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Adapter, Bus, Cable, Connector, Keyboard, Mouse, Port, TIP, ... ;

Approx. 206+ entities are available to read;

Bus connector and port < |> Keyword to port number < |> Protocol and port < |> ... ;

countrystatecitythis DOMAIN i.e. directory e.g. Desktop . serial . unlock . device . ACCESS . Roaming . Identities ... ; Also see: Satellite; band; IoT; Weather; NFC; Wireless;

λ p, Abbreviation; Wavelength λ at peak emission;

1-Port Serial DB-9 Non-isolated; RJ45 to DB-9; Non-isolated converter; Serial; Wire; 1m, 2m, 3m;

1-Port Serial DB-9 Isolated; RJ-45 to DB-9; Isolated converter; Serial; Wire; 1m; AT, P C I;

1-Port Serial DB-25 Non-isolated; RJ-45 to DB-25; Non-isolated converter; Serial; Wire; 1m;

4-Port USB switch, in 2006 retail price < 30 USD;

6 GHz rectangular R F Coaxial connector, www.smkusa.com, 2007;

7 pin TV output jack; Microcomputer's 7 pin TV output jack works together with S-Video cable;

8-Port 10 / 100 Ethernet Switch, in 2006 retail price < 27 USD;

8-Port Serial DB-9 RS-232; SCSI-68 to 8-Port DB-9 RS-232; Serial; Wire; 1m;

8-Port Serial DB-9 RS-232; SCSI-68 to 8-Port DB-9 RS-485; Serial; Wire; 1m;

8-Port V P N, Virtual Private Network firewall, in 2006 retail price < 370 USD;

8-Port V P N, Virtual Private Network router with switch built-in, in 2006 retail price < 280 USD;

11 Pin, Serial IF and 4 bit parallel I / F; Memory Stick Micro with M2 Adapter can connect any Memory Stick formats;

16-Port Serial DB-9 RS-232 BB; SCSI-100 to 16-Port DB-9 B B (Break Box); Serial; Wire; 1m;

18 pin Z IF socket adapter, micro Engineering Labs' IC chip adapter, designed for EPIC programmers;

24-Port G bit switch, in 2006 retail price < 425 USD;

50 Pin Ribbon Female-female; www.ni.com;

68 Pin Ribbon;

100 Pin Ribbon;

1394; 9 pin male / female; Wire; 2m, 4.5m, ... ; Also see: FireWire;

1841 router, 2 WAN modular, in 2006 retail price < 900 USD;

active optical cables ... ;

After connectivity has been confirmed, protocol & port to be concerned; Analyzing topology, faster throughput result can be; R F C provides detail protocol specification, testing provides better engineering;

AP; Wi-Fi; 802.11n and 802.11s are not commonly available in 2005; No more installing cost; In 2004, W LAN can be classified into (P H Y (802.11b) (802.11a) (802.11g)) and (MAC (802.11f) (802.11e) (802.11i)); If a device's AP is multifunctional, WLAN Wi-Fi available with above 802* specifications, otherwise AP is product specific; Do not confuse between W LAN's AP and Windows' AP; P o E [Power over Ethernet] adapter is needed if AP connectivity over Ethernet cable Wireless to wire;

ATA; Cable; ATA 100, ATA 133, ATA 150 Translucent, ... ; S A T A, Serial ATA;

B G A technology ... ;

BNC; Coaxial cabling; Female: with one receptacle; Male: with one pin; Coax network is also known as 10base2;

Board to board, B G A socket system, also see: www.isipkg.com ; In 2008, 1dB bandwidth @ 9+GHz, 2000+ I / O count, pricing 0.02US$ per position per mated set, available by I S I;

board-AND-wire ... ;

board-to-board ... ; board-26-board ... ;

Break-Apart S VGA cable; Coaxial cabling for video devices; High Definition HD15 connector can become easily removable by installing (Break-Apart S-VGA cable (3 coax) (3  26AWG twisted pair) (2  26AWG conductor)); Also see: Tiger Direct .com;

C; Abbreviation; Connector;

C-Port; Assembly programmable; To build a C compiler, C-port must be used;

CAN-DS; Data Acquisition; DS = Dual Speed; ISO 11519 and 11898; P X I data acquisition availability;

CAN-HS; Data Acquisition; HS = High Speed; DB9; ISO 11898; P X I data acquisition availability;

CAN-LS; Data Acquisition; LS = Low Speed; DB9; ISO 11519;  P X I data acquisition availability;

card edge ... ;

CAT; Wire cabling; Ethernet; Category 5, 5e, 6, ... ; In 2004, Cat5(100MHz), Cat5e(350MHz), Cat6(500MHz);

Caulking; Connecting; Hitachi's usage: connecting firm connection between deformation differences among materials; Also see: hole electrode in L S I s;

Coax RG59 Composite; Coaxial cabling; F-type, 75 Ohm, low loss copper clad, foam dielectric; Connection among cable boxes, VCR, TVs, F-type video sources, and ... ; 22AWG;

Coax, F l u o r o r e s i n Dielectric; Coaxial cabling; In 2004, http://www.mcausa.com/fiber/frame/fibframe8.html; Also see old cables: thin-coax, thick-coax;

CPU fan connector; System's cooling temperature; Heat sink and CPU cooling fan are essential especially in microcomputers; Also see: X III in Schematic Symbols;

C x Bus; Backplane interface; Cisco 7000 series contains such Extended Bus; A part of Cisco's SP development based on Motorola's RP development;

Daisy chain, a bus architecture; In 2005, NEC's A M B is built by a daisy chain architecture;

DB9; Serial; 9 pin; Also see: RS 232;

DB25; Parallel data; Female: with 25 receptacles; Male: with 25 pins; Also see: RS 485; In 2004, Parallel I / O card can directly connect between P C I bus and DB25 parallel; Also see: www.tigerdirect.com; micro Engineering's EPIC "P I C chip microcontrollers" can interoperate parallel <> serial <> USB;

DC, Directional Coupler; Also see: 2 way coax cable splitter;

Device Net; Optical Networking Testing; 500 V; Optical isolated physical layer;

DFP Port; Direct Connection; Digital Flat Panel Port does not require analog to digital conversion between flat-panel monitor and computer;

DIN; PC data connections; Female: with 5 receptacles; Male: with 5 pins; Germany’s Deutsch I n d u s t r i e Norm;

D M PORT a.k.a. DIGITAL MEDIA PORT; Usage D M PORT is originally from SONY (d t s Digital Surround; DOLBY DIGITAL PRO LOGIC II; S- F O R C e PRO F R O n T S U R R O U n D; s-m a s T e r Digital Amplifier; HDMI) ... in 2010;

driver ... ;

Dual Port; RAM's gate array macro, embedded array macro; NEC defines precisely and clearly in its LSI gate array and LSI embedded array: difference between dual port and 2 port is [dual port = 1 Read / Write + 1 Read / Write] and [2 port is 1 Write + 1 Read];

D V I; Display cabling; 2~5m; (D V I - D) (D V I - I) (Female) (Male) (HD15); Apple D V I to S-video adapter; D V I adapter, in 2006 retail price < 20 USD;

E1; CAT5 twisted pair; G P I B - E N E T / 100 to Ethernet Hub; Wire; 1m, 5m, 10m; Europe standard to T1; 2 Mbps;

E3; Europe standard to T3; 34 Mbps;

E4; CAT5 twisted pair; G P I B - E N E T  / 100 crossover to computer; Wire; 1m, 5m, 10m;

E5; CAT5 twisted pair; Shielded; G P I B - E N E T / 100 to Ethernet Hub; Wire; 1m, 5m, 10m;

E C P; High speed and bi-directional communication; Microsoft and Hewlett Packard developed Enhanced Capabilities Port (E C P) for communicating high speed between computer and printer / scanner bi-directionally; part of IEEE1284 standard;


Electricity Power Plug (EPP);

E P P; High speed and bi-directional communication; Enhanced Parallel Port (E P P); IEEE1284 standard; high speed and bi-directional (e.g. ) parallel port; more than 1 Mbps throughput (typical parallel port can transfer less than 300 Kbps);

ESP; High speed; Enhanced Serial Port (E S P); high speed Universal Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter (U A R T) circuit; up to 921.6 Kbps; ESP is not Universal Synchronous Receiver / Transmitter (U S R T);

Ethernet; Bus Interface; 10baseT (10Mbps); 100baseTx (100Mbps), Gigabit Ethernet (1Gbps)Ethernet 232; Ethernet 485;

F; Abbreviation; Female;

F C - A P C connector, used by USB2 Fiber Interferometer; In 2006, up to 12 Mbps USB2; Low noise I n G a A s photo diodes deployment;

FIR Port; Short distance wireless communication;

FireWire; 1394a, 1394b, ... ; In 2004, I / O Flex PCMCIA card can connect among ((P C I) (FireWire / IEEE1394) (PCMCIA) (USB2)); (FireWire (6 pin FireWire 1394a) (9 pin FireWire 1394b)); 2~3 m; 100 / 200 / 400Mbps;

FireWire 800 P C I; Connecting between P C I and FireWire; 1394b;

FireWire hub, 2 FireWire ports, MAC mini <> PC notebooks, 6-port USB 2, in 2006 retail price < 30 USD;

Flash PC Card, one of the connectors; In 2007, Cisco router's hardware interfaces as connectors are 10 Base T  RJ45 Ethernet Category5 connector, Console connector, Flash PC Card, RS232 15pin Ethernet Category5 connector, Serial connector, ... ;

flex ... ;

FM transmitter, i P o d media only, in 2006 retail price < 30 USD;

F P C: Double sided, Multi-layered, Single sided, ... ;

G Wireless P C I adapter; 802.11 compatible; a, b, g, ... ; In 2004, (G (54Mbps) (108Mbps) (125Mbps)); Can be either wireless access point OR adapter; Also see: AP;

G Wireless Dual Band P C I adapter; 802.11 compatible; The term and usage "Dual Band" has been used for 900 OR 1800 MHz wireless communication;

G1; Internal adapter wire; Internal ribbon; Sun-3, Sun-4 to G P I B; Terminator = shielded chassis mounted G P I B receptacle; Wire; 229mm;

G P I B; Ethernet; IEEE488.2; 100baseTx, 10baseT; P X I single slot; 1.5 MB / s; General Purpose Interface Bus;

HD15; HD15 Y port; HD15 P b port; HD15 Pr port; HD15 Male; HD15 Female;

HDMI 19-pin standard connector;

システム system (HDMI) cable ... ; USB;

(white pin, red pin) audio, And Then, yellow must be for video (e.g. HDMI);

high speed backplane ... ; high speed coplanar ... ; high speed I/O ... ; high speed mezzanine ... ; high speed orthogonal ... ;

However, after year 2000, bandwidth independent is the solution, i.e. movie online;

HS488; G P I B; 7.7 MB / s;

H T S, High Temperature Superconducting; Cable;

I / O pin; Hardware testing; Regardless of whether PCB or MCM, chip's I / O pin must be tested by placing shift registers; However, Supply voltage V becomes lower and lower [In 2005, 1.2V], pin count becomes larger and larger [In 2005, 900 pins], ... ;

Icc; Abbreviation; Current (dissipation);

If testing hardware AND software, 1st to separate V potentials [because WHEN connecting to GND, IFF in serial mode TRUE stage; WHEN connecting to single V potential NOT plural here , IFF in serial mode INVERTED stage], 2nd to constraint socket adapters, 3rd to vary components, so that causes 4th to note / remark / log idea, ... , 5th to step up from testing stage to developing stage, ... ;

In an era between PCB and F P C ... ; Common Time . Space . Actions: solder-less breadboard for testing and prototyping; breadboard isometric vector-less drawing and testing; Hardwiring, schematic drawing onto PCB, and then vector testing; In year 2000 ~, technology & engineering is between PCB and F P C ... ;

Interface Kit e.g. 30-pin Apple i Pod connector, also see: automotive audio system;

i P o d, photo + pod cast + video + audio + music + TV shows + 60GB storage to hold 15K songs + thin & light + portable + bright color LCD display , in 2006 retail price < 280 USD; Apple;

iro Colour ;

ISA; PnP serial controller; AT 232; AT 485;

IX Bus; External bus; High-end system packet data; Also see: Level One / Intel;

J; Abbreviation; Jack;

Keyboard, a standard I / O, a computer's peripheral; To replace punch cards and its batch processing, keyboard was invented, therefore WHEN a batch file is being executed, Ctrl + C command can cancel the batch file' i.e. *.bat processing. In the era of non-GUI, mouse wasn't necessary, as a result of research and development, a mouse deploys hi-GUI implement,  in late 1980s; In 2000s, wireless keyboards are available with vendor's wireless device driver technology, in addition, wireless voice microphones are also available with vendor's wireless device driver technology;

L P C, Low Pin Count, Bus connectivity to / from LVDS interface;

M; Abbreviation; Male;

M2 Adapter, connecting between Memory Stick Micro and other previous Memory Sticks; Also see: 11 pin;

Micro K V M; Multiple / Single I / O connection; In 2004, by using Micro K V M cable connector, 2 computers can be controlled by using 1 keyboard, 1 PS / 2 mouse, and 1 VGA cable; Also see: Tiger Direct .com; 2m, 3m, 5m, D V I Dual Link K V M cables are available;

M M C; Mobile high speed data transmission; Digital card; In 2004, Samsung's M M C provides the fastest 20MB / sec READ, 15MB / sec WRITE at 1.8 V OR 3.3 V with 52 MHz clock; M M C supports x1 bus width, x4 bus width, x8 bus width;

Mouse: PS2 mouse, and Serial mouse were common mouse in 1990s; Optical mouse, USB mouse, and USB2 wireless mouse are common in 2000s; Since year 2000, especially in notebooks, in common, a peripheral mouse has been replaced by pointing pad / device; Wireless mouse is plug and play design, therefore no device driver needed, and wireless handshakes between USB "stick" and physical mouse can be done by hitting physical buttons of USB "stick" and physical mouse; Mouse I / O has been known as serial I / O for years ... compare to keyboard I / O which has been commonly known as standard I / O, <s t d i o>, STD, ... ;

MP3 Adapter; Cable connection; MP3 Adapter cable can connect among 3.5mm male / female audio / stereo input / output, dual channel I / r RCA audio / video, MP3, PC video, PC DVD players, and ... ;

Multi Time Lines Port;

Multi-use Terminal Cable (audio, power-supply connector, USB out, video) ... ; Also see: SONY DSC-H70; s Software;

N Male; Interface connector; Mitsubishi; Also see: S M A Male; T N C Male;

Nano metal inked fine line film; Measured in volume resist i v i t y while conducting Ω . cm;

NB1; 50 pin; Wire; 1m, 2m;

NB5; PCI-DIO-96; 100 pin; Wire; 1m, 2m;

O C; Interface; O C bandwidths: OC3(155Mbps = 84*T1) ; OC12(622Mbps); OC48(2.5Gbps); OC192(10Gbps); OC768(40Gbps); O C#c where c stands for clear channel;

Optical circulator; Optical Fiber Laser Isolator: L M A fiber, MM fiber, PM fiber, SM fiber, ... connectivity; Broadband fiber optics connectivity; Also see: www . o f r .com;

Optical Fiber Transmitter; Data transmission; Sharp, 2004 [13Mb / s at V c c 4.75~5.25V, I cc 13mA Max, λ p 660nm(visible range spectrum by human), Pc -21 dB m Min., tj 1 ns, Top r -20~+70 C]; DVD's data AND AV amplifier's signal can be transmitted as optical fiber, and the transmitted data in burst mode can be engineered accordance with system designer's m u x spec;

P; Abbreviation; Pin;

Parallel, IBM PC, Male-male; 25 pin male D-Sub to 25 pin male D-Sub; GPIB-1284CT; Wire; 1m, 2m;

Pc; Abbreviation; Power output (optical fiber connecting);

P C I; PnP serial controller; P C I 232; P C I 485; Also see: P C I SCSI; Dual Port;

P C I SIG; Bus; In 2005, www.pcisig.com introduces high speed P C I, so called P C I X 2.0 p c i -specification, and 30+ times faster than P C I; Also see: M T S; Dual Port; P C I SIG is supported by AMD, ATI, BROAD COM, HP, IBM, Intel, LSI Logic, Microsoft, NVIDIA, ... ;

PCMCIA; No AC-DC adapter requirement; PnP serial controller; Some vendors produce PCMCIA-USB connectors; In 2002, Type I, II, and III are available; Card bus; In 2002, 16 bit, or 32 bit; PXI single slot connectivity; PCMCIA 232; PCMCIA 485;

PCMCIA 1-Port DB-9; Serial; Wire; 0.3m; PCMCIA 1 port to 9 pin;

PCMCIA 4-Port DB-9; Serial; Wire; 1m; PCMCIA 4 ports to PCMCIA male;

PCMCIA GRIP; 25 pin latch to shielded G P I B; Wire; 1m, 2m, 4m;

power cables ... ;

power connectors ... ;

Pre-N W LAN wireless router, Cable and / or DSL, in 2006 retail price < 90 USD; Also see: AP;

P X I; PnP serial controller; P X I 842 RS 232; P X I 842 RS 485;

R; Abbreviation; Receptacle;

R6868 Ribbon Digital I / O; 68 pin; Analog / Digital; Wire; 1m;

RCA; Audio, video; Female: with one receptacle; Male: with one pin;

R E N; Abbreviation; Ringer Equivalence Number; i.e. 4 R E N per RJ 45 port [R E N is not a computing unit];

Repeater: When a signal attenuates, at certain point of location, the signal's strength is needed to boost, therefore, signal value continues, ... ; Also see: S / N, Noise, Nominal attenuation, ... ;

RJ; Abbreviation; Registered Jack;

RJ11; Telephone line cabling; RJ 11 Couples has 2 RJ 11 connector / converter;

RJ45; N I C ’s U T P, S T P cabling; If EMI is high, use S T P; Ethernet; Twisted pair with RJ11, RJ45 Connectors mostly use l i n e 1. Power,   line 2. Ground,  line 3. Transmit Tx, and  line  6. Receive Rx.; Also see: 1394, FireWire; U T P, Un shield Twisted Pair; S T P, Shield Twisted Pair; CAT5; CAT6;

RJ 45 Cat 5, category 5, e type, molded, patch cable to handshake in W LAN, 14 ft, in 2006 retail price < 11 USD;

RJ45 1 2 3 RJ45
CAT♯ WHERE variableMc/s;
1 twisted; pair; 1
2   2
3 twisted; pair; 3
6   6
4 twisted; pair; 4
5   5
7 twisted; pair; 7
8   8
 ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN

Also see: RJ11; RJ45; ... ;

RS; Abbreviation; Recommended Standard / Electrical Industries Association;

RS1, IBM PC, Male-female; 9 pin female D-Sub to 25 pin male D-Sub; GPIB-232CV-A / GPIB-232CT-A; Wire; 1m;

RS2 Female-female; 9 pin female D-Sub to 9 pin female D-Sub; GPIB-485CT-A to AT-485 / 2; Wire; 1m, 2m, 4m;

RS 232; Serial; Pin number – 2, 4, 8, and 16 are mostly used; R T S / CTS handshake; P X I single slot connectivity; DB9 is RS232 standard; Note: National Instrument (n i .com) provides 2000 V isolation at pin 2 and 4;

RS-232; 9 pin female to 9 pin female; Serial; Wire; 1m, 2m, 4m; Null modem;

RS-232; 9 pin female to 25 pin male; Serial; Wire; 1m;

RS-232; D T E - D C E, Male-female; 9 pin female D-Sub to 9 pin male D-Sub; D T E to D C E; Serial; Wire; 1m, 2m, 4m;

RS 485; Serial; Pin number – 2, 4, and 8 are mostly used; R T S / CTS handshake; P X I single slot connectivity; Note: National Instrument (n i .com) provides 2000 V isolation at pin 2 and 4;

RS-485 Female-female; 9 pin female D-Sub to 9 pin female D-Sub; Serial; Wire; 1m, 2m, 4m;

R T S I Bus; Wire; 2, 3, 4, 5 board; 3 FireWire;

S; Abbreviation; Socket;

S-Video Cable; Cabling; Y cable extension possible; Audio / Video; In common, 75 ohm, and 6~100 ft in length; Super-Video; Better than composite video; Basically, it contains 2 signals: one for chrominance, another for luminance;

S2; Internal adapter wire; Internal ribbon; to GPIB-1044-2 P2; Terminator = shielded chassis mounted G P I B receptacle; Wire; 508mm;

S10 D T E - D C E; 9 pin female D-Sub D T E to 9 pin male D-Sub D C E; GPIB-232CV / CT-A; Wire; 1m, 2m, 4m;

SCSI; SCSI device – SCSI bus connections; ANSI standard; RAID implementation; (((P C I) (SCSI)) (((Internal) (External)) ((50pin 32bit) (68pin 32bit Ultra Wide))) );

S C X I - x x x x;

S D I O, expansion slot used in pocket PC, in 2007 4GB;

Serial Null Modem, IBM PC, Female-female; 9 pin female D-Sub to 9 pin female D-Sub; GPIB-232CV-A / 232CT-A; Wire; 1m, 2m, 4m;

Serial port connector; Serial data; Female: with 9 receptacles; Male: with 9 pins; Standard: RS 232 C; RS 422 (Macintosh); RS 423; RS 449;

Serial port connector; Serial data; Female: with 15 receptacles; Male: with 15 pins; Standard: RS 232 C; RS 422 (Macintosh); RS 423; RS 449;

S F P, optical transceiver;

SH6850; Shielded 68 pin to 50 pin; Analog; Wire; 1m, 2m;

Shielded I / O; Wire; 1m, 2m; Shielded SH68-68-EP;

S M A; Interface connector; S M A Male; Mitsubishi; Also see: N Male; T N C Male; Optical fibers;

S M B 100; S M B to BNC; Female-female connector; 50 Ω Coax; Wire; 1m;

S M B 110; S M B to BNC; Female-male connector; 50 Ω Coax; Wire; 1m;

S M B 400; S M B to Alligator-clip; 50 Ω Coax; Wire; 1m;

S M Bus protocol interface; Also see: NEC's 2005 model A M B;

Socket; Motherboard <vice versa, to and from> CPU; In 2004, Socket 370, 478, 754, 775, A, and ... ; Also see: Chipset; Socket adapters are used to prevent bending of IC pins of chips because WHILE testing hardware AND software, several times to replace, to change, to do on/off for each pin, ... , actions are necessary to gain better testing results, therefore, socket adapters buffer to prevent bending of pins; to prevent vector-changes of interrupts' directions, to protect time-to-time direct action to a chip, ... ;

storage interface ... ;

T; Abbreviation; Transmission rate;

T / E; Bridge; T1 / E1; T3 / E3; ...Carrier circuit;

T1; T-Carrier: Images, texts, and voices graded; Wire; (24 * 64K) ; T D M is used to classify 24 time (s); 24 voice channels;1.544 Mbps bandwidth; T1 / E1 / PRI ISDN, T3 / E3 / DS3, DSL, D D U, D S U, O C U, ... ; Also see: HALO;

T2; T-Carrier: Images, texts, and voices graded; Wire; GPIB-130 indoor transmission; 100m, 200m, 300m; 96 voice channels; 6.312 Mbps bandwidth;

T3; T-Carrier: Images, texts, and voices graded; Wire; (Multiplex: 28 * T1) ; 672 voice channels; 44.736 Mbps bandwidth;

T4; T-Carrier: Images, texts, and voices graded; Wireless; 4032 voice channels; 274.176 Mbps bandwidth;

T5; GPIB-130 indoor transmission; Wire;10m, 25m, 50m;

T6; GPIB-130 indoor plenum-rated; Wire; 50m, 100m, 300m;

T7; GPIB-140A fiber optic; Connector = ST; Wavelength = 850nm; Core / clad = 62.5 / 125 µm; Wire; 50m, 100m, 500m;

T8; GPIB-140A / 2 fiber optic; Connector = ST; Wavelength = 1300nm; Core / clad = 62.5 / 125 µm; Wire; 1000m, 2000m;

TC-6 connector , www.smkusa.com, in 2008, DC up to 12 GHz R F <> coaxial, 1.8mm, 100 V AC, 50 ohm nominal impedance, -40 to +85C operating temperature, 30 cycles operating life, used to enhance mobile cell phone, notebook, W LAN, ... ; Also see: Static in DEE, and then reversely engineer in basic ... ;

terminator blocks ... ;

Time line for each pin ...

TIP is a connector WHILE charging without AC adapter; also see: Computer; Grid; Server;

OEM power from 1 AA battery power from 4 AA battery by datexx by AmPro ... ... ...
_TIP_ Blackberry / Motorola   YES     YES     7
_TIP_ G a r m i n       YES       11
_TIP_ Kyocera       YES       13
_TIP_ LG       YES       5
_TIP_ LG YES   YES YES       17
_TIP_ Motorola       YES       6
_TIP_ Motorola YES   YES YES       18
_TIP_ Nextel-Motorola       YES       12
_TIP_ Nintendo       YES       8
_TIP_ Nokia       YES        
_TIP_ Nokia YES   YES YES       4
_TIP_ Nokia   YES     YES     19
_TIP_ Palm       YES        
_TIP_ Palm   YES     YES     9
_TIP_ Samsung       YES       10
_TIP_ Samsung YES   YES YES       2
_TIP_ Samsung   YES     YES     16
_TIP_ Sanyo       YES       3
_TIP_ Sony Ericsson       YES       14
_TIP_ Sony Ericsson   YES     YES      
_TIP_ Sony PSP       YES       1
_TIP_ Sprint       YES       15
_TIP_ ...               20

 t j; Abbreviation; Jitter (while transmitting);

T N C Male; Interface connector; Also see: N & S M A Males; Coax, F l u o r o r e s i n Dielectric; IM and V S W R must be low;

T o p r; Abbreviation; Temperature (operating);

transceivers ... ;

TV, FM radio, <125 channels, XP PNP, Video recording, S-Video, in 2006 retail price < 80 USD;

UPS, 5 minutes, 540 watt, 800 VA, USB port, in 2006 retail price < 77 USD;

USB; No AC-DC adapter requirement; O S I P H Y layer function; Some vendors produce USB-PCMCIA connector / converter; USB 232; USB 485; In 2004, 480Mbps speedy USB2 I / O card can directly connect between P C I bus and USB devices; Digital I / O; Wire; 1m, 2m; USB A connector to USB B connector vice versa; USB 1, and USB 2 are particle oriented connectors, and early 21st century's one of the nano products; After 2005, W LAN configurations hand-shake among A P s and Wireless routers by USB2 flash drives, however, Windows XP only is recommended; Also see: www.nec.co.jp/press/en/0006/1301.html;

USB <> 9pin Serial Adapter; USB to 9pin Serial Adapter; For cell phone, digital camera, modem, PDA, and etc.;

USB <> 36pin C e n t r o n i c s Printer; Short distance wire / cable communication; USB a to C e n t r o n i c s male; Also see: Tiger Direct .com;

USB <> IrDA Connector; Short distance wireless communication; Wireless communication among cell phone, keyboard, PDA, printer, and ... ; Also see: USB Human Interface;

USB <> PS / 2 Adapter; USB to PS / 2 mouse;

USB 1.1 to 9pin serial converter adapter, in 2006 retail price < 30 USD;

USB 2 A <> B, A / B cable, 10ft, in 2006 retail price < 14 USD;

USB 2 to DB9 male RS 232 serial converter cable, in 2006 retail price < 9 USD;

USB 2 to S VGA adapter, in 2006 retail price < 90 USD;

USB 2.0, 5-pin, Mini-B socket, also see: Hitachi;

USB D W A, LSI inter-operational wire USB AND wireless USB; USB 2 Spec.; 10 m; D W A supports 53.3 Mbps, 80 Mbps, 106.7 Mbps, 160 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 320 Mbps, 400 Mbps, 480 Mbps; 2006;

USB to parallel printer DB25 / RS485 adapter, in 2006 retail price < 13 USD; USB;

V cc; Abbreviation; Voltage (operating);

V o I P 802.3af 10 / 100TX RP with Ethernet Fast jack, HALO;

V X I  P X I; To control P X I, and V X I; M X I 3; 200m Remote control, electrical isolation; National Instrument provides FireWire(IEEE1394) interface for V X I;

V X I  V M E; To control by P X I; P X I / Compact P C I; M X I 2; V X I Trigger; XXI Interrupt Control;

W A P 1.2 ~ …; 20 Kbps ~ 115 Kbps; Version 1.2 / G P R S (General Packet Radio Service); W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standard; Wireless; … www.nec.co.jp G P R S (General Packet Radio Service) is faster than W A P (Wireless Application Protocol);

Wi-Fi; Wi-Fi is wireless communication; H i - F i, High Fidelity was commonly used in ferromagnetic tape era of ferromagnetic density, tape's thickness, and etc. ; In Wi-Fi, mechanical magnetism based H i - F i becomes no longer a solution; Also see: AP; In 2005, T r e n d n e t 's USB Wi-Fi finder can prompt available connections of wireless 802.11 b, g, with W P A, W E P;

Wide Ultra SCSI; Ethernet protocol; 40 MB / s; 100baseTx, 10baseT; P X I single slot connectivity; Also see: SCSI;

Wire: Shielded wire; Solid wire; Stranded wire; Also see: gauges, resistance, bandwidth capacity, ... ;

Wireless Adapter; Wireless handshake and connectivity; In 2004, common N I C alike wireless adapters are Compact Flash wireless adapter, P C I wireless adapter, PCMCIA wireless adapter, and USB wireless adapter; Also see: AP;

X1; Unshielded receptacle / plug; Single shielded; Wire; 1m, 2m, 4m, 8m;

X2; Double shielded; Shielded receptacle / plug; Wire; 0.5 m, 1m, 2m, 4m, 8m;

X4; Double shielded; G P I B standard to G P I B right angle; Wire; 1m, 2m, 4m, 8m;

X5; Double shielded; G I P standard to G P I B single end male; Wire; 1m, 2m, 4m, 8m;

X11; Light weight; G P I B; Single shielded; Wire; 1m, 2m, 4m, 8m; Note: Must use 28 A W G conductor;

X12; Molded receptacle / plug; Reverse entry; Single shielded; Wire; 1m, 2m, 4m, 8m;

X13; Micro G P I B to shielded G P I B; Use for P C I - G P I B / L P, P M C - G P I B, V X I, P X I; Wire; 1m, 2m;

Y cable; In 2004, either Y VGA splitter cable or Y power adapter cable are available; By using Y VGA splitter cable, 2 VGA monitors can be split from one regular monitor cable;

(Y, P B, PR) i.e. component video;

Z Axis solder-less high speed connector; >20GHz; 2004; www.ceatec.com ; K . M E C S;

Z Fiber, Pure Silica Core Fiber; Sumitomo, 2004; Repeater-less; Lowest attenuation optical; Also see: Dispersion measurement;

 Beyond a Myanmar's knowledge ... 100% pure material

  Device         Wire         Device    
        Connector   Protocols   Connector          
  Port         Wireless         Port    

_ IFF floating point parameter ( 8; 16; 32; 64; 128; 256; ... ) ㈰ ;

Regardless of whether wire or wireless, protocol must exist. However, this DOMAIN still cannot classify detail differences among adapter, bus, cable, connector, keyboard, mouse, port, and etc. ... along with energy map i.e. for ACT3 stage, a Myanmar's imaginary hyper dimensional space craft synchronization ... , because iroColour might vary due to gravity varies ... ;

For Asimo programmers only: define the differences specifically such as bandwidth, particles used, S / N (loss or gain), protocol constraint, handshake CRC, ((half duplex) (full duplex) (Simplex)), and etc. ... ;

1??1G, doko WHERE "G" for Ground, and 1&&1 design Model with ?? numbers of resistors (prior to Bus); Also see: Schematic Symbols;

prior to design & Model a Bus, resistors e.g. 1901G, 1801G, 1701G, 1601G, 1501G, 1401G, 1301G, 1201G, ... are recommended to learn & test, HOW flow of IC lines are ... ; after understanding "resistors" then groups of 1??1G can be as buses; And Then, (Amplifier's Way, Contactor's Way, Relay's Way, Transformer's Way, ... ) so called component's way can be realized and understood ... ; And Then, components (capacitance, CPU, Heat Sink, inductance, Multiplexer, MUX, Rectifier, ... ) ways can be adjusted, defined, (flowing or blocking), ... by jumpers, And Then, the IC controller board can be protected by using fuse boxes, fuse panel, fuses, ... , And Then, Walls Method (directional, structural) may begin ... e.g. able to define Blinking iro LED Color Codes (channel, feedback line), And Then, Gravity Dimension Computer (IC) can be realized and understood, And Then, gravity spots (close system, open system) can be ... , And Then, Shakya King's (award, prize, reward) can be achieved, because he (Shakya King) is the one WHO owns all human beings livable moons in our universes ... ;

well trained kids! replied: doko WHERE is the Clock sir?
I wrote: between (resistance, resistor) and the defined component, there should be a Clock, Timer, Timing, ... ; Keyword would be: "counting" , "holding" , ( TTL, TTL, TTL, TTL) "TTL" , "waiting" , ... , also see: COUNTER;

2565; 2020s; structural Battery design & Model (directional gravity spots) ... ; take IT to the limit (drone, invisibility engineering product) ... at the focal point of multi long length neutrino laser, no material can exist (Satellite) ... ;  this DOMAIN 's contents (regulate, restrict, verify) more than 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting GPS, for (Global Security, National Security, Regional Security) ...  because ( I, I, I, I) really don't like to kill 200+ million peoples in our earth;

Also see: 1940s Claude Shannon's Data Communication model;   Memory;    Network Design & Principles;   Numbers in Computing;  

verify ( for each port) ... ;