Updated in 2565 : on 2021 : 5 : 2 : Protein : Protein : Protein ;

3 macronutrients are Carbohydrate, Fat, and Protein; Protein, one of the essential macronutrients, for structural muscle; Macronutrients provide (calories, energy) ... ;

( protein coat, protein coat, protein coat), a.k.a. ( Protein Wrapper, Protein Wrapper, Protein Wrapper) ... ; Also see: cGTSU; pGTSU; wGTSU;

iro Colour Wave Form ;        
Blue To Green Pharmaceutical ;    
Blue To Red Pharmaceutical ;    
Blue To Yellow Pharmaceutical ;    
Green To Blue Pharmaceutical ;    
Green To Red Pharmaceutical ;    
Green To Yellow Pharmaceutical ;    
Red To Blue Pharmaceutical ;    
Red To Green Pharmaceutical ;    
Red To Green Pharmaceutical ;    
Yellow To Blue Pharmaceutical ;    
Yellow To Green Pharmaceutical ;    
Yellow To Red Pharmaceutical ;    
Good Protein Wrapper, modelled by ( , , ) ware ware We ... ;

(( standard, standard, standard), ( measure, measure, measure)) ... ;

2564; 2020; USA 's vaccine development info e.g.

(Pfizer and BIONTECH), also see: www.pfizer.com; www.biontech.de;

Moderna, also see: www.modernatx.com;

2564; 2020; ( Taiwan, , , , 886)'s vaccine development info e.g.

Yung Shin Pharmaceutical ( www.yungshingroup.com ) ... ;

Taiwan Pharmaceutical Alliance ( www.tpatw.org.tw ) ... ;

Savior Lifetec ( www.saviorlifetec.com.tw ) ... ;

PharmaCore Biotech ( www.pharmacore-biotech.com ) ... ;

MINGTAI CHEMICAL ( www.mingtai.com ) ... ;

Genovior Biotech ( www.genovior.com.tw ) ... ;

Formosa Laboratories ( www.formosalab.com ) ... ;

Everlight Chemical ( www.ecic.com.tw ) ... ;

2564; 2020; Korea ((Geographical domain: (.kp) North Korea), (Geographical domain: (.kr) South Korea)) 's vaccine development info e.g.

YUHAN ( https://www.yuhan.co.kr ) ...

YUHAN (  http://www.eng.yuhan.co.kr/Main/ ) ... ;

Samsung Biologics (  https://samsungbiologics.com ) ... ;

Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical ( www.ekdp.com ) ... ;

Jeil Pharmaceutical ( https://www.jeilpharm.co.kr/english/ ) ... ;

Hanmi Pharmaceutical ( www.hanmipharm.com ) ... ;

Green Cross a.k.a. GC Pharma ( www.globalgreencross.com ) ... ;

Dong-A ST ( www.donga.co.kr ) ... ;

Daewoong Pharmaceutical ( https://www.daewoong.com ) ... ;

Chong Kun Dang ( www.ckd-holdings.com ) ... ;

Celltrion ( https://www.celltrion.com ) ... ;

2564; 2020; ( Japan, , , , 81)'s vaccine development info e.g.

Takeda Pharmaceutical ( www.takeda.com ) ... ;

Otsuka Holdings ( www.otsuka.com ) ... ;

Mitsubishi Tanabe (  www.mt-pharma.co.jp  ) ... ;

Daiichi Sankyo ( www.daiichisankyo.com ) ... ;

Astellas Pharma ( www.astellas.com ) ... ;

2564; 2020; China's vaccine development info e.g.

Yunnan Baiyao Group ( www.yunnanbaiyao.co ) ... ;

Shanghai Pharmaceuticals ( www.sphchina.com ) ... ;

Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical group ( https://www.fosun.com ) ... ;

Kangmei Pharmaceutical ( www.kangmei.com.cn ) ... ;

Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine ( www.hrs.com.cn ) ... ;

Huadong Medicine ( www.eastchinapharm.com ) ... ;

Harbin Pharmaceutical Group ( www.hayao.com ) ... ;

Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical;

China National Pharmaceutical Group a.k.a. Sinopharm ( www.sinopharm.com ) ... ;

China Meheco ( www.meheco.com ) ... ;



animal protein; vegetable protein;

antibody proteins indicates immune reaction, ... ;

enzymes AND antibodies e.g. structural component (living organism), 1 Class (nitrogenous organic compound) ... ;

64 Aqua Cells;


Basic Understanding For Idea Processing;

blood proteins bind to globulins (α, β‚ γ), glycoprotein, lipoprotein, and serum albumin;

Blue Screen;


C D G W T, using C Sequence Number, using DEE, using Gravity Dimension Computer, using Walls, TEST (e.g. Blood Test, WHOM);

Concentration of Protein (our earth), good gene patterns, regenerating community of cells, re-growing tissue, stem cell %, ... ; Also see: Optics; Schematic Dimensional; structural ... ;

conjugated protein;

the proteins WHICH contain amino acids only, AND no other chemical groups, And Then, called Simple Protein;

the proteins WHICH contain NOT ONLY amino acids BUT ALSO with (attached by covalent bonds a.k.a. weak interactions) other chemical groups, And Then, called conjugated protein; (non-amino-acids, part of conjugated protein group), a.k.a. prosthetic group;


enzymes AND antibodies e.g. structural component (living organism), 1 Class (nitrogenous organic compound) ... ;


FISH, Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization e.g. ( FISH, FISH, FISH) Method ... ; Also see: 6fComputer; fGTSU; Method;



Gastroenterological, also see: gGTSU;

Gene Therapy System;

Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

Ginger; Also see: Protein; Radical597;

gliadin e.g. protein found in grain gluten is called Gliadin;

Good Protein Booster;

Green Screen;


human beings' body tissue is like structural blocks (proteins) WHICH can be further researched and developed:

e.g. 4 kcal per gram (Energy Density: carbohydrate),

e.g. 9 kcal per gram (Energy Density: lipid),

e.g. Amino acids (Glutamic acid, Leucine, Valine, ... ) in whey protein, ... ;

hydrolyzed protein, a.k.a. protein hydrolyzate;



industrial processed (after removing impurities, after removing unwanted elements from a substance), we've refined protein-forms Products as capsule, gel, gummy, liquid, oil, pill, powder, ... ;

iRTBCA, i Real Time Bio Cell Analyzer (physiological) alive bio cell population, bio cell health, (co-cultured cell, native cell), independent monitor healthy bio cell, keitaigakuteki Morphological, mitchakusei Adhesion, nezumizan Proliferation, saiboyokai Cytolysis, ... ; Also see: Basic Understanding For Idea Processing;


Kinase protein: kinase enzyme modifies other proteins by adding phosphate; Protein kinase;


3 lights of 90° ;


( , ) photo shot; photo shot taken; Also see: camera; Heavenly Wheel Topology;

PHYSICS (physical), without pathogen HOW protein can be (used, useful, using), also see: Physics Law 144; Physics Law 145; Physics Law 146;

2564; 2020; PMD, Protein Mutant Database; P M D, Protein Mutant Database; Protein Mutant Database;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence, IFF SQL Command, e.g. : select PMD . bio marker, PMD . cell marker, PMD . NGS marker, PMD . tumor marker, PMD . UDNGS marker,  doko WHERE therapeutic Immune Cells, using (((({11,11,11} a.k.a. Black) with (Maroon a.k.a. Dark Red)) for hydrogen), ((({E3,E3,E3} a.k.a. Silver) with ({11,11,11} a.k.a. Black)) for nitrogen), (((Green, including Aqua) with White) for oxygen)) to (Def, define, defined, defining) antibodies (defined unwanted virus), without pathogens, AND defined unwanted virus = Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19; Remark: in common with pathogens to make medicine but antibody seems virus alike and dangerous, therefore, this DOMAIN is cleverly NOT using common (method, procedure, technique) of pathogens based antibodies to make medicine i.e. without pathogens; Also see: pGTSU;

Protein; Remark: like ginger, WHEN "Amber" is surrounding, "Yellow" prompts at its core; think THAT "Amber" is coming from Solar System and "heat" related e.g. energetic; so we've already learnt "Hydrogen" alike; since the name "nitrogenous" is somehow "Nitrogen" and we've already learnt G D C exchange (of blue and silver) regarding moon waves, so our moon's exchange would be "Silver" alike; kuru kuru WHILE "eating" bio cells do the same like us, eating "Green" like "Oxygen" And Then prompting its "Yellow" core planet (our earth), so THAT Protein can be realized and understood ... ;

protein hydrolyzate, a.k.a. hydrolyzed protein;

protein powder;

protein     protein     protein; Also see: Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ;

protein source, a.k.a. source of protein;

protein supplement;


Red Screen;

Blood Type; Rh factor : Rh factor : Rh factor (absent minus, present plus) : blood protein : 8 common blood types are ((O+, O-), (B+, B-), (A+, A-), (AB+, AB-));


source of protein, a.k.a. protein source;


ten Point; Also see: Radical762, e.g. decimal point, mark, point, speck, spot, ... ;

therapeutic Immune Cells: for biogenetic, biological, biomedical, dimensional, directional, immunological, logical, numerological, microbiological, pathological, structural, ... ;


using ( Antiviral COVID-19, Antiviral COVID-19), to cure COVID-19;

using (Artificial Intelligence, Idea Processor) to cure ( ..\..\ xyAbnormalities \ *.* ) ;

using (defined, marked, targeted) bio marker, to cure COVID-19; Also see: dGTSU; mGTSU; tGTSU;


vegetable protein; animal protein;


( WBC, WBC, WBC) e.g. shape shifting protein (its constituent amino acids, specific sequence), the protein prompts stable 3D structural, and the stable 3D structural (defined ones, a.k.a. folded protein) responses to (gas, pH, temperature) environmental conditions, so (either close or open) channel of the cell (Protein) As Walls Method may begin e.g. shape shifting protein ... ;

Remark: ((one-fold, protein-folded, protein-refolded, protein-unfolded, two-folds), a.k.a. protein-fold-conformations) complexity regions (molecular sequence) obey WHAT kind of (bonded-network a.k.a. metamorphic characteristics) gas ... ; (dimensional, directional) protein directs White Blood Cell ( WBC) WHICH kills (bacteria, fungal cells, marked viruses, targeted infections) ... ; in common, proteins start with 2 shapes; blinking momentum (e.g. 1 second) is recommended regarding (dimensional, directional, structural), it means kuru kuru WHILE 4 must be constant ones, 1 must be variable like blinking momentum (Protein Data Bank) ... ; yokatta desu!!, wow!!, bravo!!, ware ware We've got COVID-19 Vaccine ... ; Also see: Walls; wGTSU;


Yellow Screen;


Protein Wrapper ( ZCS Chiral Off, ZCS Chiral On) : Coupling As Domain Walls (magnetic (Co, Cobalt) 1nm-thick, magnetic (Pt, Platinum) 5nm-thick) strip, kuru kuru WHILE fetching current (e.g. (milliampere ( mA)), (nanoampere ( nA))) into the "coupled domain wall," (unlike magnetic exchange interaction ((aligned parallel (a.k.a. ferromagnetic), (anti-parallel (a.k.a. anti-ferromagnetic)))), ZCS chiral (Chiral , organic molecules have 1+ chiral centers, doko WHERE 4 diff groups are attached with 1 carbon atom) somehow indicates magnetic force microscopy image (cascading in nm, full adder gate) whether "Blue Color" is in the same direction as the current, or "Blue Color" is 180 degree opposite direction of the current (e.g. (milliampere ( mA)), (nanoampere ( nA))); Remark: 2565; 2021; Model ZCS (Zero Curvature Surface) based COVID-19 indicator (using only optical glass ZCS and its ZCS _holes) doesn't use neither magnet nor metal; Also see: Magnet; optical indicator (nano medical product) to COVID-19; Walls;

I wrote: I've a quiz well trained kids! i.e. regarding (ZCS Chiral Off, ZCS Chiral On), if I apply 1 second momentum to the environment (e.g. bio-medical nano product (COVID-19 indicator), e.g. protein wrapper for preventing & protecting COVID-19 virus), HOW would the 4 green ones should perform? Remark: 2021/2565 Model, a new Japanese bio-medical nano product invention in 2021, e.g. an optical glass takes 5 minutes to indicate (defined RNA) whether COVID-19 negative or positive, without using pathological PCR test (PCR takes 1+ hour to indicate (defined RNA) whether COVID-19 negative or positive);

well trained kids! replied: ware ware We've already learnt 1 second momentum, so Top's 2 green ones should be stretching outward to the left and right sir;

I wrote: correct. Remark: don't forget THAT since we've On | Off, Boolean logic should be applied, And Then, of course, because of defeating COVID-19, we must be winners of the bio-medical war against COVID-19 pandemic worldwide; you can be a billionaire (10^9 US Dollar rich) if you patent your Protein Wrapper!! ... ; in 21st century and beyond, we've noticed, realized, and understood THAT very very big ones are on e.g. Gene Therapy System (for prolonging life expectancy to 300+ years to live), GPS Destinations (radio channels), Gravity Dimension Computers (e.g. NFC IoT), Manmade Global Weather (defined nation, defined region), Protein Wrappers (immunological), Solar Power Hybrid Automotives (fetching ZCS to energetic batteries, structural automotive body to be elevated), Time Gained Clones (e.g. 98+ years old Shakya King is 22+ years old looks alike), ... ; Also see: Optics;