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2014/2558; 10 folder (directory) with defined icons for ten dimensions ... ; Also see: Model; e.g. since C83 (i.e. in 2014/2558), finding Majjhima way among domains (, or, or ... , approx. 8200+ items (550 MB), AI (i.e. Artificial Intelligently) ... ;

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2009     7     21, a no moon day, contents in are: 4967 files, 467,331,181 bytes, and 830 directories, by command c:\dir *.* /s ; 5,126 files, 276 folders, Size: 449 MB (470,911,692 bytes), Size on disk: 462 MB (485,064,704 bytes), Type: File Folder, Windows Explorer。Remark: \\Personal\Photo\ some directories and JPG files were deleted, so CD Content okay ... 。2009     6     21, a Father's Day, contents in are: 5014 files 700,125,715 bytes, and 866 directories, by command c:\dir *.* /s ; 5176 files, 288 folders, 686 MB, Type: File Folder, Windows Explorer。2009     5     23, a no moon day, contents in are: 4808 files 421,548,423 bytes, and 863 directories, by command c:\dir *.* /s ; 4967 files, 287 folders, 405 MB, Type: File Folder, Windows Explorer。2009     2     16, Presidents' Day, in USA, contents in are: 4473 files 367,289,898 bytes, and 815 directories, by command c:\dir *.* /s /O softorder Gaka MS-DOS system。4612 files, 271 folders, 353 MB, 371,195,078 bytes, by Start>>Explorer>>Properties... by Windows Home Server。 aka NTFS Windows system。Depending on OS scheduling of time t may vary even though contents are allocated inside the same hardware, therefore result prompts diff between DOS prompt and Windows prompt

2008     12     26, a no moon day, contents in are:  4200+ File(s), 780+ Dir(s), 355+MB。           , a full moon day, contents in USA MYANMAR NET are: 3543 Files, 192 Folders, 274MB。           , a new year day of 2008, contents in USA MYANMAR NET are: 3497 Files, 192 Folders, 247MB, 287,501,161 bytes, excluding \System Volume Information\_restore{number-number-number-number-number}。  

          , a full moon day, contents in USA MYANMAR NET, including \\Personal\ are: Total Files Listed: 3428 File(s) xxx,684,393 bytes。 742 Dir(s) xxx,xxx,033,792 bytes free。           , a full moon day, Total Files Listed, by command line parameter dir *.* /a /d /s <enter>   dir /? <enter> Volume in drive D is MM20 D_DRV。 Volume Serial Number is 3271-18F6。 3050 File(s) xxx,301,880 bytes。 645 Dir(s) xxx,xxx,729,152 bytes free。 Volume cluster size is 4 KB, without MFT。

          , a full moon day, contents in USA MYANMAR NET are: 183,500+ total words in indexes, 800+ total documents with indexes, 0 document has been encrypted, 0 document has been binary-skipped, 0 document has file access error, all documents have been indexed.

IFF AD by domain controllers on win2003 platform, Win2003 >> Manage Your Server >> File server >> must be done. IFF Terminal servers have been installed, security setting must be reconfigured because Domain controller installation overwrites Terminal servers' policies. Domain controllers' AD will not support win95, and winNT4 directories. By default, 11 servers' directories are available by Windows Server 2003 Enterprise. Robotic world wide web crawler has been used.