal Port number for this service:28890ⓄUDP;

GPS time with 108mm wireless antenna, satellite . this DOMAIN . net xm in horizontal bands vs. vertical bands might cause -dB low noise problem; Remark: C28 or later version, this DOMAIN (drive _letter:)\Desktop\ "ready made directory" solves 232 by one of its own AI global characters;


3 types [also see: wireless; wireless antenna], such as global, regional, and local; 3 gravitational symbols in global, 5 horizontal milli bars in regional, and 5 eccentrics in local; Consider a Subnet Mask N.N.N.S as local where S is for subnet computer (s): notice that S number is between 1 ~ 254, and 0 is subnet address, 255 is broadcast address inside datagram; Consider a Default Gateway N1.N2.N3.N4 and a IPv4 Address N1.N2.N3.N5 as regional; Consider a IPv6 Address FEInternationalPhoneCode::DNSlmhost::: as global, where BEcomputer<>FEnumber::   therefore, things become easier to configure and remember ... ; Parallel time 2*7 vs. 2*5 development in ACT2 stage is still in progress, also see: 4PP + JUN = 6;

The following diagram is this DOMAIN 's connectivity, in 2007;


_ IFF above diagram, Blue color line represents remote antenna<15cm in distance;
_ IFF above diagram, Green color lines represent RJ45 Twisted pair CAT5 cables>10m in distance;
_ IFF above diagram, Maroon color lines represent coax 75 ohm CAT5 cables<10m in distance;
_ IFF above diagram, Navy color line represents USB cable<3m in distance;
_ IFF above diagram, Red color lines represent RJ45 twisted pair CAT5 cables<3m in distance;

this DOMAIN (Smart Active Cable) also see: Active X, Active Y;

ANT a.k.a. antenna;

Bridge network configuration: 1st to understand \\25580\netsetup, 2nd to predict 3holes-port, 5holes-port a.k.a. Sound Port WHICH means configuring a telephone pulse or tone [you may need a clean line telephone, without wireless, without AC power], 3rd to connect 2 MODEM s [high speed broadband MODEM s are recommended, 2 point distance must be understood], 4th to develop parameterized 25520, 10710, [108 configuration must be understood, because parallel time is still in a development, and ACT3 stage this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper dimensional spacecraft still cannot SYNC ... ;

CH a.k.a. channel;   community wireless system ... ;

DC a.k.a. direct current; Also see: Electricity Power Plug;

DC a.k.a. Directional Coupler;

  Digital optical cord 669 1 TV    
Digital Audio      
Digital Video      

_ IFF _TIP_/USB, also see: _TIP_;

_ IFF Cable/RJ45, also see: RJ45;

_ IFF Network Topology, use AI (e.g. WHAT type of ... );

_ IFF Cable OR Wireless;

_ IFF Display AND 108mm, also see: Wireless Antenna;

システム system (HDMI) HDMI cable, Using Green, Red, White, ... ; USB;

IFF white and yellow, also see: stereo;

IN a.k.a. input;

Mainline Branch, consider the above diagram, Notebook Computer 4 is SHARP notebook, a developer's stand alone computer which has been deployed as non Internet/Intranet computer, and Notebook Computer 3 is SONY notebook, a developer's Internet/Intranet connectivity computer via a gateway router for uploading contents, and Notebook Computer 4 has been stand alone, which means it has not been connected by neither wire nor wireless; After directories and files transferring via USB Flash Drive [one way only, also see: schematic, the most and the highest system security method for any developing domain], and after WRITE cd-r, dvd+r, SHARP notebook system i.e. 4 and SONY notebook system i.e. 3 know each other internally a.k.a. "Mainline Branch", therefore robotic crawler only know such number as Mainline Branch, and it is the most and the highest security to any system in developing/engineering/research, therefore in this system architecture, Notebook Computer 4 is Mainline Branch, Notebook Computer 3 is a Proxy "agent" to 4;

MHz, Mega Hertz, 1000000 s-1   a.k.a. Mc/s;

OUT a.k.a. output; also see: Router;

Outdoor: SAT DISC, Broadband cable, ... ;

SAT a.k.a. satellite;

distance based, either wire (e.g. cable) or wireless; both (wire and wireless) also see: tele;

TV a.k.a. Television; IFF Display / 108: IFF ĆOĆOĆO♯OĆOĆOĆOĆOĆO, also see: Anti Virus;

... 。