Last updated on 2020/2563 1 10, a full moon day;     E     e;     eCharacter;     Also see: e Usage;

e.g., for example ... ;

each ;  ;     each ; ;

*eal ;

ear; hearing; Radical163;

ear      ear      mimi Ear ;

before; earlier; Radical496;

early      early      early ;

earth; earthy; e.g.

clay; dirt; earth; mud; soil; Radical40;

earth; Radical519;

earth ;  ;     earth a.k.a. land;

Earth Essence a.k.a. Kshitigarbha;

earth-rise;     World's 1st ACT2 space usage, via KAGUYA; defining ACT2 natural blue;

earth-set;     World's 1st ACT2 space usage, via KAGUYA;

((FMD, Full Moon Day), (NMD, No Moon Day));

Gene Therapy System, using Our Earth Based Tumor Remover, to remove tumors;

HOW to avoid earthquakes, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 273, HOW to avoid earthquakes;

IFF Pali, loka, world (e.g. earth);

normal yellow, a.k.a. no yellowish variation, i.e. refer to our earth, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 211, Yellowish Variation Sensor;

our earth 's normal Yellowish1, also see: Schematic Dimensional;

our earth (Naturally Weather Log), also see: Weather; WORMHOLE;

our earth ( GIS, NIS), IFF severe bad weather condition EXIST, And Then, amber alert (emergency, partition hotlink) via ..\\device\ACCESS\Roaming\ (e.g. Asteroid is falling into this defined location, e.g. Earthquake is going to happen very soon, e.g. Tsunami is coming) ... ;

earthquake a.k.a. quake;

IFF earthquake (exist, prompt) : Amber Alert;
IFF earthquake (exist, prompt) : Amber Alert;

IFF tsunami (exist, prompt) : Amber Alert;
IFF tsunami (exist, prompt) : Amber Alert;

east      east      east      east ;

the eastward;

easy ; ;

eat; food; Radical219;

eat     ate      eaten ;

eating ;

eat ;

dry; ebb; Radical60;

ebi, also see: Sushi;

ec* ;

eccentric circles;

ECG; EKG; e.g.

ECG      EKG ;

ECG Report; EKG Report;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ((abnormal, normal), ( ECG Report, EKG Report)) And Then, also see: Gene Therapy System; MD;

electrocardiogram, e.g. ECG; EKG;

echo      echo ;

eco      e c o      eco ;

*ectasis ;

ecto* ;

edamame, a.k.a. Eda Mame, also see: Sushi;

edition; make; model; number; issue; Radical299;

edition      edition      edition ;

edge; edged; edges; edging; e.g.

corner of desk; corner of pavement; edge; Radical181;

edged tool; ;

edge      edge ;

cause and effect e.g. operation of a cause and its effect, relation of a cause and its effect;

effort; Radical566;

egg ; ovum; roe; spawn; Also see: Numerological7;

egg ;

eggplant ;



eight      eight      eight 8 ;

hachi Eight;

eighteen = 18 = XVIII;

eighty = 80 = LXXX;

80,000 Buddha; ;

eight ;

elapse; eliminate; Radical549;

elapse; turn into; Radical752;


(female, women) age > 40 year, IFF (elastography, mammography, ultrasound) defined location prompted (abnormal hardness, cancer, positive tumor), using Artificial Intelligence (Gene Therapy System) to cure (abnormal hardness, cancer, positive tumor) ... ;

chief; elder; head; leader; major; merit; strong point; superiority; Radical210;

elderly care, endocrine, also see: MD;

electric; electrical; electricity; e.g.

electric     Electric;

(electric, electronic); Radical535;

electrical      electrical ;

electricity     electricity      electricity ;

Electricity Generating Nuclear Power Plant; Also see: Nuclear1; Nuclear2;
Electricity Generating Nuclear Power Plant-;

Electricity Power Plug (all things are possible);

electric train;

electrical energy;

electrical power ;

electrode      electrode      electrode ;

electrolysis; electrolyte; e.g.

Coconut Electrolyte Ionizable, also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

electrolyte: (gel or liquid) WHICH contains ions, can be decomposed by electrolysis;

electron (subatomic particle with negative); Radical535;

electron      electron ;

electronic e.g.

by year 2020, world (our earth) 's the 1st electronic textbook system (education system), in Japan (NIPPON) ... ;

electronic      electronic;

element e.g.

category; component; element; part; Radical998;

element      element      element ;

element (in array) ; ;

elementary ; naked; principle; uncovered;

elephant ; phenomenon ;

in 2018/2561, translator's writing style ( elephant);
in 2018/2561, Japanese online dictionary's writing style ( elephant);

elevate      elevate      elevate      elevate ;

elevating; jinko chino Artificial Intelligence; elevating;

elevating (as opposed to landing);

eleven = 11 = XI;

EM e.g.

electromagnetic wave (a.k.a. EM wave); radio wave; Radical535;

EM , Electro Magnetic;

elapse; eliminate; Radical549;

email      email ;

email address;

embed, embedded, embedding e.g.

bury; embedded; Radical693;

OLE, Object Linking and Embedding;
OLE, Object Linking and Embedding;

embroidery; Radical243;

emergency; Radical839;

kyu Emergency      emergency ;


emperor of Japan; Radical370;

emperor      emperor ;

empirical knowledge, also see: 2 kinds of vipassanā knowledge;

emptiness is form ;

employ, Radical130;

employ      employment ;

career; employment; professional; Also see: Career Employment Professional;

empty ;

benefit; chemical; enamel; gun powder; Radical377;

alchemy; enchantment ; magic; sorcery; witchcraft; wizardry;

besiege; enclosure; keep; paling; preserve; store; surround; Radical323;

encoding ;

encrypt      encrypt ;

the end; Radical554;

end       end      end      end      end ;

endeavor; endeavour; Radical566;

endo* ;

endurance      endurance ;

enemy; foe; opponent; Radical745;

enemy ; foe; opponent; also see: Anti Virus;

e.g. defined enemies must be defeated;

enemy, 2 kinds of enemy;

energy e.g.

DEE, Dark Energy Engineering;

energy      energy ;

energy; ;

energy (keV) e.g. in common, X-Ray is measured by ( keV, Count);

Yang energy; Radical633;

DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) is the most powerful energy in our universes e.g. human beings livable moon dwells with its peaceful & tranquil momentum;

engine      engine ;

engineering; e.g.

DEE, Dark Energy Engineering;

engineering ; IFF engineering Search Engine, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 229, Linguistic Definition;

invisibility engineering;

English     English      English ;

change; enchant; influence; Radical661;

enjoy        enjoy ;

enlighten  ;

enlightenment a.k.a. bodhi;

enlightenment, a.k.a. Buddha hood;

enmity ;

enormous; gigantic; huge; Radical149;

enough ; ;

be sufficient (adequate, enough); Radical190;

enquire ; ;

enter ; ;


entity; e.g.

entity     entity, distinctly & independently EXIST (e.g. article, being, body, creature, individual, item, life form, object, organism, person, thing, tuple) ... ;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence (e.g. dimensional item (e.g. device), object, (tuple (RDBMS' finite ordered list of elements)), directional therapeutic (body, individual, organism, person), logical article, numerological things (e.g. 1~9), structural (graphics, image, pattern, photo, surface) ... ) entity     entity ... ;

all; complete; entire; fulfill; whole; Radical399;

(all; complete; entire; overall; whole); IFF prefix, (omni*, pan*, toti*) i.e. all ;

entire staff;


entrance ; ;

entrance to a home; gate; Japanese style door; narrows; Radical85;

entrepreneur ;

entry      entry      entry ; ;

area; environment; region; space; spot; Radical957;

kankyo Environment      environment      environment      environment ; ;

environment1, environment2, environment3, environment4, environment5, environment6, environment7, environment8, environment9, environment10, ... , environment31; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2; idea ♯ 213; BF1 Analysis;

this DOMAIN 's content development (creating very nice weather at defined locations, curing many defined diseases, healing many defined disorders, keeping healthy environment, prolonging life expectancy of we human beings) ... ; Also see: Oh My Lord;

kouso enzyme;     enzyme      enzyme ;

epi* ;

counter for episodes of TV series; counter for stories; Radical811;


epoch ;

epsilon i.e. Ε, ε;

equal; equality; equalizer; equally; e.g.

adjusted; alike; equal; Radical211;

alike; equal; similar; Radical251;

as if; better; equal; such as; Radical392;

embedded; Radical693 (equalizer, Ethernet) ... ;

equal ;

equal; even; Radical991;

equation; expression; formula; Radical992;

equation ; ;

equator ;

intersection of sphere surface ... ; Radical188;

equilibrium      equilibrium ;

equip      equipped ;

equipment, also see: instrument;

matching     matching, complementary equivalent (amount, color, design, number, pattern) corresponding with ... ;

era      era ; ;

era a.k.a. period;

also see: imperial era;

erect ; ;

(condition, state) of being wrong in conduct;
error; errors; inaccuracy; inaccuracies; miscalculation; miscalculations; mistake; mistakes;

using Blue Gray Directional Gravity Pressure Error Handler to fix errors;

erythr* ;

escort; send; Radical767;

*ese  =  *rean  = *sian =   * ;

essence; key to; main point; need; pivot; Radical365;

essence ; ;

establish ; ;

estimate; quantity; weight; Radical831;

eta i.e. Η, η;

"eternalism", also see: sassataditthi;


eu* ;

eulogy; hymn; paean; song of praise; triumph;

eulogy ; ;

evade; shun; Radical981;

even; evenly; e.g.

equal; even; Radical991;

even      even ; ;     even ;

even if ;

even now; still; Radical828;

even number      even number      even number;    

even number; Radical260;

even; Radical414;

even so ; ;

evening       evening ;

evening; Radical43;

event; events; e.g.

event      event      event ;

real-time i.e. actual time of 1 event;
real-time i.e. actual time of 1 process;

every      every ;

daily a.k.a. everyday; e.g. www _links;

everyday     everyday; Also see: repetition in Kanji; Radical292;


everyone     everyone;


everywhere; generally; Radical331;

evil       evil ;

exact; precise; Radical567;

exactly ; ;

alter; change; check; correct; examine ; improve; inspect; mend; reform; replace; revise;

example ; ;

exceed; go beyond; overdo; Radical759;

excel; excellence; excellent; e.g.

bizarre; dazzling; excellent; extraordinary; fantastic; incredible; magical; magnificent; marvelous; outstanding; plausible; sensational; splendid; superb; unbelievable; wonderful; wondrous; Also see: Radical263;

excel      excel      excel ;

excellent; fine; good; Radical735;

excel ; prevail; victory; win;

discontinue; except ; give up; lay aside; set aside; suspend;

distinction; exception; Radical494;

exchange ; ;

excuse ; ;

excuse; Radical210;

cause; exercise; exert; reach out; Radical80;

drill; exercise ; hands-on training; practical training; practice in the field; training;

exertion; overstrain; Radical566;

exhaust manifold ;

display; exhibit ; offer; present; send; Also see: Numerological7;

exist      exist     exist  ; ;     exist ; ;

e.g. 2 is very very unique in many ways;

e.g. coexistence;

actual; at the present; existing; Radical795;

exit      exit ;

exit code ;

exo* ;

expand ; extend; increase; lengthen; stretch;

expansion      expansion ;

expect; wait for; Radical269;

Life Expectancy      life expectancy      life expectancy ;

expensive ; ;

expensive; high; tall; Radical225;

experiment; test; try; Radical765;

expert      expert      expert ;

expert ; ;

expert ; ;

expert ; ;

ability; accomplishment; adeptness; aptitude; capability; capacity; competence; deftness; dexterity; expertise; facility; finesse; genius; informally know HOW; mastery; proficiency; prowess; savoir faire; skill; talent;

explanation; instruction; Radical350;

clean; evident; explicit; obvious; plain;
elucidation; explicit statement; specification;

explicit      explicit ;

express      express ;

equation; expression; formula; Radical992;

expand; extend ; increase; lengthen; stretch; Also see: Numerological7;

extend ;  ;     extended ;

cast; extend; give; Radical203;

extension      extension      extension ;

bounds; degree; extent; limit; Radical625;

degree extent, limit; Radical653;

another; extra; particular; separate; Radical494;

extract      extract ; ;

audacious; drawing; extraordinary; map; plan; Radical714;

bizarre; dazzling; excellent; extraordinary; fantastic; incredible; magical; magnificent; marvelous; outstanding; plausible; sensational; splendid; superb; unbelievable; wonderful; wondrous; Also see: Radical263;

assumption; conclusion; conjecture; deduction; extrapolation; guess; presumption; reasoning; reckoning; speculation; supposition;

extreme form of attachment;     extreme form of greed;     extreme forms of selfishness;     extremely ;

eye; eyes; e.g.

eye ;

eye; Radical138;

eyeglasses (lens) e.g. corrective lenses;

eyesight (ability to see); vision (state of being able to see); Radical400;

therapeutic Eyes On White Light, also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;


error; Radical759;

using AI to fix ... ; error; Radical207;

error      error ;

using AI to fix each Calculation Error;
using AI to fix each Measurement Error;