Schematic dimensional     Last updated on 2018/2561 3 1, a full moon day;

Approx. 28 symbols available to read;


Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization ( Gravity Dimension Computer) ... ;

using aqua or cyan as normal gravitation; timeless idea at top, with-momentum (e.g. 2Rings) at bottom;

Gravity Pressure Share Radical;

also see: Radicals;

Mussel _ v s _ Scallop; 108 x 108; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 206; Designing Animaloid; accordance with this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts' Gray Scale Simulation results, the pattern (gray, silver) causes light's intensity (e.g. color); for each ACT3 stage imaginary hyper space craft, for mapping our universes project; 1st to understand idea ♯ 178, Time (Bio Clock) 's Space (e.g. floating points) ... ; 2nd to understand this DOMAIN has been adjusted Time by , 3rd, you're on your own e.g. "Nested Theory" vs. "Big Bang Theory" ... ; (2 * 6) dimensional in our universes ... ; Reminder: 108 (3, 3, 3, 3, 10, 7, 10) in ((2*5), (2*6), (2*7));

IFF ACT2, micro SD 's sides (DEE pattern, straight line) doko WHERE 90° to the straight line (one of the sides of micro SD) forms DEE lines (8, 1) in parallel; after understanding micro SD design (ACT1 space 1D light to the side, also see: Schematic Light), and then, DEE dot to blue (refer to our earth retrospectively from space) forms 2 greens (a.k.a. green vs. green); Remark: in 1970s, my 1st Casio LED watch was 1 green surface with 1 DEE dot, at that time, this DOMAIN developer did not understand 2 greens (e.g. green vs. green);  IFF 60°, e.g. camera (focus) to one & only the sun (a.k.a. 1 way DEE and BF2, the biggest visible gravity spot among 7 (refer to our earth, with seven gravity spots, and please do not create gravity spot bigger than the sun), the largest energy) and notice that 6 lights in curvature (in this case, refer to zero curvature surface) from 2,3 dimensional space ... ; Remark: in 2010s, beyond human beings livable moons in our universes with yellowish variations, this schematic symbol was created, and this schematic symbol looks very very very easy and simply; on the other hand, very very very difficult HOW to do reversely in "slow down time" to SYNC no yellowish variation (refer to ACT2 space with yellowish variations);

comet ACTION downward; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 251, comet;

WHAT is the diff between comet and neutrino LASER sir ? well trained kids ! I ain't know exactly, this is your time to answer ... ;

hint, known info are: static way LASER (structural dubbing of STRING); wormhole way LASER (kuru kuru of lights); Satellite_DNS_Domain, have you ever be projecting single comet WHEN Our Earth Eclipse moment ? comet method of charging hybrid Automotive 's battery will be another technological invention Remark: another trillion dollar worth of answer, therefore, this is your time to answer ... ;

comet; Radical347;

comet ACTION left;
comet ACTION right;
comet ACTION upward;
Lightning; beyond walls (DEE box in Z-Index) human beings livable moons' lightning; Also see: Weather;
our earth's approx. location in our universes ... ;

for each ACT2 stage imaginary hyper space craft; yellowish variations exist on human beings livable moons;

variable DEE patterns ... ;

108 x 108; Gene Therapy System; using Nippon Syllabary 's ro KATAKANA, Moon Wave, DEE _ lines _ horizontal, and DEE _ lines _ vertical; since electronic green line prompts to north (regarding our earth's electronic compass (EMI, yellow core planet)), and regarding 1 way DEE, 1/2 fish DEE pattern (micro SD) can define good gene patterns' color codes ... ; Also see: MD; IFF ACT3 imaginary hyper space, still in R&D, ... ;

Our Earth Eclipse; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 239, (2*6), a part of ((2*5), (2*6), (2*7));
Directional Gravity Pressure; our earth; our earth (normal yellow, no yellowish variation); in ACT2 imaginary hyper space, some planets are without EMI, because no yellow core;

2,3 dimensional (13 strings; Radical313); 3,4 dimensional;

Gray Twenty Five Percent Cell Path;
Yellow Background Based Green String Cell Path;
Green Based Blue-gray Cell Path;
Aqua Based Indigo Blue Cell Path;
Dark red Based Lavender Cell Path;
C Sequence Number Natural Cell Path Battery ( electrolyte) ... ; using natural structural method;

all-solid-state-cell-path, as opposed to non-solid-state-cell-path, also see: cComputer;

kuru kuru of lights WHILE charging C Sequence Number Natural Cell Path Battery naturally (natural, structural), regarding our earth ( 1 way DEE); IFF Automotive, also see: hybrid system's battery;
Light Sheet Storage; based on Directional Gravity Pressure (zero curvature surface), data can be stored on a sheet; 6 zero curvature surfaces based DEE method and technology; fiber glass sheet; transparent glass index;
  Blue Squared; blue and green are squared to be a pair ... ; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 247, Repair;
  Green Squared;

for each station, using {FF,CC,99} ... ;

2,3 dimensional Location; our earth based ( location);

yellow represents 1 sided EM based; green is above aqua (light blue) WHICH represents north (green) and south (light blue); white line represents east to west daily (e.g. ecliptic); either silver or gray represents Gray Scaled;

Our _ Earth _ Band _ Antenna; also see: Satellite; Wireless Antenna;

Multi Time Lines Port;

(for each device) using Keyword To Port Number; Remark: this DOMAIN is designed with total of 17 multi time lines (e.g. 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm, 33mm, 36mm, 42mm, 48mm, 54mm, 66mm, 99mm) ... ;


capacitance Dimensional; our earth (normal yellow, no yellowish variation) based capacitance;

dark blue; light blue; in common, pressure to capacitance causes oscillation;

resistance Dimensional and resonance Dimensional; our earth (normal yellow, no yellowish variation) based heat sensing (pattern); after the capacitance Dimensional 's oscillation, green and light blue can be sensed, so called heat sensing ... ; IFF (Particles) electron and light split, light blue (e.g. blue LED) as light, and then green for green vs. green (e.g. SYNC);

1 way DEE ... ; ACT1 imaginary space e.g. 1 side ( 5) based;


WHAT is 4th factor sir ? well trained kids ! after understanding "Black Book" (believe it or not, all kinds of bad ones in the "Black Book") vs. "Red Book" (believe it or not, all kinds of good ones in the "Red Book"), 3+ decades of R&D (Research & Development) still prompt 4th factor WHICH means beyond heat sensing in 2,3 dimensional imaginary space, e.g. ((13 = 8 + 5) our solar system is secant & segment of our universes, in ACT3 imaginary hyper space ... ), and if you do parallel structural 8 and parallel structural 5 together (e.g. (Carbon Nano Wall and parallel DEE as Moon Wave) a.k.a. advanced AI HOW our human beings' brains are ... ), And Then, at the side of 5, 4th factor prompts naturally (think that happening like our palm, only 4 can be parallel alike) i.e. the knowledge beyond "board" so called "wall" ... , and in Numbers in Dhamma, a.k.a. 4 Novel Truths ... , and if you know HOW 4th factor is, please do not abuse the 4th factor (e.g. Motor Way LASER, WORMHOLE Way LASER);

Also see: Monk Happiness, Manmade Global Weather ... , do good weather ... ;

Directional Natural Water Elevator On Our Earth; 1st to understand above 4 lights in structural ; 2nd to understand normal yellow (no yellowish variation as our earth's location); 3rd to understand Origin of Sound; and then, kuru kuru WHILE aqua frames exist, reversed (yellowish variation) truly does directional natural water elevator on our earth; Gravity Dimension Computer begins (e.g. water's drip drop in kan Weight, and then moons are ... ) ... ;

heat wave can be controlled by this DOMAIN 's AI (Artificial Intelligence) system; reduce heat waves in summer; to do so, for each Time Zone in our earth, mark the location on defined map (e.g. nation name, , , , nation code), And Then, using wormhole way LASER Method, fetching green light as surface into the defined location's south, because naturally yellow light prompts sunset time at west as its residue of heat (i.e. regarding our earth), And Then, notice that fusion in 2,3 dimensional can reduce heat waves in summer; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 218; Heat;

heat Dimensional; our earth (normal yellow, no yellowish variation) based heat; in our earth, in common, heat and light are at the same location, because, somehow blue has been naturally surrounded by yellow; our earth based temperature ... ;

Jet Stream On Our Earth; 55 x 55; 13 = 8 + 5, doko WHERE 5 is like 1/2 of very very unique 2, in (2 * 5) dimensional ... ; Manmade Global Weather, also see: climate; do good weather conditions globally;

for each cell, do Gene Therapy System, using 8K TV technology; because of 8K TV (Gene Therapy System) , we human beings' life expectancy can be longer, a part of yellowish variations (wormhole length) ... ; problems of infinity (also see: Mathematics) is solved by edges (a.k.a. mantissa point) doko WHERE defined wormhole length is ... ; invisibility deployment e.g.

we human beings can see limitedly approx. 440 nm ~ 650 nm, regarding light's stretch, therefore, beyond < 440 ~ 650 > is invisibility regarding color; solution: using slow-down-time by "Y" shape alike DEE;

approx. 20 c/s or higher refreshing rate is invisibility regarding speed; solution: simulation speed matches to refreshing rate; think that electrodes are on the way and our brain behaves like antenna, and all antennas obey refreshing rate;

if there is no light, and then invisibility also, regarding vision; solution: lighting our universe project;

we can't see our back, because of 1 way DEE and BF2, invisibility regarding natural momentum; solution: 2,3 dimensional; looking at our earth in Day View;

we human beings cannot see if opaque wall exists e.g. other side of surface; solution: 2-sided surface based computing with defined wormhole's length;

we human beings cannot sense HOW water at the mountain top (peak) ... ; solution: Natural Water Elevator, by implementing yellowish variation; naturally means no yellowish variation (our earth);

well trained kids ! , on human beings livable moons, oh, oh, oh, i ain't know and can't explain anymore, solutions would be ... ; I'll definitely have 8K TV because 8K TV (Gene Therapy System) can prolong we human beings' life expectancy ... ;

object, a.k.a. things; item;
normal yellow; 2 * DEE; with yellowish variations;
mapping our universes (EarthBound2DMappingOurUniverses) doko WHERE objects are (asteroid, gas, light, liquid, moon, planet, solid, water, ... ) ... ; human beings livable moons; non-livable planets; ... ;

(2*6) E M lights ... ; human beings livable moons in our universes;

2 moons are on the same orbit; our earth is blue, our moon is green; Moon Wave (E M);

2,3 dimensional 1D light to the side; also see: Schematic Light;

(2*6) E M lights AND Solar DEE without momentum;

DEE began; similar to "8" character; 2 times tidal waves (gray scale simulation);

Analog Clock; for each imaginary hyper space craft, IFF zero curvature (a.k.a. surface), kuru kuru WHILE 2,3 dimensional prompts parallel horizontal lines, WHICH intersection points (motor control) indicate diff color;

DEE _ Aqua _ Horizontal _ Stability;

DEE _ Aqua _ Vertical _ Stability;

One Of The Moons 1, 2,3 dimensional mapping (if aqua is based, yellow vs. yellow can be SYNC), also see: 4mComputer;

SDB1WD, Speed Defined By 1 way DEE; for 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space (including our earth), Gravity Dimension Computer (speed) ... ; as of 2017 / 2561, approx. 20+ years old technology; SDB1WD method is like EM Pull, it is worth more than 1 trillion US dollar;

USB _ SD _ micro SD; using SPL (Sound Pressure Level) run; the location is on this DOMAIN; connected e.g. the device or drive; inserted e.g. disc ( CD, DVD, BD) ... ; the location is on a network, And Then, connected to the network or Internet;

WHAT is USB _ SD _ micro SD sir ? well trained kids ! 1st to understand DEE motion flow; 2nd to understand left most 4 lines are for USB, middle 9 lines are numerological SD, and right most 8 lines are for micro SD; 3rd, using SPL (Sound Pressure Level) run for each item (e.g. device, disc, drive, ... ) ... ;

WHEN DEE lines are in diagonal, color can be defined; iroColourWaveForm;

Moon Wave Shot; for each imaginary hyper space craft in our universes; (13 dots of yellow, 10 dots of yellow, 8 dots of yellow) EXIST between black and gray, so called moon wave shot;

WHY do we need 23x23 (Moon Wave Shot) sir ? well trained kids ! since human beings livable moons have yellowish variations naturally, we need "constant" alike definition, so called "Moon Wave Shot" kuru kuru WHILE traveling in our universes ... ; BF2 (growth rate) ... ;

DEE FMD _ Our Earth; Also see: 5dComputer; 5fComputer;

Walls; Remark: 1970s physics (hole, string) boards become (holes, strings) walls in 2010s; IFF our universes, 3,4 dimensional (solar system) south e.g. dark energy itself, without light, without moons, without water, without heterodyning of DEE, so Synchronization of Parallel Time is out of this DOMAIN developer's knowledge ... ;

HOW to control heat wave in summer time sir ? well trained kids ! 1st to understand White Light as zero curvature surface, And Then, apply East and West (e.g. ecliptic line) as 1 Way DEE, And Then, using Rainbow Method (Blue, (Fuchsia or Maroon)) along with 2,3 dimensional DEE pattern; regional heat can be controlled, believe it or not;

1 Way DEE _ Sealing Heat;

IFF our earth AND summer, Manmade Global Weather (sealing heat) i.e. HOW heat wave can be manually adjusted e.g. heat wave can be controlled by this DOMAIN , also see: Weather ... ;

WHY DEE pattern looks alike 1/2 fish sir ? well trained kids ! it is HOW it is, there is neither square nor triangle, regarding natural DEE patterns, so far as WHAT I know ... ; natural DEE patterns are nothing like manmade (e.g. rectangular, square, triangle, ... ) and very basic natural DEE pattern would be: 1/2 fish, believe it or not; well trained kids ! you should be having knowledge beyond surface analysis regarding PHYSICS; do good weather conditions globally ... ;

Z C S _ hole, Zero Curvature Surface _ hole; basic understanding would be: 1st, each GPS device is with embedded 2 gravity spots; 2nd, yellow as core (think that surface area of aqua and pink were yellow IFF 1 gravity spot ({E3,E3,E3}, silver, white) is defined; 3rd, WHEN gray scale simulation (black, gray, silver) is applied, white area behaves EMI alike, and on that side, yellow prompts; so called Z C S _ hole;

Can you explain us a little bit more regarding Z C S _ hole sir ? well trained kids ! in Zen way, true nature and natural way is PHYSICS, so that 1st to understand daily sun (a.k.a. 1 way DEE; here, after defining "heart" shape with 2 hotspots, usage would be 1 way DEE and BF2) regarding 1 gravity spot, think that whenever you see light and shade are, the one and only sun is in distance; 2nd to understand 2 is very very unique in many ways (e.g. calling board in structural way), and think that day sky and night sky behave like Gray Scaled Simulation, regarding our earth; 3rd to understand colors after applying Gray Scaled Simulation on the surface (structural way) that leads to Rainbow Method (one of the techniques of this DOMAIN 's Satellite DNS System ... ; WHAT is the purpose of this schematic dimensional symbol sir ? well trained kids ! believe it or not, this DOMAIN has started its Manmade Global Weather (since April 2017/2561), and schematic dimensional symbols are necessary to do good weather conditions globally ... ;

Origin Of Sound; IFF Sound bar, also see: 4sComputer;

2Rings; Also see: ring;

2 rings for each ro ( box, frame, pop, screen, window) ... ;

WHY dotted rings are at outer sides sir ? well trained kids ! kuru kuru WHILE mapping, system must be functional contour alike; beyond 2 rings, 3 dotted rings are designed for momentum e.g. 2,3 dimensional, 3,4 dimensional, Lunar Orbit (e.g. 4_Planets_Prediction), 108 configuration (e.g. 2 phase lunar vs. 4 phase lunar), our earth's time zone, Parallel Time ( Synchronization), time, ... ;

Pivot; Radical365;

for each pivot point ... ;

CCWRW, Counter Clock Wise Roll-able Window;

CWRW, Clock Wise Roll-able Window;

light; Radical400;

Structural Equillibrim Of Light; Also see: PHYSICS, (law twenty five) ... ; Remark: without this law, there is no way to do roll-able window (e.g. CCWRW, CWRW); approx. 34+ years old info, as of 2018/2561;


WHAT is string sir ? well trained kids! in PHYSICS, string is structural pattern, e.g. band, callout (cloud, oval, rounded rectangular), curve, DEE As String, diamond, down arrow, five point star ( 72), four point star, Energy-In-Way, hexagon, left arrow, line, oval, pentagon, polygon, rectangle, right arrow, right triangle ( 45), rounded rectangle, six point star ( 60), triangle, up arrow, wave (e.g. tidal waves), ... ; regarding ProgId (Programming ID) in Computer Science (AI, Artificial Intelligence), any character (e.g. ima nan desu ka? can be as string, e.g. doko desu ka? can be as string) defined by dictionary can include <string> as library e.g. F7;

for better understanding, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, because, idea e.g. (2*5), (2*6), (2*7), and then understanding 2 is very very unique in many ways like Yin and Yang concept, and then 5, 6, 7 are variations alike, e.g. SQRT2 with SQRT3 means "both" , "combo" , e.g. numerological Lo Shu magic square and Sudoku algorithm prompt directional numbers, ... ; idea is very very important; logical idea can be gained only through hard works e.g. Eastern Civilization's Nested Theory IFF compare to Western Civilization's Big Bang theory, and notice that idea diff between Eastern Civilization's Nested Theory and Western Civilization's Big Bang theory; readers may have diff idea e.g. attahi ... , you're on your own ... ;

1st to understand Schematic symbols, 2nd to understand UNIT in dimensional, and then do schematic dimensional R&D ... ;

e.g. defined battery's cell can be energized by:
3. directional gravity (i.e. structural (e.g. natural water elevator's way)),
2. sound beam way (i.e. directional (e.g. defined noise's location)),
1. potential diff ( V) 's reversed way (hammer designed edges, e.g. reversed electrical flow to the battery);

therefore, battery's quality (way of energizing battery cells) is more important than quantity (e.g. numbers of section inside the battery, e.g. battery cell' life expectancy) ... ; e.g. 1 nuclear scientist is very important, because 1 regional flood can cause 50+ billions dollar damage and beyond ... ; e.g. 1 microbiologist is very important, because 1 regional virus can cause the defined military generals' villages HOW to cure ... ;

Trapezoid Left; Trapezoid Right;

in our universes, beyond 4 Planets Predication (i.e. very very very far away in distance e.g. ACT3 stage space a.k.a. other side of the Constellations), signals cannot be SYNC (other words would be: no feedback signal, even though this DOMAIN developer has tried with all kinds of imaginary hyper space knowledge sincerely but still don't understand HOW that signal lost happen?), therefore, yellowish variations are truly important, e.g. BLI (Body Length Index) automatic adjustment, e.g. for mapping our universe project, e.g. solar sail method implementations, ... ;

radio is somehow designed by modulation (as of 2015/2559, modulate zero curvature screen's x as variable x would be: X M, and i.e. the most advance technology), same idea should apply for yellowish variations kuru kuru WHILE DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) ... ; DEE modulation has been already proposed by this DOMAIN since 2008;

modulation of radio on our earth with yellow background might be easy, because our earth is assumed to be normal yellowish variation; modulation of radio on all human beings livable moons would be difficult, because of yellowish variations, and then, in our universes, beyond 4 Planets Prediction, DEE modulation ... ;

our earth's approx. location in our universes ... ;

doko WHERE dark blue color at one of the human beings livable moons' night time period,


doko WHERE aqua color at our earth's day time period;

Welcome back home event, for each (this DOMAIN 's) imaginary hyper space craft,

do refuel dry cell, and then send used (old) dry cell to imaginary hyper space lab for its genetic identification changes;
do ion engine maintenance (e.g. refill with holy water, replace solar panel, structural adjustment for dimensional holes);
do materials sample storage transfer (e.g. how big mouse alike animal, e.g. carbon is truly light weight and very hard);

don't forget to pickup some deportation items and migration items from our earth; because, we human beings need migration items;

And Then, good bye, see you again, wishing you to be happy, healthy, wealthy, ... on human beings livable moons in our universes ... ; One day, if you are on one of the moons at night time, and look around into the night sky, then you will find out that ... in constellation seems diff location, then realize THAT this symbolizes our earth's approx. location ...

1D, for example, [ ../RoboticLCD/1_gravitational_vector.GIF] aka Xtal can adjust clock for each IC chip, therefore in any circuit, in common, 2 pins of 1 IC chip is connected to the schematic symbol;   For lighting a LED, 1 LED, 1 battery, 1 resistor are needed, when adding components such as 1 IC chip with certain Xtal, and then the blinking at capacitance condition, ... ; Therefore, for this example 1D rates ... ; Remark: whenever 1 Xtal exists, 1 IC chips' OR 1 microcontroller's 2 pins are connected, whenever 2 Xtal exists ... , whenever 3 Xtal exists, ... , CK clock synchronization to be further ... ;

2D, another dimension to be considered, for example, for basic understanding, CdS photo sensor senses light and then LED blinks, at night time when CdS photo sensor does not sense and then LED changes its stage from blinking to resistor's defined color spectrum, therefore 1D for the LED, 1D for the sensor, thus 2D computing begins ... ;

Symmetries and dimensions are very high tech, therefore physics is harder to understand than engineering.

AC, alternating current

adjust SPL at 3 ... ;

IFF X ,          
this DOMAIN ' s DEE ( Dark Energy Engineering )
audio begin ... ;          

Also see: \\\Desktop\149.149; HOW to use it? also see: Command; Testing;


1st to understand Even number, Odd number, ... ; 2nd to understand base10, strings, ... ; 3rd to understand distances ... ; The following symbol represents 1 barcode, and notice that the bar's thickness and distances make codes. In real business world, some base10 numbers, next to a barcode are designed for numbers key input IFF barcode scanner is broken, or not available to read / to scan the barcode. Do research on barcodes by varying scanner's emitter, range, time, ..., and then do research on printed codes ... ; Also see: UPC vs. RFID;

After understanding lines in distance in 1D (e.g. window's left pane is barcode alike (i.e. refer to several vertical lines), window's right pane is wall alike (i.e. refer to 1 vertical line alike but depth (Z-index) starts here)), consider the following 2D barcode

   and notice that barcode2D is smaller than 1D in size, but scan lines in distance in 2D ... ; 2D can be seen IFF OEM's original genuine value can be captured/prompted (e.g. several horizontal and vertical red lines); In common, prior to OEM's logo;

Remote Sensing Basic, 34+ years old information (as of 2013/2557),

IFF zero Curvature, Basic Remote Sense Y = Ln X;

Gangster usage: you don't want to be "coconut head" WHICH means your head or your body should not be in Y = Ln X 's direction;

Don't be scare! there are many directional methods ... ; This is a basic idea WHAT is remote sensing (old method), base on 2 parallel nodes, WHILE variable 3rd node provides direction;

Nowadays' drone air crafts (i.e. automotive) might be able to sense all blue, yellow, green, ... ;

In the early 21st century, Remote Sensing as DEE line is the highest knowledge & technology, WHICH can measure gravity spots; developer does not know exactly HOW to design drone; In 2013/2557, in China, approx. 44+ drone air crafts are demonstrated in public;

IFF developing GDC, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement; idea # 136; Gravity as Surfaces;

Blinking a LED

Following blinking LED GIF files *.gif is developed by CoffeeCup GIF Animator.

This is a test. Shortwave Flash, 1s time. This is a test. *.gif only. 1s time. This is a test. User clicks on following interactive button.


This is a test.







Cancer Vaccines, 40+ types of cancer vaccine are available, since 2007, to do so, 1st to understand gravity AND water; 2nd to understand dimensional symbols Water2gravity7.gif, Water7gravity2.gif, because a Myanmar thinks that the sun is not 93 millions miles away, because a Myanmar thinks that out there is very very dark and scary space, because a Myanmar thinks that all space information in English language might be wrong! or not available to public scientifically; Remark: a Myanmar still cannot prove scientifically, therefore a Myanmar way of understanding gravity AND water 2 symbols might not be 100% true; Also see: pressure machine engine;

CdS light sensor and light tracker; Develop fuzzy brunching factor for orbiter machines ... ; In early 1980s, in Myanmar, before IC chip were not available, light sensor schematic were very complex; Also see: Schematic Light;

DEE line, by linear transistors

one of the most difficult engineering techniques, creating a line to display; basic understanding DEE line appears WHEN transistors are in linear; from a dot to a line, from a line to multiple lines [timing begins], from multiple lines to character encoding, from encoding to font, from encoding to pixel value aka {x,y,color}, from encoding to indexing, from indexing to cell path, ... ; also see: ACTIVE vs. PASSIVE;

THIS eye-glasses looks red is down, green is up, but they are drawn the same; WHICH begins basic understanding of 3D active vs. passive; IFF highlight THIS paragraph, so negative prompts teal is down, purple is up;

DEE lines horizontal ... ; DEE lines vertical ... ;

Even Time Horizontal DEE is 2 ways DEE, and this is not our location in universe ... ; 1 way DEE causes we, human beings don't see our back; 2 ways DEE causes symmetrical of as 2 ... ; A Myanmar's imaginary hyper space craft still cannot find 3 ways DEE yet, until year 2555 ... ;

Fuel Injector, 1D

   1 stick, 4 holes [in this image, to ease visualizing, 1mm * 4 holes have been drawn, approx. 0.1mm * 4 holes], ACT1 stage; 1st to understand nodes, sometimes the same parallel potential, sometimes same type such as A, V, ... , truth is the nodes make stick [red line as SD string/stick direction in this sample], [green line as fuel direction, HD hole direction] WHERE fuel is going to be injected from 3 circles symbol [also see: Gravity Machine symbol], notice that 4 holes are not in full moon day vector AND 4 holes are in no moon day vector;  

LD Laser diodes vs. PD Photodiodes

Laser Photo FPC Taped LED
LD Metal type 3 lines 2s ;

LD Metal type 4 lines c ;

LD Resin type 3 lines ;


PD 3 lines ; Dichromatic LED may also have 3 lines;

PD 4 lines ;

PD 6 lines 3p ;

PD 10 lines ;

PD 10 lines ;

PD 12 lines 6p ;

PD 18 lines ;



mA per string, \ /     1st to understand 4 Planets Prediction including no moon day and full moon day, 2nd to understand lunar time and jun time   including

no moon day and full moon day and

neither no moon day nor full moon day, 3rd to understand mAmpere causes cell level stimulation; And then, try to understand OLED, HOW 1 string can stimulate 1 cell.

The following dimensional schematic is for full moon day design only as:

Remark: Myanmar is non semiconductor level, therefore this full moon day's M Theory based mA per string for OLED design might not be 100% true;

mb Pressure Sensitive

             Also see: ACT3 mb pressure panel, for a Myanmar's imaginary hyperdimensional spacecraft ... ;  

O2 sensor, Oxygen Sensor

based on TiO2, Titanium dioxide material's resistance changes WHEN TiO2 exposes to O2, therefore O2 sensor can be made;

Also see: Material; Memristor;  

Remote Sensing, a solution to solve WHEN V_drops, WHEN current I flows WHERE connectors' resistance Rc exists, also WHERE wire's resistance Rw exists; HOW remote sensing can be engineered, 1st to understand multiple loads, 2nd to understand to avoid impedance of wire by using shielded wire, twisted pair wire, ... , 3rd to understand sensing point chemical capacitor so that capacitance at sensing point can result stable ... ;

    V_drop, because Rc resistance at connector, Rw resistance at wire, ... are the causes of ...

    to compensate the V_drop, remote sensing has been engineered, also see:,

    , notice that 2 point distance D, also see: 1 electro gravitational basic vector, therefore, after the C has been applied/placed, stable characteristic occurs, therefore voltage rating can be precise engineered, aka remote sensing ... ;   Now is the time to do 2,3 dimensional remote sensing, now is the time to test 24mm natural time and its holes, ... ;  

salt; Radical235;

Single Phase Motor vs. 3 Phase Motor, FPGA array's mixed signals control HTS motors, WHERE FPGA fetches current and voltage to bridge , and the HTS motor returns its current, temperature, and voltage to FPGA; Also see: Actel, EETIMES, July, 2007; HTS; HTS EER;

Mem FIFOLIFO, OSC, ...    FPGA             FPGA ...

Temperature > room temperature, but very low heat i.e.

AC flows into 2 static resistors, 1st band, 2nd band, 3rd band, ... along with resistor color code values of resistance, in a dark room environment, without yellow line in ACT1 sea level, somehow causes aqua colored core eccentric circle temperature > sea level room temperature;

For ACT2 stage, notice that yellow line is for a full moon day, WHERE representing 4 planet prediction's almost tangent line; For a no moon day, a Myanmar's imaginary hyperspace craft still cannot find a tangent line yet; In addition, adding a JUN time and then ...

Voice generator a.k.a. Speech synthesizer, also see: Biometric voice recognition logic;



this DOMAIN 's contents are developed for the purpose of peaceful and tranquil environment; IFF war, (actually no need to declare war) because, remark: military top secret, therefore, cannot explain anymore (e.g. NOT to happen, 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting destinations of Automotives' GPS systems can be destructing 200+ years of constructing works);