; ; ; ; Updated in 2565 : on 2021 : 11 : 6 : Antiviral : Antiviral : Antiviral ;

; ; ; ; Updated in 2565 : on 2021 : 11 : 6 : Anti Virus : Anti Virus : Anti Virus ;

power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil;

humanoid Jiwaka, also see: Gene Therapy System; j Pali; MD; Protein;

Antiviral Antibody     Antiviral Antibody     Antiviral Antibody;

I wrote: I'm going write a poem now e.g.

2T and Henry, how that U to be,
marking the DNA _Origami, transforming to be mRNA in laboratories,
p Vector in structural, surfaced inductances interrupt Protein dimensional,
1 way DEE As Comes-and-Goes, its environmental should be closed,
WHILE naturally Nanobots As membranes in ACTION, we're able to be defining the (Closed, Opened) architectures,
using 30 polygons for defining variants, we can do Anti Virus medicines drip/dropping, so called Teleportation ... ;


2565; 2021; this DOMAIN 's Model; (( Chiral, reversed heat sensing way), ( Chiral, C Sequence Number Natural Cell Path Battery)) ... (think THAT for each (string) end point, Distribution of the (string) energy prompts hole) ... also see: C Sequence Number; Distribution; Protein; Remark: for developing oral route (capsule, pill, tablet) Anti Virus COVID-19 vaccine medicine; Globalization ... ; Worldwide ... ;

e.g. ( Protein Y = (( Protein X) + ( variable Perturbation D)) / ) And Then, ( Protein X) = (((kuru kuru WHILE (COVID-19 Variant Indicator Number) - Protein Y)) + mismatched ones), a.k.a. Control Theory ... ; Remark: for developing "oral route" COVID-19 medicine;

well trained kids! replied: HOW could THAT (Korea Ginseng Tea) be antiviral naturally sir ?

I wrote: Yea! We've to know an index e.g. Gastroenterological, also see: gGTSU; Remark: a.k.a. "Tarzan" method to survive without vaccine shots;

Anti Virus "Oral Route" medicine (Alcohol%, Calories, Carbohydrate, Cholesterol, Fiber, (Minerals (Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Sodium)), Protein, Saturated Fat, Total Fat), (Confidence Interval ( CI) range of Value), (Hazard Ratio ( HR) calculation of (Bacteria, (Prion (Escherichia coli, "Mad Cow" , Salmonnella, Swine flu)), Virus (COVID-19, EVD))); Remark: for developing "Oral Route" Anti Virus (capsule, pill, tablet) ;

protein coat; Protein Wrapper; e.g.

( protein coat, protein coat, protein coat), a.k.a. ( Protein Wrapper, Protein Wrapper, Protein Wrapper) ... ; Also see: cGTSU; pGTSU; Physics Law 789; Protein; wGTSU; Remark: system variable is chiryoyaku Therapeutic Usage = Protein Wrapper; user variable is chiryoyaku Therapeutic Usage = protein coat; WHICH means "Protein Wrapper" is fetched as system variable (this DOMAIN), on the other hand, "protein coat" is fetched as user variable (this DOMAIN) ... ; designed & modelled for Antiviral ... ;

SymboticAsimo, also see: IT, Information Technology, also see: index

OEM Drive (protection on), also see: Directories; Files;

SymboticAsimoRadical344, also see: military; Radical344;


incense; perfume; smell; Radical221;

plasma cluster (salt %); Radical235;

kotai Antibody; Antibody     Antibody     Antibody;     5 Color,

using (

Anti Allergic;

Anti Formaldehyde Chemicals, also see: fGTSU;

Anti NO2, also see: nGTSU;

( Anti PM0.1), ( Anti PM2.5), ( Anti PM5.0), also see: pGTSU;

Anti PM10 (allergens and pollen) ; this DOMAIN 's Anti PM10.4 COVID-19;

Anti VOC, also see: vGTSU;

) for (cleaning, cleansing) living environments ... ; Air;

( airborne, airborne, airborne) e.g. Airborne AntiVirus;

Anti Virus
Anti Virus


( ANTIGEN, ANTIGEN), also see: aGTSU; gGTSU; mGTSU; Physics Law 169;
Antiviral COVID-19 ;
Antiviral COVID-19 ;
Anti-Virus Interior ;

biseibutsu Microbe, microorganism (e.g. bacillus, bacterium, bug, germ, microorganism, virus) WHICH causes (bad, good); if bad ones THAT cause (disease, disorder, fermentation, infection, ... ), on the other hand, if good ones THAT cause ( Antiviral, Anti Virus, immune system support, immunological, ... ); Also see: b Usage; mGTSU; Physics Law 138;

create (bio, biological, biogenetic, biomedical, biomedical, biophysical, immunological, oncological, pathological, pharmaceutical, pharmacological, radiological, therapeutic) antiviral as antibodies (TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN); Radical259;

Also see: immune_cell; immunological;

GTSCA _for Antiviral Nervous System, also see: Location Awareness Response; nGTSU;

immunological, also see: Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ;
mRNA e.g.
mRNA - base d vaccine program :      
    single nucleoside - modified messenger RNA WHICH
include d 1 piece of   the genetic code  
      of Coronavirus ,        
      of COVID-19 ,        
      of SARS - Co V- 2 ;
vaccine trial : investigating efficacy data ,      
        immune response ,      
    and   side effects of the vaccine ;
( Rh factor, Rh factor, Rh factor), also see: fGTSU; rGTSU;

specific antiviral (COVID-19) treatment (Tx) ;

t Computer;

ꌁCoronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19ꌁ

specific antiviral (WNV, West Nile Virus) treatment (Tx) ;


ꌁWNV, West Nile Virusꌁ

using ( , ) to do quality healthy air, doko WHERE ((Aqua vs. Maroon), (Green vs. Red)) should be equilibrium artificially; Also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 141;

Bio Brand-Names ( Avigan) for curing COVID-19; Also see: a Brand Names;

using Anti COVID-19 to (attack, cure, demolish, fight, immune) ꌁCOVID-19ꌁ;

ꌁCoronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19ꌁ;

Bio Brand-Names ( Avigan) for curing COVID-19;

lipid, also see: lGTSU; Water;

Anti Virus; Protein; ( geometry, geometry, geometry, geometry, geometry)) formation of molecules e.g. WHEN SPIKE Protein's amino acid structures change (variants, weakening immunity) a.k.a. variants, also see: COVID-19 variants ( E484Q variant COVID-19 virus, L452R variant COVID-19 virus, P681R variant COVID-19 virus) ... ;

virology, study of (viral cells, virologic, viruses) diseases;
virology, study of (viral cells, virological, viruses) diseases;

well trained kids! reply : can we (wareware We ) learn HOW to program (Antiviral, Anti Virus) sir ? 

i ; I ; i ; i ; I ; wrote : 1st to learn HOW to define (state, stated, stating) e.g. if "fire" as keyword is been stated, And Then, I'll NOT allow standard keyboard IO, i.e. regarding HOW to program (Antiviral, Anti Virus) ... ; 2nd, be very careful WHEN handling "bad word" WHICH can cause bad result; 3rd, way must be better way, correct way, proper way, ... ; e.g. doko WHERE therapeutic Immune Cells, using (((({11,11,11} a.k.a. Black) with (Maroon a.k.a. Dark Red)) for hydrogen), ((({E3,E3,E3} a.k.a. Silver) with ({11,11,11} a.k.a. Black)) for nitrogen), (((Green, including Aqua) with White) for oxygen)) to (Def, define, defined, defining) antibodies (defined unwanted virus); antibody (defined unwanted virus); Antigen _to _be _Anti Virus ;

11/19/2019; 。The destination Web ignores caseꌁ。 The following pairs of names will conflict。

Remark: this (destination Web, pairs of names) error occurred, was developing "defining remote inductance" as one of the PHYSICS laws; was developing "defining remote inductance" , DEE _Radio went unknown error by (108/4) portion, and approx. 2+ days to fix the unwanted (bug, error, virus); it is NOT easy to define "remote inductance" by (108/4) portion, using DEE _Radio; this DOMAIN developer's computer was switched to Safe Mode, And Then, approx. 2+ days to fix the unwanted (bug, error, virus) i.e. " The destination Web ignores case. The following pairs of names will conflict. " and safe approx. 2+ trillions United States Dollar, because the unwanted (bug, error, virus) was chopped by NOT to be worm by not uploading the (destination Web, pairs of names) error ;


bug; insect; cricket; moth; worm; Radical174, also see: Radicals;

guardians; vaccine;

to chop right side's Highlight (Fuchsia) with Font Color (Navy) e.g. bug; malware; unwanted; virus; worm;

unwanted bad health conditions : e.g. unwanted abnormal, unwanted biological virus unwanted BLI problem IFF on moons, unwanted disease, unwanted disorder, unwanted irregular, unwanted mutation; unwanted uncommon;

unwanted bad weather conditions : e.g. unwanted category 4 storm, unwanted earthquake, unwanted forest fire, unwanted regional drought, unwanted regional flood, unwanted tornado, unwanted tsunami, unwanted volcanic eruption;

for each AppID (e.g. {????????-????-????-????-????????????}), do Anti Virus ...  this DOMAIN on line pattern analysis AND recognition system ... ; for each cloud computer system in the Internet, using artificial intelligence ( Assembly) to correct assembly bug automatically ... ; The best way to make Anti Virus is that system should have its own defined compression algorithm to be files ... ; After self compression algorithm, FILES can be remained and more likely to be hardware hard coded at hard drive ... ;

̂|ɟOꌁ。    織ꌁ。this DOMAINꌁ。̂IF ꌁ。this DOMAINꌁ。Ⓞwww.usamyanmar.net.cer.p7b̂宬            Ⓞ
ꌁ。ꌁ。                                                ⓄAnti-virusⓄ

                                        Anti Virus IFF virus, NOTɟ


ꌁ。 ꌁ。織Upꌁ。ꌁ。



ꌁ。 ꌁ。織Upꌁ。ꌁ。



;alias server computer security: BASICꌁ。AND Translatorꌁ。
;alias server computer security: X HTMLꌁ。aka.INFꌁ。
; alias server computer security: Desktopꌁ。ꌁ。
;alias server computer security: Domainꌁ。Internetꌁ。Intranetꌁ。(PCꌁ)。wwwꌁ。

by military, by organizationꌁ。    

the diff between (computer) bug and virus is that virus matches ꌁ M theoretical hole & string as ꌁꌁ, and then attack the system, therefore computer virus might damage billions and billions of dollars ... ; Therefore, ꌁ;this DOMAINꌁ; recommends the one & only ꌁ; certificate; for computer system security and protection, which has been developed by 0.2 second transparent cursor ... 。

AirHopperꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。to emit electromagnetic signals, modulating graphics processing unit load, and then via infected devices to communicate。

Alureonꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。

crime spree cyber attackꌁ。2021 International Trade War (

( . DNS doesn't forward),
( . Embedded layers don't obey edges of memristors),
( . feedback to Phone Verification Method cannot verify calls),
( . Internet Information Server (IIS) doesn't resolve Name Resolution),
( . Six Number of OEM cannot be verified),
( . SPL mismatched patterns),
( . (ZCS, PCS, NCS) NOT obey Gravity Dimension Computer (GDC) 's defined gravity spots)) 。

Duquꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。utilizing current and information hiding method。 a.k.a. prefix "~DQ"。precursor Stuxnet alike worm。 Duqu is similar to Lurk。

Feederbotꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。

Gasior and Yangꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。

Inaudible sound-based malwareꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。

Lalande and Wendzelꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。

Linux.Fokirtorꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。

Lurkꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。utilizing current and information hiding method。 Lurk is similar to Duqu。

<iframes> via websites;

Adobe Flash exploit。

KINS Trojan (variant of Zeus)。 malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。


。variant of Zeusꌁ。

Marforio and his colleaguesꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。

Multilayer .NET malwareꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。

Oldboot.Bꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。

Reginꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。

Sensor-based malwareꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。

Smugglerꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。

Soundcomberꌁ。malware, by using smart phone's (vibration, volume setting) screen state to access channels; reported by IEEE in 2015; 。

。The destination Web ignores caseꌁ。 The following pairs of names will conflict。

Trojan.Downbotꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。

Trojan.Zbotꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。

Trojan:Android/FakeRegSMS.Bꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。

W32.Mortoꌁ。malware, reported by IEEE in 2015。

this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space contents (e.g. this web page) WHICH can cause good quality weather, believe it or not ... ; 。ꌁ Bad Weather Conditions ꌁ。in the early 21st century (e.g. earthquake, drought, flood, storm, tsunami, ... ) are virus alike WHICH can cause too much damage to Civilization Type; TSUNAMI caused more than approx. 2 trillion USD (2000 billion United States Dollar) in Japan, FLOOD caused more than approx. 50 billion USD damage in Thailand, STORM caused more than approx. 2 billion USD damage, in Louisiana, USA, STORM caused more than 200,000 people died in "Laputta" ("la" means moon in Myanmar language, "putta" is fraction alike event in Myanmar language), Union of Myanmar; therefore, Gravity Dimension Computer and Manmade Global Weather is above Civilization Type, and must be top military secret for thousands of years, and please do not create gravity spot bigger than the sun;

。ꌁActivationꌁ。 Activation is somehow related to bad word。 Also see: Testing

Blasterꌁ。2007。 Malicious infection。 Can be protected by Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, Vista ꌁOSꌁ。

BugBear B Wormꌁ。Win32。 2003。 Reported by CA e Trust Antivirus v.7。 3.9 billion U S D damage。 B Wormꌁ。Wormꌁ。

Clickjackingꌁ。2008。 Identity thief。 Without user's consent, the user's browser is controlled and thieved by identity thief。

。ꌁclock gridꌁ。ꌁclock skewꌁ。2010。

Code Redꌁ。Worms。

ĆOĆOꌁ。 Video oriented, for high resolution result WHILE refreshing screen, raining alike strings are filtered by brush alike function; IFF TVꌁ, WHEREꌁ text layer's defined functional starting location of the screen; ĆOĆO in TV is not a virus, after testing 5 Audio with 149.149, WHERE layered encoding can be further study ... ;

。ꌁCOVID-19ꌁ。virological viruses (diseases ((ꌁCoronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19ꌁ), (ꌁSARS-CoV-2ꌁ))), in 2020。(globally, our earth, worldwide) ... ; demolished (i.e. creating antibodies to be immuned ones against Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19) by this DOMAIN artificial intelligence system, also see: Physics Law 144; IFF (without medicine, without vaccine), do NOT attach (biogenetic engineered, biological, biomedical, pathological) virus to human beings' protein (P) ; unwanted biological virus; virologic; virological;

。ꌁCyberꌁ。protected by this DOMAIN artificial intelligence system;

。ꌁcytomegalovirusꌁ。unwanted biological virus;

。ꌁDenial-of-serviceꌁ。e.g. 404, e.g. resource not available; 2014 December, in Japan, SONY servers were hacked; functional services became non-functional service; USA accused North Korea, on the other hand, North Korea refused because hacking is not from Korea, therefore, unknown e.g. wrong IP; Internet in North Korea were down also; To solve wrong IP problem, 5th, verify WHICH time zone; 4th, verify WHAT type e.g. , , , , , , ... ; 3rd, verify WHERE home group with defined iro Colour e.g. Yellow OR {FF, CC, 99}; 2nd, verify OEM with BIOS, and logo; 1st, using Nama For Humanoid (report) verify the person WHO hacks, and this is HOW hacker can be captured and defined and reported to police station globally and universally i.e. without trace (cookie, glass, password, timestamp, user name) ... ; Wrong IP hacker (jumping or tapping a home phone as ID) defined 404, resource not available, and then hack the system, so called denial-or-service; Report to police station (magic alike) via (Satellite DNS System) 's nama connections (by humanoids) e.g. WHO is hacking now, WHERE is hacking machine's home group location, WHICH time zone, using moon wave (bypass 5 bars, bypass airplane mode, bypass boot) to capture hacker machine and then report hacker machine info e.g. WHO is hacking now, WHERE is ... ;

Dumaruꌁ。3.8 billions U S D damage。

EICARꌁ testꌁ fileꌁ。2003。 Reported by CA e Trust Antivirus v.7。

。ꌁFailureꌁ。protected by this DOMAIN artificial intelligence system;

Funlove 4099ꌁ。Win32。 2003。 Reported by CA e Trust Antivirus v.7。IFF config.sys AND FILE=40; NOT99; IFF step by step > 20ms OR 4099, WHICH String。4099ꌁ。

。ꌁInfrastructureꌁ。protected by this DOMAIN AI SYSTEM ( Cloud);

immuned ones (immune to (Specialties ID 's (defined, known, stated) diseases)), immunity, vaccine, ... doko WHERE (antibody, antibodies) DEE _Mouth eats Specialties ID 's (defined, known, stated) diseases ... ;

InoculateITꌁ testꌁ Fileꌁ Garbageꌁ。Win32。 2003。 Reported by CA e Trust Antivirus v.7。

InoculateIT testꌁ HTMLꌁ fileꌁ Notꌁ。2003。 Reported by CA e Trust Antivirus v.7。

IPInsightSentryTrojanꌁ。Win32。 2003。 Reported by CA e Trust Antivirus v.7。IPInsight Sentry Trojanꌁ。

IRCBot     Dropperꌁ。Win32。 2003。 Reported by CA e Trust Antivirus v.7。IRCBotꌁ。Dropperꌁ。

IRCBot     Trojanꌁ。Win32。 2003。 Reported by CA e Trust Antivirus v.7。

Klezꌁ。19.8 billion U S D damage。

Love Bugꌁ。8.8 billion U S D damage。 Loveꌁ。 Bugꌁ。

Lovgate G Wormꌁ。Win32。 2003。 Reported by CA e Trust Antivirus v.7。Lovgateꌁ。 G Wormꌁ。

Melissaꌁ。Virus in 1999。 Caught by US FBI。 80 million U S D lost。

Mimailꌁ。11.5 billion U S D damage。

MyDoomꌁ。2004, Jan. 26。 The fastest。 Coded with Back-door to escape, Mail proxy to multiplex spam while relaying, Stealing password by logging/mapping keyboard I/O "keystroke logger", and ... 。 22.6 billion U S D damage。

。MyDoomꌁ。2007。 Malicious infection。 Can be protected by Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, Vista OS。 Myꌁ。Doomꌁ。

operatingsystemnotfoundꌁ。2013 March 20。notꌁ availableꌁ ATMꌁ systemsꌁ amongꌁ bankꌁ systemsꌁ。ꌁoperating system not foundꌁ。

Parasiticꌁ Wormꌁ Test Fileꌁ Wormꌁ。Win32。 2003。 Reported by CA e Trust Antivirus v.7。


Sasserꌁ。2007。 Malicious infection。 Can be protected by Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, Vista OS。

Shinwowꌁ Trojanꌁ。Java。 2003。 Reported by CA e Trust Antivirus v.7。

SirCamꌁ。3 billion U S D damage。

Slammerꌁ。Replicatorꌁ。"effects" "affects" 55 M Pc / Sec。 faster than Codeꌁ。Redꌁ。

SoBig F Wormꌁ。E-mail traffic 25% up while attacking。 2003。 Spam。 Win32。 37.1 billion U S D damage。 So Bigꌁ。F Wormꌁ。

STUXNETꌁ。Reported by IEEE, 2010; WORM, infected industrial-control systems。 WORM _STUXNET.Aꌁ。RTKT_STUXNET.Aꌁ。LNK_STUXNET.Aꌁ。WORMꌁ。

Swenꌁ。10.4 billion U S D damage。

The E I CARꌁ testꌁ stringꌁ。2003。 Reported by CA e Trust Antivirus v.7。ꌁTheꌁ。

。Theꌁms10ꌁ MS10ꌁ。Reported by NHK News, 2010/10/29。

Trojan Horseꌁ。Buffer intensive over-run。 Horseꌁ。

。ꌁ URLꌁ。

stop fpekyl.comꌁ。block fpekyl.com。 unlimited repeated popup in the Internet is NOT acceptable 。therefore, fpekyl.com is unwanted URL;。

WinCCꌁ。Stuxnetꌁ targets Win CCꌁ。

X97M / pldt Remainsꌁ。Win32。 2003。 Reported by CA e Trust Antivirus v.7。X97M / pldtꌁ。 Remainsꌁ。

Yahaꌁ。11.5 billion U S D damage。

Zikaꌁ。unwanted biological virus;

ꌁComputerꌁ。security protection for unwanted namesꌁ。, also see: OS _vs _OSI _duo binaryꌁ。


ꌁ。 ꌁ。織Upꌁ。ꌁ。



ꌁ。 ꌁ。織Upꌁ。ꌁ。



_ IFF WHICH Virus-: swap virus- AND AND +FS;
_ IFF WHICH Virus+: swap virus+ AND
_ IFF WHICH Virus prompt

_ IFF virus = String: swap String AND numerological dimension;
_ IFF virus = Number: swap Number AND AI OS String;

_ IFF time < Certificate: NOTTHIS DOMAIN .p7b。

_ ;IFF Audio In = Ȣ AND T T L: NOT THIS Ȣ。

_ ;IFF Spectrum < time: NOT THIS Spectrum Time。

_ ;IFF base (Location) R T L: NOT THIS R T L。

_ ;IFF H A R D W A R E (Clock grid; I/O; Memory; Power supply; Processor) hardware: NOT THIS HARDWARE

_ ;IFF S O F T W A R E (Virus) software: NOT THIS SOFTWARE

_ ;IFF C O R P O R A T I O N (you; me) Virus corporation: NOT THIS CORPORATION。

_ IFF AND virus: virus anti-virus, AND ;

_ IFF (LANGUAGE) OR Page language (string): TIME AND (ꌁ)ꌁ AND virus anti-virus

_ IFF File System (FS-.sys OR FS+.sys) Security 5928 Using THIS Anti Virus;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

AI ( indicator) IFF font is (Highlight (Fuchsia) with Font Color (Navy)) e.g. bug; unwanted URL; virus; worm;    on line pattern analysis ... ;

Highlight (Funchsia) color with Font Color (Navy) i.e. defining bug, unwanted URL, virus, worm; Do Anti Virus now;

only in the year 2019 (Time) : regarding SQRT2 design model default system value (Space) : for prevention of system's data lost, (Action) NOT to use (2.019) as system value;






Chicken pox a.k.a. Varicella           yy yy  
Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19 ; yy yy yy yy yy yy yy
DTaP a.k.a. Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis     yy     yy  




a.k.a. Ebola Virus Disease   yy            
Hepatitis A             yy yy  
Hepatitis B     yy     yy     yy
Hib a.k.a. Haemophilus influenzae     yy yy yy   yy  
HPV a.k.a. Human Papilloma Virus                
Inactivated poliovirus       yy yy     yy  
Influenza a.k.a. flu           yy yy yy
Measles, Mumps, Rubella             yy yy  
Meningococcal conjugate             yy yy  
Pneumococcal conjugate       yy yy yy   yy  
Rotavirus     yy yy          
Shingles a.k.a. zoster               yy
Tetanus a.k.a. diphtheria booster           yy yy yy

Also see: guardians;

Real-time molecular biological (Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) a.k.a. PCR test),
using (amplification, amplified, amplify) segments of DNA,
WHICH can detect 1 viral genome, from (section of selected DNA, section of selected RNA),
And Then, can indicate vector (e.g. negative to the vector, e.g. positive to the vector);
(indicate, indicated, indicating) PCR test whether positive COVID-19, or negative COVID-19; AntiVirus;

Also see: b Character; m Character; -time;

Antigen _to _be _Anti Virus (unwanted Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19);

(( X, Y, Z) : Flu (viral infection)); Also see: AntiVirus; COVID-19; fGTSU; Physics Law 144;

舰㠂आ蘪虈෷܁ꀂʂ〩ʂȥā1ରआ蘪虈෷܁ꀁʂ」 ʂ〉 Ƃꁶȃ ȁဂꛑё栻꼍Ꝍ軐퓱ꅹरԆหȃԝㄘ〖ؔ唃ഓ摁業楮瑳慲潴ひᜠ」〹ㄲ㄰㐷〱娲༘ㄲ㤰㄰㜱㜱ㄴ㈰ずㄘ〖ؔ唃̄ഓ摁業楮瑳慲潴ひ龁ര आ蘪虈෷āԁ̀趁要脂沥ꀟ☟贊囇囬乿넵髇쯶㨃麙蛸蔜솙踠㰳㾡⊦潎쯮O밍ギ怆啸푍黟䔂揀䋉織녙ꦂ䨘氶��띍謄ᅍ埭ꅭ擺혛��臨缸᠏��偏熂ഥ䂮♯紏ࡷ袝ᔢⓄ姠攜֣̂ꌁずじؕ唃┝คర ਆ ث Ё舁਷Ѓ㐰ᵕБꀫة⬊Ć Ą㞂Ȕꀃఛ䄙浤湩獩牴瑡牯啀䅓奍乁䅍R र̆ᵕ Г。 ̎ᴂ 脃ꊉ煌듼ﺎ⟲捦胎ᶧ쀘䵯䪠ꮱ㵸㑠钨㖃須춹ꄆꥉ諓㽑䀰˅ꜭ貕賄㔲㿄旐츧䠔ɟ큻์癸뽣娜릫惧뼤宬桦㷒ʐ㮉섮祑ȝ㬢椖娘ᖅϩ왱㉷Ȣ⹴1