Updated in 2565 : on 2021 : 11 : 14 : aGTSU, a Gene Therapy System Usage :  ... ( A, C, G, T) ... , also see: Medical Doctor (MD (for each (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user), genetic code)), using ( Gravity Dimension Computer, Gravity Dimension Computer, Gravity Dimension Computer) GDC gas exchange (our earth, our moon), using (( iroColourWaveForm ( 5 Color, Color Codes)), label (98, 87, 76, 65, 54, 43, 32, 21, 10), ( Physics, Physics, Physics), (Radicals (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural)), ( SPL (( Layer, Layer, Layer), multi layers, sound beams))), ... QR Code:   QR Code: QR Code : to correct; to cure; to fix; to heal; to repair; Radical959;

a* ; A* ;

Tumor Ablation Device ... ; Also see: Laser, for removing tumors;

kyushusokuteiho Absorptiometry . Absorptiometry; Also see: k Usage;

aero; Aero; aero* ; e.g.

aero     aero     aero;

Aero; Also see: Antiviral Schematic; Physics Law 184, G D C Gas Exchange (DEE _Mouth) ... ;


( I g A I so type, I g D I so type, I g E I so type, I g G I so type, I g M I so type), also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 169, immunological; Physics Law 789, Gene Therapy System; e.g. ( Antiviral Antibody, Antiviral Antibody, Antiviral Antibody) ... ;

(any moving location of point, bio cell, dot, spot), also see: Physics Law 113;

( Half IgA, IgA 4 Arm, IgA 8 Arm) ... ;
( IgA, IgA, IgA), also see: aGTSU; Energy & Geometry; iGTSU;

Location Awareness Response ( Africa, Africa, Africa), Anti Virus (Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)) ... ;

Also see: Antiviral Schematic;

Anti Virus "Oral Route" medicine (Alcohol%, Calories, Carbohydrate, Cholesterol, Fiber, (Minerals (Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Sodium)), Protein, Saturated Fat, Total Fat), (Confidence Interval ( CI) range of Value), (Hazard Ratio ( HR) calculation of (Bacteria, (Prion (Escherichia coli, "Mad Cow" , Salmonnella, Swine flu)), Virus (COVID-19, EVD))); Remark: for developing "Oral Route" Anti Virus (capsule, pill, tablet) ;

Anti Allergic;

1 Arc minute: regarding (circle, (core, edge), ring), human beings livable moons are like human beings' bio cells, doko WHERE the cell's Circumference obeys THAT (( Pi / 10800) is approx. 0.000290888 (rad, Radians)) ... ; Also see: a Character; Eccentric_circles; m Character; mGTSU; Physics Law 789;

64 Aqua Cells;

( airborne, airborne, airborne) e.g. Airborne AntiVirus;

ANTIGEN; ANTIGEN; ANTIGEN, a foreign substance (immune system), production of antibodies, i.e. ANTIGEN;

IgA     IgA     IgA; IgA, also see: Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ;

shusa Aberration, (departure from norm, variation from WHAT is normal), ... ; Also see: Optics;

(abdomen, abdomen), e.g. ( LLQ, LUQ, RLQ, RUQ), also see: lGTSU; rGTSU; Remark: abdominal regions;

in common, (BMI > 28) with belly (fat),

IFF abdominal egg (s) exist, then using remote burning fat method, focus on the abdominal egg to be gone ... ;
abdominal egg (s) are neither tumor (interior) nor wart (exterior), and removing abdominal egg by using remote burning fat method will be free of abdominal egg;

free of abdominal egg is normal healthy ones;


abdominoplasty (abdomen),

blepharoplasty (in Greek language: blepharon means "eyelid" ; plassein means "to form"),

botox / dysport (minimizing wrinkles),

brachioplasty (a.k.a. arm lift),

breast augmentation,

breast reconstruction,

breast reduction,

chin surgery,

cocco clinique (e.g. naturally stimulating collagen, elastin, hada Skin),

contouring body,

facial filler,

gynecomastia (hormone therapy of male breast form, male breast deduction),

hair restoration,

inverted nipple correction,

labiaplasty (a.k.a. plastic surgery on the "lips" surrounding the vagina, labia minora, labia majora, human vulva),

lift (arm, breast, brow, face, mini, neck),

liposuction (a.k.a. removing extra fat from body),

mommy makeover (after 23 lunar weeks or 32 JUN time period (to be back to prior-to-child-birth the mommy's structure), before-and-after-child-birth),

otoplasty ((correcting deformities (e.g. naturally, many deformities prompt WHEN age > 55+ years), torn earlobe), re-visioning previous done surgery),

rhinoplasty ((dry, wet), (hard, soft), nose),

transfer fat,

vaginoplasty (a.k.a. tighten up vaginal), construction of vagina, reconstruction of vagina, repairing vagina,

 ) ... ;

Remark: the most important merely fact is THAT we need to keep our healthy brains : HOW NOT to be amber color brain; NOT to be brown color brain; NOT to be maroon color brain; ... ; doko WHERE Dark Energy is cut naturally by Amber color, or Brown color, or Maroon color; i.e. ACT3 imaginary hyper space knowledge based;

regarding ACT2 imaginary hyper space (beyond our earth's carbon nano world forms ... ),
1st to understand HOW protein bounds are naturally in WHAT kind of DEE patterns ... ;
2nd to understand HOW hada Skin behaves like medium (color codes) ... ;
3rd to understand HOW Gene Therapy System (genotype, phenotype) doko   WHERE membranes are defined by phenotype, and genotypes (nucleolus) are defined by gray
scaled ones;

Also see: ACT1 ... ; NGS; PHYSICS; UDNGS;

( Agonist, Agonist, Agonist), receptor's physiological response, initiated by a substance; protagonist would be another term for (leading character, leading part) ... ; Remark: pronounce "agga-nis" regarding usage "agonist" ; (epinephrine (adrenaline), neurotransmitter, nor epinephrine (nor adrenaline)) adrenergic substance, relating to the nerve cells; Also see: eGTSU; nGTSU; sGTSU;

alphabet; e.g.

arufabetto Alphabet; ( alphabet, alphabet, alphabet) ... ;

analysis (base pair (♯, ♯, ♯)) targeting therapeutic;

analysis (base pair (♯, ♯, ♯)) for genetic codes, viruses, ... ;

this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System, using Gravity Dimension Computer to cure ((Digestive System : GI : (disease, disorder)) Angiodysplasia), also see: Disease Disorder Acronym;

(antepartum, intrapartum) depression patient (Pt), also see: Optics;

Antiviral Antibody     Antiviral Antibody     Antiviral Antibody;

kotai Antibody; Antibody     Antibody     Antibody;

2564; 2020 May 8, NHK news; Kitasato University School of Medicine (KUSM), www.kitasato-u.ac.jp , neutralizing antibody as medicine against Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19;

innate immunity (antigen) THAT (attacks, fights) foreign cells; Also see: immune_cell; immunological;

(antiviral, anti-virus) also see: Anti Virus; Physics Law 89, hada Skin; Physics Law 144, Anti-Virus Interior;

( Antiviral COVID-19, Antiviral COVID-19) ... ;

anus (genitalia, GI, rectum);

(((toward the back ( kobu Posterior)), as opposed to (toward the front ( zenbu Anterior))), ((toward the front ( zenbu Anterior)), as opposed to (toward the back ( kobu Posterior)))), also see: Directions; Remark: anterior a.k.a. ventral;

sleep apnea; e.g. 

Gene Therapy System ( mukokyu Apnea), using (, , , , ) for curing ( mukokyu Apnea) a.k.a. sleep apnea e.g. (anhelation; breathing difficulty; breathlessness; pant; pursiness; shortness of breath; temporary cessation of breathing during sleep; wheeze) ... ;

beyond Keyword e.g. (directional, NOT heuristic), (NOT local, remote), (mapped, NOT unmapped), (zoom in, NOT zoom out), ... , this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System, using Method e.g.

remote burning fat method,
remote burning tumor method (e.g. to be free-of-tumor),
remote drying inter nasal holes method (e.g. to be good and healthy (inhale, exhale) passage),
remote freezing wart method (e.g. to be good and healthy skin),
remote gravity spot allocating method (e.g. to be normal ones by avoiding neither hyper nor hypo),
remote heterodyning of strings toward abnormal BMD location method (e.g. curing osteoporosis),
remote projecting sound beam method (e.g. to be normal fluid of joints),
remote removing unwanted fluid method (e.g. curing asthma),
remote strengthening muscle method (e.g. to be normal musculoskeletal),
remote Walls method (e.g. data set of (genotype, phenotype), this DOMAIN 's Dx),
remote ZCS method (e.g. to be normal brain color, to be normal protein bound),

... ; to be healthy ones ... ;

invisible insectoids report to animaloids report to humanoids ( Confirmation Field, Confirmation Field, Confirmation Field) : (asymptomatic, symptomatic) symptoms, gene patterns, normal vital signs, ... ;

aroma; Also see: Physics Law 230;

autoimmune Tx in our earth; autoimmune Tx on our moon; for each human beings livable moon in our universes ... ; Also see: PHYSICS, GDC Gas Exchange (DEE _ Mouth) ... ;

(autoimmune diseases, diabetes, hypertension), also see: Disease Disorder Acronym;

(AAI, AI, AIA) timestamp Dx e.g. (abnormal high blood pressure, (abnormal metabolism (hormone insulin, glucose in blood, glucose in urine)), admission timestamp Albumin mg/dL, admission timestamp Cholesterol mg/dL, admission timestamp Glucose mg/dL, admission timestamp Potassium mEq/L, admission timestamp Sodium mEq/L, age, acute infection, Alanine transaminase IU/L, anemia, Alkaline phosphatase IU/L, Aspartate transaminase IU/L, average Glucose mg/dL, COPD exacerbation, chronic renal failure, Creatinine mg/dL, CRP mg/L, gender, Hemoglobin g/dL, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, laboratory report, liver damage %, peripheral vascular disease, (steroids (e.g. glucocorticoids) immune system regulation), total cholesterol mg/dL, WBC ((cells/(mm^3)) x (10^3)), WBC count); (cm scale, mm scale) directional gravity pressure, gravity spot, for each patient (Pt); autoimmune diseases (alopecia areata, ankylosing spondylitis, autoimmune disease, celiac disease, lupus, multiple sclerosis, polymyalgia rheumatica, Sjögren 's syndrome, temporal arteritis, type 1 diabetes, vasculitis);

using 1080 NM (Method, Procedure, Technique), also see: PHYSICS (DEE, invisibility engineering); Physics Law 144, Anti-Virus Interior, ... , IFF Comorbidity, e.g. COVID-19 with (autoimmune diseases, diabetes, hypertension); our earth only; Remark: NOT in imaginary hyper space crafts; NOT on human beings livable moons;

using GDC Gas Exchange (Also see: Physics Law 184) to cure Comorbidity (abnormal, abnormality, ail ness, ailment, bad condition, chaos, complication, confusion,  discharge, disease, disorder, dizziness, fatigue (weakness), illness, infection, irregularity, malady, mess, sickness, strangeness, untidiness, viruses) ... ;

jido Automatic     jido Automatic     jido Automatic; Also see: a Character; j Usage; PhysicsLaw131;

Axonal Degeneration Syndrome; e.g.

Axon, a nerve cell WHICH carries nerve impulses among (gland cells, muscles, neurons) ... ; Axonal Degeneration Syndrome is very difficult to cure; Remark: in common, starting from arm's muscles, And Then, leg's muscles, And Then, Head & Neck, And Then, heart's muscles to stop ...  e.g. spinal cord injuries ... ;

like Manmade Global Weather, the only way to cure Axonal Degeneration Syndrome is THAT using (, ), And Then, focus on the abnormal (Location Awareness Response) . Axon (CT, Computed Tomography) 's indicated area, pinpointed location, And Then, do chiryoyaku Therapeutic on the Axon ... ;  Also see: 9aComputer; aGTSU; Specialties N;

Basic Understanding For Idea Processing; Gene Therapy System; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;