Updated in 2564 : on 2021 : 1 : 13 : Physics Law 85 ;

(law 85) : our heart;

our 2 lungs behave like ZCS (2 flat surfaces, 2 ZCS (s)) e.g. since 2 lungs are naturally 2 sided, we've 4 ZCS to be realized & understood, and, because of ZCS holes, our heart beats, And Then, because of 1 way DEE, our blood obeys 1 directional flow;

heart; Radical83;
heart; Radical898;

we've realized & understood 6 surfaced DEE box, and since structural of 2 lungs exclude both top surface and bottom surface naturally, as a result, Graphics DEF (definition) of our heart can be drawn; this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol seem very easy and very simple, but very difficult to know and define Graphics DEF (definition) of our heart;

I wrote : please draw a picture of "our heart" well trained kids!

well trained kids! replied: with heart shapes, heart symbols, ... ;

I wrote : after reading this DOMAIN 's contents, you well trained kids! ' way of thinking will be changed e.g. I'll draw 2 (GIF Files, images, pictures, symbols) for you well trained kids! because, in the near future, we'll be using ... ;

1st I draw a (GIF File, image, picture, symbol) called "2DEE boxes representing 2 lungs" i.e. , and its dimension is 234x108; think THAT left DEE box is our left lung, and right DEE box is our right lung; since we've only 1 heart naturally, midline must be between 2 DEE boxes (i.e. between 2 lungs); since, we've realized and understood ZCS holes, mochiron of course, we've our heart beats naturally ... ;

well trained kids! replied: we've already learnt heterodyning at local (10) and remote (100), and naturally ZCS holes are dubbing at the defined heart's location sir, is it correct?

I wrote : mochiron of course, you well trained kids! should be smarter than me, goody good;

well trained kids! replied: may we know WHAT is your law eighty five sir?

I wrote : I ain't know HOW to be writing laws, and you well trained kids! should have your own new laws e.g. because of 2 lungs' ZCS holes, we've our heart beats naturally ... ;

meditation; Radical333; in Buddhism, we do meditation religiously, on the other hand, daily meditation periods (cause, make, prompt, result) healthy lungs e.g. realizing & understanding (breath-in, breath-out), kuru kuru WHILE meditating, peaceful and tranquil ZCS holes (cause, make, prompt, result) healthy heart, and the healthy blood flows (cause, make, prompt, result) healthy body and mind ... ; this DOMAIN recommends 10 minutes meditation (realizing & understanding (breath-in, breath-out)) everyday ( everyday), regarding this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol ... ;

2nd, I draw a (GIF File, image, picture, symbol) called "dubbing 2 or more ZCS holes as heart beats" i.e. based on "2DEE boxes representing 2 lungs" ... ; Remark: because of ZCS hole and its Method (e.g. wormhole way), we're able to design & model our universes' the most powerful (gun, weapon) e.g. multi long length neutrino LASER ... ; in 21st century and beyond, no need to declare war, because 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting GPS destinations truly can demolish 200+ years of constructing works;

mochiron of course, we'll be (link, linked, linking, links) juryo weight per 10 minutes ... ;

well trained kids! replied: WHY diaphragm muscular partition is naturally located between thorax and abdomen sir?

I wrote : Umm! you well trained kids! forgot Green Default; think THAT because of remote heat sensing naturally, regarding chiryoyaku Therapeutic way, WHEN (left lung, right lung) e.g. "2 green" alike (cause, make, prompt, result) naturally happen diaphragm ("3 green" alike) WHICH is one of factors in breathing ... ;

well trained kids! replied: WHY do you need to be (link, linked, linking, links) weight sir ?

I wrote : Oh! (Input, Output) must be thoroughly realized & understood regarding (  , , juryo Weight, juryo Weight, weight, juryo Weight, weight ) WHICH leads to BLI (Body Length Index) problem on human beings livable moons, i.e. along with yellowish variation, and its reversed yellowish variation, and so on e.g. interior design of imaginary hyper space crafts for traveling human beings livable moons (e.g. HOW to design "no weight loss") ... ;

Remark: because of DEE box in Z-index (method, procedure, technique, technology, technologies), we're able to define all (item, object, organ, part, thing) of human beings ... ; we're building world's the most advance Gene Therapy System (for each human beings livable moon) universally, by decades of R&D everyday ( everyday) ... ;

reversed heat sensing way can also define our heart, if we thoroughly R&D on left lung and right lung (think that heat sensing vessels obey on both left lung and right lung) ... ;

      avoiding earthquake in Pacific, also see: Manmade Global Weather; Naturally Weather Log;      
      dubbing 2 or more ZCS holes as heart beats, also see: Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;