Last updated on 2020/2563 1 10, a full moon day;     O     o;     oCharacter;     Also see: o Usage;

o' clock ;

oath ;

obey        obey ;

object e.g.

any (component, device, item, object, part, thing) WHICH ;

object     object;

object      object      object; ;     object      object;

object's location; object's side; Radical118;

objects ;


Obon, a festival in Mahayana Buddhism [Buddhism], also see: Higan;

abandon; abolish; cessation; discarding; obsolete;

barrier; obstacle; Radical381;

cover; obstruct; suffocate; Radical208;

get pay; income; obtain; reap; to receive supply; to store; Radical622;

obtain (collect);

clean; evident; explicit; obvious; plain;
elucidation; explicit statement; specification;


capable; occasional; qualified; rare; suitable; Radical257;

black; deep; mysterious; occult; profound; Radical126;

occupy      occupation

counter for occurrences; Radical653;

ocean      ocean      ocean

10 October

odd      odd

odd number      odd number

odor; smelling; Radical646;

aroma; fragrance; odor; perfume; redolence; savor; smell; ... ;

OEM e.g.

embedded; Radical693 (OEM, organizer, oscilloscope) ... ;


of course      of course ;

of that

off, as opposed to on; (e.g. signoff, as opposed to sign on);

display; exhibit; offer ; present; send; Also see: Numerological7;


office; officer; offices; e.g.

campaign; duty; office; role; service; unpaid work; war;

CO (Commanding Officer);

office  ; office ;

office     office     office     office;

medical office;

session of parliament; term in office; Radical919;

offline      offline

frequently ; often ;


OK; okay; Radical751;

old      old

bird; old bird; Radical204;

left hand; old grass; Radical53;

long time; old story; Radical81;


olive Rounded rectangular callout Heat Sensor, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 258, Heat Sensor;


omega i.e. Ω, ω;

omicron i.e. Ο, ο;


on      on      on      on

on (e.g. logon);

on earth (in the world);

on, as opposed to off; (e.g. sign on, as opposed to signoff);

ichido Once ; Radical653;

ichi One      one 1     one       one       one

merely; one; simple; single;

one after another

one by one      hitotsu-hitotsuOne-by-one

one month later ;

one; one line horizontally at center; Radical1, also see: Radicals;

one's diet; Radical219;

one's master , also see: Radical289;

one's native land

one's own      one's own house      one's way      one's way

one's turn; Radical534;

leaf; one-sided; sheet; Radical113;

one two three; 1 2 3; a b c;

one year afterward (one year later); Ichinen Go _ One Year Later;

one year later ;     one year later ;

one year remaining; one year to go (one year later); Ato Ichinen _ One Year Later;

ones' rounds           go around + comeback;

oneself      itself

oneself; Radical166;

above; one-time; Radical496;

I; me; oneself ;



IFF adverb: just; merely; only; simply; Radical321;

only      only

onomatopoeic in linguistic, for example, sound of clock can be expressed as: e.g. di da in Mandarin Chinese, e.g. katchin katchin in Japanese, e.g. tick tock in English, e.g. tik tik in Hindi, ... ; Also see: nippon2IdenticalVoices;

opaque      opaque

open      open

Open Face;

Open File;


open stack;

opening; vacancy; Radical145;


opening 1's mouth , beginning to speak, ...


open, as opposed to close;


operate      operation      operation      operator

to operate between (running between); Radical711;


opinion, a.k.a. idea; Radical180, also see: Radicals;

enemy; foe; opponent; Radical745;

enemy; foe; opponent ; also see: Anti Virus;

e.g. defined opponents must be defeated;

inverted; opposite; reverse; wicked;

dominate; oppress; overwhelm; push; Radical593;


option e.g.


option      option

option (a.k.a. selection);

IFF conjunction: again; and; from now on; just about; or; soon; Radical344;

oracle      oracle ;

attempt; ordeal; Radical765;

order       order     order

ordinals ;

common; ordinary; usual; Radical321;

ordinary ;

contract; organize; Radical592;

organize      organizer ;

Oriental concept e.g. Time . Space . Action;

origami e.g.

children should learn origami, because creative talents ... ;

origami paper toy ... ;

origami folding (90) of left and right to be together with its main line, also see: PHYSICS, law forty eight;

origin e.g.

book; origin; Radical662;

Carbon Copy (CC), a.k.a. original copy, also see: 8cComputer;

origin      origin      origin

original; Radical567;

originator; Special Radical 253, also see: Radicals;

"Origin of Sound" can be defined by Begin Audio Y; Remark: ACT3 imaginary hyper space;

"Origin of Water" , also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 282, a hint HOW Origin of Water should be defined;

origin; source; Radical118;

OS , Operating Systems (OS) ... ;

OSI      OSI



other     other

also see: and then;

the other party

the other side

ought      ought

our; we; Radical639;



out e.g.

out, as opposed to in;

outgoing e.g. your computer's IO initiates the connection; also see: incoming;

out      out     out

two (2) is very very unique in many ways e.g. (Able, Disable), (abnormal, normal), (acceptable %, unacceptable %), (approved, NOT approved), (assemble, disassemble), (Bad, Good), (begin, end), (Bias, Neutral), (cheap, expensive), (clinically proven, clinically NOT proven), (close, open), (constant, variable), (Constructive, Destructive), (Core, Shell), (countable, uncountable), (day, night), (DEE, lights), (defined, undefined), (Dead, Live), (Directional, Heuristic), (do, don't), (down, up), (echo readable, echo unreadable), (expected, unexpected), (Explicitly, Implicitly), (FALSE, TRUE), (Female, Male), (first, last), (focused, un-focus), (foe, friend), (Hard, Soft), (hardware, software), (healthy, unhealthy), (High, Low), (Hyper, Hypo), (Illegal, Legal), (increasing, reducing), (inner, outer), (invisible, visible), (inward, outward), (interior, exterior), (joining to be together, splitting to be apart), (known, unknown), (Left, Right), (light-weight, heavy-weight), (local, remote), (lock, unlock), (Long, Short), (Manmade Global Weather, natural global weather), (marked, unmarked), (matched, mismatched), (Minus, Plus), (mono, stereo), (Negative, Positive), (no, yes), (non-standard, standard), (nothing, something), (Old, Young), (one way, many ways), (Opaque, Transparency), (project-able, un-project-able), (receive, send), (safe, unsafe), (seen, unseen), (setting, unsetting), (SQRT2, SQRT3), (wire, Wireless), (with metta, without metta), (within limit, without limit), (Wrapped, Unwrapped), (zoom-in, zoom-out), ... , also see: jinko chino Artificial Intelligence;

contour; form; outline ;

core; outline; Radical224;

output      output      output      output


country; countryside; outskirts; suburbs; Radical888;

outstanding; plausible; superb; Radical263;

bizarre; dazzling; excellent; extraordinary; fantastic; incredible; magical; magnificent; marvelous; outstanding; plausible; sensational; splendid; superb; unbelievable; wonderful; wondrous;

Tail Alike Momentum (Origin of (Oval & Sperm)), also see: Schematic Dimensional;

(all; complete; entire; overall; whole); IFF prefix, (omni*, pan*, toti*) i.e. all ;


exceed; go beyond; overdo; Radical759;

exertion; overstrain; Radical566;

dominate; oppress; overwhelm; push; Radical593;

ovule      ovule

egg; ovum ; roe; spawn; Also see: Numerological7;

ovum      ovum

also see: sperm;


owner , also see: Radical289;

cattle; cow; ox; oxen; Radical114, also see: Radicals;


also see: zodiac;

oxygen; oxygen OXYGEN ;

(8; Oxygen; O; 15.9), also see: Chemical Elements;