Last updated on 2018/2562 8 26, a full moon day;     K     k;     kCharacter;     Also see: k Usage;

KAGUYA, in Myanmar ; in English, moon princess; a space craft name of Jaxa;

Kampuchea, a.k.a. Cambodia;

kan Weight      kan Weight

also see: nippon Unit;

kan Abysmal; (water);

kanban kanban, inventory system (a.k.a. logistic system), invented by Japanese (a.k.a. NIPPON) automobile companies; JIT system; Card system is also a part of JIT, because cards can be color-coded, cards can also be indexed, cards can be not only quantitative but also qualitative, ... ;

kango, one of the 3 types of word in Nippon;

suffix *suru prompts "to do" ;

kani                    also see: Sushi;

kanji brush radical; Radical164;

kanji radical 108 kanji radical 108 (at the bottom) ;

kanji writing stroke kanji writing stroke ;

KANJI Radicals;

kanji iteration mark ;

repetition of Kanji; Radical292;

kappa kappa i.e. Κ, κ;

karma karma a.k.a. kamma

kasaya, monk's stole a.k.a. robe; Zen monk's waistcoat;

Katakana Katakana

Nippon language, also see: Hiragana;

katsuo, also see: Sushi;

besiege; enclosure; keep; paling; preserve; store; surround; Radical323;

keep      kept     kept


keeping a mistress; Radical323;

Kempeitai, Japanese military police, a.k.a. Japanese military rescue team, since 1881;

ken     kenned     kenned

ken Mountain; (mountain);

kernel kernel     kernel      kernel

kettle a.k.a. pot;

kettle with 3 legs; Radical247, also see: Radicals;

keV ;

in common, X-Ray is measured by ( keV, Count);

key; Radical374;

key      key      key      key

combined key e.g. FN;

keyword a.k.a. key;

musical key; pitch; tone; Radical611;

essence; key to; main point; need; pivot; Radical365;

keyboard keyboard;

embedded; Radical693 (keyboard) ... ;

Khamer, also see: Cambodia;

ki      ki

kilo  kilo-     kilo-


class; kind ; seed; species; variety; 14 strokes in Kanji, also see: Numerological5;


kind; sort; type; Radical86, also see: Radicals;

kind intention

kindness (a.k.a. goodness);

IFF end of usage in dialog (ne) i.e. to express kindness feeling, polite form, soft expression, sooth, ... ; Radical116;

kinetic      kinetic

king; monarch; ruler; sovereign; Radical117;

 king     king

kingdom      kingdom


coexistence, also see: queen;

kneel     knelt     knelt

knife      knife

knit     knit     knit

know     knew     known

to be known as; Radical711;

knowledge      knowledge

Also see: 3 kinds of knowledge;

knowledge base

knowledge tree

kogi shingon, old Shingon school of Buddhism;

this DOMAIN 's suggestion: to survive in 21st century and beyond, all Koreans must believe in Buddha & Buddhism, therefore, hurry-up and have Buddha statue, And Then, have blessing of Buddha and good deities; e.g. invisibility deployment: remote nama reading via humanoids' reports to survive in 21st century, and beyond ... ; e.g. sharing human beings livable moons' resources ... ;

Korea ((Geographical domain: (.kp) North Korea), (Geographical domain: (.kr) South Korea));

Korea ;     Korea Korea     Korean      Korea ;

Korea ; Remark: 18 strokes in Kanji, also see: Numerological9;

Korea ; Remark:  with tan leather ( Radical232) radical;

Korean Central News Agency Korean Central News Agency,;

Koto Koto     Koto

kotoba, language skill test, a.k.a. Japanese proficiency test, level 1, 2, and 3;   approx. 3000 Kanji characters are required to know by heart, to pass level 1;

kun      kun

a.k.a. kanji reading in Japanese;

kun Receptive; (earth);

kuru kuru of 5 ... , also see: direction of sign for gravity dimension computers ... ;

Kushinara a.k.a. Kushinagara [Buddhism];


this DOMAIN, using Artificial Intelligent (AI) to avoid bad words, but you can have your own bad words (e.g. addiction (in common, refer to: alcohol, drug, gambling, multi-sex), asshole, bitch, fatherhood-unidentified-one, fool, fuck, fucker, kill human beings, revenge, shit, shoot, slave); harlot, suck, whore are not bad words (because, common people need sex: including bisexual, gay, lesbian, and straight);