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wafer; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 204; Wafer;

Artificial Intelligence ( Gene Therapy System (to do good gene patterns)), do remove (tumors, wart) ... ;

WHY (tumor, wart) happened ? answer and therapy would be WHEN light as stick (like comet) hits a surface, eccentric circles happen on the surface, accordance with human beings livable moons' momentum, since we human beings' bio cells have been somehow related to heat Dimensional; accordance with Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, WHEN strings EXIST in parallel, there must be hole, however our tissues and (muscle; sinew; tendon; Radical382) are NOT hole, therefore (tumor, wart) happened; naturally light as lime color toward the defined location will remove (tumor, wart) for sure; Remark: because of gray and silver; topical wart (outer side of skin's wart) can be removed by Nitrogen cool Cryotherapy; e.g. to remove plaques, use naturally aqua color for cardiovascular; e.g. to enhance protein, use naturally yellow color for GI;

this DOMAIN 's artificial intelligence Idea Processor is very very smart ... ;

Manmade Global Weather; Naturally Weather Log;

Manmade Global Weather, make good climate ... ; protecting the environment worldwide ... ;

e.g. to reduce drought, also see: 3dComputer;
e.g. to reduce earthquake, also see: 8eComputer;
e.g. to reduce forest fire, also see: 2fComputer;
e.g. to reduce flood, also see: 7fComputer;
e.g. to reduce storm, also see: 4sComputer;
e.g. to reduce tornado, also see: 6tComputer;
e.g. to reduce tsunami, also see: 7tComputer;

Manmade Global Weather, as opposed to natural disaster happens;

WHILE using no COOKIE browser, numerological dimension (5512859) Weather, AND its internal address is, this DOMAIN 's shiso Idea ( AI) to do good Weather ... ; Also see: a.k.a.; weather measurement stations;

use aqua color background as normal gravity; manmade global weather ( service) s ... ;   do good weather ... ; Also see: climate;

SI based ( Wb, Weber, V . s) magnetic flux in quantity; Also see: UNIT;

window; location; URL; Windows7, Windows, also see: OS; VM; 2555; Windows Mobile .NET and Windows Phone 7 (Property) C# and .NET, Silver light, various; using AI; WindowsServer2008R2, Windows Server 2008 R, also see: OS; MSDN (Window Style (Control Box; Help Button; Icon; Is Mdi Container; Main Menu Strip; Maximize Box; Minimize Box; Opacity; Show Icon; Show In Taskbar; Size Grip Style; Top Most; Transparency Key)) ... ;

Radical89: this program is working with all windows, e.g. Pre School English Typing;

archived; bin; cleanup; defender; download; error; file; internet; log; offline; per; program; recycle; report; setup; system; temporary; thumbnail; update; user; webpage; windows;

delayed; late; winter; Radical88, also see: Radicals;