; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : June : 18 (Saturday) : Updated : Automotive  : Approx. 276 info available to read;

- this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts;
- this DOMAIN 's invisibility engineering products e.g. Invisible Drones;

21st century; 2565; 2021; PHEV VVTI Mode, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Variable Valve Timing Injection Mode; Also see: Automotive; Cloud; GPS; kadosei Mobility; Mode; Satellite;

("EV") means wheel is rotated by electric motor;
("Hybrid") means power source (rpm, speed, torque) by several systems;
("Mode") means a state of computing (computer operation);
("Plug-in") means any wall outlet connection to recharge the rechargeable Battery WHILE parking;
("VVTI") means the internal combustion engine's values are (on, off) by computer (Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI));

gas e.g. air;

( UHD, UHD, UHD, UHD) Unmanned Hypersonic Drone;

capture all illegal drones worldwide (our earth) ... ;

2566; month of June, year 2022; ( MSN, Microsoft Network) news; a new aircraft carrier of China Navy;

this DOMAIN developer's remark: e.g.

built at the J i a n g n a n Shipyard;
naval warfare (aircrafts, amphibious assault ships, corvettes, destroyers, drones (in the air, underwater), frigates, submarines) ready to demolish any (enemy, foe, opponent) worldwide; world's naval milestone (civilizations) ... a part of (20+ aircraft carries with 50000+ Satellites) to (colonize, conquer) our earth (if using Space War (e.g. wormhole way Laser with multi long length neutrino Lasers from Satellites) approx. <2+ hours to demolish any nation in our earth) ;

this DOMAIN developer is a "Tarzan" alike and recommends living environments without electricity to survive from unwanted harmful lasers, because kuru kuru WHILE lights are (lapping, rounding) to do Server in WORMHOLE way, either negative or positive can prompt remote sensing either at the front or in the rear back, so living environments can become (dangerous, unhealthy) if those wormhole way lasers are focusing toward human beings (i.e. beyond 3+ memristor (s) As Node (Method, Procedure, Technique)), therefore, this DOMAIN developer is a "Tarzan" alike and recommends living environments without electricity to survive from unwanted harmful lasers; very dangerous (Flat Panel, Screen, ZCS) believe IT or NOT;

because of WORMHOLE ways, good (Method, Procedure, Technique) would be:
this DOMAIN 's directional gravity spots (to be elevating, to be landing);
this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System (to prolong life expectancy);
this DOMAIN 's Laser Shield living environments (to be healthy living environments);
this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather (to be avoiding natural disasters);
this DOMAIN 's 10000+ MPH missile interceptors (to shoot down illegal missiles);
Remark: Professor M i c h i o K a k u 's one of the books (written in EN English language), don't forget that WORMHOLE can connect 2 different regions at the same time; Also see: Automotive; kadosei Mobility; Physics Law 10000;

2565; 09/08/2021; Newsweek magazine; China military's unmanned hypersonic drones info;

China's military . Unmanned Hypersonic Drone (UHD);
China's military . UHD flying speed . hypersonic (approx. 6000+ km per hour, Mach 5 Speed);
China's military . UHD flying speed . hypersonic (approx. 3800+ miles per hour); 

Remark: how many gravity spots embedded with structural Battery inside of the UHD?
Remark: how many hours are needed to demolish (enemy, foe) 's entire military?
Remark: how many of UHD are already built & ready to launch?
Remark: is it whether "nuclear related ones" or not?
Remark: will China colonize (Australia, USA, and Canada) a.k.a. allied ones at the same time?

boat; ship; Radical170;

2565; 08/28/2021; world (our earth) 's the largest containership EVER ACE, completed its 1st transit on the Suez Canal;

EVER ACE: approx. 235,000 tons weight;
EVER ACE: built by Samsung Heavy Industries (URL: www.samsungshi.com);
EVER ACE: owned and operated by EVERGREEN Group (URL: www.evergreen-line.com), Taiwan;
EVER ACE: 400 meters in length; 1312 ft length;
EVER ACE: 23992 TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) Capacity;
Suez Canal Authority (URL: https://www.suezcanal.gov.eg) provided navigation support, tugboats, ... ;
Suez Canal, (193 km, 120 mile) long canal;
Trade Secret: HOW many built-in Directional Gravity Spots to elevate the largest containership?

Remark: Security . (360 degree (above sea level, underwater), radar, sonar) with drones and Satellite telecommunication, 24/7 (24 hours by 7 days a week) monitoring, ... ; make no mistake, because 1 accident can cause several millions dollar liability;

  Airbus A2??; A3??;           European multinational aerospace corporation; Airbus SE; 600+ new airplanes in 2021; global flights; founded in 1970;
  Boeing 7?7;           Global flights; American multinational corporation;
2022 Comac C919;           250+ worldwide destinations; 1000+ new airplanes; 100% Made in China airplanes, global flights;
  Honda Honda Jet;           Honda Aircraft Company of Greensboro, North Carolina, USA;  founded in 2006;
2022 Jeep Compass compact SUV;     31 MPG;   Intelligent 4x4 Active Drive (torque and traction to each wheel) ; LED lighting; TFT displays;
2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 L; V8; SUV;         McIntosh 19 speakers sound system; Sirius XM;   
  Mitsubishi Space Jet;           MAC, Mitsubishi Aircraft; Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation; Regional Jet; Japan government has not cheated on its banking system (0,  00, 000, 0000, 00000), therefore, development paused;
2015 Isuzu NPR-HD; XL Fleet; Hybrid; 6.6L gasoline engine;           commercial delivery; crew cab; truck; 
2011 Toyota Sequoia; AWD; 8 seats SUV; VVTI; 5.7L; 370 miles; 7400 lb max towing capacity; 381 hp; 20 MPG;   VSC; variable height; Sonar; Radar; LSD;  AVS; A-TRAC; ABS; JBL; V8; 2WD; 4WD;

(205" L x 80" W x 77" H);

2565; August, 2021; 2021 Chengdu Motor Show; China; Xpeng X2 "flying car" demonstration;

Auto Body: Carbon Fiber;
Capacity: 2 passengers capacity (max load: 440 lb);
Company: China . Xpeng Huitian . Xpeng (Xiaopeng) Motors;
Design: autopilot; automatic flight with programmable (altitude, flight time period, speed);
Design: as same as X Pen g P7 EV sedan;
Flight Altitude: < 1000 meter;
Nick Name: "flying car" X2 ;
Permission of the flight: e.g. the Shakya King's permit (1+ hour of overwriting GPS (for each OEM chipset));
Permission of the flight: for each OEM chipset + GPS Name + registration of (Route, Path), with the Shakya King's permit;
Pilot Info: (Commuter ID, Driver ID, Operator ID, Passenger ID, Pilot ID), radio ID; Roaming Band ID; Satellite Band ID;
Pilot Info: Commercial Company ID; Individual Owner ID; Insurance Company ID and verification;
Service Info: Authorized Auto Dealer's Dealership ID; Licensed Technician's ID;
structural Battery: rechargeable Battery;
structural Battery: trade secret e.g. 2 gravity spots for each surface of the 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index;
Testing Info: flying through extreme environmental conditions, flying at very high altitude, underwater traveling flights;
Top Speed: 81 mph; 130 km/hr;
Vehicle's Brand Name: Voyager X2, eVTOL (electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing);
Vehicle Weight: with Battery, 870 lb;
website: https://en.xiaopeng.com;

Remark: directional gravity spots' sizes, directional gravity pressure (locations), kWh (the defined Battery based inverter's power consumption), naturally rechargeable battery (Also see: Physics Law 179), total of (max . elevated weight, min . elevated weight), ... ; a "Tarzan" Rakhine 's (guess, imaginary) i.e. China has been beyond 2000s modeled 2 (1 mm ones) gravity spots on 1 ZCS, regarding SONY GPS design and model ... ; WHEN did SONY gave away gravity spots technology to China? or someone must be exactly (Explicit) knowing of Walls Method; I've never (since 1965, 56+ years of age, in 2021; WHEN I retire, I should travel to China and see HOW great they are ... ) been in China, so I ("Tarzan" Rakhine) don't know WHO are the (genuinely, really, truly) smart ones behind the Products; should I design 8 gravity spots for each ZCS? or should I design 4 gravity spots for each ZCS (with 90 degree portion of 3-to-1 method)? Umm!! Umm!! "Tarzan" Rakhine Aung Myint Kyaw needs to catch-up with higher civilization type peoples (e.g. NOT to have civilization gap problem);

( eVTOL, eVTOL, eVTOL, eVTOL) e.g. 2565; August 11, 2021; US based joint venture's newly (copyrighted, patented, registered) Urban eVTOL;

Automotive Designer: Carlos Salaff; WHO has worked on Mazda;
Automotive nickname: Leo, the "flying electric hyper car" ;
Company Name: Urban eVTOL, with newly 14+ newly (copyrighted, patented, registered) ... ;
DARPA, the United States of Americas government's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency approved;
eVTOL, Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing;
Flight: requiring approx. 5 minutes of (vertical takeoff, vertical landing);
Flight: supporting "horizontal flight," when reaching 180 km/h;
Parking: 2 "Leo" flying cars can fit in any US Standard residential house's 2-car garage;
Range: 1 hour and 15 minutes flight time period, on a single charge;
Range: 300 miles, approx. 450 kilometers, on a single charge;
Technology: (without propeller blades, without wings);
Top speed: 400 km/h (400 kilometer per hour);
Thruster: forward thruster array with 6 (11 inches jets, turbine blades);
Thruster: 16 inches (approx. 40 cm) in diameter (120 pounds of thrust);
Thruster: 16 (10 kW vertical thruster);
Thruster: 120 pounds of thrust (thruster);

Remark: dream becomes TRUE, i.e. flying automotives (without propeller blades, without wings) ... ; beyond structural Battery; the United States of Americas' businesses will be booming with "flying automotives" (without propeller blades, without wings)... ;

2565; August 9, 2021; India's newly (founded, established) auto company, also see: https://www.meanmetalmotors.com, and its AZANI, with 2.1 second (0-60 mph), 220 mph (Top Speed), 325 mile range, 1000 hp (Peak Power), ... ; Made in India;

Engineering (Battery pack is 120 kWh), (Braking is Ventilated Carbon), (Chassis is Skateboard Aluminum Space frame), (Steering is electronic power steering), (Suspension is Double Wishbone with Adaptive M R Damping), ... ;

Safety (Adaptive Cruise Control, Advanced AI Module, Blind Spot Detection, Collision Avoidance System, Emergency Braking, Lane Change, Torque Vectoring) ... ;

Technology (Advanced Morphing Seats, Advanced Tele-matics, Augmented Reality Displays, M-log Integration) ... ;

2565; July 2021; world's fastest speed train, designed & modeled by China's state own CRRC (URL: https://www.crrcgc.cc ) ... ;

- magnetic elevating technology, world's history 600+ km per hour, Synchronization (10 cars) together (train);

2565; 7/15/2021; Yahoo! News ( URL: http://news.yahoo.com) ; 1000+ COMAC C919 passenger airplanes;

- China's aircraft manufacturer COMAC will compete global aviation power to Europe's Airbus, USA's Boeing, ... ;
- Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China ( COMAC), its URL: http://english.comac.cc ;
- worldwide by 2025, 1000+ airplanes with 250+ destinations globally; Remark: including 3+ destinations in USA (Anchorage, Chicago, Honolulu);

Remark: Directional Gravity Spots design & model; Structural Battery (to elevate, to be elevated, for elevating); NIPPON 's JAXA should help COMAC design model e.g. Japanese Standard Solar Power Hybrid System, for eastern civilization's higher CIVILIZATION TYPE infrastructures, living standards, ... ; 2565 Modeled China's International Space Station should be functional connectivity with defined Satellite (Band, bands, Wave) ... ;

Remark: if you're leaders in Asia, think seriously nowadays (21st century & beyond) in our earth regarding biological, biomedical, civilizations, electronic products, IT, military, nuclear power, ... zombie machines; don't be captives, many dens exist in our earth; you (leaders in Asia) may preorder if you like to purchase 100% "Made in China" COMAC C919 passenger airplanes ... ; aviation; aviation system;

2565; 7/7/2021; HFCEV, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (e.g. Hyundai NEXO, Toyota Mirai, ... ); Toyota Mirai, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, our earth (world) 's record 1000+ km (by Single Charge) range, with

- auxiliary Battery;
- DC/DC Converter;
- (Electric Traction Motor + Transmission);
- Fuel Cell Stack (Anode (Negative Electrode), and Cathode (Positive Electrode));
- Fuel Tank (hydrogen);
- rechargeable Battery (Lithium-Ion) Pack;
- Thermal System cooling;

(fetching hydrogen to Anode, fetching air to Cathode), catalyst at the Anode (Hydrogen) separates electrons and protons into diff path, doko WHERE (electrons become electricity for the Electric Traction Motor, protons become electrolyte to the Cathode) to be uniting Oxygen then producing Water & Heat (Thermal) ... ; Remark: Hyundai NEXO, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, our earth (world) 's record 778 km (by Single Charge) range ... ; hydrogen stations are required to build i.e. to be higher civilization type; as of (2565, 2021) 1000+ km range, by single charge, i.e. our earth (world) 's record;

well trained kids! replied: we like to do HFCEV Automotive our own sir, can you help us HOW to design, engineer, make, model, ... ?

I wrote: read the Schematic Dimensional, And Then, which symbols belongs to the HFCEV Automotive?

well trained kids! replied:

because we need HOW horizontal lines randomly on the defined walls sir;

, because we need HOW 2 holes transform from Purple to Blue sir;

, because we need HOW 2 ZCS obey Yellowish Variations sir;

because we need HOW 2 ZCS _holes form naturally at the top within 2 horizontal line sir;

because we need HOW speed can be generated by gravity sir;

I wrote: excellent!! symbols seem very easy and simple, you well trained kids! are very very smart ones already because answer is correct; very good, very good; Remark: try 2 ZCS _ holes with Green and Purple, doko WHERE Purple should obey H2O and Heat related ones, on the other hand, you've already learnt O2 seem Green like human beings' veins are glowing ... ; you well trained kids! should be beyond "money" ... ; truck! truck! truck! e.g. 28 tons truck can be elevated naturally to be 2 tons weight i.e. assignment to you well trained kids! and I'll be very happy & proud of delivering with HFCEV truck!!, HFCEV lorry!! ... ;

I wrote: regarding (structural Battery As ZCS layers, Wide Fidelity ( HFCEV, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle)), WHICH colors would you like to design & model?

well trained kids! replied: very easy sir, we've already learnt (Green, Purple) in ACT2 imaginary hyper space ... ;

I wrote: wow! well trained kids! are very very smart ones ... ; I'll be very happy & proud of delivering with HFCEV truck!!, HFCEV lorry!! ... ; you well trained kids! should be beyond "money" ... ; because, truck can do 1000+ miles range by 1 single charge means "tons of gold" worth already;

2565; April, 2021; 60+ ( B E V, F C E V, M S H V, PHEV, ... ) ... motor vehicles are available to lease, operate, purchase, ... ; B E V, rechargeable Battery based (without gasoline engine, without diesel engine) Electric Vehicle; F C E V, Fuel (Hydrogen Liquid) Cell  based Electric Vehicle; M S H V, multi-stage means spinning a wheel either by transmission's converter's torque or electric motor next to the wheel's 3-to-1 Synchronization torque (so called "Multi-Stage"), and Hybrid means torque (spinning a wheel) can be from either (gasoline engine, diesel engine) combustion based or rechargeable battery based Vehicle; PHEV, Pluggable to wall outlet to charge its battery, on the other hand, can operate ((gasoline engine, diesel engine) i.e. Hybrid) Electric Vehicle; Remark: as of April, 2021, there is no SOLAR POWER (S B E V, S F C E V, S M S H V, S PHEV, ... ) motor vehicle yet; since 1990s, Toyota started the usage in English "Hybrid" ... ;

2565; April, 2021; 2021 Cadillac Escalade (URL: www.cadillac.com), full size SUV, world's 1st 200000+ miles hands-free driving (enable) a.k.a. enhanced Super Cruise system (including automatic lane change) in USA and Canada compatible highways, using LiDAR map with high precision GPS, (21 miles/gallon city, 27 miles/gallon highway), enhanced driving dynamics (e.g. Air Ride Adaptive Suspension, Electronic Limited Slip Differential (e L S D), Magnetic Ride Control), Negative Curvature Surface (NCS) a.k.a. curved O LED display (world's 1st 38+ inches infotainment system), Augmented Reality enabled navigation, 14-channel amplifier (world's 1st audio technology with 19 speakers A K G Studio system), Night Vision visibility, intuitive audio navigation with conversation enhancement, luxury trims, 22 inches wheels, ... ; Remark: Made in USA; M S R P approx. 76000+ United States Dollar;

2565; April, 2021; Sagawa Express (SG Holdings, URL: www.sagawa-exp.co.jp), a courier company started EV delivery vans (200 kilometer per single charge) in Japan;

2564; ( , , ) since year 2020, Remote ID License Plate (Drone) is required to operate drone Automotive in USA; Also see: Wireless;

2564; 12/2/2020; (U b e r, Job y Aviation) startups (electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (e V T O L), for "flying taxi aircraft" (on air taxi services) ... ;

2564; 10/15/2020; NHK news; Japan Coast Guard has begun unmanned aerial vehicle with functional (maritime surveillance, rescue, search) ... ;

k a i h o Japan Coast Guard; URL : J C G, Japan Coast Guard : https://www.kaiho.mlit.go.jp (our earth, worldwide) ... ; Wireless; Satellite; Location Awareness Response; maritime surveillance (illegal shipping, pirate activities, suspected spy (band, resource, station)) ... ; verify (known ones, unknown ones) ... ; verify (Cloud Keywords, Directional Gravity Pressure, Graphics, gravity spots, S P L) level ... ; invisibility engineering (sliding lights as sheet, out of radar) our earth, worldwide, ... ; Also see: this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather e.g. avoiding earthquakes in Japan, e.g. avoiding tsunami in Japan, e.g. avoiding volcanic eruption in Japan, ... ;

2564; 10/7/2020; NHK news; world's 1st waterway sanitation motorboat (commercial ones), manufactured by Suzuki, and commercially available for (cleaning, cleansing) waterway environments; Also see: SUZUKI Motor Corporation, www.globalsuzuki.com;

Remark: ASEAN nations should purchase Suzuki's waterway sanitation motorboats to be healthy (NOT polluted) living environments; in Myanmar, brand new "Made in Myanmar" Suzuki 4 doors sedans are available, for government offices, public individuals, taxi services, ... , and it is up-and-running successful motor company ... ; Remark: 02/02/2021 military coup in Myanmar ... ;

EM Pull, millibar measurements, and multi long length neutrino laser for (cleaning, cleansing) allergens and pollen (PM10), bacteria, mold spores and pet dander (PM5.0), dust and industrial emissions (PM2.5), formaldehyde chemicals, Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), tobacco smokes and ultra fine particles (PM0.1), ... are NOT in the text books to learn HOW to do ... ;

well trained kids! replied: WHY humanoids are at the top of this web page sir ?

I wrote: in 21st century & beyond, in addition to built-in computer and its sensors, automotives are more likely to be controlled by humanoids, also see: Nama For Humanoid ... ; think THAT buying an automotive is like owning a robot, therefore, taking care of your robot is important e.g. keeping clean & hygiene, keeping proper maintenance;

eV     eV     eV ; Also see: Battery; e Character; Electricity Power Plug;

j i d o s h a Automotive     j i d o s h a Automotive     j i d o s h a Automotive;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence (smart IoT (zcs)), using DEE _ Radio (i.e. to define its (center, central) 's (balance, level)) ... ; in addition, gene therapy ... ;

swing-by, a.k.a. gravity assisted acceleration; Radical360;

wrapped; Also see: Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

( Wrapped, Wrapped) are very very important symbols of this DOMAIN (Automotive), because these symbols can protect NOT ONLY individual BUT ALSO whole defined region ... ;


Gravity Dimension Computer (Automotive) for each elevating, ... ;
Gravity Dimension Computer (Automotive) for each landing, ... ;
gravity spots e.g. 3 gravity spots, 9 gravity spots, 27 gravity spots, 81 gravity spots, ... ;
gravity spots e.g. 2 gravity spots, 4 gravity spots, 8 gravity spots, 16 gravity spots, ... ;
structural gravity spots (exterior structural, interior structural) with battery ... ;

Also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 129, duo-binary Gravity Spots, ... ;

)  ;

well trained kids! replied: for each time zone: HOW to design "flying automotive" sir ?

I wrote: Time (August, 2020, 75th year after World War II), Space (Japan, a.k.a. NIPPON), Action : world's the 1st flying car (SKY DRIVE) flight, demonstrated & tested by Toyota, in Aichi Prefecture, Japan; Toyota (SKY DRIVE) "the 1st flying car" dimensional, approx. ((2 meter height, 4 meter length), 2 tatami DEE mats), and will start self driving flying car as taxi services in 2028;

(, , , , ) world's 1st "flying car" (Sky Drive) ... , 1st to understand DEE (Dark Energy Engineering), 2nd to understand yellow pin (i.e. to define directional gravity), to do so, idea ♯ 208, The Holy 28, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, and then 3rd to understand gravity spots (e.g. 4 gravity spots, 6 gravity spots, 8 gravity spots) in interior structural, in addition to the yellow pin; And Then tatami DEE mats, your own flying automotives to visit human beings livable moons in our universes; beyond DEE Box (6 surfaces) design model a.k.a. 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index, light as energy can be built naturally by structural method

e.g. chipset key's barcode can be read by structural padlock,

e.g. I don't need to change my rechargeable battery,

because of light as energy can be built naturally by structural method; to do so, Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization must be read, and understood 1st (e.g. basic understanding would be: in our earth, blue-to-green kuru kuru WHILE elevating; in our moon, green-to-blue kuru kuru WHILE elevating); Also see: Physics Law 184, GDC Gas Exchange (DEE _Mouth) ... ;

aircraft; Radical218;

for each time zone, for each airline (domestic flight, international flight), using iroColourWaveForm color codes as global system security; e.g. in 21st century, G7 nations can be demolished within a few hours IFF up-and-running airline (flights' destination is overwritten) in real time system; this method (overwriting GPS destination in real time system) can be beyond civilizations (since Rainbow Method can connect 2 gravity spots in 5 cm distance on zero curvature surface), because 300+ years of constructing work can be demolished by 3+ hours of destructing work; therefore, this DOMAIN is essential to be installed in all G7 nations, and this DOMAIN (Idea Processor System) has been truly developed for good purpose only;

- guard and secure system number of smart sensing and IoT operation ... ;

- protect real time system of airline flights, by using iroColourWaveForm ... ;

- verify iroColourWaveForm color codes, And Then, guard and secure system number ... ;

automobile; car; vehicle; Radical192;

verify address (e.g. 1326462945) universally ... ; for each Location, do Anti Virus (e.g. Infrastructure) ... ;

for each automotive, Gravity Dimension Computer (direction, light, surface) e.g.
IFF light as surface at top, this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space craft moves toward bottom,
IFF light as surface at left side, this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space craft moves to right side,
IFF light as surface at right side, this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space craft moves to left side,
IFF light as surface at bottom, this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space craft moves toward top,

to be shielding laser, this DOMAIN 's variable lights as zero Curvature (surface) to shield living environment (to be shielding laser) e.g. I plug this DOMAIN 's contents into USB port at my auto... to be safe living imaginary space environment;

sound easy, but very difficult to do e.g. HOW to do laser shield at steering wheel, e.g. HOW to do laser shield at sides and ceiling, e.g. HOW to do laser shield for each seat; if you truly designed 2.4 metered strings, you can shield laser; for basic understanding, hint would be: 2 nodes can produce basic strings; once you have a string, and then start with hole board for pinpointing string's char, and then ... ; Logo & Brand: logo and brand are syntax vs. semantics alike logic;   icon, image, symbol, ... are related to logo;   dependable, reliable, trust, ... are related to brand;


this DOMAIN, using AI ( for each drone) humanoids to handle its (the drone's) radio, e.g. remote ( AM, FM) radio (lock, unlock), e.g. remote satellite (a.k.a. X M)   radio (lock, unlock) ... ; Nama For Humanoid (for each drone), IFF unknown drone, attach invisible bird and then trace and report to global nama reading database, e.g. (its OEM with logo, its radio ( RF) as specified item, its type (engine, gravity, motor, solar, sonar)), ... ; IFF known drone, do not attach invisible bird, update (a.k.a. up-to-date) global nama reading database, e.g. (its activities, its location awareness) for each drone ... ;

to arrive at a place; to attain a stage; to reach a decision; Radical167;

to depart by plane, train, ... ; Radical146;

to drive; to travel; Radical189;

news; note; note; (Method, Procedure, Technique) ... ;

09/09/2020; infrared ZCS projector robot, also see: 3iComputer; PhysicsLaw144; Remark: Public Health Robot; Antiviral 1080 NM, for antiviral living environments ... ;

10/2019 / 2563; NHK news; the 1st Vietnamese Automotive Industry, VINFAST, 3 luxury crossover cars, approx. 65,000 USD / car;

7/16/2019 /2563; NHK news; Nissan (www.nissanusa.com) has started world's 1st autonomous lane changing system in its new model cars;

May, 2018; in India, approx. 23+ miles subway system (underground train railway system), opening ceremony, celebrated by Indian and Japanese officials; approx. 20 years to complete the project; approx. 13 billions US dollar to build the subway system (underground train railway system); NHK news;

12/31/2017 / 2561; NHK news; joint R&D of Toyota and Panasonic will be using all-solid-state-cell-path battery;

this DOMAIN developer's self remark:
- C Sequence Number Natural Cell Path Battery; using natural momentum (3) comet method;
- natural structural charging; using sound beam to stimulate battery;
Also see: c Computer;

WHAT is natural momentum (3) comet method sir ? well trained kids ! because of STRING s' directions can be defined by using wall (structural way), since 2010, a part of Manmade Global Weather techniques, battery can be charged naturally like natural water elevator method; Also see: comet; Radical347;

4/23/2017 / 2561, this DOMAIN def Gravity Dimension Computer (speed) as SDB1WD, Speed Defined By 1 way DEE; 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space (including our earth) ... ; Also see: PHYSICS, law number 14; like EM Pull (Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2), SDB1WD Method worth more than 1 trillion US Dollar, therefore, cannot explain anymore ... ; do it yourself, because DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) can change civilizations;

23x23; SDB1WD.GIF File looks like bandwidth (Time vs. Amplitude) characteristic, but SDB1WD is special designed for Gravity Dimension Computer (speed) ... ; using 1 way DEE to accelerate among modern automotives; therefore, automotives may be look the same, but totally different technologies and methods are structurally applied; believe it or not, SDB1WD worth more than trillions of US dollar;

well trained kids! replied: SDB1WD is worth more than trillions of US dollars sir ?

I wrote: Yes. because, it is not easy to formulate "1 way DEE" structural 1st, And Then, directional gravity spots are modelled for each location awareness, And Then, using this DOMAIN 's Gravity Dimension Computer to control, ... ; Remark: it seems easy and simple, but very very difficult to do; Yes, it's worth more than trillions of US dollars;

12/25/2015 / 2559, NHK news, one of the elevator companies in China starts world's fastest elevator service by 28 meter per second speed, and less than 1 minute elevating time period for 100+ floored buildings;

IFF dimensional and structural gravity (motor way) elevating, using approx. 5 cm gravity spots; one of the maglev (magnetic) levitation technologies vertically;

maglev (magnetic) levitation HOW, also see: 6mComputer; 9mComputer; 1lComputer;

12/11/2015 / 2559, NHK news, China has been world's number 1 the largest new car buyer nation for 6 consecutive years;

2015/2559 October 20, Modesto Bee (www.modbee.com), United States FAA requires drone registration in USA;

IFF drone, NOT allow to fly above 400+ ft;
IFF drone without permission, NOT allow to fly within 5 miles of an airport;

approx. 700,000 drones sales are expected in USA this year;

2015/2559 May 25, NHK news, NIPPON government regulates drones, i.e. NOT allow to fly 150+ meter above if drone in Japan;

2015/2559 April 21, NHK news, NIPPON 's fastest train (600+ km/hr) re-titles its world's fastest train record (500+ kilo meter per hour), and ( / ) 600+ km/hr trains will be in service soon;

Gravity Dimension Computer ( green gravity)   to do AI (elevating, landing) ... ; i.e. beyond green vs. green (a.k.a. 1 AND 1 Method) with noise cancellation at rear; measured by yellow gravity e.g. yellowish variation; Synchronization among cars of the train; using Network Topology as NII (National Information Infrastructure) info (e.g. current location, current speed, Weather condition, ... );

NIPPON have already modelled HOW SDB1WD ... ;

2015/2558 February 13, The Modesto Bee (www.modbee.com) newspaper news, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's data e.g. zero death rate vehicles are: Audi A4, Honda Odyssey, Kia Sorento, Lexus RX 350, Mercedes-Benz GL, Subaru Legacy, Toyota Highlander, Toyota Sequoia, and Volvo XC90;

WHEN on a Highway, WHERE in USA, death rate (i.e. per year) = death per million registered vehicle on Highway; approx. 150 death rate (death per million registered vehicle per year) i.e. maximum death rate, on Highway, in USA; smaller the car (e.g. compact, mini), higher the death rate;

2015/2558 January 21, NHK news, 3 consecutive (continuous) years of world ♯1 best selling automotive company is Toyota from Nippon, and sold 10+ million brand new automotive sales in year 2014 globally; world ♯2 best selling automotive company is VW (i.e. Volkswagen) from Germany;

Remark: cars seem the same; NOT the same regarding PHYSICS (Method, Procedure, Technique) ... ; e.g. using "DEE sensors" , using "directional gravity spots" , using "EM Pull" , using "Laser Shields" , using "Lights As Sheet" , ... ;

2015/2558 January 6, NHK news, Toyota officially waives 5700+ patents regarding Hydrogen technology to auto companies globally;

All automotive companies can copy / develop / test, without loyalty, also without patent fee (i.e. free of charge); Hydrogen technology (e.g. fuel cells) can power automotives, instead of using diesel, instead of using gasoline, instead of using natural gas, ... ; Toyota loyalty free hydrogen technology will change our world 's way of using fuel to power automotives ... ; ( input H hydrogen, output water) power automotives ... ;

Toyota might be leading our world with new products e.g. multi energies power automotives e.g. solar power panel charges to battery, e.g. combustion engine's alternator charges to battery, e.g. hydrogen fuel cells charge to battery, and so on ... , and notice that artificial wormhole vs. natural wormhole can be further studied e.g. C C D technology alike lights as surface (i.e. through wormhole), and then structural gravity dimensional directional power automotives (so called gravity machines in ACT2 and ACT3 stages WHICH can lead (pioneer) to be owning multi planets (moons with trees, water, mountains) in our universe) ... ; this DOMAIN developer supports "Multi Stage Hybrid" (Method, Procedure, Technique) because electric motor, gasoline combustion engine, gravity dimension computer, rechargeable battery, solar power, solar power, ...  are aesthetics alike very sophisticated Automotive ones to be, also see: philosophy;

2013/2557 November, NHK news, Toyota AQUA is #1, 5 doors, 35.4km/l; Also see: Prius c, 53/46 mpg;2013/2557 August, NHK news, (on track) trains, fully functional velocity > 500 kilo meter per hour; Scientific prove of gravity spots elevate heavy weights in kinetic, IFF dimensional and directional and numerological ... ; The fastest trains in the world, because DEE is the fastest (dark energy is faster than light, info is also faster than light also see: teleportation method); In the early 21st century, 2 information i.e. (dark energy, info, ... ) can prove faster than light; But a Myanmar still cannot prove scientifically yet, e.g. implementation of DEE to elevate heavy weights, implementation of Info As Teleportation; Also see: Monbusho idea # 134; using GDC; for developing the highest altitude and the fastest (on flight) airplanes; 2013/2557 Modesto Bee newspaper news, Solar Impulse, world's most advanced sun-powered plane, powered by 12,000 photovoltaic cells, single seat plane, 40 mph; Flied cross-country tour; Solar power flight; Gasoline power vehicle, e.g. 5 gallons filled can do 200+ km distance commute; Electric vehicle, e.g. 5 hours of charged battery can do 50+ km distance commute; Fuel cell vehicle, e.g. 5 minutes charged can do 500+ km distance commute; Hybrid power vehicle, e.g. plug-in electricity charged with 1 gallon for gasoline engine can do 100+ km distance commute by 5 passengers; Natural gas power vehicle, e.g. 10 gallons filled tank can do whole day of bus driving, taxi driving, ... ; Solar power vehicle, e.g. 5 hours of natural light exposure d can do 50+ km distance commute; After gravity dimension computer is done, Gravity with (light vs. DEE) vehicle is incoming soon ... , so kan Weight can be adjustable by computer, using dimensional gravity spots on a surface, using gravitational momentum WHILE using high amp, "name of vehicle" not known yet; 2013/2556: NHK news on 2013/1/8, Toyota demonstrates its artificial intelligence design i.e. equipped with (camera, GPS, radar, sensor, ... ) automatic self-driving car, in Las Vega, NV, USA; Artificial intelligence automotives e.g. drivers no longer need to control brake pad, gas pad, ... ; Camera is like eyes for seeing; GPS is like knowing the current location, destination, and HOW to choose the best route; Radar is like detecting moving objects for adjusting distance with speed; Sensor (e.g. brake, speed, other control functions) is like able to do right (correct) functions; Car is more likely to be having personal robot alike, (airplane, bus, ship, and train) are more likely to be having public robot alike, IFF translator is embedded inside; And, low amp panels (e.g. 0V) with adjustable and variable interior for protecting and for preventing unwanted gangsters' 3rd party energy devices installment (e.g. unseen x-ray, laser (i.e. 4+ amp, high amp), guided energy-beam bulb (i.e. structured and dimensional in common), directional pressure plate (i.e. not comfortable because human beings' brain senses pressure diff, gangsters call it "coconut spot"), snaky alike remote heat sensing and then toward its holes to be heterodyned to driver and passengers i.e. dimensional heat); Because of unwanted gangsters' 3rd party energy devices installment, artificial intelligence interior living environment is essential to be with; Because of unwanted gangsters' 3rd party testing-parts installment, artificial intelligence exterior functional environment is also essential to be with; Because of unwanted gangsters' car theft events, artificial intelligence memory with knowing e.g. HOW to project ion to be magnet to lock garage door remotely WHERE HOME, and HOW to lock self WHILE parking (WHERE NOT HOME) and unlock to WHO to drive, and reporting to headquarter, using wireless network technology e.g. WHICH parts are not genuine, and so called artificial intelligence life cycle of personal robot; Believe it or not, gangsters are very rich people WHO detect and seek new technologies by reverse engineering with lab; and then, artificial intelligence car;

2012/2556: NHK news on 2012/12/26, China celebrates and launches high speed train i.e. world's fastest commuting distance per hour (i.e. 2300+ km / 8 hours) to commute destinations (e.g. AB distance),  e.g. trans continent express transportation like air freight; world's largest commuters on board high speed train (i.e. 16 cars / high speed train),  e.g. 64 bit bus with 4 bit for each car to SYNC, 128 bit bus with 8 bit for each car to SYNC; world's longest high speed train rails (i.e. till 2012/2556, 9300+ kilo meter),  e.g.  approx. 20,020 km after 2020, infrastructure development, smart grid implementation; until 2012/2556, in China, NOT yet to be implementing Solar Trees WHICH means remotely charging with wireless technology for each automotive (e.g. Sound Beam must be thoroughly understood 1st with snaky alike heat sensing, SPL must be developed 2nd, Filtering with iroColour for stimulating of cells to be understood 3rd), using smart grid network topology ... ; Remark: trains can transport NOT ONLY (commuters, passengers) BUT ALSO (cargo, freights, passenger cars) ... ;

2012/2556: 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid, 1.4 KW Li-Ion battery, front wheel drive 2L DOHC, 5 passenger hatchback, 47/47 (i.e. city mpg / highway mpg) mile per gallon, 52.6 cubic feet cargo volume, 115 mph max speed, premium audio, navigation system, keyless entry, 188 HP, made at Wayne, Michigan, USA; The best 5 passenger hybrid (electric, gasoline) car in the world;

2011/2555: approx. 45K USD for each EV conversion (i.e. from gas engine to electric engine) 1st available in Japan, custom orders are available for classic "collection" car lovers, e.g. American 8 passenger GM van, Italian sport car, German VW beetle, ... ; Same torque, same power output, same exterior body style, same interior space, plug-able to home wall outlet, plug-able to industrial wall outlet, approx. 8 hours of charging time is required; Also see: 2011/9/8 NHK Internet information;2011/2555: MRJ, Mitsubishi Regional Jet, the 1st commercially available, designed and developed in Japan, 70 ~ 90 passengers, www.mrj-japan.com; 2011/6/22 NHK news;

2010: CEATEC JAPAN, solar tree, OEM is Nissan Motor, tech is non-contact charging for electric vehicles; Civilization type may be higher by implementing i.e. city, zone, state, ... ; EV battery charging; Smart grid; 2010: World's 1st solar rechargeable battery power boat, Japan; Low noise; 45 minutes operation, by 130 minutes charge; 10m X 10m; 12 passenger; NHK News, 5/28/2010; 2010: World's largest new car consumers nation is China;   Also see: Automotive Parts In USA; 2010 Toyota Prius, 1.8 liter combustion VVT-i engine, 4 cylinder, 5 passenger, 38 inches headroom, 50+ miles/gallon, 60 kW electric motor, 23,000+ US dollar [all brand new model], double overhead cam, front engine, front wheel drive, lower operating dB noise, ... , the best hybrid car, the highest economy car [including fuel and part]; NHK news 12/14/2009, 2010 Toyota Prius "plug in" feature will operate 30 km short distance commute without fuel gas, the latest technology package car [options including audio, camera, cruise control with radar, navigation system, wireless communication, ... ], ... ;

2009: SHARP and Tokai University invented world's fastest solar car; approx. 3000+ km distance, avg. speed 100 km/hr; www.sharp-world.com/corporate/news/091029.html;  gravity ; 2009 Hybrid technology: electric + gasoline, ethanol + gasoline, hydrogen liquid + gasoline, solar + electric, solar + DEE, natural gas [80% methane; together with butane + ethane + helium + nitrogen + propane] + gasoline, ... ; After year 2000, Japan's hybrid technology with VVT-I, Variable Value Timing with Intelligence (i.e. engines ) lead the automotives business world; Before 2000, USA had lead the automotives world for decades... ; electric + gasoline: large battery is needed to be charged while gasoline engine is running ... ;ethanol + gasoline: 2 separate fuel tanks are needed with injection technology ... ;hydrogen liquid + gasoline: still in prototype stage, resources not available to public yet ... ;solar + electric: due to economic policy, not available to public yet ... ;solar + DEE a.k.a. flying autos: civilization type necessary to change, not available to public yet ... ; Some trucks use (diesel engine + electric motor) hybrid technology, but not worldwide available yet; In USA, since 2003/2557, UPS delivery trucks are operated by DC electric only (i.e. to be environmentally friendly) instead of using hybrid technology; IFF concentrated fuel cells exist, synthetic gasoline can be made, and then ... ; Luxury automotives definition: healthy interior a.k.a. 0V panels a.k.a. parallel-energy resistance covers and filters ###, low noise running environment, higher power engine with better fuel economy, high precision natural wood furnished, high tech security, remote sensing technology with lesser time period a.k.a. high performance real time system, gravitational a.k.a. balance with reduce weight, gold interior/exterior parts option [ e.g. approx. 5 million US dollars per car IFF with gold headlights, gold rear lights, gold brake calipers, gold gear/transmission handle, gold door handles, gold rear view mirrors, gold logo, gold model letters, ... ; approx. 100,000 US dollars per car IFF option is gold handles only ... ], long life a.k.a. 500,000+ km without repairing, ... ; NHK news 10/22/2009, 1st solar power truck in the world, with roof solar panel [NOT flex. yet] WHICH converts energy, and hybrid with combustion engine; Remark: IFF combustion vs. electric, cranking torque is switched; IFF gasoline vs. other compressed liquids, injection method is switched; ... ] ... ;

2008: Solar Sail, Pg. 158 ~ 159, PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, MICHIO KAKU, 2008; By using solar sail only, approx. 8 years to reach stars ... ;


AC, Alternating Current; Radical535;

13391, 8, Acura, Japan, http://www.acura.com, also see: Honda; Acura is luxury model;

Air Induction System, also see: 1aComputer;

Air-Fuel Metering System, also see: 8fComputer;

AIRBUS, www.airbus.com;

aircraft; e.g. operational aircraft;

Aircraft, Jet, Turboprops, ... ;

aircraft carrier; e.g. operational aircraft carrier;

Alfa Romeo;

AMO ZIL, Russia, www.amo-zil.ru;



Aston Martin, UK;

ATR airplane; France;

ATV; Mower; Riding mower; Tiller; Utility vehicle;

Audi, Germany, also see: Volkswagen;

Austin Healey MG;

AVTOVAZ a.k.a. Volzhsky Avtomobilny Zavod, Russia, also see: Fiat, Renault;

Avtovaz, Russia USA, also see: www.gm-avtovaz.ru;

AvtoVAZ, Russia, also see: Renault-Nissan;

AWD, All Wheel Drive;

Bajaj Auto, www.bajajauto.com;

BAW a.k.a. Beijing Automotive Works, China;

Beiqi a.k.a. Foton Motor, China;

blue gravity, using artificial intelligence, for "flying automotive", iroLED, using cell path, ... ; WHILE triangulating with network topology; Gravity Dimension Computer (BF2 by C Sequence Number) ... ; AND with router, for mobile cell location based AI, calculate distance with RFID, ... ;

Blue Directional Gravity, also see: Schematic Symbols;

Bentley, UK, also see: Rolls-Royce;

BLACK&DECKER, www.blackanddecker.com;

BMW, Germany;

boat; ship; Radical170;

Bobcat, www.bobcat.com, excavator, loader, tractor, utility vehicle, ... ;

BOEING, USA, http://www.boeing.com;

BOMBARDIER, Canada, France, UK, and USA, http://www.bombardier.com;

Brilliance China Automotive, a.k.a. Zhonghua, Jinbei, China, also see: BMW;

Buick, USA, also see: GM;

BYD Auto, China; 2012/2556, China's Automotive Show (i.e. 1100 new models of all brands), BYD starts its hybrid models ... ;

Cadillac, USA, also see: GM;

CAMC, China;

CAN-AM, http://can-am.brp.com, ATV, ROADSTER, ... ;

car navigation, also see: GPS; Network Topology; Satellite;

Case IH, www.caseih.com;

Catalyst System, also see: 2cComputer;

Caterpillar, USA, http://www.cat.com;

Cessna, www.cessna.com; built in USA;

Ceymo, a.k.a. Ceylinco, Japan, Sri Lanka, UK;

Chang Feng Motor, China;

Chang 'an Automobile, China, also see: Ford, Mazda, Suzuki; Changhe, China, also see: Changhe Aircraft Industry, Okaya, Suzuki;

Chery Automobile, China, also see: Bertone, Lotus, Mitsubishi, Pininfarina;

Chevrolet, USA, also see: GM;

38971359, 9, Chrysler, USA; also see: Dodge; Jeep; Citroen, France;

CITROEN, www.citroen.com;

(VICS) Vehicle Information and Communication Systems;

Coachmen, www.coachmenrv.com, motor home, RV, trailer, ... ; 

CNG, Compressed Natural Gas; LNG, Liquefied Natural Gas;

Clean vehicles (i.e. < 1g of carbon-dioxide / km);

CNHTC, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Company, www.cnhtc.com.cn;

COMAC, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (URL: http://english.comac.cc ) ... ;

CRAFTMAN, www.craftsman.com;

Lawn mower; Steel dump cart; Tool; Yard tractor; crane: bridge crane; construction crane; container crane; gantry crane;

gravity box crane; industrial crane; jib crane; marine crane; mobile crane; overhead crane; tripod crane; truck crane;

CRANEMASTERS, www.cranemasters.com; services e.g. bridge span, maintenance (railcar, track), (recover, transfer) heavy equipment, track construction, ... ;

Cub Cadet, www.cubcadet.com; Riding lawn mower; Sub compact tractor; Utility vehicle; also see: Yanmar;

since 5/25/2015 / 2559, NIPPON government regulates drones i.e. NOT to fly higher than 150 meter height above ground;

launch police drone , IFF illegal drone; police drone to capture the illegal drone (e.g. drone without license, drone without permit, defined drone flies higher than 150 meter height above ground);

Dadi, China;

415566, 9, Daewoo, Korea;

Daihatsu, Japan, http://www.daihatsu.co.jp;

Daimler AG; DAIMLER buses: Orion bus, Setra bus, Sprinter bus, www.dcbusna.com, www.evobus.com, www.daimler.com;

DASSAULT FALCON, www.dassaultfalcon.com;

DAVEY COACH, www.daveycoach.com;

DC, Direct Current; Radical535;

destroyer; e.g. operational destroyer;

DeTomaso, Italy;

Toyota is (the least devaluation, the most reliable) Automotive ... ;

D F M, a.k.a. Donfeng Motor (Chang ' an Automobile Group, Chery, F A W Group, Foton Motor, Geely), China;

diesel engine, combustion engine by diesel oil; AI ( direction, location and speed) ... ;

Dodge, USA; also see: Chrysler; Jeep;

Dongfeng, China;

DOOSAN, www.doosanlift.com, electric truck, hand pallet truck, internal combustion truck;

Drive System, e.g. all-wheel drive, auto-pilot drive, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, steer-by-wire drive, ... ;

drone e.g. Drone is remote radio controlled craft, basically unmanned; artificial intelligence ( for each zone) IFF drone is undefined, analyze the drone's radio, drone; verify;

e.g. flying smart phone (drone) ... ;

e.g. universal smart drone;

drone; e.g. operational drone;

; ; ; (drone, unmanned aerial vehicle) ... ; Also see: PHYSICS;

e.g. (good, healthy) environmental support (drone, unmanned aerial vehicle) ... ;
e.g. medical emergency response (drone, unmanned aerial vehicle) ... ;
e.g. military coast guard, patrol & security (drone, unmanned aerial vehicle) ... ;

Ducati, www.ducati.com;

kuru kuru WHILE elevating, use Highlight (aqua) color;
kuru kuru WHILE landing, use Highlight (olive) color;

Eagle, USA;

(Electricity Power Plug) EPP e.g. ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; for hybrid vehicles; power-up plugs;

Electrike, Japan;

artificial intelligence ( elevate, raise) automotives;

elevating (as opposed to landing);

EMBRAER, www.embraer.com; Embraer of Brazil;


ETI, Equipment & Tool Institute, www.etools.org;

EV, Electric Vehicles ... ;

Evaporative Control System, also see: 8eComputer;

Faun, also see: Tadano Faun crane, www.tadanofaun.com;

FAW, China;

FAW a.k.a. First Automobile Works, China, also see: Toyota; Ferrari, Italy; Fiat, Italy;

Fiat-Chrysler Group, Italy USA;

Fokker, Dutch aircraft, http://www.fokker.com; Remark: Myanmar government deploys Fokker aircrafts ...;

6694, 7, Ford, USA;

Forklift type (battery, electric, gas, ... ) e.g. Case, Clark, Crown, Hyster, Komatsu, Nissan, Toyota, Yale, ... ;

FORLAND truck, i.e. Foton Forland truck, Yuejin Faw Forland truck, China; Also see: www.chinatrucks.com;

Foton, China;

Freightliner, renamed to Daimler Trucks North America LLC, since 2008; also see: Daimler Trucks;

Fudi, China;

Fuse Box Logic,

e.g. ((√(P/R)), (P/V), (V/R)) i.e. I, ampere ... ; Also see: 4aComputer;
e.g. (((I*I) * R), (V*I), ((V*V)/R)) i.e. P, power ... ; Also see: 5pComputer;
e.g. ((P/(I*I)), (V/I), ((V*V)/P)) i.e. R, resistance; Also see: 5rComputer;
e.g. ((√(P*R)), (I*R), (P/I)) i.e. V, volt ... ; Also see: 6vComputer;

green gravity, using artificial intelligence, for "flying automotive", iroLED, using cell path, ... ; WHILE triangulating with network topology; Gravity Dimension Computer (BF2 by C Sequence Number) ... ; AND with router, for mobile cell location based AI, calculate distance with RFID, ... ;

green Directional Gravity, also see: Schematic Symbols;

base ( location , mobile system number ) ... ;
  IFF grid topology , NOT GPS ;
IFF mobile , calculate 285 distance with RFID ;
    AND with router ;      
normal Computer ( AI ) prevent automotive accident ;  

Gaz Group, Russia, www.gazgroup.ru;

IFF (GDC) Gravity Dimension Computer, using AI (gravity spots) on 1 surface, to raise evenly (e.g. 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, ... ) similar to dealership's servicing (i.e. idle position);

gene therapy system;

Geely, China;

Genesis, www.genesis.com;

74, 2, GM a.k.a. General Motors, USA, http://www.gm.com;

BUICK, www.buick.com;

Cadillac, www.cadillac.com;

CHEVROLET, www.chevrolet.com;

GMC, USA; www.gmc.com;

GM Daewoo, Korea;

Innovative Wireless Battery Management System, General Motors' EV ... ;

Magnetic Ride Control (MRC) suspension, also see: 2013 Cadillac;

Go now Auto, China; GRADALL, www.gradall.com;

Great Wall Motor a.k.a. GWM, China;

Gulf stream, General Dynamics, www.gulfstream.com;

Hafei Motor, China, also see: Harbin Aircraft Industry;

Haima, China, also see: Hainan-Mazda;

handcrafted vehicle;

Harley-Davidson, USA, http://www.harley-davidson.com; Motorcycle;

Hawker Beechcraft, www.hawkerbeechcraft.com;

Heibao Auto a.k.a. Shandong HIPO, China;

Helicopter, IFF military science ( Directional Gravity Pressure) , can fly 10000+ meter above sea level; this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space system (Helicopter) can shoot down (illegal Air Force (fighter plane), illegal drone, illegal missile, illegal opponent's Automotives) and no need to declare war: e.g. NOT to happen 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting destinations of Automotive can be destructing 200+ years of constructing works ; Remark: Military Science = PHYSICS + Computer Science;

Helicopter manufacturer, also see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Helicopter_manufacturers_of_the_United_States;

Hero Moto Corp, www.heromotocorp.com

Hill Crane, http://hillcrane.com;

Hindustan, http://www.hindmotor.com/, India;

8956, 1, Hino, Japan, http://www.hino.co.jp;

Hino Myanmar, Japan and Myanmar, also see: MADI;

Hitachi, Japan, http://www.hitachi.co.jp;, also heavy industries ... ;

Holden, Australia; 86541, 6, Honda, Japan; In addition to automotives, in 2000s, Honda manufactures humanoids, robots, ... ;

Honda also will manufacture [solar + DEE = gravity] airplanes after 2010s ... ;  think that WHEN light exists, DEE also co-exists, WHILE light is pushing, DEE is pulling, vice versa, WHILE light is pulling, DEE is pushing, i.e. gravity ... ; Also see: iroLED;

Huatai, a.k.a. Rongcheng Huatai Automobile, China, also see: Hyundai;

Hummer, in 2009, Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery bought Hummer; Hummer, USA, also see: GM, also US military vehicles ... ;

Husqvarna, www.husqvarna.com;

Cutter; Demolition equipment; Drill; Lawn mower; Saw; Utility vehicle;

hybrid system ... ; Also see: Electricity Power Plugs;

hybrid, Toyota is pioneer, original genuine designer, and mass-market OEM, regarding millions of Prius car (i.e. model) around the globe; However, without solar power inverter on the roof yet until 2013/2557, because very very very difficult to figure out Gravity Spots with Solar Power panel as roof, WHICH means DEE vs. light must be thoroughly understood 1st, transforming mA to kA must also be thoroughly understood 2nd, torque converting converter and its mechanical engineering must be thoroughly understood 3rd, avoiding the people with no design-cost (also known as reverse engineering) must be thoroughly twisted 4th, and then Solar Power panel as roof in addition to the current hybrid model to be ... 5th ... ; this DOMAIN has been developing GDC (Gravity Dimension Computer) for years already; Therefore, before installing this DOMAIN, measure your computer and its connecting devices (e.g. kan Weight); Hydrogen Filling Station, for fuel cell vehicles; hydrogen;

Hybrid System, also see: 3hComputer;

Hyosung, Korea, www.hyosungmotorsusa.com; HYSTER, www.hyster.com;

8735419, 1, Hyundai, Korea, http://www.hyundai.co.kr; also a ship builder, ocean liner builder, ... ; 2014/2558 Hyundai Equus, flagship & luxury, equipped with 5L V8, 8 speed automatic transmission, 10 years 100,000 miles free scheduled maintenance, 234mm display screens, 429 horsepower, approx. 65,000 USD, blind spot monitoring system, D-CVVT engine, dynamic cruise control (auto managed distance to vehicles in front), lane departure warning system, multi zone climate control, multi view camera, navigation system, and more ... ; IFF structural gravity embedded, can compare to Lexus 2014 LS 460; Unknown light as surface to shield interior;

2018/2562; Hyundai Sonata with 28 ~ 37 mpg, auto windows, automatic emergency braking, dual automatic temperature control, electronic parking brake, floor console mounted rear vents, heated steering wheel, lane keeping assist, Qi wireless phone charging, smart cruise control, sport mesh grille;

2011/2555 Hyundai Elantra with D-CVVT engine, variable valve timing technology with 1.8 L, double overhead cam, inline four cylinder, 148 HP, 30+ ~ 40+ miles / gallon, with 10 years or 100,000 miles warranty, with GPS, with rearview camera, and etc. ... ;

Hyundai - Kia;


Ignition System, also see: 7iComputer;

IFF WCS, using GPS ( locating) WCS location, 95 ♯ cm distance direction ... ; Artificial Intelligence (NOT to be locating persons e.g. drivers, human beings, humanoids, operators, passengers);

Indmar, USA, www.indmar.com;

95695929, 9, Infiniti, Japan, http://www.infiniti.com;, also see: Nissan; Infiniti is luxury model;

interact with signals IFF WHILE approaching junctions;

interface (e.g. 101/102, 106/109, display, mouse, MTI, USB, ... );

International Trucks, http://www.nav-international.com;

IoT (i.e. Internet of Things) ... ;

ISEKI, Japan, www.iseki.co.jp;

Harvester; Mower; Tiller; Tractor; Trans planter;

91383, 6, Isuzu, Japan, http://www.isuzu.co.jp;

Iveco, Italy and USA, also see: Fiat;

JAC, China; Jianghuai Automotive, http://jacen.jac.com.cn;

Jaguar; Jamboree, Recreational Vehicle, USA, http://fleetwoodrv.com/jamboree;

JAPANESE VEHICLES, www.japanesevehicles.com;

Jayco, RV, www.jayco.com, camping trailer, fifth wheel, motor home, toy hauler, travel trailer, ... ;

Jeep, USA; also see: Chrysler; Dodge;

Jiangnan, China, also see: Suzuki; Jincheng, China, also see: Mitsubishi, Toyota, ... ;

JLR, Jaguar Land Rover, owned by India's Tata Group;

John Deere, USA, http://www.deere.com;

Agriculture/Forestry equipment; Construction equipment; Engine; ADT chassis 30- ton; 30+ ton; Backhoe loader 14+ ft dig depth; Compact track loader; Crawler dozer 100+ HP; Crawler loader 100+ HP; Excavator 5 ~ 80+ metric ton; Motor grader 40,000+ lb; Scraper; Tractor;

KAI, KOREA AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES, www.koreaaero.com; 2011, KIA sold several high tech air force crafts to Indonesia government; 2015/2558, Kia Soul EV, 1st electric car, 33K+ USD price, 49+ cubic feet cargo space, 81+ kW engine, 93+ miles by 4hr (240V) charged, 3200+ lb weight;

KAMAZ, Russia, www.kamaz.ru;

21511129, 4, Kawasaki, Japan;

Kenworth, www.kenworth.com;

291, 3, Kia, Korea, http://www.kia.co.kr;

2014/2558 model e.g. Kia Soul, equipped with 2L DOHC engine, 23 mpg city, 31 mpg highway, illuminated lighting speakers, navigation system, panoramic sunroof, real view camera, remote keyless, UVO infotainment system, XM Satellite radio, ... ; MSRP approx. 15000+ USD; 5 passenger hatchback; Common Korea automotive manufactures provide 100,000 miles warranty;

KIOTI Tractor Division, DAEDONG - USA, www.kioti.com

KOBELCO, http://www.kobelcoamerica.com;

KOBOT, Japan, http://www.kobot.co.jp; ultra compact electric car; Also see: ultra compact car;

2641213, 1, Komatsu, Japan, http://www.komatsu.co.jp; KSD Auto Factory, Lao;

KTM,  www.ktm.com; Motor bike; Sport ATV;

Kubota, Japan, http://www.kubota.co.jp;

kuru kuru WHILE landing, use Highlight (olive) color;
kuru kuru WHILE elevating, use Highlight (aqua) color;

launch police drone, IFF illegal drone exists;

LAKOTA RV, www.lakotarv.com, golf cart, travel trailer, ... ;

Lamborghini, Italy;

Lancia, Italy;

Land Rover, UK;

landing (as opposed to elevating);

35631, 9, Lexus, Japan, also see: ToyotaLexus is luxury model;

Active Rear Steering (lateral Gs) system;
Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) system;
Electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission system;
Lexus Climate Concierge monitor system;
Lexus Safety System+ e.g. all speed dynamic radar cruise control with automatic braking, Blind Spot Monitor, intelligent high beam headlamps, Intuitive Parking Assist, pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, ... ;
Multistage Hybrid Drive system;
(performance package; sport package; touring package) system;
placement of every element (system) e.g. all speed dynamic radar cruise control, drive mode select (e.g. Custom mode (enable you to create your own profile), ECO mode, Sport S mode, Sport S+ mode (Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS)), ... ), electronic sliding gauge cluster, ... ;
standard (e.g. 3 lights of 90°, accessories, air bags, alloy wheels, aluminum pedals, AVS, Climate Concierge, color (exterior, finish, interior, material), drive modes, electro chromic (e.g. auto dimming, auto lighting), Enform (App Suite, Destination Assist, Safety Connect, Service Connect, Remote App, ... ), G-meter, magnesium paddle shifters, Navigation System (multimedia display), outside door handles, packages, power adjustable seats, rain sensing wipers, Remote Touchpad, Safety System, Safety System+, Smart Access, smart phone connectivity (e.g. Bluetooth®, USB), Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM), ... ) system;
surround sound audio (13 speaker) system;
Takumi craftsmanship (system);
the vehicle's center of gravity (structural) system;
Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS) system;
voice activated Navigation System;

LF, Left Front;

Liaoning Shuguang, China;

LIEBHERR, www.liebherr.us;

Crane; Deep Foundation Machine; Earth moving equipment; Mining Equipment; Tower; Port Equipment;

Lifan, China; Lincoln, USA, also see: Ford;

CNG, Compressed Natural Gas; LNG, Liquefied Natural Gas; Clean vehicles (i.e. < 1g of carbon-dioxide / km); Lotus, USA;

LR, Left Rear;

LTBSD (Left To Be Stability DEE), also see: Schematic Dimensional;

LUCID, www.lucidmotors.com;

base ( location , Mobile System Number , ... ) ;
  IFF mesh topology ( GPS ) ... ;
IFF mobile , calculate the distance 5928 RFID ;  
      AND 5928 router ;    
normal Computer ( AI ) prevent automotive accident ;  

Mahindra, India;

maintain sensible distance (i.e. to avoid accident) and then accelerate IFF way ahead is clear;

MAKO, www.mako-boats.com;

MANITOU, if boat, also see: www.manitouboats.com;

if cog rail way, also see: www.cograilway.com;

Mantis, www.mantis.com;

Tiller; Marine engine manufacturers, also see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Marine_engine_manufacturers;

Maruti, also see: Maruti Suzuki, http://www.marutisuzuki.com;

Maserati, Italy; www.maserati.com;

MASSEY FERGUSON, www.masseyferguson.com, agriculture machines e.g. combine machine, forage equipment, grain storage, hay tool, protein production machine, sprayer, tillage implement, tractor, ... ;


MAZ, Russia, www.maz.ru;

41841, 9, Mazda, Japan, http://www.mazda.co.jp;

Mazda Myanmar, Japan and Myanmar, since 1940s, also see: MADI, www.myanmar.gov.mm;

McLaren; measure a parking space by using radar and then oneself (e.g. Me) steer into the parking space;

Mercedes, Mercedes-Benz, Germany; also see: Daimler Chrysler;

Mercury, USA; also see: Ford;

Lincoln; MERCURY, www.mercurymarine.com;

metric, or SAE; Metric e.g. ♯ mm, ♯ cm, ♯ m, ... ; SAE e.g. ♯ in, ♯ ft, ♯ yd, ... ; Also see: measurement; UNIT;

MG a.k.a. Morris Garages, UK;

Micro, Sri Lanka, http://www.microcars.lk;

THIS DOMAIN; IMAGINARY HYPER SPACE CRAFT (GRAVITY SPOTS) INVISIBILITY DRONE; MILITARY FIGHTER JETS; multi long length neutrino laser (Comet, Rainbow) ; Location Awareness Response (Invisible Drone, Satellite);

CHINESE AIR FORCE; CHENGDU (J7, J10); J20; SU (27, 30MKK, 35); SHENG YANG (J11, J16);










Mini, UK;


e.g. Toyota HI ACE cargo van;
e.g. Toyota HI ACE passenger van;

the diff between minivan and SUV is that minivan cannot tow, on the other hand, common SUV can tow (common SUV (s) are equipped with towing package) e.g. you can tow your own yacht by your own SUV;

4921329189, 3, Mitsubishi, Japan, http://www.mitsubishi.jp;, Heavy Industries ... ;

2011/2555: MRJ;

2010 Mitsubishi electric car, a.k.a. electric mini car; 4 seats; with "plug in" feature, by 1 full battery recharge, operate 160 kilometers distance commute without fuel gas; approx. 32,000+ US dollar; not market globally;

Mitsui, Japan;

Mitsuoka, Japan, www.mitsuoka-motor.com;

Mitsuoka cars are custom made, special unique designs, style, ... ;

 mobility services; e.g. Taxi Cab;

circuit mode, eco mode, flex fuel mode, normal mode, slalom mode, sport mode, ... , also see: mode;

MORGAN MOTOR, www.morgan-motor.co.uk;

Motor Home; Travel Trailer; RV;

Alpenlite 25ft; 5th Wheel; Air Condition; Awn;
Attitude Toy Hauler 23ft; Bath; Built-in generator; Electrical drop-down bed; Fueling station; Oak cabin;
Bounder 34ft; Air Condition; Generator; Ford Engine;
Chevrolet 24ft; Generator; GM Engine;
Coachmen Motor home; Trailer;
Dutchman 28ft; 6 Sleep; 5th Wheel; Air Condition;
Jay Flight 28ft;
Kamfort 23ft;
Prowler 26ft; 6 Sleep; 5th Wheel; Air Condition; Awn; CD Player; Heating; Slide-out;
Sierra 5th Wheel; Air Condition; Awn; Fireplace; Slide-out; TV;
Signature 5th Wheel; Air Condition; Awn; Slide-out;
Sunny Brook RV  
Surveyor Air Condition; Fiber glass extension; Slide-out;
Wanderer 5th Wheel; Air Condition; Awn; Fiber glass extension; Slide-out;
... ...


Harley Davidson Chrome;
Kawasaki ATV; Water craft;
Yamaha Aluminum track ramp; Dirt bike; Track bike;
... ...

multi gravity spots ( dots) e.g. (1mm, 5mm) can be designed, upper metal area of automotives (e.g. cover, fender, roof, ... ) is recommended, because multi gravity spots (dots) e.g. (1mm, 5mm) as 1 surface in the Internet can result best handling, stability, ... ; 1st, moon roof should be circle alike spot (dot) i.e. not square alike, and then 2nd, flat panel tech's backlighting should apply to all upper metal area of the automotive (e.g. projecting lights), and then 3rd, structural design model (in addition to dimensional, directional, numerological) e.g. multi gravity spots ( dots) ... ; IFF (elevating, landing) also see: Satellite, i.e. HOW this DOMAIN 's imaginary space crafts are ... ;

Nama for humanoid; personal robot; public robot;

NAZA, Malaysia, http://www.naza.com.my; also see: NAZA Italia, NASIM Peugeot, NAZA Kia, NZ Wheels, NAZA BRABUS, NAZA Porsche, NAZA Mazda, ... ;

New Holland, http://www.newholland.com;

e.g. next few seconds, using camera (zoom-in, zoom-out) for each layer, jinko chino Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Application (AIA)) is making (self decision, self do-and-don't, self logic, self reason) ... ; Also see: self driving automotives;

591115, 4, Nissan, Japan, http://www.nissan.co.jp;

In 2010, world's 1st solar tree, for implementing higher civilization type, by non-contact charging for electric vehicles; zero-emission city, zone, state, ... ;

In 2010, world's 1st VVEL, Variable Valve Event & Lift system, engine;

NITRO, www.nitro.com; boat;

North Benz, China;

nuclear powered (electricity) battery car < 8g carbon-dioxide / km, if compare to coal powered (electricity) battery car < 120g carbon-dioxide / km; Therefore, source of electricity is very important factor; Gravity Box inverter (WHICH produces electricity) is not available yet to public, because of global economy's (supply and demand) is essentially required to be;

noise cancellation as surface (e.g. airplane's rear, floor, ceiling, train's rear, wall), also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement ( idea ♯ 157; THE ORIGIN OF SOUND);

noise cancellation is structural dimension (i.e. hardware method), somehow IFF software method is necessary to implement, 1st to understand numerological dimension e.g. no COOKIE browser's numerology vs. user defined its internal address, 2nd to understand dimensional and directional, and then 3rd to do software method ... ; approx. 5 layers to compute IFF noise cancellation as software ... ;

NORTRAC; Tractors & Tractor Accessories;

Also see: Northern Tool, www.northerntool.com;

Also see: Amazon online, www.amazon.com;

Also see: Keno Tractors, www.kenotractors.com;


olive gravity, using artificial intelligence, for "flying automotive", iroLED, using cell path, ... ; WHILE triangulating with network topology; Gravity Dimension Computer (BF2 by C Sequence Number) ... ; AND with router, for mobile cell location based AI, calculate distance with RFID, ... ;

olive Directional Gravity, also see: Schematic Symbols;

Off Road & ATV
Honda 250cc; Beach; Mountain; Snow;

Oldsmobile, USA, also see: GM; 1 & 1 method has been applied, designed, implemented, ... among automotives; WHAT is (1 & 1) method? WHERE ( left and right) co-exists e.g. 2 wheels, 4 wheels, ... , there has been ichiOne AND ichiOne must be matched (another word is SYNC); Invisibility begins HOW (1 & 1) can be seen e.g. < 20 c/s by simulation; In 21st century, invisibility to our genuine human beings is limited to 20 c/s (Hz), our genuine human beings are actually very weak in vision, sense, strength, ... EXCEPT shiso IDEA ... ; Therefore, philosophy is very important WHEN designing, modeling, ... because in hard aspect, every button has its own meaning ... , on the other hand, in soft aspect, every functional way has its own meaning ... ; goKarma ... ;

Opel; Opel Vauxhall Daimler;

2012/2556 OPTIONS: adaptive variable suspension; air bags, e.g. 10 air bags; air condition, e.g. dual climate air condition i.e. left and right; air condition, e.g. dual front and rear climate air condition, a.k.a. 3 zones climate control, i.e. 8 seated SUV; anti-lock brake system; anti-lock brake system with smart logical stop; audio system, e.g. advanced including AM, FM, MP3, XM, ... ; automotive transmission or manual transmission, i.e. gear box with torque converter; bed liner i.e. p/u truck; cargo net; child protector door locks; cruise control, e.g. with artificial intelligence radar system; display screen, i.e. in the middle of the dashboard; double cab i.e. p/u truck with 4 doors and 4 seats; blind spot monitor; glass, e.g. tinted glass; glass, e.g. privacy glass; halogen head lamps; heated and ventilated seats; heated seats; heated steering wheel; heavy duty cooling i.e. 4x4; heavy duty skip control i.e. 4x4; home link universal transceiver, i.e. remote control garage door, gate door, ... ; hybrid e.g. gasoline engine with electric motor; hybrid e.g. gasoline engine with electric motor with pluggable to wall outlet; hybrid e.g. gasoline engine with electric motor with solar roof panel; keyless entry; lane assistance; latch, e.g. lower anchor and tether for children; leather trimmed seats; mat, e.g. floor mat; mat, e.g. trunk mat; moon roof; moon roof, e.g. tilt/slide moon roof with sun shade; navigation system; player, e.g. BD Player, CD Player, DVD Player, ... ; power adjustable front seats, e.g. 10 ways; power adjustable steering wheel; power door lock; power fold-flat rear seats, i.e. 8 seated SUV; power heated outside mirrors, i.e. cold weather; power moon roof; power outlet, e.g. 12V DC; power outlet, e.g. 110V AC, 240 AC; power rear sun shade; power spray washer front head lights, i.e. cold weather; power window; pre-collision system; push button start; rear view camera; remark, as you wish (i.e. factory direct, pre-custom design) options is not available yet ... ; remote vehicle starter; roof rack, e.g. for carrying bikes, small boats, small boxes, should be with limited weight; satellite radio system, e.g. XM; seats, e.g. fabric trimmed, leather trimmed, ... ; speaker audio system, e.g. 10 speakers; spoiler, e.g. automatic adjustable rear wind tunnel; spoiler, e.g. fixed rear wind tunnel; sport package; sport and cold weather package; SUV, e.g. 2x4 vs. 4x4 auto shift by button; telephone, e.g. hand free i.e. microphone and speaker built-in; tow hitch receiver, e.g. 4/7 pin connector, i.e. p/u truck, 4x2 SUV, 4x4 SUV, 4x2 and 4x4 SUV; traction control system; USB, e.g. USB AUX; vehicle stability control system; wheels, e.g. alloy wheels; wheels, e.g. alloy wheels with graphite finish; wheels, e.g. chrome wheels; windshield wiper, e.g. with de-icer, i.e. cold weather; Wireless, e.g. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, XM, ... ;

others parts, also see: 4oComputer;

PACCAR, formerly Pacific Car and Foundry Co., www.paccar.com;

Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV), also see: 7pComputer;

Perodua marquee;

Peterbilt, USA, http://www.peterbilt.com;

Peugeot, France; Peugeot - Citroën, France;

Plymouth, USA;

Polaris, Italy, http://www.polarismotor.it;

Polaris Industries, USA, http://www.polarisindustries.com;

Polarsun, China;

Pontiac, USA, also see: GM;

Porsche, also see: VW;

PoulanPRO, www.poulanpro.com; Blower; Mower; Saw; Snow thrower; Tiller; Tractor;

Prevost, Canada; (bus, motor home, touring coach) manufacturer and subsidiary of Volvo; www.prevostcar.com ; Remark: in USA, the nationwide bus services and terminals operated by Greyhound company, and Greyhound company has used Prevost buses ... ;


Qingling Motors, China;

Qoros, China, www.qorosauto.com;

Qoros Chery, private sector Chinese carmaker and Idan Ofer (Israeli shipping magnate);

RAILPOWER, Locomotives, www.rjcorman.com;

red gravity, using artificial intelligence, for "flying automotive", iroLED, using cell path, ... ; WHILE triangulating with network topology; Gravity Dimension Computer (BF2 by C Sequence Number) ... ; AND with router, for mobile cell location based AI, calculate distance with RFID, ... ;

red Directional Gravity, also see: Schematic Symbols;

artificial intelligence ( elevate, raise) automotives; ratio (car : person) e.g. China 1:18, India 1:38, USA 1.5:1, Western Europe 1:2, ... should be voided, because land vs. population should be a factor (i.e. not by individual count) HOW fast to commute effectively;

Toyota is (the least devaluation, the most reliable) Automotive ... ;

Renault, http://www.renault.co.uk;

Renault - Nissan, Franco Japanese car making alliance; Renault - Nissan - AvtoVAZ, France Nippon Russia; Renault Samsung, Korea; REVA, India & USA, http://www.revaindia.com/;

RF, Right Front;

rimono, Japan; www.rimono.jp;

1/2 fish design (left, right) to be symmetrical at middle; 50 km / rechargeable battery; environmentally friendly; small electric car; water proof & fabric (foam cushion) body;

approx. $3333 USD, and 1000 vehicles / month mass production, starting in 2017;

Rolls-Royce, UK, also see: Bentley Motors;

ROYAL ENFIELD, www.royalenfield.com;

RR, Right Rear;

RTBSD (Right To Be Stability DEE), also see: Schematic Dimensional;

Saab, USA, also see: GM;

SAE, or metric; SAE e.g. ♯ in, ♯ ft, ♯ yd, ... ; Metric e.g. ♯ mm, ♯ cm, ♯ m, ... ; Also see: measurement; UNIT;

Saga, Europe, http://www.sagamotors.com;

SAIC, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, one of the big 3 manufactures in China;

Saleen, USA; Saturn, USA, also see: GM;

Scania, Sweden;

schematic symbols (, , , ) for directional gravity ... ; flying automotive in the near future ... ;

Scion, Japan, also see: Toyota; Sea-doo, also see: Bombardier;


self driving technology (e.g. using camera and radar) i.e. to adjust speed, to calculate distance among vehicles, to recognize lines, ... , also see: Artificial Intelligence (AI);

SELLICK, www.sellickequipment.com;

Shaanxi Auto, China;

Shanghai Huizhong, China;

Shanghai Maple Automotive, China;

Shanghai Wanfeng Auto, China;

Sheyenne Tooling & Mfg., www.sheyennemfg.com;

boat; ship; Radical170;

ship; e.g.

Civilian Ship (commercial ones): Chemical Bulk Carrier; Containership; Crude Oil Tanker; Dry Bulk Carrier; General Cargo Ship; Liquid Bulk Carrier; LNG Carrier; LPG Carrier; Passenger Ship; Petroleum Products Tanker; Ro/Ro Ship; Special Floating Unit; Vehicle Carrier;

Military Ship (national ones, naval ones): Aircraft Carrier; Ballistic Missile Submarine; Battleship; Destroyer Ship; Navy Fleet Vehicles; Watercraft Submarine;

SHOWA AIRCRAFT INDUSTRY, Japan, www.showa-aircraft.co.jp;

Shuanghuan, China;

Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery, China, www.sctengzhong.com, also see: Hummer;

Sinotruk, China; Skoda, UK, http://www.skoda.co.uk/;

Sky Jack, www.skyjack.com;

Sled a.k.a. snowmobile;

SMART, Germany and France;

SNAPPER, www.snapper.com; Mower; Snow thrower; Tool; Tractor;

soilmec, www.soilmec.com; Drilling; Foundation Equipment;

Some authorized auto dealers behave counter as mole alike or gangster alike, WHICH means behind customer, violating customer's property & rights, by replacing with counterfeit parts, defect parts, and etc. Therefore, this DOMAIN suggests to automotive designers to solve such problems (i.e. counterfeit parts, defect parts, directional bulbs, ... ) by assigning invisible fly (Wi-Fi equipped one) for each auto, by eavesdropping via auto computer, and by implementing functional (Gravity as Surface, Light as Surface) shield to human beings for safety purpose, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement, idea # 137; Shield to Drones; e.g. Light as Surface can protect unwanted gangsters' directional bulbs' emitting energy beams; To do so, use projector projection technology combine with Light as Surface for all interior surfaces; Light aqua color, light blue color, light green color, ... on poly glasses might disappear on plastic and rubber (because when light bends, its character changes also); Day mode vs. Night mode must be basically understood, WHICH is beyond CdS tech;e.g. Gravity as Surface can integrate or can enhance performance and stability; Similar to 1990s' 20+ years old Lexus' technology (MUX the combustion engine's pressure by remote sensing (i.e. NOT by injecting more gas nor O2), Elevate starts at 60 kilo meter per hour speed (i.e. using dimensional, directional, numerological, structural gravity spots), EM torque WHICH means bypassing pinions of transmission's converter (switching from mechanical mode to EM mode), and so on); Lower RPM elevating is not available yet; Static mode vs. Dynamic mode must be basically understood, WHICH is beyond basic remote sensing; Automotive designers should develop low amp elevating in dimensional and structural, and then test with this DOMAIN 's directional and numerological;

South East (Fujian) Motor, China;

space craft; e.g. operational space craft;

spacecraft; e.g. operational spacecraft;

speaker ... ;

speed sensor, using dimensional heterodyning, multiply the pressure of internal-combustion engine;

SsangYong, Korea;

STEC, www.stecequipment.com;

Sterling trucks, also see: Freightliner;

Subaru, Japan, http://www.subaru.jp, also see: Fuji Heavy Industries ... ;

submarine; e.g. operational submarine;

Sukhoi airplane, Russia, www.sukhoi.org;

Sumitomo, Japan; www.sumitomo.com;

SUV, Sport Utility Vehicle;


Electronics, Electric Wire & Cable, Energy;

Industrial Materials;

Information & Communications;


Sun Tracker, www.suntrackerboats.com;

Sunny Brook RV, www.sunnybrookrv.com, fifth wheel, travel trailer, ... ;

138329, 8, Suzuki, Japan, http://www.suzuki.co.jp;

Suzuki GM, a.k.a. CAMI, Japan, Canada, and USA;

SUZUKI Motor Corporation, www.globalsuzuki.com ;

Suzuki Myanmar, Japan and Myanmar, http://www.spa.com.mm;

Suzuki OMC, Cambodia, http://www.omc.com.kh;

SWISHER, www.swisherinc.com;

gene therapy system;

world time mode ( AI )  
    WHICH location ;          
OEM ( name ) map s ;  
  system ( e.g. battery , engine , generator
, motor , plug - in , transmission ) ;
  on 7 AND 8 with network topology ;
system ( e.g.              
  A B S , Anti lock Braking System ;
  A C C , Adaptive Cruise Control ;  
  A C S , Active Control Suspension ;  
  A F S , Adaptive Front - light i
n g System ;            
  D C M , Data Communication Module , e.g.
Blue tooth , CAN , Flex Ray , LIN ,
MOST , T T Ethernet ;        
Display e.g. LCD , HUD ;        
  E C T , Electronic Control l ed Transmission
; E F I , Electronic Fuel Inject i on
; E P S , Electronic Power Steer i n
g ;                
  E S C , Electronic Stability Control ;  
  H V C , Hybrid Vehicle Control ;  
  I T S , Intelligent Transport System ;  
  P C S , Pre Crash Safety ;  
traffic infra structure ( i . e . Smart Grid
, Solar Tree , . . . ) ;  
  T R C , T r action Control ;
  V D M , Vehicle Dynamic Manage me n
t ;                
  - 26 - vehicle communication ;    
  VEHICLE - TO - communication ;    
  ) ; USB ;        

TADANO, www.tadanoamerica.com; crane, e.g. 450 ton, 250 ton, 200 ton, 160 ton, 130 ton, 110 ton, 75 ton, 55 ton, ... all terrain cranes, rough terrain crane, boom truck crane, ... ;

TADANO FAUN, www.tadanofaun.com; crane;

TADANO MANTIS, www.mantiscranes.com; crane, e.g. 30 US ton ~ 100 US ton;

TAHOE, www.tahoe-boats.com;

tank, military grade armor vehicle;

tank; e.g. operational tank;

2121, 6, TATA MOTORS, India's motors company: www.tatamotors.com;

Approx. USD 2500+ per car, in 2009, the cheapest cars in the world, from TATA MOTORS;

TAYLOR-DUNN, www.taylor-dunn.com;

TEREX cranes, www.terex.com;

Tesla Motors, in 2010, partner with Toyota; Electric sport cars, 250+ miles without recharging, by wall outlet plug in; No gasoline engine, 100% electrical power; 288+ Horse Power; 0-60 mph, by 4+ seconds; www.teslamotors.com;

THACO, Vietnam, also see: Truong Hai;

Thailand, a leading autoparts manufacturer nation in Southeast Asia ... , also see: Thai Autoparts Manufacturers Association;

gene therapy system;

 this DOMAIN AI SYSTEM ( Cloud) also see: domain;

2011/2555 November 21, NHK news, after flood, Toyota's 3 factories restart its 600,000 new cars production per year, in Thailand; Tianma Auto, also see: Isuzu;

TOKAI, www.tokai-auto.co.jp;

TORO, www.toro.com; Mower; Spraying equipment; Turf cultivator; Utility equipment; Utility vehicle;

artificial intelligence (network topology) using specific OEM's colors e.g.

2 6 7 6 2 1       ;

267621, 6, Toyota, Japan, http://www.toyota.co.jp;, also see: Lexus; standard Toyota Safety Sense 2.0, a.k.a. TSS2.0;

e.g. 2021 Toyota Sienna AWD; automatic smart braking system (a.k.a. Smart Stop Technology (SST)) to avoid (accident, collision) i.e. in addition to VVT-i engine, standard hybrid power train; designed, engineered, and assembled in USA; 4 interior climate zones; LED (s) lighting; on board refrigerator and vacuum; 8 seats; 1500 Watt inverter with AC outlet; 3500 pounds (lb) smart towing trailer; ... ; Remark: hybrid means with batteries to be structural elevating, and as of 2564 in 2020, we're reaching R&D in PHYSICS, e.g. naturally rechargeable battery, also see: Physics Law 179 ... ; exterior (e.g. body structural a.k.a. auto-body) must obey structural naturally rechargeable battery's directional gravity pressure, and gravity spots; AWD, All Wheel Drive; because of structural naturally rechargeable batteries, "flying automotive" ... , also see: DEE, Dark Energy Engineering; 1st to understand ZCS, 2nd to understand tatami Map, 3rd to understand variable DEE patterns (i.e. beyond 1 way DEE) ... ; 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index (tatami Map) ... ;

e.g. 2011/2555 Toyota Sequoia SUV, sport utility vehicle, 5.7L DOHC i.e. Dual Over Head Camshaft 32 valve, iForce V8 i.e. 8 cylinder and V shaped , dual independent VVT-I i.e. Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence, 381 HP i.e. Horsepower and 1HP is equal to approx. 750 watts, 401 Lb. Ft. Torque, ECT-I i.e. Electronic Control Transmission with Intelligence, approx. 23 miles / gallon, and etc. ... ;

e.g. since 2003, world's 1st VVT-i engine, without timing belt;


Gravity Dimension Computer info (INST) e.g. maintain max number of MPG, IFF RPM > 0;

;       1 2 6 7 6 2

TRACKER, www.trackerboats.com;

traffic information; train     train, WHILE kuru kuru in kinetic, (on track) train's speed can be faster, because train becomes gravity machine in kinetic, IFF dimensional and directional and numerological, fully functional gravity spots elevate heavy weights (e.g. 100+ tons of weight) in real-time;


gravity machine in static, for parking; gravity machine in dynamic, for kinetic;

to do so: 1st to understand green vs. green to be synchronization; 2nd to understand gravity spots and momentum to elevate (i.e. lifting automotive); 3rd to understand surface in the Internet;


Troy-Bilt, www.troybilt.com; Cultivator; Riding mower; Snow thrower; Tiller; Tractor;


Truck Trailer
Car huller flat bed  
Haulmark 8ftx24ft; Cargo trailer; Hardboard and insulation inside; V nose; With ramp door;
... ...

Truong Hai, Vietnam, http://www.truonghaiauto.com.vn;

TVS Motor, www.tvsmotor.com;

TYM, www.tym-tractors.com; Backhoe; Loader; Merchandiser; Mower; Tractor;

UD, Japan; e.g. trucks;

ultra compact car, 1 driver, <= 3 passenger, no rear trunk for neither cargo nor luggage; stability risk if roof is a place for cargo and luggage; easy parking space in busy cities; local economy and environmentally friendly in towns and villages; in common, <1000cc if gasoline engine, and more than 100 km/gallon; For example: less than 50 cents can be a CD-R with nice packaging, if 10 times, 5 dollars can be illegal copied CD-R with home made quality packaging, if 100 times, 50 dollars can be with distribution cost, holding cost, license cost, retailing cost, tax and fees, ... ; Same concept can be applied to notebook computers e.g. 30 dollars can be with nice packaging, if 10 times ... , if 100 times ... ; Therefore, ultra compact cars are recommended, because of value oriented business and environmentally friendly; The diff is CD-R can be easily counterfeited, on the other hand, notebook computers can not be easily counterfeited;  Therefore, engineers should concern THAT ultra compact cars should not be easily counterfeited;

United equipment, www.ur.com;

unauthorized fighter jet; also see: 8jComputer;

; ; ; (drone, unmanned aerial vehicle) ... ; Also see: PHYSICS;

e.g. (good, healthy) environmental support (drone, unmanned aerial vehicle) ... ;
e.g. medical emergency response (drone, unmanned aerial vehicle) ... ;
e.g. military coast guard, patrol & security (drone, unmanned aerial vehicle) ... ;

unsuccessful global alliances had been (Chrysler vs. Daimler), (Fiat vs. GM), (Mazda vs. Ford);

U S B            
  A U X            

USB AUX, plug-and-play port, available inside of late model (i.e. after year 2552) automotives, for connecting audio, for connecting mobile phone, for connecting video, ... ; e.g. inside of 2011/2555 Toyota Sequoia, USB AUX can charge mobile phone, USB AUX is connected and configured once with a mobile phone WHICH prompts speaker phone to dial and to listen (it is called "pairing by Bluetooth", "pairing by WiFi"), USB AUX is connected with i* devices (e.g. i*, iPad, iPhone, ... ) then user's previously stored musical songs can be playing by the automotive 's audio sound system, USB AUX ... ;

VANHOOL, Belgium, www.vanhool.be;

Vauxhall, UK, http://www.vauxhall.co.uk;

VIN, Vehicle Identification Number, ... ; your radio ID, ESN, ♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯... ; Satellite ... ;

VINFAST, Vietnam, https://vinfast.vn;

The 1st Vietnamese automotive industry, established and functional up-and-running since 2019/2563, and 3 luxury crossover models are available at approx. 65,000 USD / car;

Volkswagen, Germany, also see: Audi; VW purchases Porsche; since 2012/2556; Volkswagen, Europe's the biggest auto maker;


VVT-I, Toyota has invented, serviced, used, ... since 2003; Also see: hybrid;

VW, i.e. Volkswagen;

WANZIANG, auto parts manufacture purchased Fisker Automotive (electric vehicle maker) assets; approx. 150 million USD;

warship, military grade ship;

weather ahead; ( for location) accuracy, Wi-Fi, Wide Fidelity;

wheel; Radical855;
wheel; Radical192;

( W I O (a.k.a. Wattage Input Output); Tool; Switch; S V M (a.k.a. Support Vector Machine); Sensor; Self IE (a.k.a. Self Internet Explorer); Power bank; Classifier; Cable; Board; Battery (a.k.a. Batteries); Actuator) specification, model, design, ... ;

WIRTGEN GROUP, www.wirtgen-group.com;

X e.g. time lines as x; doko WHERE levels as y; layers as z;

XPENG; Xpeng Motors; Guangzhou, China; URL: https://en.xiaopeng.com;

intelligent electric SUV; smart car; with Internet DNA;

yellow gravity, using artificial intelligence, for "flying automotive", iroLED, using cell path, ... ; WHILE triangulating with network topology; Gravity Dimension Computer (BF2 by C Sequence Number) ... ; AND with router, for mobile cell location based AI, calculate distance with RFID, ... ;

yellow Directional Gravity, also see: Schematic Symbols;

yacht; luxury and special custom designed model (boat) is called yacht;

714181, 4, Yamaha, Japan;

world's 1st pedal assist electric bicycle, invented, And Then, successfully marketed globally by YAMAHA ( https://www.yamaha.com );

Yanmar, Japan, http://www.yanmar.co.jp; also see: Cub Cadet;

YARD-MAN, www.yardman.com; Cultivator; Lawn tractor; Mower; Trimmer;

Youngman, China;

Yuejin Motor Group a.k.a. Nanjing/Nanqi, China;

ZERO ENGINEERING, customizable motor cycles, www.zero-eng.com

Zhengzhou Nissan;

Zhongxing, China;

Zhongxing Weihu (Grand Tiger);

Automotives names IFF suffix; Radical299;


verify address (e.g. 1326462945) universally ... ;